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(DECEMBER 15TH AND 16TH, 1887.]




597 Æsop's Fables, with life, embellished with 112 plates after

Stothard, Blake, and others, 2 vol. in 1, rus. (broken), Stockdale, 1793, imp. 8vo. (6)

Stibbs, £2 2s. 598 Ackerman (R.) History of the University of Cambridge, its

Colleges, Halls, and Public Buildings, LARGE PAPER, coloured views and portraits of the founders, 2 vol., rus., 1815, atlas 4to. (133)

Leighton, £3 155. 599 Akerman (J. Y.) Descriptive Catalogue of Rare and Unedited Roman Coins, numerous plates, 2 vol., cl., 1834, 8vo. (128)

Quaritch, £ i ios. 600 Arabian Nights (The), translated by E. Forster, with engrav

ings from Pictures by R. Smirke, LARGE PAPER, 5 vol., rus. (damaged), 1802, roy. 8vo. (45)

Luyster, £,2 6s. 601 Arts Somptuaires (Les). Histoire du Costume et de l'Ameuble

ment, avec introduction et Texte explicatif par C. Louandre, over 300 plates, many heightened in gold and colours, 4 vol.

in 3, hf. red mor., Paris, 1857-8, 4to. (556) Lockyer, £955. 602 Baskerville Classics. Virgilius, Juvenal, Horatius, Lucretius,

Terentius, Catullus and Sallustius, Baskerville's ed., 7 vol.,
Birmingham, 1757-73, 4to. (223)

Stibbs, £2 55. 603 Banks (T. C.) Dormant and Extinct Baronage of England,

pedigrees, 3 vol., bds., uncut, 1807-9, 4to. (168) Stibbs, £,i 15s. 604 Behn (Mrs. A.) Plays, Histories, and Novels, with Life and

Memoirs, LARGE PAPER, 6 vol., bds., uncut, Pearson's Reprint, 1871, 8vo. (516)

Jackson, £3. 605 Bible (Holy). Faithfully translated into English out of the

Authentical Latin, with arguments, etc., by the English Col-
lege of Doway, 2 vol., Doway, L. Kellam, 1609—The New
Testament, translated in the English College of Rheims,
Rhemes, John Fogny, 1582—Ist ed. of the English Romanist
Versions, together 3 vol., old red mor., gt. edge, 4to. (161)

Quaritch, 412 55. 606 Bible (Holy). Cranmer's or “the Great," black letter, with

numerous woodcuts (wanted all before fol. 1 of Genesis, which was imperfect), and after fol. ciji, N. T.: had the woodcut titles to all the other parts, but that of the 3rd part was defective, and that of the N. T. mounted ; (sold with all

faults) old cf. [E. Whitchurche, 1541?) fol. (303) Bull, £2 55. 607 Bossuet (Ev. J. B.) Histoire des Variations des Eglises

Protestantes, ist ed., 2 vol., old French red mor., gt. edge,

Paris, S. Mabre-Cramoisy, 1688, 4to. (243) Quaritch, £8 8s. 608 Britannia Sancta, or the Lives of British, English, Scottish

and Irish Saints, LARGE PAPER?, 2 vol. in 1, blue mor., gt. edge, T. Meighan, 1745, 4to. (177) Quaritch, £i 125

609 Buckle (H. T.) History of Civilisation in England, 3rd

Library ed., 2 vol., cf. gt., 1861, 8vo. (486) Rimell, £ i 18s. 610 Burgmair (H.) Le Triomphe de l'Empereur Maximilien I, 135 woodcuts, hf. bd., Vienne, 1796, atlas fol. (321)

Quaritch, £10. 611 Burney (Dr. C.) General History of Music, numerous plates,

4 vol. (vol. i, 2nd ed.), 1789, 4to. (134) Quaritch, £3 16s. 612 Caedmon's Metrical Paraphrase in Anglo-Saxon, with Eng

lish translation by B. Thorpe, bds., uncut, 1832, roy. 8vo. (5)

Quaritch, £7. 613 Calvin Translation Society (Publications of the), 47 vol., Edinb., v. y., 8vo. (385)

Moray, £i 19. 614 Camden's Britannia, enlarged by the latest discoveries by

Richard Gough, 2nd ed., portrait, maps, and plates, 4 vol., rus. gt., 1806, fol. (263)

Bull, £3 25. 615 Catlin (G.) Manners and Customs of the North American

Indians, 360 coloured engravings, 2 vol., cl. gt., Chatto, 1876, imp. 8vo. (506)

Jones, £ 1 ios. 616 Cervantes' Don Quixote de la Mancha, translated by C. Jarvis,

portrait, map, and plates after Stothard, LARGE PAPER, 4

vol., rus. (worn), 1801, roy. 8vo. (31) Parsons, kuris. 617 Chalmers (G.) Caledonia, an account Historical and Topo

graphical of North Britain, maps, vol. i-iii (all published),

rus. (backs worn), 1807-24. 4to. (148) Roche, £2 25. 618 Coates' Herd Book of Short-Horned Cattle, plates, vol. i-xiii

(wanted vol. v), and new series, vol. xxii-xxxii, together 21 vol., 1846-85, 8vo. (453)

Walford, £3 155. 619 Collectanea Topographica et Genealogica (edited by J. B. Nichols), 8 vol. (wanted vol. iv), hf. cf., 1834-43, 8vo. (72)

Walford, £2. 620 Collins (A.) Peerage of England, continued by Sir E. Brydges, 9 vol. (wanted vol. ix.), bds., uncut, 1812, 8vo. (91)

Stibbs, £i 5s. 621 Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliotheca Spenceriana ; a Descriptive Cata

logue of Books printed in the fifteenth century, LARGE PAPER (50 copies printed), portrait of Earl Spencer on India paper, and facsimiles, 4 vol., bds., uncut, 1814-45, 4to. (146)

Hayward, £10. 622 Dibdin (T. F.). Bibliographical, Antiquarian, and Pictur

esque Tour in the Northern Counties, numerous plates, 2 vol., bds., uncut, 1838, roy. 8vo. (116)

Hayward, £5. 623 Dodd's Church History of England, 1500-1688, chiefly with

regard to Catholics, original ed., the 8 parts complete in 3 vol., cf., Brussels, 1737-42, fol. (302)

Bull, £3. 624 Dodd's Church History of England, with Continuation, etc.,

by Tierney, 5 vol., cl., 1839-43, 8vo. (25) Brill, £i 4s. 625 Dodsley's Select Collection of Old English Plays, 4th ed.,

edited with notes, etc., by W. C. Hazlitt, 15 vol., cl., 1874-6, (515)

Bull, £2 145. 626 Douglas (Sir R.) Baronage of Scotland, original ed. (not

published), plates, vol. i (all printed), cf., Edinb., 1798, fol. (293)

Stuart, £.5. 627 Dryden (J.) Dramatic Works, with Life by Sir W. Scott, portrait, 8 vol., cl., 1882, 8vo. (383)

Jewell, £1 45.

628 Dryden (J.) Works, with Notes and Life by Sir W. Scott,

LARGE PAPER, portrait, 18 vol., bds., uncut, 1808, roy. 8vo. (10)

Bull, £4. 629 Dublin Review. Nos. 1-16, 75-85, 88-94, 96-103; and N. S., Nos. 1, 2, 42 nos., 1836-63 (83)

Baker, £2 5s. 630 Dugdale (Sir W.) Monasticon Anglicanum, new ed., by

Caley, Ellis and Bandinel, plates, 8 vol., hf. rus. (broken),

Longmans, etc., 1817-30, fol. (264) Quaritch, £24 IOS. 631 Dugdale (Sir W.) History of St. P lul's Cathedral, with con

tinuation and additions by Sir Henry Ellis, portrait and

plates, rus. (broken), 1818, fol. (265) Stibbs, £2 25. 632 Edwards. Botanical Register, vol. i-v, and xiv-xxxi, plates, 23 vol., cl., 1815-45, 8vo. (81)

Parsons, £3 155. 633 Fairbairn (J.) Crests of the Families of Great Britain and

Ireland, 2 vol., hf. cf., Fullarton, n. d., 8vo. (478) Gray, £i is. 634 Faulkner (T.) History and Antiquities of Kensington, map and plates, rus., 1820, 4to. (179)

R. Jones, £ 1 ios. 635 Folk Lore Society's Publications, viz. :-Folk Lore Record, 5

vol. in 6-Folk Lore of North East Scotland and the
Northern Counties—Remains of Gentilism and Judaism-
Book of Sindibâd-Religious System of the Amazulu-
Folk Medicine-Nursery Tales, etc., of the Zulus, vol. i,

together 13 vol., cl., v. y., 8vo. (457) Hill, £2 7s.6d. 636 Froissart (Sir J.) Chronicles of England, France, and Spain,

translated by T. Johnes, with illuminated plates, and woodcuts, 2 vol., hf. mor., Routledge, 1874, imp. 8vo. (504)

Rimell, £3 155. 637 Froude (J.) History of England, Library ed., 12 vol., tree-cf. gt., 1870, 8vo. (485)

Luyster, £6. 638 Gay (J.) Fables, with Life, embellished with 70 plates after

Blake, Stothard, etc., 2 vol. in 1, rus. (cracked), Stockdale, 1793, imp. 8vo. (29)

Luyster, £ i 16s. 639 Gilpin (Rev. W.) Lakes of Cumberland-Highlands of

Scotland-Two Tours through Cambridge-Essays on
Prints and Picturesque Subjects—Observations on the
Western Parts of England and Forest Scenery, 10 vol., bds.,
uncut, 1802-8, 8vo. (66)

W. George, £i jos. 640 Goldsmith (V.) Works, new ed., with account of his Life and Writings, portrait, 4 vol., cf. (backs worn), 1801, 8vo. (16)

Stibbs, £i. 641 Gould (J.) Monograph of the Trochilidæ, or Family of Hum

ming Birds, 360 coloured plates, 5 vol., original subscriber's

copy, hf. green mor. gt., 1861, imp. fol. (254) Sotheran, £35. 642 Gould (J.) Birds of Australia, 600 coloured plates, 7 vol.,

original subscriber's copy, hf. bd., green mor. gt., 1848, imp. fol. (255)

Quaritch, £136. 643 Gould (J.) Birds of Asia, 231 coloured plates with text (no

title), original subscriber's copy, bd. in 2 vol., hf. green mor. (with all faults), 1850, etc., imp. fol. (256)

Sotheran, £12 155. 644 Gould (J.) Birds of Europe, 449 coloured plates (some foxed),

5 vol., original subscriber's copy, hf. bd., green mor. gt., 1837, imp. fol. (257)

Sotheran, £57.

645 Gould (J.) Century of Birds from the Himalaya Mountains, 80 coloured plates, hf. green mor., 1832, imp. fol. (258)

Quaritch, £16. 646 Gould (J.) Monograph of the Ramphastidæ, or Family of

Toucans, 33 coloured plates, 1844-Monograph of the Trogonidæ, or Family of Trogons, 34 coloured plates, 1838 -and 20 plates from another work, in 1 vol., hf. green mor. gt., fol. (259)

Cohen, £ 5 12s. 6d. 647 Grafton's and Hall's Chronicles, 3 vol., bds., uncut, 1809, 4to. (164)

Bull, £1 4s. 648 Grose (F.) Antiquities of Scotland and Ireland, LARGE

PAPER, proof plates, 4 vol., bds., uncut, Hooper, 1791-97, 4to. (18)

Quaritch, £4 55. 649 Guillim (J.) Display of Heraldry, 5th ed., with Logan's

Treatise on Honour, plates, cf., S. Roycroft for R. Blome, 1679, fol. (294)

Stibbs, £1 55. 650 Heywood (T.) Dramatic Works, now first collected, with

illustrative notes and memoir, 6 vol., bds., uncut, Pearson, 1874, 8vo. (518)

Rimell, £ i 2s. 651 Higgins (G.) The Celtic Druids, numerous lithographs on India paper, bds., uncut, R. Hunter, 1827, 4to. (178)

Quaritch, £2 125. 652 Hogarth (W.) The Whole Works of William Hogarth, as

originally published, now re-engraved by T. Cook, portrait

and 107 plates, hf. bd., 1801, atlas fol. (274) Wheble, £4 ios. 653 Wolinshed's Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland, 6 vol., bds., uncut, 1807-8, 4to. (163)

Stibbs, £5. 654 Hone (W.) Every Day, Year, and Table Book, numerous

illustrations, 4 vol., cf. gt., 1827, 8vo. (370) Bull, £2 25. 655 Howard (F.) Spirit of the Plays of Shakespeare, exhibited in

a Series of Outline Plates, LARGE PAPER, with India proof

plates, 5 vol., hf. rus., worn, 1827, 4to. (141) Sotheran, £5 155. 656 Hume's History of England, Bowyer's large type ed., 100 plates,

10 vol., bds., uncut, 1806, atlas, fol. (260) Robson, Ł2 US. 657 Humphreys (H. N.) Illuminated Illustrations of Froissart,

selected from MSS. in the B. M., LARGE PAPER, 72 illuminated plates, 2 vol. in 1, hf. mor., 1844-5, 4to. (551)

Lockyer, £5 1os. 658 Humphrey's and Westwood. British Butterflies and their

Transformations, numerous coloured figures, cl., W. Smith, 1841, 4to. (176)

Walford, £1 5. 659 Iconographie des Contemporains (et Iconographie Française),

par Delpech, numerous portraits and facsimiles, 4 vol., hf.

mor., Paris, 1832-40, imp. fol. (262) Robson, £ 5 7s. 6d. 660 Index Society's Publications, 14 vol., cl., 1878-83, sm. 4to. (564)

Leighton, £2. 661 Jamieson (Dr. J.) Historical Account of the Ancient Culdees of lona, plate, rus., cracked, Edinb., 1811, 4to. (196)

Walford, £1 145. 662 Jerrold (Douglas). Works, with Life by Blanchard Jerrold, plates by Leech, 5 vol., cl., Bradbury, n. d. (527)

H. Jones, £i is. 663 Johnson (S.) Life, by Boswell, with notes, portrait, fronts., and

vignettes, 10 vol., cl., 1835, 8vo. (484) Jackson, £ 1 6s.

ordre par

664 Lacroix (Paul). Moyen Age, Maurs, Usages et Costumes,

Vie Militaire et Religieuse, les Arts, Sciences et Lettres, 62 chromolithographs and several hundred woodcuts, 4 vol., hf. mor. gt., Paris, Firmin-Didot, 1874-77, imp. 8vo. (498)

Rimell, £3. 665 Lacroix (Paul). XVII Siècle. Institutions, Usages et Cos

tumes, Lettres, Sciences et Arts, 1590-1700, 37 chromolithographs and 600 woodcuts, 2 vol., hf. mor. gt., Paris, Firmin-Didot, 1880-2, imp. 8vo. (496)

Hill, £1 8s. 666 Lacroix (Paul). XVIII Siècle. Institutions, Usages et

Costumes, et Lettres, Sciences et Arts (France, 1700-1789), original ed., 37 chromolithographs and 600 woodcuts, 2 vol., hf. mor. gt., Paris, Firmin-Didot, 1875-78, imp. Svo. (497)

Leighton, £ i vis. 667 L'Art de Vérifier les Datos des Faits Historiques, etc., mis en

de Saint-Allais, 35 vol., hf. bd., Paris, 1819-29, 8vo. (15)

Stibbs, £i 5s. 668 Lavater (J. G.) Essays on Physiognomy, translated by H.

Hunter, plates by Holloway, 3 vol. in 5, rus., backs worn, 1789-98, 4to. (152)

Stibbs, £2 155. 669 Lysons (D. and S.) Magna Britannia, a concise topographical

account of the several Counties, numerous maps and plates,

6 vol. in 9, rus., broken, 1806-22, 4to. (155) Daniels, £ 3 15s. 670 Lewin (W.) Birds of Great Britain, 326 coloured plates of

Birds and Eggs, with descriptions in English and French, 8

vol. in 4, rus. gt., 1795-1801, roy. 4to. (132) Bailey, £2 ios. 671 Lodge (E.) Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great

Britain, original fol. (ed., LARGE PAPER, with India proof impressions of the 240 portraits, 4 vol., hf. mor., t. e. g.,

Harding, 1821-34, sup. roy. fol. (261) Robson, £58. 672 Macaulay's History of England from the Accession of James

II, Library ed., 5 vol., cl., 1849-61, 8vo. Rimell, £i is. 673 Malcolm (Sir J.) History of Persia, map, 2 vol., bds., uncut, 1815, 4to. (135)

Stibbs, £ I los. 674 Molière's Dramatic Works, rendered into English by H. van Laun, with Memoir, port., 6 vol., cl., Edinb., 1878, 8vo. (479)

Jackson, £i is. 675 Moor (E.) The Hindu Pantheon, 205 plates, rus., broken, 1810, 4to. (195)

Quaritch, £3 1os. 676 Morris (F. O.) History of British Birds, 2nd ed., numerous

coloured plates, 6 vol., cl., 1870, imp. 8vo. (481) Stokes, £ 2 125. 677 Morris (F. O.) Natural History of the Nests and Eggs of

British Birds, 2nd ed., coloured plates, 3 vol., cl., 1875, imp. 8vo. (482)

Stokes, £ I los. 678 Moyen Age (Le) et la Renaissance, par Paul Lacroix et Ferd.

Seré, original ed., numerous chromolithographs and woodcuts, 5 vol., French green mor. ex., gt. edge, Paris, 1848-51, 4to. (548)

Lockyer, £12. 679 Napoléon í. Mémoires

par divers auteurs, Vaudoncourt, Las Casas, Rovigo, Bourrienne, etc., 50 vol., hf. rus., broken, v. y., 8vo. (55)

Stibbs, £1 5s. 680 Neale (J. P.) Views of the Seats of Noblemen and Gentle

men in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, both series,

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