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ternal discontent-Nepaul and Kandahar-Cabul-Russia
-Heraut'h-Ava–Nepaul-Internal discontent-Russia-
Agitation by the native Indian press—Persia and Russia-
Domestic politics--Military weakness-Policy of Russia-
Threatened dangers of the Indo-British Empire from foreign
causes—Domestic dangers-Fear of Russia-Idem-Mys-
terious conspiracy in the south-Extract from the debate in
the House of Commons on the motion for a vote of thanks
to the army of the Indus—Importance to the English of the


Cabul conquest



age-Profession-Kills his brother's enemy--Military ac-
complishments—Habits-Early display of diplomatic tact-
His policy-Rise to political power—Is a reformed drunkard

- Literary pursuits—Becomes Ameer of Cabul-Relations
with the Seiks—War with the Seiks-Retires to Cabul-
Pursuits-Age-Personal appearance-Personal habits-
Dress-Address-A politician--His eloquence-Timidity-
Drunken revels-Anecdote of his rise to power— A reformer
of morals-Questionable bravery-Despotic-His duplicity
-Queen-Mother-His obstinacy and corruption Licen-
tiousness-Of the haram-His wives and children-His po-
licy towards the English-His residence-Avghan plainness
-His attendants and amusements-Routine of business-
Ameer passionate-Secession of his brother-Military habits

Durbar - Ceremonies of Durbar-Meals—Cookery-
Servants—Fruits-Pastimes and enjoyments—Evenings-
Nights-Chess-Tastes of the Ameer-Fondness for story-
telling—Allegory of Avghan avarice and poverty-His plain-
ness—Military habits-His brother the Nawaub~His hypo-
crisy-His Veneration-Enthusiasm a religious principle-
Motives of his political intrigues with foreign states-Seik




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Page 1, line 4th from bottom, for “ later" read late." 3,

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for “the” read “that." “ 16, 13th

for “ themselves” read “itself.”
16, 9th from bottom, dele “and.”

for “guerilla” read “guerrilla.”
3d from top, for “ Björstjerna” read “ Björnstjerna.”
26, “ 12th from bottom, for “ Björstjerna” read “ Björnstjerna.

for “ Krauchee" read “Kranchee." “ 55, “ 11th from top, for “Gujerath” read “Gujerat’h.” “ 84; " 5th

note, for“ Peukola" read “ Pekhora." “ 85, 2d

note, read “Finjan of Gholebund” is. 3d from bottom, for “ Amir” read “ Ameen."

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The massacre en masse of a British army has awakened an intense desire for information concerning the people and the country which have been the cause and scene of that appalling tragedy, and produced in that feeling a result which the profoundest interests of philanthropy and politics, of religion and government, have heretofore, inauspiciously and unsuccessfully, strove in vain to accomplish.

From day to day our opinion is confirmed, and a long train of terrific disasters still mark the malignant track of that destructive meteor in the political history of England, “A Whig Ministry," as the frantic policy of British statesmen of that denomination in India astound the world with the developements of their awful and bloody sequences long subsequent to the origin of their designs.

Having been frequently interrogated concerning the probable consequences of the later movements in Avghanistaun, I think I shall not be intrusive by publishing, during this moment of general excitement, the ensuing pages, which were written in

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