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514 Richardson (M. A.) Local Historian's Table Book. Historical Division, 5 vol., woodcuts, hf. cf., not uniform, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1841-46, 8vo. (2482) Sotheran, £2 6s. 515 Richardson (W.) Monastic Ruins of Yorkshire, map and views, hf. green mor., York, 1843, fol. (2701) Luyster, £2 10s. 516 Rivas Garcia (Don. P.) Real Provision executoria de Infanzonia obtenida por Don P. de Rivas Garcia sus Hijos en que se contiene su Grigen, Calidad, Armas y Nobleza, printed on VELLUM, with miniature of Carlos III and official signatures, ornamented with bordered MS. title and Rivas arms emblazoned in gold, silver, and colours, and with great seal of Carlos III in red wax, in brass box, red velvet, Zaragoza, 1774, fol. (2702) H. White, 1 6s. 517 Robinson (W.) History of Enfield, 2 vol., plan mounted on cl. and plates, hf. cf. gt., 1823, 8vo. (2711) Atkinson, £2 125. 518 Rogers (S.) Poetical Works, LARGE PAPER, 128 engravings from designs by J. M. W. Turner and Thos. Stothard, and port., crimson mor. ex., gold borders on sides, gt. edge, 1869, 4to. (2905) Ridler, £175. 519 Rolt (R.) Lives of the principal Reformers, mezzotinto portraits by Houston, cf., 1759, fol. (2973)

Bull, LI 6s.

520 Rowlandson. Grand Master, or Adventures of Qui Hi in Hindostan, by Quiz, plates by T. Rowlandson, hf. cf., 1816, 8vo. (2716) Atkinson, £1 6s. 521 Rows Roll of the House of Warwick, laburd and finished by Master John Rows, of Warwick, armorial plates in gold and colours, hf. mor., Pickering, 1845, 4to (2910)

Leighton, £3 15s.

522 Rymer (T.) Foedera, 1066-1377, 6 vol., hf. bd., uncut, 1816-30, fol. (2994) Ellis, £3 8s. 523 Sabaudiæ Theatrum, 2 vol., LARGE PAPER, portrait of Charles Emanuel II and his Wife by Nanteuil, maps, views, plans, coats of arms, old red mor., borders of gold, gt. edge, backs broken, Amst., 1682, fol. (2997) Ridler, £1. 524 Saint-Nan (J. C. Richard, Abbé de). Voyage Pittoresque de Naples et Sicile, 5 vol., engravings, including suppressed plate of Phallums, hf. bd., uncut, Paris, 1781-86, fol. (3002) Ridler, £1 35.

525 Sayer (I.) Caricatures, 163 humorous plates, hf. green mor., 1794-1805, fol. (3013) Ridler, £2 15s. 526 Scott (Sir W.) Border Antiquities, 2 vol., LARGE PAPER, India proof plates, hf. blue mor., gt. edge, 1814, fol. (3023) Ridler, £2 12s.

527 Seba (A.) Rerum Naturalium Thesauri Descriptio, Latine et Gallice, 4 vol., numerous engravings, old gt. Dutch cf., Amst., 1734-65, fol. (3028) Slater, £2 5s. 528 Shakespeare(W.) Graphic Illustrations by J. Boydell, engraved from Pictures painted by the first Artists and exhibited at the Shakespeare Gallery, 100 plates, wanted front., purple mor., gt. edge, 1791-1802, fol. (3035) Hart, £4.

529 Shakespeare (W.) Dramatic Works, portrait, photo-lithographic facsimile of the famous first fol., 1623,by H. Staunton, cl., uncut, 1866, fol. (3036) Bain, £4.

530 Sharp (T.) On the Pageants or Dramatic Mysteries anciently performed at Coventry, LARGE PAPER, plates on India paper, Coventry, 1825, 4to. (2931) Bennett, 1 7s. 531 Shaw (H.) Dresses and Decorations of the Middle Ages, 2 vol., coloured plates and woodcuts, hf. mor., 1858, 8vo. (2765) Sotheran, £2 125. 532 Shaw (H.) and Sir F. Madden, Illuminated Ornaments from Manuscripts and Early Printed Books from the 6th to the 7th centuries, many coloured plates, hf. mor., Pickering, 1833, 4to. (2932) Sotheran, £3 3s. 533 Shaw (H.) Specimens of Ancient Furniture, descriptions by Sir S. R. Meyrick, plates, some coloured, hf. mor., 1836, 4to. (2933) Rimell, £1 4s. 534 Shaw (H.) Details of Elizabetham Architecture, plates, hf. mor., 1839, 4to. (2934) Batsford, L1 6s. 535 Shilton (R. P.) History of Newark, 2 vol., front., cf. gt., marbled edge, Newark, 1820, 8vo. (2769) Ridler, £1 6s. 536 Sinclair (Sir J.) Statistical Account of Scotland, 21 vol., plates, cf., Edinb., 1791-99, 8vo. (2774) 537 Slezer (J.) Theatrum Scotia, views and blazoned in gold, silver and colours, hf. fol. (3045)

538 Smiles (S.) Lives of the Engineers, 3 woodcuts, 1861-62, 8vo. (2785)

Ridler, £2 6s. coats of arms emmor., Edinb., 1874, Ridler, £2 75. vol., portraits and Leighton, £1 12S.

539 Smith (W.) Old Yorkshire, 5 vol., portraits and plates, ornamented cl., t. e. g., 1881-84, 8vo. (2800)

Ellis, £I IIS.

540 Smith (W.) Synopsis of the British Diatomaceæ, 2 vol., plates, 1853-56, 8vo. (2798) Wheldon, £3 17s. 6d. 541 Sotheby (S. L.) Typography of 15th Century, facsimiles from 100 Works with their water marks, hf. vellum, uncut, 1845, fol. (3055) T. Wilson, £2 5s. 542 Sotheby (S. L.) Principia Typographica, 3 vol., numerous facsimiles of Block-Books and Paper-Marks, hf. blue mor., gt. edge, 1858, fol. (3056) Salisbury, £4 IOS. 543 Speed (J.) 58 Maps of England and Wales, engraved title and 58 plates, with coloured map of England and Wales added, worked off without letterpress on backs, VELLUM, n. d., fol. (3060) T. Nield, £2. 544 Spenser (E.) Faerie Queene and other Works, 1611, fol. (3065) Ridler, £I 10s.

545 Stained Glass. Divers Works of early Masters in Christian Decoration, with Life of Albert Dürer, and Examples of Ancient Painted and Stained Glass, 2 vol., plates (those of Stained Glass coloured), hf. red mor., t. e. g., 1846, fol. (3070) Atkinson, £3 35. 546 Statutes from Henry III to fyrste Yere of Henry VIII, black letter, oak bds., covered in leather, T. Berthelet, 1543, fol. (3075) Jarvis, £2. 547 Stirling-Maxwell (Sir W.) Velazquez and his Works, portrait, 1855, 8vo. (2831) Ellis, £2 6s. 548 Stonehouse (W. B.) History of the Isle of Axholme, maps and plates, hf. cf., uncut, Gainsborough, 1839, 4to. (2957) Walford, £1.

549 Stothard (T.) Illustrations of Shakespeare and Milton, engravings by Heath and Bartolozzi, mor., gt. edge, 1818, fol. (3081) Ridler, £1 15s. 550 Shaw (R. N.) Architectural Sketches from the Continent, 100 plates, hf. mor., gt. edge, 1858, fol. (300) Batsford, £1. 551 Strickland (W.) Reports on Canals, Railways, Roads, and other Subjects made to the Pennsylvania Society, plates, Philadelphia, 1826, fol. (3086) Pickering, LI 125. 552 Strutt (J.) Dress and Habits of the People of England, with critical and explanatory Notes by J. R. Planché, 2 vol., coloured plates, hf. mor., 1842, 4to. (3261) Jackson, £3 14s. 553 Stukeley (W.) Itinerarium Curiosum, 2 vol, maps and plates, rus. ex., gt. edge, 1776, fol. (3356) Quaritch, LI IS. 554 Stumpff (J.) Chronica Teutschlands und Franckrychs, black letter, numerous woodcuts, oak bds. covered in stamped pigskin, with clasps, Zürych, 1548-Cronica van der hilliger Stat, van Coellen, black letter, coloured woodcuts, imperfect, oak bds. covered in stamped pigskin, Coellen, 1499, fol. (3357) Quaritch, £3 3s. 555 Syntax. Three Tours of Dr. Syntax, by W. Combe, 3 vol., coloured plates by Rowlandson, letter of the author inserted, n. d., roy. 8vo. (2851) Pickering, £2 14s. 556 Syntax. Tour of Dr. Syntax through London, a Poem, coloured plates, uncut, in the original bds., 1820, roy. 8vo. (2852) Pickering, £2 4s.

557 Tambaco (J. de). Liber de Consolatione Theologiæ, oak bds. covered in leather, s. 1. & a. sed Eustadii, Typis Reyserianis, 1478, fol. (3369) Ridler, LI IS. 558 Tanner (Bp. T.) Notitia Monastica, portrait and plates of arms, cf., 1744, fol. (3370) Ridler, £1 7s. 559 Testament (Newe), translated by W. Tyndall, black letter, woodcuts, title, Calendar, and table in facsimile, and wanted 4 ll. of Epistles of the Old Testament, etc., sold with all faults, hf. mor., 1549, 8vo. (3103) Atkinson, £1 18s. 560 Testament (New), in English, by W. Tyndale, black letter, imperfect, with MS. Note on fly-1. by F. Fry, who states that of this ed. only 5 copies are known, and all imperfect, VELLUM, J. Day & W. Seres, 1550, 8vo. (3104)

Sotheran, £6 15s. 561 Testament (New), in Englishe, with Latin Version of D. Erasmus, black and Roman letter, title in facsimile, wanted Preface and Calendar, sold with all faults, in the original binding, Londini in Officina T. Gaultier, pro I. C. 1550, 8vo. (3105) Atkinson, £1. 562 Testamentum Novum, Græce et Latine, cum D. Erasmi Annotationibus, 2 vol., wormed, oak bds. covered in stamped pigskin, Basilea, 1519, fol. (3386) Graham, £38s. 563 Testamentum Novum Latino-Germanum (Belgice), in double columns (Roman and black letter), Charles Vth's copy, in the original oak bds. covered in stamped leather, impressed with portrait of the Emperor, Imperial Arms and 2 columns between ribbon, inscribed "Plus ultra," rebacked, Atverpiæ, 1539, 4to. (3276) Atkinson, L1 125.

564 Testament (Newe). Yet once agayne corrected by W. Tindale, black letter, woodcuts (the stone under the foot of St. Paul blank), title and Tindale's Preface in facsimile, and wanted 2 11. of table at end, sold with all faults, Antwerp, 1536 (3278) Atkinson, £15 IOS. 555 Testament (Nieuwe), black letter, woodcuts, in the original stamped cf., Tantwerpen, A. van Berghem, 1524, 8vo. (2870) Leighton, LI 1S. 566 Testament (Nieuwe) met Kalender, black letter, woodcuts, oak bds. covered with stamped leather, Tantwerpen, J. van Ghelen, 1525, 8vo. (2871) Lever, £1. 567 Testament (New), with Calendar in German, by M. Luther, 2 vol. in 1, black letter, woodcuts, wormed, oak bds., stamped leather, Tantwerpen, 1525, 8vo. (2872) Ellis, £18s. 568 Texier (C.) and R. P. Pullan. Byzantine Architecture, plates, ornamented cl., gt edge, 1864, fol. (3395) Quaritch, £2 10s. 569 Thomas a Kempis de perfecta Ymitatione Christi et vero Mundi Contemptu cum Tractatuto J. Gerson de Medicina Cordis, wanted fol. xvi, VELLUM, Ulmæ, J. Zeiner, 1487, 8vo. (3119) Rimell, £1 12s.

in I, portrait and 116 vel., Roma, 1831, fol. Atkinson, LI IS.

570 Thorwaldsen (Cav. A.) Opere, 2 vol. outline engravings of sculptures, h (3403) 571 Thucidides, translated by T. Nicholls, black letter, autograph of "John Offley," panelled cf. ex., gt. edge, 1550, fol. (3409) Ridler, L175. 572 Todd (H. J.) History of the College of Bonhommes at Ashbridge, Bucks., India proof portraits and plates, hf. mor., uncut, 1823, fol. (3412) Atkinson, £1 145. 573 Trollope (W.) Liturgy of S. James in Greek, with English Introduction and Notes, Edinb., 1848, 8vo. (1960)

Quaritch, £1 25. 574 Turner (J. M. W.) and J. Buckler. Views in Richmondshire, with Descriptions by T. D. Whitaker, 32 plates, hf. mor, 1843, fol. (3420) Parsons, £2 4s. 575 Tymms (W. R.) and M. Digby Wyatt. Art of Illuminating, plates in gold and colours, 1860, imp. 8vo. (3154) Atkinson, L1 Is. 576 Tyndall (W.) Frith and R. Barnes (three Worthy Martyrs), whole Workes, black letter, woodcuts, rus., joints, gt. edge, J. Daye, 1573, fol. (3422) Barker, £1 175. 577 Van Thulden (N.) Errores Ulyssis, 58 engravings by T. Van Thulden, hf. rus., Paris, 1634, fol. (3428) Graham, £1. 578 Vetusta Monumenta, edited for the Society of Antiquaries of London, 6 vol. in 3, numerous plates, hf. blue mor. ex., t. e. g., 1767-1842, fol. (3433) Sotheran, £8 5s. 579 Virgilii Opera, 2 vol., LARGE PAPER (25 copies printed). Bodoni's ed., illustrated with 44 engravings by Bartoli before the numbers and plate of Diana by Carrettoni, vel., uncut, Parma, Typis Bodonianis, 1793, fol. (3435) Barker, £2 25. 580 Voragine (Jacobi de). Aurea Legenda Sanctorum, 420 ll. with 38 lines to a page, oak bds. covered in leather stamped with Tudor Rose, double-headed eagle, etc., s. 1. & a. sed Argentorati, G. Husner, circa 1473, fol. (3436) Rimell, £4 15s.

581 Ward (J.) The Borough of Stoke-upon-Trent and Manorial History of Newcastle-under-Lyme, plates, cf. ex., 1843, 8vo. (3178) Rimell, I IOS. 582 Watkin (W. T.) Roman Lancashire, plates, printed for the author, Liverpool, 1883, 4to. (3321) Ellis, £1 5s. 583 Watson (H. C.) Cybele Britannica, or British Plants, 4 vol., 1847-59, 8vo. (3185) Wheldon, 1 IOS.

584 Watson (J.) Memoirs of the Ancient Earls of Warren and Surrey, 2 vol., pedigrees, plates, etc., cf. gt., Warrington, 1782, 4to. (3322) Sotheran, LI 19s. 585 Wedgwood (Josiah). Life, by Eliza Meteyard, illustrations, 2 vol., 1865, 8vo. (3188) Bull, £1 5s. 586 Westwood (J. O.) Facsimiles of Miniatures and Ornaments of Anglo-Saxon and Irish Manuscripts, 54 plates executed in gold and colours, hf. brown mor. ex., gt. edge, by F. Bedford, 1868, fol. (3454) Sotheran, £8 17s. 6d. 587 Westwood (J. O.) British Butterflies and their Transformations, coloured plates by H. N. Humphreys, 1857, 4to. (3329) Wheldon, LI IS. 588 Whitaker (T. D.) History of the Parish of Whalley and Honor of Clitheroe, 3rd ed., map, plates, and pedigrees, rus. ex., gt. edge, 1818, 4to. (3335) Walford, £2. 589 Whitaker (T. D.) History and Antiquities of the Deanery of Craven, with additions and corrections by A. W. Morant, maps, pedigrees, and plates, hf. mor., t. e. g., Leeds, 1878, 4to. (3336) Hitchman, LI IIS. Ceremonial of the Coronation of George IV, printed in letters of gold, and ornamented View of the Coronation, and portraits of persons forming the Procession, all faults, 1821-29, fol. (3457) Parsons, 1 175.

590 Whittaker (J.)

591 Wilkinson (Sir J. Gardner). Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, 5 vol., illustrated by 600 plates and woodcuts (several coloured), 1847, 8vo. (3209) Bull, £2 11s. 592 Wilkinson (Tate). Wandering Patentee, a history of the Yorkshire Theatres, 4 vol., hf. cf., York, 1795, 8vo. (3213) Reader, £3 10s. 593 Wilson (W.) Bryologia Britannica, containing the Mosses of Great Britain and Ireland, plates, 1855, 8vo. (3227) Walford, £2 18s. 594 Winkles (B.) French Cathedrals, LARGE PAPER, plates on India paper from drawings by R. Garland, 1837, 4to. (3342) Roche, 1 135.

595 Yorkshire Archæological and Topographical Association, Record Series, 2 vol., printed for the Society, 1885-87, 8vo. (3251) Walford, £1. 596 Yorkshire Archæological and Topographical Journal, 9 vol. illustrations, cl., 1870-86, 8vo. (3250) Sotheran, £4 145.

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