Transactions - American Geophysical Union, Volumes 1-4

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American Geophysical Union., 1920

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Page 10 - Geography, and the Chairman of the Division of Biology and Agriculture, of the National Research Council, members ex offlcio.
Page 577 - ... and cause the storm. The theory is worked out quantitatively and found to satisfy known facts. solar eclipse of May 28, 1900, which occurred in the southeastern part of the United States, the writer being then in charge of the magnetic work of the Coast and Geodetic Survey. Nearly every prominent solar eclipse since then has been taken advantage of and cooperative observations over the entire globe have generally been made in accordance with a program outlined by the Department of Terrestrial...
Page 99 - Number 2. Research laboratories in industrial establishments of the United States of America. Compiled by Alfred D. Flinn. March, 1920. Pages 85. Price $1.00. [Out of print. See Number 16.] Number 3. Periodical bibliographies and abstracts for the scientific and technological journals of the world.
Page 147 - America, including also a representation of men of affairs interested in engineering and industry and in the "pure" science upon which the applied science used in these activities depends. Its membership is largely composed of accredited representatives of about seventy-five national scientific and technical societies. Its essential purpose is the promotion of scientific research and of the application and dissemination of scientific knowledge for the benefit of the national strength and well-being.
Page 10 - To assist in carrying out the objects of the International Geodetic and Geophysical Union, which are: To promote the study of problems concerned with the figure and physics of the Earth; to initiate and co-ordinate researches which depend upon international co-operation, and to provide for their scientific discussion and publication; and to facilitate special researches, such as the comparison of instruments used in different countries.
Page 138 - Number 18. Theories of magnetism. By members of the Committee on Theories of Magnetism of the National Research Council. AP Wills, SJ Barnett, LR Ingersoll, J.
Page 99 - Protein Metabolism in Animal Feeding. By Henry Prentiss Armsby, Chairman. June, 1921. Pages 70. Price $1.00. Number 13. The research activities of departments of the State government of California in relation to the movement for reorganization. By James R. Douglas. June, 1921. Pages 46. Price 60 cents.
Page 138 - Number 24. Electrodynamics of moving media. Report of the National Research Council Committee on Electrodynamics of Moving Media. WFG Swann, John T. Tate, H. Bateman, and EH Kennard. December, 1922. Pages 172. Price $1.50. Number 25. Celestial mechanics. A survey of the status of the determination of the general perturbations of the minor planets.
Page 67 - Hereafter the Executive shall not extend or accept any invitation to participate in any international congress, conference, or like event without first having specific authority of law to do so.
Page 147 - Sciences, to coordinate the research facilities of the country for work on war problems involving scientific knowledge. In 1918, by Executive Order, it was reorganized as a permanent body. Although partly supported during the war period by the government and primarily devoted at that time to its activities, the Council now derives all of its financial support from other than governmental sources and is entirely controlled by its own representatively selected membership and democratically chosen officers....

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