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1466 Rogers (S.) Poems, ist ed., illustrated with engravings from

designs by Turner, Stothard, etc., proofs, original bds., with label, 1834, 8vo. (268)

B. F. Stevens, £9 9s. 1467 Rowlandson (T.) English Dance of Death, 2 vol., coloured

plates by Rowlandson, mor. gt., Ackermann, 1815, 8vo. (269)

J. Bumpus, £7. 1468 Rowlandson (T.) History of Johnny Quae Genus, the little

Foundling of the late Dr. Syntax, coloured plates by

Rowlandson, in rus., 1822, 8vo. (270) Spencer, £2 125. 1469 Rowlandson (T.) Surprising Adventures of Baron Mun

chausen, folding front. and plates by Rowlandson, hf. mor.

ex., t. e. g., uncut, 1811, 8vo. (272) B. F. Stevens, £1 16s. 1470 Rowlandson (T.) Syntax (Dr.), Second Tour in Search of

Consolation, coloured plates by T. Rowlandson, uncut,
Ackermann, 1820, 8vo. (273)

W. Hutt, £ 1 16s. 1471 Rowlandson (T.) Naples and the Campagna Felice : in a

series of letters, front., engraved title and coloured plates by Rowlandson, hf. red mor. ex., t. e. g., uncut, by Rivière, Ackermann, 1815, 8vo. (274)

Slater, £3 7s. 6d. 1472 Rowlandson (T.) Dance of Life, engraved title, front. and

coloured plates by Rowlandson, mor. ex., t. e. g., uncut, by

Rivière, Ackermann, 1817, 8vo. (275) W. Hutt, £4 ios. 1473 Rowlandson (T.) Journal or Sentimental Travels in the

Southern Provinces of France, coloured plates by Rowland son, mor. ex., t. e. g., uncut, by Rivière, Ackermann, 1821, 8vo. (276)

Slater, £6. 1474 Roxburghe Revels. Proof portrait added, uncut, Edinb., for private circulation, 1837 (277)

Nattali, £2. 1475 Ruskin (J.) Seven Lamps of Architecture, with illustrations

drawn and etched by the Author, ist ed., in the original

stamped cl. binding, uncut, 1849, 8vo. (278) Ward, £5 1os. 1476 Ruskin (J.) The King of the Golden River ; or the Black

Brothers : a Legend of Stiria, illustrated by Richard Doyle, ist ed., original picture bds., gt. edge, Smith, Elder & Co., 1851, 8vo. (279)

Pearson, £10. 1477 Scrope (W.) Days and Nights of Salmon Fishing in the

Tweed, illustrated by Sir David Wilkie, Landseer, Simson and Cooke, ist ed., original cl., Murray, 1843, 8vo. (282)

Quaritch, 25. 1478 Secundus (J.) Kisses : a poetical translation of the Basia,

fronts., and portrait on title by Bartolozzi, LARGE PAPER, cf. gt., 1779, 8vo. (283)

W. Hutt, £175. 1479 Shakespeare (W.) Plays, Pickering's diamond ed., 9 vol.,

printed on India paper, in the original wrappers, uncut, W. Pickering, 1825, 8vo. (284)

Robson, £4 8s. 1480 Shelley (P. B.) Laon and Cythna, or the Revolution of the

Golden City, a Vision of the Nineteenth Century, in the stanza of Spenser, ist ed., with the l. containing quotation from Pindar, also Ollier's advertisement 1. at the end,

mor. ex., by Bedford, 1818, 8vo. (285) B. F. Stevens, £16. 1481 Shelley (P. B.) Rosalind and Helen, a Modern Eclogue, ist ed., original paper wrappers, uncut, 1819, 8vo. (286)

B. É. Stevens, £3 1os.

1482 Smedley (F. E.) Harry Coverdale's Courtship, illustrated

by Phiz, ist ed., n. d., 1856, 8vo. (288) Bain, £ius. 1483 Smith (J. and H.) Rejected Addresses ; or the New Theatrum Poetarum, ist ed., uncut, 1812, 8vo. (292)

Allen, L2 55. 1484 Sterne (L.) The Case of Elijah, and the Widow of Zere

phath Consider'd, mor. ex., gt. edge, by Bedford, York, J. Hildyard, 1747, 8vo. (298)

Pearson, 18. 1485 Sterne (L.) Sentimental Journey, ist ed., 2 vols., 1768, 8vo. (299)

B. F. Stevens, £5 7s.6d. 1486 Sterne (L.) Letters from Yorick to Eliza, ist ed., uncut, 1773, 8vo. (300)

Ellis, £2. 1487 Stith (W.) History of the first discovery and settlement of

Virginia, with appendix (34 pp. with separate title-page), cf. ex., gt. edge, by Bedford, Williamsburg, 1747, 8vo. (348)

B. F. Stevens, £5 ros. 1488 Suckling (Sir J.) Poems and Plays, and other remains, edited by Hazlitt, LARGE PAPER, 2 vol., 1874, 8vo. (302)

B. F. Stevens, £2 25. 1489 Swinburne (A. C.) Chastelard ; a Tragedy, ist ed., Moxon, 1865, 8vo. (305)

Ellis, ki us. 1490 Swinburne (A. C.) Poems and Ballads, ist ed., with Moxon's

title-page, Moxon, 1866, 8vo. (307) B. F. Stevens, £2 125. 1491 Swinburne (A. C.) The Queen-Mother Rosamond, two

plays, 1st ed., with Pickering's title-page, original cl., 1860, 8vo. (304)

B. F. Stevens, £9. 1492 Sylvester (J.) Parliament of Vertues Royal summoned in

France, but assembled in England - Bethulian's Rescue, 1614– Little Bartas, or Brief Meditations-Micro-CosinoGraphia, the little Worlds described, or the Map of ManLachrymæ Lachrymorum, or the Spirit of Tears, distilled for the untimely death of Prince Henry, The Batail of Yury-Tobacco battered and the Pipes shattered, etc., etc., in i vol., mor. ex., gt. edge, by Rivière, 1614, 8vo. (309)

Ellis, £3 195. 1493 Tatham (J.) London's Glory represented by Time, Truth, and

Fame : at the Magnificent Triumphs and Entertainment of Charles II, etc., mor. ex., gt. edge, by F. Bedford, W. Godbid, 1660, 4to. (217)

E. Allen, £4 125. 6d. 1494 Taylor (Bp. J.) The Great Exemplar of Sanctity and Holy

Life, fronts. and plates by Faithorne, ist illustrated ed.,

mor. ex., gt. edge, 1653, fol. (311) Robson, £5 75. 6d. 1495 Tennyson (A.) Timbuctoo, a Poem which obtained the

Chancellor's Medal, ist ed. (Prolusiones Academicæ), original blue wrapper, Camb., 1829, 8vo. (312)

B. F. Stevens, £4. 1496 Tennyson (A.) In Memoriam, ist ed., original cl., uncut, Moxon, 1850, 8vo. (313)

B. F. Stevens, £4. 1497 Testamentum (Novum) Græcum, fronts., Pickering's dia

mond ed., mor. ex., gt. edge, by F. Bedford, Pickering, 1828, 48mo. (316)

Robson, £2. 1498 Thackeray (W. M.) Notes of a Journey from Cornhill to

Cairo, coloured front., and cuts, ist ed., uncut, 1846, 8vo. (317)

Swist, £2 25.

1499 Thackeray (W. M.). Doctor Birch and his Young Friends,

Ist ed., in the original bds., 1849, 8vo. (318) Robson, £ 1 ios. 1500 Thackeray (W. M.) Roundabout Papers, illustrated, ist ed., uncut, 1863, 8vo. (319)

Swift, £ 1 gs. 1501 Thelyphthora ; or a Treatise on Female Ruin, 4 vol. in 3, 1781-2, 8vo. (324)

Richardson, £! 175. 1502 Trials for Adultery, or the History of Divorces, forming a

complete History of the private life, Intrigues and Amours of many Characters, engraved plates, 7 vol., original cf., 1781, 8vo. (335)

Robson, £5 155. 1503 Tuer (A. W.) Bartolozzi and his works, 2 vol., LARGE PAPER, 1882, 4to. (23)

Maggs, £3 35. 1504 Virgil. An abridgemente of the Notable worke of Polidore

Virgile. Conteining the deuisers and fyrste fyneders oute as well of Antyquities, Artes, Ministeries, Feactes, etc. Compendiouslye gathered and newlye perused by T. Lang. ley, black letter, mor. ex., by Aitkin, last l. containing woodcut of Abraham about to offer Isaac, imprynted at London by Jhon Tisdale, n. d., 8vo. (343)

Pearson, £2 6s. 1505 Voltaire. La Pucelle d'Orléans. Poème divisé en vingt

Chants avec des notes, portrait on title and 20 folding plates, mor. ex., gt. edge., by W. Pratt, à Conculix (1765), 8vo. (351)

Robson, £5 75. 6d. 1506 Waller (E.) Poems, printed by a copy of his own hand

writing and his speeches, ist ed., mor. ex., gt. edge, by

F. Bedford, H. Mosley, 1645, 8vo. (353) Pearson, £6. 1507 Wallis (R.) Room for the Cobbler of Gloucester and his

Wife : with several Cartloads of Abominable, Irregular, pitiful, stinking Priests, cf. ex., gt. edge, printed for the author, 1668, 4to. (355)

Walford, £i 135. 1508 Wit's Magazine, or Library of Momus, 17 folding plates by

W. Blake and others, 2 vol. in 1, cf. ex., uncut, by Bedford, 1784-5, 8vo. (356)

Richardson, £4 45. 1509 Williams (R.) Mr. Cotton's letter lately printed, examined

and answered, mor. ex., gt. edge, 4to. Imprinted in the yeere 1644 (16)

B. F. Stevens, £10. 1510 Wollstonecraft (M.) Original Stories from real life, plates

by W. Blake, ist ed., 1791, 8vo. (357) Ellis, £2 ios. 1511 Wortley (F.). Characters and Elegies, mor. ex., gt. edge, printed in the yeere 1646, 4to. (358)

Rooson, 22.


[FEBRUARY 15TH, 16TH, AND 17TH, 1888.]



1512 Angelo's Treatise on the Art of Fencing, 41 plates, stained, and wanted plates 41, 2, 3, and 6, 1817, fol. (325)

Pickering, £2 6s. 1513 Badminton Library. Athletics and Football, and Cycling,

LARGE PAPER, numerous illustrations, 2 vol., hf. bd., 1887, 4to. (994)

Sotheran, £2 16s.

1514 Baines (E.) History of the County Palatine of Lancaster,

the Biographical department by Whatton, plates ex., plates

inserted, vol. 3 and 4, hf. cf., 1836, 4to. (264) Hayward, £1. 1515 Bentham (G.) Handbook of the British Flora, numerous

woodcuts, 2 vol., cl., 1865, 8vo. (926) Buchanan, £! 145. 1516 Bentley's Miscellany, portraits and plates by G. Cruikshank,

Leech, etc., vol. i to xxxvi, vol. i and vii imperfect, sold with all faults, 1837-54, 8vo. (228)

Hayward, £5. 1517 Bible. La Sainte Bible selon la Vulgate, traduction nouvelle

avec les dessins de Gustave Doré, 2 vol., red mor., t. e. g., Tours, 1866, fol. (328)

Hayward, £4. 1518 Briggs (J.) History of the Rise of the Mahomedan Power

in India, translated from the original Persian of Ferishta, genealogical tables, 4 vol., hf. cf., 1829, 8vo. (539)

Bull, £2 75. 1519 Britton (J.). Architectural Antiquities of Great Britain, with

Historical and Descriptive Accounts, plates, 5 vol., hf. mor.,

t. e. g., Nattali, 1835, 410. (263) Hayward, £4 155. 1520 Buchanan (G.) Ane Admonition direct to the trew Lordis

niantenaris of the Kingis Graces Authoritie, G. B., mor., Lond., J. Day, 1571, 8vo. (853)

Stark, £4 ios. 1521 Burke's Visitation of Seats and Arms, both series, plates, 3

vol., 1852-4-Royal Descents, 1864—Dormant and Extinct

Baronetage, title defective, 1866,8vo. (929) Walford, £2 125. 1522 Burnet (J.) Essays on Painting, LARGE PAPER, India proof

plates, hf. bd., Sotheran, 1880, 4to. (972) J. Rimell, ki 125. 1523 Caldecott (Ralph). Complete Collection of Pictures and

Songs, numerous illustrations, plain and coloured bds., uncut, 1887, 4to. (958)

Bickers, £355. 1524 Cellini (Benvenuto). Recherches sur sa Vie, son Euvre, etc.,

par Eugène Plon, 82 etchings by Le Rat, VELLUM, 1883, 4to. (642)

J. Rimell, £185. 1525 Chronicle of Scottish Poetry from the 13th Century to the

Union, with a Glossary by J. Sibbald, 4 vol., hf. bd., Edinb., 1802, 8vo. (576)

Stock, £i ios. 1526 Collectio Pisaurensis omnium Poematum, Carminum, Frag. mentorum Latinorum, 6 vol., hf. cf., Pisauri, 1766, 4to. (259)

Hayward, £1 5s. 1527 Curtis. Botanical Magazine, coloured plates, vol. i and ii, hf. bd., 1787, 8vo. (849)

Tinsley, £i. 1528 Dante. L'Inferno, illustrated by Doré, Parigi, 1861, fol. (333)

Hayward, £2 2s. 1529 Dibden (T. F.) Ædes Althorpianæ, with the Supplement

to the Bibliotheca Spenceriana, LARGE PAPER, portrait

and facsimiles, 2 vol., hf. bd., 1822, 4to. (261) Slater, £! 5s. 1530 Dickens (C.) Pickwick Papers, original ed., illustrated by Seymour and Phiz with the Buss plates, hf. cf., 1837, 8vo.

Rimell, £i is. 1531 Dickens (C.) Sketches by Boz, new ed., 40 illustrations by

G. Cruikshank, cl., 1839, 8vo. (239) Hayward, £3. 1532 Dugdale. Antiquities of Warwickshire, 2nd ed., revised,

augmented and continued by Wm. Thomas, plates, margins of titles, etc., slightly torn, wanted portrait, with all faults, 2 vol., hf. bd., Lond., 1730, fol. (322) Bennett, £4 75. 6d.


1533 Dugdale. Monasticon Anglicanum, with additions by Caley,

Ellis, and Bandinel, 119 plates, 25 parts, various, 1802, etc. (687)

Sage, £3 155. 1534 Farren (R.) Cathedral Cities of Ely and Norwich, proofs

of etchings, cl., Camb., 1883 (1065) Parsons, £i nis. 1535 Fielding, Smollett, and Sterne. Works, with Lives, edited by

J. P. Browne, LARGE PAPER, portraits, 22 vol., hf. cf., 1871-3,
Svo. (861)

£11. 1536 Froissart (Sir J.). Chronicles of England, France, and

Spain, translated by Tho. Johnes, with illuminated plates and woodcuts, 2 vol., hf. mor., gt. edge, Bohn, 1855, 8vo. (235)

Hayward, £4 45. 1537 Gilliland (T.) Dramatic Mirror, portraits and plates, 2 vol.

-Flim-Flams, new ed., 11 plates by Dagley, 3 vol., 1806, etc., 11 vol., 8vo. (179)

Y. Rimell, £ 1 4s. 1538 Gould (J.) Monograph of the Trochildæ, or Family of

Humming Birds, 360 coloured plates, 5 vol., whole bd., green mor. ex., gt. edge, Original Subscribers' copy, 1861, fol. (1051)

Masey, £58. 1539 Grampian Club Publications, Scottish Tombstones-Glas

gow Registers-Jacobite Lairds--Scotland, Social and Domestic--Cupar Abbey-Beauly Priory, etc., edited by

Ch. Rogers, v. y., 12 vol., 8vo. (928) Stock, £ 1 6s. 1540 Grose (Fr.) Antiquities of England and Wales, new ed.,

numerous plates, 8 vol., mor, gt., Hooper and Wigstead, n. d.-Antiquities of Scotland, plates, 2 vol., mor., ib., 1797, 4to. (1002)

Bull, £2 135. 1541 Hamerton (P. G.) Paris in Old and Present Times, LARGE

PAPER, numerous etchings on India paper, and woodcuts, cl., 1885, fol. (1064)

Parsons, £1 8s. 1542 Harris (M.) Aurelian, a Natural History of English Moths

and Butterflies, new ed., by J. O. Westwood, 44 coloured plates, containing specimens, hf. mor., gt. edge, Bohn, 1840, fol. (329)

Hayward, £1 175. 1543 Hobbes (T.) Works, English and Latin, now first collected

and edited by Sir Wm. Molesworth, portrait, 16 vol., cl., 1839-45, 8vo. (533)

Stibbs, £2 11s. 1544 Hutchins. History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset,

3rd ed., by Shipp and Hodson, numerous plates, etc., 4 vol., hf rus., Westminster, J. B. Nichols, 1861-70, fol. (1055)

George, £,8 75. 6d. 1545 Illustrated Art Hand-Books, numerous illustrations, 27 vol.,

cl., Sampson Low, v. y., 8vo. (430) A. H. Smith, £ 1 4s. 1546 Illustrated London News, 16 vol., and a parcel of numbers, 1851-73, fol. (383)

Bennett, £i is. 1547 Journal of House of Commons, 1547-1820, with 4 vol. of Index, together 79 vol., hf. cf., 1803-20, fol. (382)

Mitchell, £2 2s. 1548 Jowett (B.) Epistles of St. Paul to the Thessalonians,

Galatians, Romans, with Critical Notes and Dissertations, 2 vol., 1855, 8vo. (564)

Sotheran, £ I los. 1549 Lacroix (P.) Moyen Age, Mæurs, Usages et Costumes, Vie

Militaire et Religieuse et Les Arts, 48 chromolithographs,

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