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Poft. This is true;
And this you might have heard of here, by me,
Or by some other.

lach. More particulars Muft justify my knowledge.

Poji. So they must,
Or do your honour injury.

Iach. The chimney
Is fouth the chamber; and the chimney-piece,
Chaft Dian, bathing : never saw I figures
5 So likely to report themselves: the cutter
6 Was as another nature, dumb, out-went her;
Motion and breath left out.

Post. This is a thing
Which you might from relation likewise reap;
Being, as it is, much spoke of.

lach. The roof o' the chamber
With golden cherubims is fretted : her andirons,
(I had forgot them) were two winking Cupids
Of silver, each on one foot standing, nicely
Depending on their brands.

Post. 7 This is her honour! Let it be granted you have seen all this (and praise


s So likely to report themselves:-) So near to speech. The Italians call a portrait, when the likeness is remarkable, a Speaking picture. Johnson.

Was as another nature, DUMB,–] This nonsense should without question be read and pointed thus :

HAS as another nature DONE; out-went her,

Motion and breath left out. i. e. Has worked as exquisitely, nay has exceeded her, if you will put motion and breath out of the question. Ware.

This emendation I think nedless. The meaning is this, The sculptor was as nature, but as nuture dumb; he gave every thing that nature gives, but breath and motion. In breath is included speech. JOHNSON. 7 This is bor honour!

Let it be granted you have seen all this, &c.] Iachimo impudently pretends to have carried his point; and, in confirmation, is very minute in describing to the husband all the


Be given to your remembrance) the description
Of what is in her chamber nothing saves
The wager you have laid.

Iach. Then, § if you can [Pulling out the bracelet.
Be pale; I beg but leave to air this jewel: See!—
And now 'tis up again. It must be married
To that your diamond. I'll keep them.

Poft. Jove!-
Once more let me behold it. Is it that
Which I left with her?

Iach. Sir (I thank her) that.
She stripp'd it from her arm: I see her yet,
Her pretty action did out-fell her gift,
And yet enrich'd it too: she gave it me,
And said, she priz’d it once.

Poft. May be, she pluck'd it off
To send it me.

Iach. She writes so to you? Doth she?


furniture and adornments of his wife's bed-chamber. But how
is fine furniture any ways a princess's honour ?

It is an
apparatus suitable to her dignity, but certainly makes no part
of her character. It might have been called her father's
honour, that her allotments were proportioned to her rank and
quality. I am persuaded the poet intended Posthumus should
lay: * This particular description, which you make, cannot
or convince me that I have lost my wager : your memory is
“ good; and some of these things you may have learned from

à third hand, or seen yourself; yet I expect proofs more
“ direct and authentic." I think there is little question but
we ought to restore the place as I have done :

What's this t'her honour? THEOBALD.
This emendation has been followed by both the succeeding
editors, but I think it must be rejected. The expression is
ironical. Iachimo relates many particulars, to which Posthumus
answers with impatience,

This is her honour!
That is, And the attainment of this knowledge is to pass for
the corruption of her honour. JOHNSON.

if you can
Be pale ;-

- ] If you can forbear to flush your cheek with rage. JOHNSON.



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Poft. O, no, no, no! 'Tis true. Here, take this

[Gives the ring. It is a basilisk unto mine eye, Kills me to look on't: let there be no honour, Where there is beauty; truth, where semblance; love, Where there's another man. 9 The vows of women Of no more bondage be, to where they are made, Than they are to their virtues : which is nothing.-O, above measure false !

Phil. Have patience, Sir,
And take your ring again ; 'tis not yet won:
It may be probable she loft it; or,
Who knows, if one of her women, being corrupted,
Hath stolen it from her.

Poft. Very true;
And so, I hope, he came by't :-back my ring;
Render to me fome corporal sign about her,
More evident than this; for this was stolen.

Iach. By Jupiter, I had it from her arm. Poft. Hark you, he swears ; by Jupiter he swears. ?Tis true ;- nay, keep the ring—'tis true: 'I'm sure She could not lose it: her attendants are All sworn and honourable.-They induc'd to steal it ! And by a stranger !—no, he hath enjoy'd her. 2 The cognizance of her incontinency


The vows of women, &c.] The love vowed by womer no more abides with him to whom it is vowed, than women adhere to their virtue. JOHNSON.

I'm sure
She could not lose it: her attendants are
All sworn and honourable.-They induc’d to steal it!

And by a franger !--no-] The abfurd conclusions of jealousy are here admirably painted and exposed. Posthumus, on the credit of a bracelet, and an oath of the party concerned, judges against all appearances from the intimate knowledge of his wife's honour, that she was false to his bed; and grounds that judgment, at last, upon much less appearances of the honour of her attendants. WARBURTON. 2 The cognizance

-] The badge; the token; the visible proof. Johnson


Is this; she hath bought the name of whore thus

There, take thy hire; and all the fiends of hell
Divide themselves between you !

Phil. Sir, be patient :
This is not strong enough to be believ'd
Of one persuaded well of —-

Post. Never talk on't:
She hath been colted by him.

Iach. If you seek For further satisfying, under her breast, 3 (Worthy the pressing) lies a mole, right proud of that nost delicate lodging :—by my life, I kiss'd it; and it gave me present hunger To feed again, though full. You do remember This itain upon her ?

Poft. Ay, and it doth confirm Another stain, as big as hell can hold, Were there no more but it.

Iach. Will you hear more?

Pof. Spare your arithmetic.
Ne'er count the turns : once, and a million !

Iach. I'll be sworn

Post. No swearing:
If you will fwear you have not done't, you lye;
And I will kill thee, if thou doit deny
Thou hast made me cuckold.
· Iach. I will deny nothing.

Post. O, that I had her here, to tear her limb-meal!
I will go there, and do't ; i' the court; before
Her father :--I'll do something-

[Exit. Phil. Quite besides The government of patience! You have won :

3 (Worthy the prefing)-] Thus the modern editions. The old folio reads, (Wortly her pressing) JOHNSON,


Let's follow him, and pervert the present wrath
He hath against himself.
Iach. With all my heart.

[Exeunt. S C Ε Ν Ε V.

Enter Poikumus. Poft. * Is there no way for men to be, but women Must be half-workers? We are bastards all; And that most venerable man, which I Did cail my father, was I know not where When I was stamp'd. Some coiner with his tools Made me a counterfeit : yet my mother seem'd The Dian of that time: fo doth my wife The non-pareil of this.-Oh vengeance, vengeance ! Me of my lawful pleasure the restrain'd, And pray'd me oft forbearance: did it with A pudency so rosy, the sweet view on't Might well have warm’d old Saturn ;-that I thought

her As chaste as unsunn'd snow. -Oh, all the devils ! This yellow Iachimo, in an hour, was't not ?Or less at first? Perchance he spoke not; but Like a full-acorn'd boar, a German one, Cry'd oh! and mounted: found no opposition But what he look'd for should oppose, and the Should from encounter guard. Could I find out The woman's part in me! for there's no motion That tends to vice in man, but, I affirm, It is the woman's part: be't lying, note it, The woman's; flattering, hers; deceiving, hers; Lust, and rank thoughts, hers, hers ; revenges, hers; Ambitions, covetings, change of prides, disdain, Nice longings, flanders, mutability : All faults that may be nam’d, nay, that hell knows, Why, hers, in part, or all; but rather all :

' Is there no way, &c.] Milton was very probably indebted to this speech for the sentiments which he has given to Adam, Paradijé Loft, book x. STEEVENS. Vol. IX.


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