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4633 Lowndes (W. T.) Bibliographer's Manual, enlarged by Bohn, 6 vol., LARGE PAPER, hf. bd., t. e. g., 1869, 8vo. (887)

Miller, £.3. 4634 Luttrell (Narcissus). Brief Historical Relation of State Affairs from 1678 to 1714, 6 vol., tree cf., Oxford, 1857, 8vo. (893)

Bennett, £ 1 16s. 4635 Lye (E.) Dictionarium Saxonico et Gothico Latinum, edidit

0. Manning, 2 vol., cf. gt., 1772, fol. (1046) Maggs, £i is. 4636 Lytell Geste of Robin Hode, with other ancient and modern

ballads, edited by J. M. Gutch, and adorned with cuts by F. W. Fairholt, 2 vol., hf. mor., t. e. g., 1847, 8vo. (898)

Maggs, £ 1 125. 4637 Maclagan (C.) Hill Forts, Stone Circles, and other Struc

tural Remains of Ancient Scotland, illustrations, Edinb., 1875, fol. (1050)

Forrester, £1. 4638 McUre (J.) History of Glasgow, plates, proofs on India paper, cf. antique, Glasgow, (1736) 1830, 8vo. (908)

Forrester, £i 6s. 4639 Maskell (W.) Monumenta Ritualia Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ, 3

vol., cf. gt., Pickering, 1846-7, 8vo. (1085) Baker, £l us. 4640 Masson (D.) Life of Milton, 6 vol., portraits, tree-marbled cf., Camb., 1859-1880, 8vo. (1087)

Westell, £5 1os. 4641 Milman (H. H.) History of Christianity, 3 vol., 1863

History of Latin Christianity, 9 vol., 1864, panelled cf. gt., uniform, 12 vol., 8vo. (1102)

Roche, £65s. 4642 Milton (J.) Paradise Lost, with illustrations by J. Martin, 2 vol., hf. bd., 1827, fol. (1056)

Hopkins, £i is. 4643 Missal. The Leofric Missal as used in the Cathedral of

Exeter, edited by F. E. Warren, facsimile, Oxford, 1883 (1290)

Bull, £i is. 4644 Missale Pataviense. The Canon Missæ, printed on VELLUM,

printed in red and black, woodcuts, stamped pigskin, with the Bishop's arms on side, clasps, Venetiis, 1522, 4to. (1291)

Ellis, £u. 4645 Missale ad usum ecclesie Romane cum calendario, printed in

red and black, with woodcuts and musical notation, mor. ex., gt. and marbled edge, Paris, Regnault, 1530, 8vo. (1 107)

Bull, £375. 4646 Missale Secundum Ordinem Cartusien. cum calendario,

printed in red and black, woodcuts, hf. bd. (wormed), Cartusiæ Papiensis, 1562, 8vo. (1108)

£2 9s. 4647 Molière. Dramatic Works rendered into English by H. Van

Laun, 6 vol., 2 sets of the etchings by Lalauze, one on India paper, Edinb., 1875, 8vo. (1113)

Ellis, £,2 155. 4648 Montalembert (Count de). Monks of the West, from St. Benedict to St. Bernard, 7 vol., cf. gt., 1861-79, 8vo. (1115)

Baker, £3 195. 4649 Montesquieu (C. S. Baron de). Euvres, 5 vol., plates, proofs before letters, hf. mor., uncut, Paris, 1796, 4to. (1294)

Stibbs, £i 195. 4650 More (Sir T.) Dyalogue wherein he treatyd dyuers maters as

of the Veneration and Worship of Ymages and Relyques,

etc., black letter (corner of title l. torn off, sold therefore not subject to return), cf. antique (W. Rastell), 1531, fol. (1059)

Maggs, £i 125. 4651 Müller (Max). Chips from a German Workshop, 4 vol., vol. i to iii panelled cf. gt., vol. iv, cl., 1867-1875, 8vo. (1132)

Parsons, £ 1 2s 4652 Murchison (R J.) The Silurian System, founded on Geolo

gical researches in the counties of Salop, Hereford, Radnor, etc., coloured and other illustrations (folding plate at p. 346 cut in two by binder), cf. gt., and 4to. map, 1839, 4to. (1298)

Stibbs, £i is. 4653 Mure (W.) Critical History of the Language and Literature of Ancient Greece, 5 vol., cf. gt., 1850-57, 8vo. (1134)

Luyster, £375. 4654 Notes and Queries from the commencement. Nov. 3, 1849,

to June 25, 1887, and the 5 Index vol. bd. in 51 vol., sprinkled cf. gt., 14 vol., cl., and the remainder in nos., 4to. (1301)

Roche, £21. 4655 O'Brien (H.) Round Towers of Ireland ; or Mysteries of

Freemasonry, of Şabaism, and of Budhism unveiled, wood

cuts, tree-marbled cf., 1834, 8vo. (1158) Stibbs. £ 1 8s. 4656 Parker (Matt.). Defence of priestes marriages, stablysshed

by the imperiall lawes of the Realme of England, agaynst T. Martin, black letter, cf., R. Jugge, n. d., 4to. (1313)

Bull, £ 1 25. 4657 Parsons (R.) Treatise of Three Conversions of England

from Paganisme to Christian Religion, 3 vol., cf. ex., by Rivière (some headlines cut into), 1603-4, 8vo. (1176)

Stibbs, £3 135. 4658 Patterson (M.) (or Tobie Mathews ?). Image of Bothe

Churches, Hierusalem and Babel, unitie and confusion, rus. gt., gt. edge, painted at Tornay, 1623, 8vo. (1180)

Warton, £1. 4659 Pennant. Account of London, Westminster, and South

wark, illustrated with portraits, views, Historical prints, Medals, etc., some in colours, 3 vol., mor. ex., broad inside joints, printed for the Illustrator (1814), 4to. (1318)

Sotheran, £ 5 ios. 4660 Pepys (S.) Diary and Correspondence, with Life and Notes

by Lord Braybrooke, 4 vol., portraits, tree cf. gt., 1854, 8vo. (1184)

Neish, £2 125. 4661 Petrie (G.) Ecclesiastical Architecture of Ireland anterior

to the Anglo-Norman Invasion, woodcuts, Dublin, 1845, 8vo. (1187)

Thorp, 41 8s. 4662 Philippe II. Edictum de Librorum prohibitorum Catalogo

observando, Ant., 1570-Index Librorum prohibitorum, interleaved, Dublin, 1570, in one vol., 8vo. (1190)


, £i is. 4663 Pinkerton (J.) Vitæ Antiquæ Sanctorum Scotiæ, hf. mor., t. e. g., uncut, 1789, 8vo. (1194)

Baker, £2 195. 4664 Playford (J.) Psalms and Hymns in Solemn Musick of foure parts, vel., 1671, 4to. (1423)

Brown, £5 155.

4665 Pope (A.) Poetical Works, 3 vol., tree-marbled cf. gt., Glasgow, Foulis, 1785, 4to. (1427)

Luyster, £ 1 25. 4666 Pope (A.) Works, plates, 18 vol., rus. ex. (rebacked), 18046, 8vo. (1206)

Roche, £,2 175. 4667 Prayer. Booke of Common Prayer for the use of the Church

of Scotland - The Psalmes of David according to the last translation in King James his time, Pointed as said or sung throughout the Churches of Scotland, black letter, The edition known as Laud's Book," mor. antique, gt. edge, Edinb., 1637-6, 4to. (1428)

Bull, £.5 55. 4668 Prayer Books. Reprints of celebrated editions of the Book

of Common Prayer from Edward VI to Victoria, in red and black letter, by C. Whittingham, 7 vol., mor. antique, gt. edge, Pickering, 1844, 4to. (1430)

Bull. £12. 4669 Primer. This prymer of Sarysbury use is set out a long

without ony serchyng, with many prayers, and goodly pyctures in the matyns of our lady, and be newly emprinted at Rouen, Rothomagi apud R. Valentinum, 1555-Here begynneth the Pystles and Gospels, of eury Sonday, and holy Daye in the yere, imprynted at Rouen, by Jhon Prest, for R. Valentin, dwellynge be our Lady Churche, 1555, printed in red and black, woodcuts, mor., blind tooled, edges gt. and gaufré, by Hayday, in i vol., 8vo. (1218)

Bull, £33 ros. 4670 Psalmes of David in prose and Meeter. With their whole

Tunes in foure or mo parts, and some Psalmes in Reports.
Whereunto is added many godly Prayers, and an exact
Kalendar, cf. antique, a few ll. wormed, Edinb., A. Hart,
1635, 8vo. (1222)

Bull, £7 25. 6d. 4671 Pugin (A.) Examples of Gothic Architecture in England,

3 vol., plates, tree-marbled cf. gt., gt. edge, Bohn, 1838, 4to. (1337)

Quaritch, £3i25. 6d. 4672 Pugin (A. W.) Contrasts, or a parallel between the architecture of the 15th and 19th centuries, plates, 1841, 4to. (1338)

Westeil, £1. 4673 Pugin (A. W.) Glossary of Ecclesiastical Ornament and

Costume, revised by Bernard Smith, coloured and other illustrations, hf. mor., t. e. g., 1868, 4to, (1342)

Quaritch, 44 45. 4674 Rabelais (F.) Romance of Gargantua and Pantagruel,

translated from the French by Sir. T. Urquhart, of Cromarty, reprinted from the original editions, front.,

cf. gt., Edinb., 1838, 4to. (1345) Walford, £i 16s. 4675 Ramsay (A.) Tea Table Miscellany, a collection of choice

Songs, Scots and English, reprinted from the 14th ed., 2 vol., LARGE PAPER, on Whatman's hand-made paper, a few copies printed, mor. ex., t. e. g., Glasgow, 1871, 4to. (1348)

Parsons, £1 35. 4676 Reyner (C.) Apostolatus Benedictinorum in Anglia, engraved

title, original cf., with arms in gold on sides, rebacked, Duaci, 1626, fol. (1746)

Bull, £ 1 125. 4677 Richardson (R.) Exegesis in Canonem diui Augustini recēs

ædita, per Fratrē Rob. Richardinum, a few letters of title

page deficient, mor. ex., gt. edge, with book-plate of the

Duke of Sussex, Lutetiæ, 1530, 8vo. (1248) Ellis, £5. 4678 Robinson (H. Crabb). Diary, Reminiscences and Correspondence, 3 vol., portrait, tree-marbled cf., 1869, 8vo. (1255)

Walford, £. i 16s. 4679 Rock (D.) Hierurgia, or the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, 2 vol., plates, cf., 1832-3, 8vo. (1257)

Baker, £i 145. 4680 Rock (D.) Church of our Fathers as seen in St. Osmund's

rite for the Cathedral of Salisbury, 4 vol., cf. ex., gt. edge, 1849-53, 8vo. (1258)

Baker, £4 ios. 4681 Rogers (S.) Poems, vignettes after Turner and Stothard,

proofs, mor. ex., tooled sides, gt. edge, by Rivière, 1834, 8vo. (1260)

Ward, £7. 4682 Rolt (R.) Lives of the Principal Reformers, portraits by R. Houston, cf., 1759, fol. (1748)

Robson, £1 12s. 4683 Ross (J.) De Nobilissime Gentis Haiorum origine Carmen

Historicum, cf., Edinburgi, 1703, 8vo. (1477) Forrester, £ 1 25. 4684 Ruskin (J.) Arrows of the Chace, 2 vol., front., Orpington, 1880, 8vo. (1446)

Hopkins, £i. 4685 Ruskin (J.) Fors Clavigera. Letters to the Workmen and

Labourers of Great Britain, complete in 96 numbers, duplicates of Nos. 89 and 90, and Indexes to vol. i-iv, together 100 parts, 1871-84, 8vo. (1444)

Walford, £3. 4686 Ruskin (J.) Modern Painters, 5 vol., plates, mor. ex., gt. edge, the 3 vol., with plates, 1st ed., 1857-6-60, 8vo. (1443)

Sotheran, £29 1os. 4687 Ruskin (J.) On the Old Road, a collection of Miscellaneous

Essays, Pamphlets, etc. etc., published 1834-1885, 3 vol.,
G. Allen, 1885, 8vo. (1447)

Parsons, £ i 45. 4688 Ruskin (J.) Seven Lamps of Architecture, with illustrations by the author, 2nd ed., original cl., t. e. g., 1855, 8vo. (1271)

Walford, £3 5. 4689 Ruskin (J.) Stones of Venice, 3 vol., illustrations by the author, cl., uncut, ist ed., 1851-53, 8vo. (1269)

Parsons, £14 175. 4690 Russell (Lord John). Life and Times of C. J. Fox, 3 vol.,

portrait, cf. gt., 1859-66, 8vo. (1448) Luyster, £1 6s. 4691 Rydley (N.), and Hugh Latimer, Certayne godly, learned,

and comfortable conferences, Betwene the two reuerende Fathers, black letter, mor. ex., gt. edge, by De Coverly, J. Awdeley, 1574, 8vo. (1452)

Miller, £ I 125. 4692 Scott (Sir W.) Border Antiquities of England and Scotland,

2 vol., plates, mor. ex., borders of gold, gt. edge, 1814-17, 4to. (1368)

Thibaudeau, £2 2s. 4693 Scott (Sir W.) Waverley Novels, 25 vol., portrait and fronts., Edinb., 1871, 8vo. (1485)

Roche, £4 75. 4694 Scott (Sir W.) Waverly Novels, Abbotsford ed., 12 vol., illustrations, mor. ex., gt. edge, Edinb., 1842, 8vo. (1484)

Luyster, £15 1os. 4695 Scotland. Miscellanea Scotica. A collection of Tracts re

lating to the History, Antiquities, etc., of Scotland, 4 vol., cf. gt., Glasgow, 1818-19, 8vo. (1480) Hopkins, £ 1 145.

4696 Scotland. Exchequer Rolls of Scotland, edited by J. Stuart, and G. Burnett, 6 vol., Edinb., 1878-83, 8vo. (1482)

Ellis, £2 25. 4697 Scottish Text Society Publications, No. 1-10, 1883-7, 8vo. (1487)

Maggs, £ius. 4698 Scotus (Michael). De Procreatione et Phisionomia, gothic letter, printed in double columns, cf. gt., Sæc. xv., 4to. (1372)

Thibaudeau, £2 35. 4699 Shakespeare Society Publications, bd. in 19 vol., tree-mar

bled, cf. gt., 1841-53, 8vo. (1493) Sotheran, £6 1os. 4700 Shelley (P. B.) Poetical Works, 4 vol., hf. mor., cf. ex., gt. edge, 1839, 8vo. (1500)

Stibbs, £1 25. 4701 Shelley (P. B.) Letters with an introductory essay by R.

Browning, cf. gt., 1852, 8vo. (1501) Thorp, £115. 4702 Sibbald (J.) Chronicle of Scottish Poetry, from xilith Cen

tury to the Union of the Crowns, 4 vol., with the suppressed 11.

, vol. i. pp. 120-128 usually wanted, panelled cf. gt., Edinb., 1802, 8vo. (1503)

Stibbs, £1 175. 4703 Slezer (J.) Theatrum Scotiæ, plates, edited by J. Jamieson,

hf. rus., t. e. g., Edinb., 1814, 3to. (1756) Parsons, £2 25. 4704 Smith (W.) Atlas of Ancient Geography, hf. mor., 1874, 4to. (1757)

Thibaudeau, £2 25. 4705 Smith (W.), and Professor Wace. Dictionary of Christian

Biography, 3 vol., 1777-82, 8vo. (1520) Bull, £2 16s. 4706 Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Proceedings, 1855-1886, 20 vol., plates, hf. mor., and cl., Edinb., 1855-86, 4to. (1380)

Quaritch, £9. 4707 Somers (Lord). Collection of scarce and valuable Tracts,

revised by Sir Walter Scott, 13 vol., cf. gt., 1809-15, 4to. (1381)

Stibbs, £10. 4708 Spalding Club. Miscellany, 5 vol., Aberdeen, 1841-52, 4to. (1383)

Thibaudeau, £i jos. 4709 Stanley (Dean). Lectures on the History of the Jewish Church, 3 vol., maps and plans, cf., 1865, 8vo. (1530)

Edwards, £ 1 45. 4710 Stewart (Dugald). Collected Works, edited by Sir W. Hamilton, ii vol., tree cf. gt., 1854-60, 8vo. (1535)

Luyster, 42 18s. 4711 Stirling (W.) Priory of Inchmahome, plates, sprinkled cf., t. e. g., Edinb., 1815, 8vo. (1667)

Ellis, £ 1 6s. 4712 Strype. Works, with Index, 27 vol., hf. mor., t. e. g., Oxford, 1812-28, 8vo. (1540)

Bull, 1,6 4713 Stuart (A.) Genealogical History of the Stewarts, cf., 1798, 8vo. (1668)

Forrester, £! iis. 4714 Sympson (A.) Spiritual Songs, or Holy Poems, a Garden of true Delight, cf. ex., gt. edge, Edinb. (1686), 8vo. (1546)

Ellis, £2 145. 4715 Tennyson (A.) Poems, mor. ex., gt. edge, 1957. 8vo. (1551)

Bennett, L1 3s. 4716 Tennyson (A.) Poems, 1830-1833, portrait, mor, ex., gt. edge, privately printed, 1862, 8vo. (1552)

Pearson, £5. 4717 Testamentum Novum Græcum editionis receptæ, opera et

studio J. J. Wetstenii, 2 vol., mor. ex., gt. edge, Amst., 1751-2, fol. (1773)

Bull, £2 145.

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