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sense of it, ib.-mysteries in
this sense cannot become ob-
jects of faith, 128, 131


New birth, 260-270


Ordinations and installations, Uni-
tarian, in New England, from
Jan, 1829 to June 1830, 191,
192, 287, 288

Opinions of Tertullian, 7, et seqq.
Orthodox uncharitableness, 21
Orthodoxy mutable, 152, 215-its
defences artificial, 43

Parr, Dr, light in which he regard-
ed Unitarians, 220
Particulars in orthodox communi-
ties, favorable to liberal senti-
ments, their number and ori-
gin, 41-45-their moral charac-
ter, 45, 46

People, their duty in relation to
public worship, 33, 34-and in-
struction, 91, 92
Persecution, religious, modes of
in Ireland, 285

Personal interest in religion, 177–

Preaching, its characteristics, 82-

9-should be intelligible, 82-
84-explicit, 85-87-charitable,
87-89-and practicel, 89, 90—
its object, 214-canting style of,
244, et seqq.
Primitive discipline and worship,
simplicity of, 51

Private correspondence of Dr
Doddridge, &c. some account
of, 93-95
Propensities, animal, how mani-
fested in religion, 225, et seqq.
Pulpit, style proper for, 246, 217

[blocks in formation]

199-its evidences how to be
weighed, 20, 202-it should be
made the property of each one,
177-misapprehensions concer-
ning it, 177-181-nature and ef-
fects of a personal interest in,
181-186-state of, 98-100, 103-
deficiency in it, to what to be
ascribed, 101, et seqq.-how to
be remedied, 108-its great re-
wards spiritual, 232-how to be
cultivated, 211, et seqq.-reli-
gion of the natural man, 225-


[blocks in formation]


Taylor, Jeremy, on the faith ne-
cessary to constitute a chris-
tian, 217

Temptations incident to afflic-
tion, 253, 260
Tertullian, earliest Latin Father
of any note, 7-Jerome's opin-
ion of him, ib.-induced to em-
brace the opinions of Montanus
from wounded pride, ib.-time
of his death uncertain, 8-re-
garded with admiration by sub-
sequent Fathers, ib.-his opin-
ions, 8, et seqq.-held the doc-
trine of the strict and proper in-
feriority of the Son to the Fath-
er, 10, and 112, note-express-
ly asserts that there was a time
when the Son was not, ib.-as-
serts the freedom of the human
will, 11-not a believer in pre-
destination, ib.-did not admit
a total corruption of man's na-

ture, ib.-speaks of the efficacy
of Christ's death in general and
indefinite terms, 12-says noth-
ing about an infinite atonenent,
ib.-his testimony to the exten-
sive diffusion of Christianity, 12
-his creed, 110, 111-contains
no allusion to the distinctive
doctrines of Calvinism, 111, 112
-according to the modern test
would not be entitled to the
name of Christian, 112, note.
'The Bible Christian,' a new Uni-
tarian publication in Ireland,
Theological School at Cambridge,
its character and condition, 96
Theology, intricate questions in,
should be left to the learned,
207, 208

Thought, human, to be left free,

'To die is gain,' 250
Trinity, modern doctrine of, un-
known to the Fathers of the
three first centuries, 10-had its
origin in Platonism, ib.-modes
of defending it, 123, et seqq.

Unitarianism, affords support in
the hour of death, 233-237-a
doctrine of the primitive church
131-held probably by most
Christians of plain understand-
ings, in all ages, 131, 132
Unitarianism, Christian, Murch's
Letters on,
Unitarians, absurdly charged with


infidelity, 221-their reverence
for the Bible, and for Jesus, 222
-their diligence and zeal in the
cause of Christianity, 223-their
views of inspiration do not af-
fect their title to the name of
Christians, 223, 224
Unity, Christian, mistakes about
it, 49-does not require uni-
formity of discipline and opin-
ion, 50-55-in what it consists,
55, 56-method of securing and
preserving it, 57-59


Watson, Bishop, quoted, 174-
liberal sentiments of, 175, 176—
on the belief necessary to con-
stitute a Christian, 219, 220
Whiston, William, virulent attack
on, in the Spirit of the Pil-
grims,' 22-his views of the Sa-
viour, Arian, 22-his character
and sufferings as portrayed by
Bp. Hare, 23-25
Who are Christians? 210-224
Worship, Christian, a minister's
duty in relation to it, 26, et seqq.
-God its proper object, 28-30
-its form, 28-30-its sentiment,
30-33-duty of the people in
regard to it, 33, 34
Worcester, Dr Noah, on the atone-
ment, 60


Year, New, thoughts for, 1-5
Young, Rev. A., his sermon at the
ordination of Rev. J.W. Thomp-
son, 237

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