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5149 Wilkinson (Sir J. G.) Manners and Customs of the Ancient

Egyptians, both series, 6 vol., plates, uncut, 1837-41, 8vo. (954)

Sotheran. £2 16s. 5150 Worlidge (T.). Drawings from curious Antique Gems, 2 vol.,

portrait and etchings after the manner of Rembrandt, including head of Medusa, and Hercules slaying the Nemæan lion, mor. ex., joints, gt. edges, 1768, 4to. (1029)

Rimell, £ 5 ios. 5151 Yarrell (W.) History of British Fishes, 2 vol., illustrated

with nearly 400 woodcuts, original cloth, uncut, Van Voorst, 1836, 8vo. (962)

Walford, £us. 5152 Young (Arthur). Tour in Ireland, 2 vol., cf., Dublin, 1780, 8vo. (964)

Bull, £2 8s. 5153 Zouch (T.) Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Sir Philip

Sidney, mor., richy tooled to cottage pattern (rebacked),
York, 1809, 4to.

Sabin, £ 1 6s.




F.R.G.S., ETC.

5154 Acta Sanctorum, collegit, digessit, Notis illustravit J. Bol

landus, operam et studium contulit G. Henschenius, D. Papebrochius, etc., 58 vol., in vel., and 3 unbd., 61 vol. (244)

Sotheran, £40 195. 5155 Alesii (A.) Ordinatio Ecclesiæ in Regno Angliæ, autograph

of W. Maskell, mor. ex., gt. gaufré edge, Lips., 1551, 4to. (165)

Ellis, £3 18s. 5156 Alexander (W.) Journey to Beresford Hall, front., uncut., 1841, 4to. (166)

Brushwood, £1 25. 5157 Annual Register from the commencement, 1758 to 1885, and

Index vol. 1758-1819, wanted 1848 to 1851, 53, 54, 59, 62, 66, 67, 68, 78, and 81, 92 vol., hf. rus., remainder unbd., 115 vol. (29)

Walford, £10 155. 5158 Answere for the Tyme, to the examination put in print, with

out the Authours name, pretending to mayntayne the apparell prescribed against the declaration of the mynisters

of London, mor., gt. edge, n. p., 1566, 8vo. (32) Bull, £ 1 3s. 5159 Apocalypse of S. John the Divine, represented by Figures

reproduced in facsimile from a MS. in the Bodleian Library, printed on VELLUM, coloured illustrations, in drop case, edited by the Rev. H. 0. Coxe for the Roxburghe Club, 1876, 4to. (177)

Toovey, £.6 55. 5160 Arabian Nights. 4 vol., engravings from designs by R. Westall

, mor. ex., gt. edge, 1819, 8vo. (37) Walford, £1 9s. 5161 Archæologia of the Antiquarian Society of London, vol. i to

xxx, and Index, etc., in a vol., 31 vol., cf., 1779-1884—The

same, vol. xxxiii to xliii, part 1, and vol. xlix and I, in cl., 1849-87, plates, 4to. (178)

Quaritch, £11. 5162 Archæologia Cantiana, being Transactions of the Kent

Archæological Society, vol. i, ii, iii, iv, v, vii, viii, xiv, xv,

xvi, plates, uncut, 1858-86, 10 vol., 8vo. (40) Walford, £355. 5163 Archæological Institute Proceedings, Winchester, 1845-York,

1846--Norwich, 1847–Lincoln, 1848--Salisbury, 1849— Newcastle, 2 vol., 1852, plates, 2 vol., hf. mor., 5 vol., cl., 7 vol., 8vo. (41)

Hitchman, £ 1 145. 5164 Architectural Publication Society. Dictionary of Architec

ture, parts 13, 14, 15, 19 to 22, and 4 various parts of Illustrations, 1858-87, fol. (255)

Batsford, £2 155. 5165 Aringhi (P.) Roma Subterranea, 2 vol., plates, autograph

of W. Maskell, mor., gt. edge, Roma, 1651, fol. Bull, £2 25. 5166 Armstrong (Col. J.) History of the Navigation of the Port

of King's Lyn, and of Cambridge, LARGE PAPER, maps, hf. cf., 1725, fol. (259)

McMillan, £1 3s. 5167 Articles by the Archbishops and Bishops, etc., in London,

1562, 1628 — Constitutions and Canons Ecclesiasticall, 1633—Constitutions and Canons, 1640—Articles, 1640, cf., by J. Mackenzie, in i vol., 4to. (182)

Bull, £i 3s. 5168 Athanasius (S.) Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat. cura et studio

Monachorum Ordinis Benedicti e Congregatione S. Mauri, 3 vol., Paris, 1698-Collectio Nova Patrum et Scriptorum Graecorum (Athanasii, Eusebii et Cosmae Ægyptii), cura B. de Montfaucon edita, 2 vol., 1706, best eds., in stamped pigskin, with clasps, fol.

Higham, £4. 25. ód. 5169 Athenæus. Gr. et Lat. Animadversonibus Casauboni aliorum

que tum suis illustravit Schweighaeuser, 14 vol., hf. rus., uncut, Argent, 1801-7, 8vo.

Nutt, £i 4s. 5170 Auctorum Classicorum Latinorum e Vaticanus Codicibus

Fragmenta curante A Mais, 10 vol., vel., Roma, 1828-38, 8vo.

Bull, £ 1 16s. 5171 Augustini (S. Aurelii). Opera omnia, emendata opera et

studio Monachorum S. Benedicti, cum Appendice, Vita et Indice generali, 11 vol. in 15, cf., 1679-1700, fol. (269)

Baker, £3. 5172 Balfour (F. M.) Works, edited by M. Foster and A. Sedgwick, 4 vol., Memorial ed., plates, uncut, 1885, 8vo. (58)

Bain, £2.45. 5173 Basilii (S.) Opera omnia, Gr. et Lat. cum Notis J. Garnier, 3 vol., fronts., cf. gt., Paris, 1721-30, fol. (273)

Baker, £i 18s. 5174 Bayly (R.) Parallel of the Liturgy, with the Mass-Book, the

Breviary, the Ceremonial and other Romish Rituals, hf. cf., 1661, 4to. (194)

Quaritch, £i is. 5175 Beaumont Papers. Letters relating to the Family of Beau

mont of Whitley, Yorkshire, from the xvth to the xviith Centuries, edited by the Rev. W. D. Macray, hf. rox., 1884, 4to. (195)

Ellis, £5 155. 5176 Beaumont Papers. Letters relating to the Family of Beau

mont of Whitley, Yorkshire, edited by the Rev. W. D. Macray, 1884, 4to. (1841)

Ellis, £3 ios.

5177 Bedæ (Ven.) Historiæ Ecclesiasticæ Gentis Anglorum libri

V cura et studio J. Smith, LARGE PAPER, plate inserted
Cantab., 1722, fol. (275)

Harding, £i is. 5178 Beresford Hall. Journey to, by W. Alexander, front., 1841, 4to. (201)

Innes, ku is. 5179 Bernardi (S.) Opera omnia, illustrata secundis curis D. J.

Mabillon, 2 vol., cf., Paris, 1690, fol. (283) Bull, £i gs. 5180 Bible (Cohn's Hexaglot), comprising the Old and New Testa

ment in the Original Tongues, together with the Greek Septuagint, the Latin Vulgate, etc., edited by the Rev. E. R. de Levante, 6 vol., and Prolegomenon, 1868-74, 4to. (208)

Higham, £i is. 5181 Blackburne (E. L.) Decorative Painting applied to English

Architecture during the Middle Ages, plates, hf. mor. ex., gt. edge, 1847, fol. (287)

Stevens, £ 1 25. 5182 Boke of Noblesse, addressed to Edward IV on his Invasion

of France, 1475, with an Introduction by G. Nichols, 1860, 4to. (1812)

Walford, £1 18s. 5183 Booke of Common Prayer for the use of the Church of Scot

land, black letter, woodcut, initial letters, commonly known as Archbp. Laud's Book, Edinb., R. Young, 1637--Psalter, or Psalms of David, after the Translation set forth by King James, 1636, in i vol., fol.

Parsons, £5 1os. 5184 Book of Common Prayer, with the Ancient Musical Notations,

edited by W. Dyce, 2 vol., Preface and Appendix separate, printed in red and black, within ornamental borders, uncut, 1843-44, 4to.

Bain, £ 1 3s. 5185 Book of Common Prayer. Facsimile of the black letter Prayer

Book, containing MS. alterations, etc., made in 1661, out of which was fairly written the Book of Common Prayer, uncut, 1871, fol. (294)

Bull, £i. 5186 Books of Common Prayer, black letter, facsimile reprints.

First Prayer Book of Edward VI, Whitechurch, 1549-
Second Prayer Book of Edward VI, ib., 1552—First Prayer
Book of Q. Elizabeth, Grafton, 1559-K. James's Prayer
Book, Barker, 1604-Scotch Prayer Book of Charles I
(Laud's), 1637–K. Charles II Prayer Book (Sealed Book),

1662, vel., 6 vol., Pickering, 1844, fol. (295) Ellis, £9. 5187 Bowman (H.) and J. S. Crowther. The Churches of the Middle

Ages, being select specimens of Early and Middle Pointed Structures, with a few of the purest Late Pointed examples, 2 vol., plates, hf. mor., t. e. g., n. d., fol. (300)

Batsford, £3 10s. 5188 Brandon (R. and J. A.) Analysis of Gothick Architecture, plates and cuts, in 2 vol., hf. mor., gt. edge, 1847, 410. (226)

Batsford, £i 18s. 5189 Breviarium Canonicorum regularium secundum ordinarium

Capli de Windesimensis, black letter, illuminated and coloured initial and capital letters, woodcut on title coloured,

mor. ex., gt. edge, s. 1., 1507, 4to. (228) Bull, £10 155. 5190 Breviarium Romanum, gothic letter, rubricated, 2 pages with

illuminated borders and initial letters, cf., gt. gaufré edge, autograph of W. Maskell, Venet., 1487, 4to. (229)

Quaritch, £5 1os.

5191 Breviarium Romanum a Paulo Tertio recens promulgatum,

etc., cum Calendario, black letter, rubricated, ruled, mor. ex., with the arms of Jean Desmarets in gold on sides, gt., marbled edge, Paris, O. Mallard, 1539, 4to. (230)

Toovey, 4,2 5s. 5192 Breviarium Cisterciense ad usum Congregationis Beatæ

Mariæ Fuliensis, engraved title, and plate, ruled, cf. gt.,

marbled edge, Paris, 1633, 8vo. (125) Bull, £i is. 5193 Breviarium ordinum fratrum Predicatorum, gothic letter, rubricated, Basil., 1489, 8vo. (122)

Quaritch, £3. 5194 Breviarium ad usum Ecclesie Sarisburiensis castigatum sup

pletum marginalibus quotationibus adornatum, etc., Pars Hyemnalis, black letter, rubricated, mor. ex., gt. edge, Paris, F. Regnault, 1554, 8vo. (123)

Quaritch, £10 55. 5195 Breviarium Leodiense Ernesti et Ferdinandi primum, deinde

J. Ludovici auctoritate, ac utriusque Cleri consesu recogni. tum, 4 vol., rubricated, plates, mor. ex., gt. edge, Leodii, 1746, 8vo. (128)

Quaritch. £ 1 ios. 5196 Breviarium Benedictinorum per Germaniam cum Calendario,

black letter, rubricated, MS, notes at end, mor. ex., gt. edge, s. 1., 1521, 8vo. (129)

Bull, £3 125. 5197 Breviarium in usum Romanum cum Calendario et Almanach

(1491-1524), black letter, rubricated, wanted title, with all faults, 4to. (232)

Weale, £ 1 16s. 5198 Breviarium Aberdonense Pars Estiva et Hyemalis, 2 vol., hf.

mor., uncut, Toovey, 1854, 4to. (233) Bull, £2 9s. 5199 Breviarium una cum Psalterio, secundum ritum et consuetu

dinem Monachorum de observantia S. Benedicti in Tegernsee, Pars Hyemalis et Estivalis, 2 vol., wooden bds. covered with stamped cf., Tegernsee, 1576, fol. (304)

Ellis, £4 6s. 5200 Breviarium Gothicum secundum Regulam B. Isidori, nunc

opera F. A. Lorenzana recognitum ad usum Sacelli Mozarabum, engravings, cf. gt., Matriti, 1775, fol. (305)

Baker, £ I 16s. 5201 British Classical Essays, with Historical and Biographical

Prefaces, by A. Chalmers, 45 vol., portraits, cf. gt., 1803, 8vo. (133)

Westell, £2 125. 5202 British Museum. Catalogue of the Printed Maps, Plans,

and Charts, bd. in 2 vol., 1885, fol. (310) Bickers, £2. 5203 British Museum. Egyptian Texts of the Earliest Period,

from the Coffin of Amamu, with a translation by S. Birch, large plates, mostly in colours, 1886, fol. (311)

Luyster, £i 45. 5204 Browne (J.) History of the Metropolitan Church of St.

Peter, York, 2 vol., 150 plates, some in colours, hf. mor., uncut, t. e. g., 1847, 4to. (471)

Maggs, 12 55. 5205 Brownists, An Apologie or Defence of such true Christians

as are commonly (but unjustly) called Brownists, 1604– Ainsworth (H.) Counterpoyson, cut in headlines, cf., in i vol., n. d., 4to. (472)

Baker, £l is. 5206 Brugsch-Bey (H.) History of Egypt under the Pharaohs,

completed and edited by P. Smith, 2 vol., coloured plates and maps, 1879, 8vo. (145)

Maggs, £ 1 2s.

5207 Buck (S. and N.) Antiquities, or Venerable Remains of

above 400 Castles, Monasteries, Palaces, etc., etc., in England and Wales, with nearly 100 Views of Cities and chief Towns, 3 vol., upwards of 500 plates, cf., the binding of vol. 3 broken, 1744, fol.

Ellington, £16 10s. 5208 Bulletino Archeologico Napoletano publicato da F. M.

Avellino, both series, 1842-58, 12 vol. in 6, plates, hf. cf.,
Napoli, 1843-58, 4to. (473)

Thibaudeau, £3 Ios. 5209 Bunsen (P. C. F.) Christianity and Mankind, 7 vol., uncut, 1854, 8vo.

Roche, £2 16s. 5210 Burges (W.) The House of, edited by R. P. Pullan, 40

photographs, in a port., 1885, fol. (320) Quaritch, £1 18s. 5211 Burgi (T. D.) Hibernia Dominicana ; sive Historia Pro

vinciæ Hiberniæ Ordinis Prædicatorum, cf., Colon. Agrip., 1762, 4to. (475)

Baker, £3 125. 5212 Burton (J.) Monasticon Eboracense, anri the Ecclesiastical History of Yorkshire, maps, rus., York, 1758, fol. (323)

Walford, AI IIS. 5213 Byron (Lord). Works, with his Letters and Journals, and

his Life by T. Moore, 17 vol., fronts., and vignette titles cf., 1833, 8vo. (351)

Rimell, £1. 5214 Byzantinæ Historiæ Scriptores, Gr. et Lat. edidit Niebuhr,

Bekker, etc., 48 vol., hf. vel., and 3 unbd., Bonnæ, 1828, etc., 51 vol., 8vo. (352)

Quaritch, £11. 5215 Ceremoniale Episcoporum a Benedicto XIII, correctum

cum commentariis illustratum a J. Catalani, 2 vol., LARGE PAPER, engravings, MS. note, and autograph of W. Maskell, vel., Roma, 1744, fol.

Mason, £ 1 155. 5216 Calvin. Crudelitatis Calvinianæ exempla duo recentissima

ex Anglia, one leaf slightly cut into, mor. ex., gt. edge, by J. Mackenzie, s. 1., 1585, 8vo. (353)

Rimell, £ i 16s. 5217 Cambridge. Memorials of, greatly enlarged from the work

of J. Le Keux, by C. H. Cooper, 3 vol., plates by Le Keux and Storer, and etchings on copper by R. Farren, uncut, Camb., 1860-66, 8vo. (357)

Stutfield, £2 45. 5218 Camden Society. Publications, 1838-1887, and vol. of

General Index, 145 vol., 4to. (487) Sotheran, £12 125. 5219 Canons. A Booke of certaine Canons concerning some parte

of the Discipline of the Churche of England in the yeare 1571, black letter, hf. cf., Iohn Daye, 1571, 4to. (488)

Ellis, £. i 45. 5220 Chauncy (Sir H.) Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire, portrait, map, and plates, rebacked, 1700, fol. (565)

Quaritch, £u 55. 5221 Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland, pub

lished by the Master of the Rolls, hf. rox., etc., 1858, etc., 179 vol., 8vo. (391)

Bull, £27 5222 Church History of England, from 1500-1688, chiefly with regard to Catholicks, 8 parts in 3 vol., cf., Brussels, 1737

Baker, £4 45. 5223 Chrysostomi (S. Joannis). Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat. Editio

Benedictina, cura et studio B. de Montfaucon, 13 vol., best ed., portrait, cf. gt., Paris, 1718-38, fol. Bull, £4 12s.

42 fol.

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