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1 Other conclusions? I will try the forces
Of these thy compounds on such creatures as
We count not worth the hanging (but none human)
To try the vigour of them, and apply
Allayments to their act; and by them gather
Their several virtues and effects,

Cor. 2 Your highness
Shall from this practice but make hard your heart:
Besides, the seeing these effects will be
Both noisome and infectious.

Queen. O, content thee.

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'Orber conclufions ?- ] Other experiments. I commend, says Walton, an angler that tries conclufions, and improves his art. JOHNSON. ? Pour highness

Shall from this pra&ice but make hard pour heart :) There is in this passage nothing that much requires a note, yet I cannot forbear to push it forward into obfervation. The thought would probably have been more amplified, had our author lived to be shocked with such experiments as have been published in later times, by a race of men that have practised tortures without pity, and related them without shame, and are yet suffered to erect their heads among human beings.

« Cape faxa manu, cape robora, paftor.” JOHNSON. s I do not like her. This soliloquy is very inartificial. The speaker is under no Itrong pressure of thought; he is


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Enter Pifanio and Tachimo.
Pij. Madam, a noble gentleman of Rome
Comes from my lord with letters.

lach. Change you, madam ? The worthy Leonatus is in safety, And greets your highness dearly. [Gives a letter.

Imo. Thanks, good Sir; You are kindly welcome.

Tach. All of her, that is out of door, most rich! If she be furnish'd with a mind fo rare, [Afide. She is alone the Arabian bird; and I Have lost the wager. Boldness be my friend! Arm me, audacity, from head to foot! Or, like the Parthian, I shall flying fight; Rather directly fly.

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