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Of Malice.
1. Method the, same as before.
2. The Nature of Malice. A difficulty stated.
3. Senses of the word Malice.
4. Observations froin fact.
5. Concerning the object of malice.
6. Difficulty with regard to the Scriptures.
7. Effects of malice: and first its good effects.
8. Its hurtful effects.

9. Regulation of malice. And first the question whether any kind or degree of it is right.

10. Practical directions for the malicious : and first a view of some passages of Scripture.

12.Directions here will be little more than applications of similar ones relating to envy.

13. Of being aware when malice is our real motive. 14. Of the good effects of humility. 15. Of the love of Virtue and valuable excellence.

15. Of giving a benevolent turn to rejoicing in success.

17. Of promoting a benevolent disposition by actions and words.

18. Of restraining malice in more trifling successes. 19. Of exciting kind feelings by means of a pause. 20. Of proposing to ourselves good models.



Of Resentntent. Natural Law.

1. METHOD; the same continued.

2. The nature of Resentment: where of the distinction between harm and injury.

3. Resentment is a malevolent sentiment.

4. Its nature investigated, by distinguishing it from other sentiments, and its species from each other. Where of Anger, Enmity, &c.

5. Of Revenge, and punishment.
6. Of Peevishness.

7. Of Indignation. . 8. Remarks tending to illustrate the nature of Resentment: and first of its being frequently excited.

9. Of the number of its objects, 10. Of the causes of its strength.

11. Of the niutual influence of sentiments on each other.

12. That may be a compound sentiment which is called by the name of a single one.

13. Effects of a Resentment; and first such as are useful in general.

14. Several particular good effects. 15. Its utility to the world at large. 16. — to the object. .

17. Mischievous effects of Resentment: first in general.

18. - to the object, in particular. . 19. - to the resentful,

20. – to the world at large; where of happiness prevented ; &c. &c.

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