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[JANUARY 20TH TO 26TH, 1888.]




1057 A'Beckett (Gilbert). Comic History of England, and Comic

History of Rome, 3 vol., coloured plates and other illustrations by J. Leech, éd. de luxe, Bradbury, n. d., 4to. (1043)

Reeves, £ I ris. 6d. 1058 A'Beckett (G. A.) Comic History of Rome, coloured plates

and woodcuts by J. Leech, n. d., 8vo. (521) Dobell, £1. 1059 A'Beckett (G. A.) Comic History of England, 2 vol., coloured plates and woodcuts by J. Leech, 1847-51, 8vo. (2875)

Luyster, £2 25. 1060 Ackerman. Select Views of London, with Historical and Descriptive Sketches, coloured plates, 1816, imp. 8vo. (552)

Harvey, £2 ios. 1061 Akerman (J. Y.) Remains of Pagan Saxondom from Tumuli

in England, coloured plates, 1855, 4to. (1787) Stibbs, £1 55. 1062 Almanach Iconologique, ou des Arts pour 1765-73, 96 plates

by Gravelot, Chaffard, Delaunay, and others (no letterpress), new hf. mor. ex., t. e. g., Paris, 1765-73, 8vo. (462)

Fontaine, £2 45. 1063 America. Acts passed at the Third Congress of the United

States, held at Philadelphia, 1793, cf., Philadelphia, 1794, 8vo. (2082)

Shorthouse, £3. 1064 Ancient Laws and Institutes of Wales, with English translations, etc., edited by A. Owen, 2 vol., 1841, 8vo. (586)

Ridler, £i 55. 1065 Ancient Sculptured Monuments of the County of Angus, in

cluding those at Meigle and one at Fordoun, 24 large plates, hf. bound, elephant fol., Bannatyne Club, 1848, fol. (1940)

Stibbs, £ 1 3s. 1066 Arber (E.) English Garner : Ingatherings from our History

and Literature, 7 vol., 1877-83, 8vo. (1289) Hill, £i 145. 1067 Archæological Journal, Nos. 119 to 170, 55 Nos. 1873-86, 8vo. (1843)

Walford, £2 45. 1068 Art Journal, 1853-56, 4 vol., plates, hf. rus., 1853-56, 8vo. (676)

Rimell, 41. 1069 Aulus Gellius. Noctes Atticæ, uncut, in the original bds., as

issued, probably unique in this state, Amst., apud Joan.

Jansonium, a Waesberge, etc., 1666 (1502). Nattali, £i is. 1070 B. (R.) Epitome of all the Lives of the Kings of France,

front., a small hole in one l., cf. ex., gt. edge, by W. Pratt, 1639, 8vo. (1335)

Harvey, £1. 1071 Barker (M. H.) Greenwich Hospital, a series of Naval

Sketches descriptive of the Life of a Man-of-War's Man, coloured plates and woodcuts by G. Cruikshank, hf. mor., uncut, t. e. g., 1826, 4to. (2502)

Walford, ti 8s

1072 Beeverell (J.) Delices de la Grande-Bretagne et de l'Irlande,

8 vol. in 9, many plates, cf., arms on sides, Leide, 1707, 8vo. (1299)

Rimell, £ 1 16s. 1073 Behn (Mrs.) Plays, Histories, and Novels, with Life, 6 vol., portrait, 1871, 8vo. (600)

Luyster, £1 175. 1074 Behn (Mrs.) Plays, Histories, and Novels, 6 vol., plates, 1871, 8vo. (2375)

Reader, £2 45. 1075 Bible. Old and New Testaments (Matthew's), black letter, woodcuts, imperfect, J. Daye and W. Seres, 1549 (1232)

Ridler, £2 175. 1076 Bible (Holie). Bishops' Version (with two Translations of the

Psalms), black letter, map, and woodcuts, one of the initial letters being Leda and the Swan, besides many taken from subjects in Ovid's “Metamorphoses”; wanted title to Old Testament, about ten preliminary 11., and one at end of New Testament, some 11. defective, but the body of the work generally sound and clean, old oak bds., covered in stamped leather, 1572, fol. (1644)

Warton, £i 18s. 1077 Bigmore (E. C.) and C. Wyman. Bibliography of Printing,

with Notes and Illustrations, 3 vol., plates and woodcuts, only 250 copies printed, hf, mor., 1880-86, 4to. (1031)

Walford, £2 10s. 1078 Blair (R.) The Grave, a Poem, 12 plates engraved by

Schiavonetti from designs by W. Blake, and portrait, 1813, 8vo. (670)

Reader, El is. 1079 Book of Common Prayer in Irish, by W. Daniell, Archbishop

of Tuam (wanted 2 11., “service of private baptism”), woodcut of the arms of James I and Sir A. Chichester, vel., with arms, 3 lions passant, on sides, Dublin, 1608, fol. (2022)

Leighton, £5 7s.6d. 1080 Boswell's Life of Johnson, 10 vol., 1835, 8vo. (1368)

Sotheran, £1 4s. 1081 Boydell (J.) History of the River Thames, 2 vol., coloured

plates by J. Farington and J. C. Stadler, 1794-96, fol. (416) 1082 British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1967 to 1886, 20 vol., numerous illustrations, 8vo. (1288)

Quaritch, £3 175. 6d. 1083 Brougham (Lord). Statesmen of the Time of George III, 3

vol., portraits, hf. red mor. gt., Lond. & Paris, 1839-43, roy. 8vo. (427)

Stibbs, £ius. 1084 Brougham (Lord). Speeches, with Historical Introductions, 4 vol., cf. gt., marbled edge, Edinb., 1838, 8vo. (1715)

Banks, £i is. 1085 Browne (Hablot Knight, “ Phiz”), Life and Labours of, by

D. C. Thomson, 130 illustrations, ed. limited to 250 copies, 1884, 4to. (1035)

Smith, £i 6s. 1086 Browning (R.) The Ring and the Book, vol. i to iii, 1st ed., 1868-9, 8vo. (916)

Dobell, £1 2s. 1087 Buckle (H. T.) Miscellaneous and Posthumous Works, edited by Helen Taylor, 3 vol., 1872, 8vo. (959)

Sotheran, £ 1 16s.

Stibbs, 1.3.

10-14; aromis, no

1088 Bullen (A. H.) Collection of Old English Plays, 4 vol., 150 copies privately printed, hf. vel., 1882-85, 4to. (1030)

Sotheran, £5 ios. 1089 Burnet (J.) Practical Hints on Composition in Painting,

1822-Light and Shade, 1826—Colour in Painting, 1827– Education of the Eye, 1837, plates, some coloured, 4 vol., 4to. (1000)

Reeves, £ 1 135. 1090 Burton (J. H.) The Book Hunter, with Memoir, etched

portrait of the author, 1882, sm. 4to. (1039) Ridler, £i is. 1091 Burton (R.) Reprints. Wars in England, Scotland, and

Ireland - Historical Remarks on London and Westminster
-Admirable Curiosities-History of the Kingdom of
Ireland-History of the Kingdom of Scotland-History of
the House of Orange, 6 vol., woodcuts, 1810-14, 4to. (408)

£1. 1092 Byron (Lord). Works, with Life and Letters, by Thos.

Moore, 17 vol., plates, 1847, 8vo. (973) Walford, £1 7s. 1093 Byron. Finden's Illustrations to the Life and Works of

Lord Byron, 3 vol., many plates engraved by Finden, from drawings by Turner, Stanfield, Harding and others, hf. mor., gt. edge, 1833, 8vo. (522)

Ridler, £ 1 35. 1094 Byron (Lord). Works, with Letters, Journals, and Life, by

Thos. Moore,. 17 vol., plates (one wanted), 1832-40, 8vo. (377)

Sotheran, £i 35. 1095 Byron (Lord). Poetical Works, 6 vol., portrait, 1879, 8vo. (960)

Luyster, £1 7s. 1096 Cambro-Briton (The) Magazine, edited by J. H. Parry, a set, 3 vol., hf. cf., 1820-22, 8vo. (1685)

Ridler, £i gs. 1097 Cambrian Journal, 1854 to 1863, 10 vol., vol. i-iv, as published, the remainder in hf. cf., and parts (1686).

Ridler, £ 1 8s. 1098 Carey. American Atlas, 21 maps of Pennsylvania, New

York, Virginia, etc., hf. bd., 1795 (1166) Ellis, £1 155. 1099 Catena Aurea. Commentary on the Four Gospels from the Fathers, by Thos. Aquinas, 8 vol., 1841, 8vo. (1351)

Bull, £i is. 1100 Cervantes. Don Quixote, translated by C. Jarvis, 2 vol.,

plates by Vanderbank, engraved by Vander Gucht and Vertue, cf., 1742, 4to. (1010)

Maggs, £1 6s. 1101 Celtic Society. Book of Rights—Cambrensis Eversus, 3 vol.

- Miscellany-Battle of Magh Leana, a set, 6 vol., 1847-53, roy. 8vo. (1699)

Ridler, £2 145: 1 102 Cesnola (L. P. di) Cyprus, its Ancient Cities, Tombs, and Temples, maps and illustrations, 1877, roy. 8vo. (615)

Ridler, Ei ss. 1103 Chabas (F.) Le Papyrus Magique Harris, traduit avec

glossaire, etc., facsimile plates, hf. cf. gt., Chalon-surSaone, 1860, 4to. (1808)

Quaritch, £i is. 1104 Chappell (W.) Popular Music of the Olden Time, 2 vol., front., hf. cf. gt., n. d., 8vo. (374)

Jarvis, £i jos. 1105 Charpentier. Recueil des Costumes de la Bretagne et des

autres Contrées de la France, 2 vol., 119 full-page coloured costume plates, wanted titles, hf. mor., uncut, Nantes, Charpentier, 1831, fol. (2033)

Warton, £i is.

1106 Chauncy (Sir H.) Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire,

LARGE PAPER, 2 vol., proof portrait, map and plates, numerous additions, uncut, Bishops Stortford, 1826, Svo. (2168)

Jarvis, £ 1 gs. 1107 Clarendon's History of the Rebellion, and Life by himself,

6 vol. in 9, portraits, cf., 12 vol., Oxford, 1712-59, etc., 8vo. (531)

Ridler, £1 3s. 1108 Clark (G. T.) Genealogies of the Older Families of the

Lordships of Morgan and Glamorgan, pedigrees, thick vol., 1886, roy. 8vo. (592)

Ridler, 1. 1109 Clode (C. M.) Memorials of the Guild of Merchant Taylors,

London, numerous portraits, maps and plates, with the Appendix and Index, hf. mor., marbled edge, t. e. g., 1875, 8vo. (2113)

H. James, £ius. 1110 Collectanea Archæologicæ of the British Archæological Association, 62 plates, 5 parts in port., n. d., 8vo. (742)

Ridler, £1. un Cowper (W.) Life and Works, by Robt. Southey, 15 vol, plates, green mor. ex., gt. edge, 1836-37, 8vo. (988)

Dobell, £2 1112 Cruikshank. Tales of Humour, Gallantry and Romance,

selected and translated from the Italian, 16 illustrations by Geo. Cruikshank, in the original boards, uncut, 1827, 8vo. (1484)

Spencer, 21 8s. 1113 Cruikshank. Greenwich Hospital, Naval Sketches by an

Old Sailor, plates and woodcuts by Geo. Cruikshank, 1826, 4to. (1909)

Robson, Liis. 1114 Cruikshank. Life in Paris, numerous coloured plates and

woodcuts by G. C., wanted title, sold with all faults, hf. mor., t. e. g., n. d., 8vo. (2310)

Robson, £ius. 1115 Cruikshank. Omnibus, edited by Laman Blanchard, with 109 engravings on steel and wood, hf. cf., 8vo. (2277)

Parsons, £i is. 1116 Cruikshank. Life of Napoleon, a Hudibrastic Poem, by W.

Combe, plates by G. Cruikshank, wanted four, hf. bd., 1817, 8vo. (2874)

Robson, is. 1117 Cruikshank. Life of Napoleon, a Hudibrastic Poem, by Dr.

Syntax, coloured plates by: Geo. Cruikshank, last I. imperfect, new hf. cf. gt., gt. edge, sold with all faults, 1817, 8vo. (1869)

Lewin, £i is. 1118 Cruikshank. Points of Humour, both parts, plates on India

paper by G. C., stained in fore edges, hf. mor. gt., gt. edge, 1823-24, 8vo. (1870)

Robson, £3 35. 1119 Cruikshank. Tales of Irish Life, 2 vol., woodcuts by G. C.,

hf. cf., marbled edge, 1824, 8vo. (1871) Robson, £i i2s. 1120 Cruikshank. Sketches by Boz, 40 plates by G. C., original cl., 1839, 8vo. (1872)

Swift, £5 155. 1121 Cruikshank. The Omnibus, edited by Laman Blanchard, 100 plates and woodcuts by G. C., hf. cf., 1842, 8vo. (1873)

Smith, £2 45. 1122 Cruikshank. The Table Book, edited by G. A. A'Beckett,

many plates and woodcuts by G. C., h. mor. gt., gt. edge, 1845, roy. 8vo. (1874)

Smith, £2 45.

1123 Cussans (J. E.) History of Hertfordshire, 3 vol., many plates, most of them tinted and coloured, 1874-81, fol. (817)

Leighton, 24 IOS. 1124 Dasent (G. W.) Story of Burnt Njal, or Life in Iceland,

maps and plates, 2 vol., 1861, 8vo. (122) Bain, £1 5s. 1125 David (F. A.) Antiquités d’Herculaneum, avec leurs ex

plications par P. Sylvain M(aréchal), 9 vol., hf. bd.,

plates by David, Paris, 1781, 8vo. (1980) Ridler, £2. 1126 David (F. A.) Histoire de France représentée, figures par

Le Jeune, plates, representing the chief events in the history of the country, 5 vol., cf., gt. edge, 1788, 8vo. (728)

James, £1. 1127 Dickens. Pickwick Papers, ist ed., 43 plates by Seymour and Phiz, hf. cf., 1837, 8vo. (401)

Bennett, £1. 1128 Dickens. Nicholas Nickleby, ist ed., portrait and plates

by Phiz, last l. torn, 1839, 8vo. (402) Lewin, £i is. 1129 Dickens. Hard Times, ist ed., in the original cl., 1854, 8vo. (2533)

Bull, LIIS. 1130 Dickens. Oliver Twist, or the Parish Boy's Progress, by

Boz, 3 vol., plates by Geo. Cruikshank, including the cancelled “Fire-side plate,” 1838, 8vo. (1841)

Spencer, £4 125. 1131 Dickens.

Christmas Carol, 1843—Chimes, 1845— Cricket on the Hearth, 1846—Battle of Life, 1846—Haunted Man, 1848, illustrations by Leech, Doyle, Maclise and others,

all ist eds., in the original cl., 8vo. (2536) Lewin, £4. 1132 Dickens. A Curious Dance round a Curious Tree, a

copy of the first issue of this tract in the original mauve

coloured wrapper, n. d., 8vo. (2087) Leighton, £2 45. 1133 Digby (Kenelm Henry). Broad Stone of Honour, with the

alterations from the ist ed., cf. ex., gt. edge, by F. Bedford, 1823, 8vo. (1295)

Bowden, £1 6s. 1134 Divers Works of the Early Masters in Stained Glass, 2 vol., coloured plates, hf. red mor., gt. edge, 1846, roy. fol. (1815)

Parsons, £3 125. 1135 Dodsley's Collection of Old English Plays, now first chrono

logically arranged, with Notes, etc., by W. C. Hazlitt, 15 vol., 1874-76, 8vo. (649)

Bennett, £I 175. 1136 Early English Text Society's Publications. 17 Nos., various, 1864-69, 8vo. (1759)

Reader, £i 155. 1137 Elyot (Sir T.) Boke named the Governour, black letter, slightly cut into, old red mor., gt. edge, 1546, 8vo. (1970)

Ridler, £i 125. 1138 English Forests and Forest Trees, engravings, further

illustrated by the insertion of upwards of 350 portraits, views, sporting and natural history subjects, etc., bd. in 2 vol., cf. gt., gt. edge, 1853, 8vo. (2275)

Cox, £,6. 1139 Entomologist's Monthly Magazine, from the commencement,

1864 to May 1887, 22 vol., hf. bd., and in parts, Van Voorst, 1864-87, 8vo. (1527)

Sotheran, £4 145. 1140 Fasciculus Temporum, omnes antiquorum Cronicas com

plectens (auct. W. Rolewinck), lit. goth., woodcuts, Spira, P. Drach, 1477, fol. (2772)

Bennett, £i 5s.

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