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3129 Cruikshank (G.) Table Book, Ist ed., edited by G. A.

a'Beckett, etchings and woodcuts, by G. C., hf. mor., gt. edge, 1845, 8vo. (1033)

Neale, £2 35. 3130 Cuit (G.) Wanderings and Pencillings amongst Ruins of

the Olden Time, 73 etchings, hf. mor. ex., gt. edge, 1855, fol. (609)

Daniells, £i ris. 3131 Cunningham (P.) Story of Nell Gwyn, woodcuts, 1852, 8vo. (1057)

Roche, £ I los. 3132 Curtis. Botanical Magazine, ist series, with Indexes, com

plete, 53 vol.—2nd series, vol. i to iv, 57 vol., bd. in 25, coloured plates, cf. gt., and Nos. 49 to 55 of vol. v, unbd., 1787-1831, 8vo. (340)

Hitchman, £4 8s. 3133 Daniel (S.) Vision of the 12 Goddesses, presented in a

Maske, 8 January at Hampton Court, mor. ex., gt. edge, by Bedford, with arms of J. D. Lewis in gold on sides, 1604, 8vo. (86)

Ridge, £13 3134 Darley (J.) Glory of Chelsey Colledge, revived, view, mor.

ex., borders of gold, gt. edge, by J. Mackenzie, 1662, 4to. (293)

Robson, £ius. 3135 Davies (Sir J.) Nosce Teipsum, expounded in two Elegies,

mor., gold Grolier tooling, gt. edge, by C. Smith, 1999, 4to. (95)

Kershaw, £6 1os. 3136 Dee. True and Faithful Relation of what passed for many

years between Dr. John Dee and Some Spirits, with Preface by Meric Casaubon, front. of portraits and plates, cf., 1659, fol. (611)

Hayward, £2 4s. 3137 Dibdin (T. F.) Typographical Antiquities, or the History

of Printing in Great Britain, with Memoirs of our Ancient Printers, 4 vol., mezzotint portraits, facsimiles of curious devices and other typography, etc., hf. rus., t. e. g., 181019, 4to. (298)

Warton, £855. 3138 Dickens (C.) Christmas Books, ist eds., a Christmas Carol,

1843–Chimes, 1845—Cricket on the Hearth, 1846– Battle of Life, 1846-Haunted Man, 1848, illustrations, by Leech, etc., in the original cl., 5 vol., 8vo. (1050)

Lockwood, £4 45. 3139 Dickens (C.) Memoirs of J. Grimaldi, ist ed., illustrations, by G. Cruikshank, original cl., 1838, 8vo. (1048)

Neale, £ 5. 175. 6d. 3140 Dickens (C.) Pickwick Papers, ist ed., plates, by Seymour

and Phiz," with the Cricket Match and Arbour Scene, by Buss, cf. ex., marbled edge, by Bedford, 1837, 8vo. (1083)

Mason, £3. 3141 Dickens (C.) Tale of Two Cities, ist ed., the Nos. bd., hf. cf., 1859, 8vo. (1052)

Walford, £1 3s. 3142 Dickens (C.) Works. The éd. de luxe, 30 vol., plates

on India paper, by Seymour, “ Phiz,” Cruikshank, and

others, and woodcuts, etc., 1881-82, 8vo. (349) Bull, £ 14. 3143 Doran (Dr.) Their Majestys' Servants, ist ed., 2 vol., hf. cf. ex., 1864, 8vo. (1058)

Edwards, £2 45. 3144 Drayton (M.) Muses Elizium, mor, ex., gt. edge, by R. Hogg, 1630, 4to. (303)

Kershaw, £3 12s. 6d.

3145 Drayton (M.) Poly-Olbion, 2 vol. in 1, front., portrait of

Prince Henry, and maps, Ben Jonson's copy, with his motto in his handwriting on front., mor. ex., gt. edge, by W. Pratt, 1613-22, fol. (112)

Bowden, £33. 3146 Drayton (M.) Battaile of Agincourt, Miseries of Queene

Margarite, Nimphidia, etc., portrait, by Hole, cf. gt., 1627, fol. (60)

Pearson, £3 8s. 3147 Drummond of Hawthornden (W.) Poems, portrait by Gaywood, mor. ex., gt. edge, by W. Pratt, 1656, 8vo. (87)

B. F. Stevens, £u. 3148 Drummond (W.) Forth Feasting (in Verse), mor. ex., gt.

edge, by Zaehnsdorf, Edinb., 1617, 4to. (96) Stevens, £47. 3149 Drummond (W.) Flowres (sic) of Sion, in Verse, title

mended, cf. ex., gt. edge, by W. Pratt, Eden-Bourgh, 1630, 4to. (97)

Ellis, £4. 3150 Dryden (J.) Fables, plates and vignettes, engraved by

Bartolozzi, from drawings by Lady Diana Beauclerc, mor. ex., borders inside, joints, and silk linings, gt. edge, 1797, fol. (614)

Bennett, £ 1 16s. 3151 Du Halde (J. B.) Description de la Chine, 4 vol., maps and

plates, mor. ex., dentelle borders, with the De Sartine arms on sides, silk linings, gt. edge, Paris, 1735, fol. (62)

Quaritch, £17 ios. 3152 Eden (Honble. E.) India, 24 coloured plates of Indian costumes and customs, etc., hf. mor., 1844, fol. (870)

Rimell, £ 1 8s. 3153 Edmondson (J.) Baronagium Genealogicum, or the Pedi

grees of the English Peers deduced from the Earliest Times, 6 vol., plates of arms and pedigrees, cf. gt., one bd. of vol. vi wanted, 1764-84, fol. (63)

Sotheran, £2 145. 3154 Edmondson (J.) Complete Body of Heraldry, 2 vol., portrait and plates, cf. gt., 1780, fol. (64)

Sotheran, £2 8s. 3155 Elizabeth (Queen). Verses of Prayse and Joye written upon

Her Maiesties Preservation. Whereunto is annexed
Tychborne's Lamentation, J. Wolfe, 1586, 4to. (306)

Pearson, £2 5s. 3156 Elyot (Syr T.) Castel of Helth, black letter, hf. bd., T. Berthelet, 1541, 4to. (307)

Ellis, kuris 3157 Encyclopædia Britannica, 21 vol., and I vol. of Index, hf.

rus.. marbled edge, 1853-1860, 4to. (309) Westell, £6 55. 3158 Evelyn (J.) Silva, a Discourse on Forest Trees, with Notes,

by A. Hunter, 2 vol., coloured plates, cf. gt., York, 1786, 4to. (35)

Warton, £3. 3159 Evonymus. New Booke of Distillatyon of Waters, trans

lated by P. Morwyng, black letter, woodcuts, cf., J. Day, 1565, 4to. (490)

Pearson, £i 125. 3160 Fenton (Sir G.) Certaine Tragicall Discourses written oute

of Frenche and Latin, black letter, T. Marshe, 1567, 4to. (493)

Hazlitt, £3 ios. 3161 Ferrarius (J.) Woorke touchynge the good Orderynge of a

Common-Weale, Englished by W. Bollande, black letter, cf. gt., J. Kingston, 1559, 4to. (494)

Jarvis, £1.

fol. (155)

3162 Fielding (Henry). Works, with Memoir, by Leslie Stephen, éd. de luxe, 10 vol., plates on India paper, 1882, 8vo. (378)

Rimell, £3 175. 3163 Fletcher (P.) Purple Island, Piscatorie Eclogs and other

Poetical Miscellanies, LARGE PAPER, mor. ex., gt. edge, by

Bedford, Cambridge, 1633, 4to. (98) Stevens, £11 55. 3164 Forbes (B. P.) Funerals with Epitaphs, wanted portrait,

sold with all faults, Aberdene, 1635, 4to. (503) Bull, £1. 3165 Ford (E.) The Famous, Delectable, and Pleasant History

of Parismus, Prince of Bohemia, fronts., black letter, 2 parts in i vol., cf. ex., gt. edge, 1689, 4to, (149)

Kershaw, £2 145. 3166 Franklin (Benjamin). The Way to Wealth, or Poor

Richard Improved, proof of the portrait, mor. ex., tooled sides and back, and pink silk linings, gt. edge, by Bozerian,

LARGE PAPER, Paris, 1795, 8vo. (124) Stevens, £10 ios. 3167 Frankum (B.) Bee and the Wasp, ist ed., etchings, by G.

Cruikshank, hf. cf., 1832, 8vo. (1059) Harvey, £i 12s. 3168 Garrard (G.) Description of the Different Varieties of Oxen, 52 coloured plates, hf. mor., printed for the author, 1800,

Quaritch, £4 155. 3169 Gascoigne (G.) Droome of Domesday, black letter, hf. cf., G. Cawood, 1576, 4to. (505)

Kershaw, £1 135. 3170 Gay (J.) Fables, with Life, 2 vol., fine paper, with port. and

choice engravings by Blake, Grainger, Wilson, and other artists, cf. ex., 1793, 8vo. (386)

Bennett, £3 6s. 3171 Genealogist (The). Edited by G. W. Marshall, vol. i to iv, plates, 1877-80, 8vo. (387)

Edwards, £1 6s. 3172 Gibbon (E.) Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, with

Notes by Milman, Guizot, and Smith, 8 vol., portrait (damaged) and maps, 1855 (390)

Roche, £i 18s. 3173 Gillray (1.) Works, from the original plates, with many

additional not before collected (including the suppressed plates), 2 vol., fol. ; and 8vo. vol. of Letterpress Descriptions, hf. mor., gt. edge, Bohn, 1847-51, fol. (631)

Lockwood, £5 7s. 6d. 3174 Goldsmith (O.) Life of Richard Nash of Bath, portrait, ist ed., cf. ex., gt. edge, by Bedford, 1762, 8vo. (125)

Robson, £1 155. 3175 Gould (J.). Mammals of Australia, 3 vol. in 13 parts, 182

coloured plates, 1845-63, fol. (633) George, £20 1os. 3176 Gould (J.) Birds of Europe, 5 vol., containing 449 coloured plates, full mor. gt., published by the Author, 1837, fol. (634)

Young, £74. 3177 Gower (Lord Ronald). French Portraits of Personages of

the Courts of Francis I, Henry II, and Francis II, by Clouet, at Castle Howard, 2 vol., 300 portraits in autolithography, 1875, fol. (1 105)

Bull, 41 6s. 3178 Grammont (Count). Memoirs, by Count Hamilton, (translated

by A. Boyer), with Notes and Illustrations, 3 vol., por.

traits, rus. ex., gt. edge, 1809, 8vo. (10) Luyster, 42 145. 3179 Greene (R.) Farewell to Follie, black letter, mor., gt. edge,

by J. Black, 1617, 4to. (512) Kershaw, £3 12s. 6d.

3180 Greene (R.) Quip for an Upstart Courtier, or a quaint Dis

pute between Velvet Breeches and Cloth Breeches, black leiter, woodcuts on title, mor. ex., gt. edge, by C. Lewis,

Lond., printed by G. P., 1620, 4to. (99) Ridge, £11. 3181 Grimm (M. M.) German Popular Stories, vol. i, etchings by G. Cruikshank, cf. ex., gt. edge, 1825, 8vo. (1060)

Waugh, £3 12s.6d. 3182 Grose (F.) Works, Antiquities of England and Wales, 8

vol., 1784-87-Antiquities of Scotland, 2 vol., 1797—Antiquities of Ireland, 2 vol., 1791—Antiquarian Repertory, 4 vol., 1807-9-Darell (W.) History of Dover Castle, 1797, together 17 vol., LARGE PAPER, many plates, etc., rus. ex., marbled edge, v. y., fol. (1016)

Toovey, £ 12 ios. 3183 Grote (G.) History of Greece, 8 vol., portrait and maps, tree-marbled cf. gt., marbled edge, 1862, 8vo. (399)

Bull, £3 9s. 3184 Hainam (R. Thief). The Witty Rogue arraigned and exe

cuted, cf., gt. edge, 1656, 4to. (515) Kershaw, £3 35. 3185 Hall (T.) Downfall of May-Games, 1660, 4to. (516)

Pearson, £1. 3186 Hamerton (P. G.) Landscape, LARGE PAPER, 525 copies

printed in this size, etchings on India paper, vel., gt., in a box, 1885, 4to. (519)

Dobell, £ 5 7s. 6d. 3187 Hamerton (P. G.) Etching and Etchers, many plates, hf. mor., 1880, 4to. (517)

Rolfe, £3 125. 3188 Hamerton (P. G.) Graphic Arts, a treatise on the varieties of Drawing, Painting, and Engraving, hf.

mor., 1882, 4to. (518)

£2 ios. 2189 Hasted (E.) History of Kent, 4 vol., maps and plates, rus. ex., marbled edge, Canterbury, 1778-99, fol. (68)

Warton, £26 1os. 3190 Hewitt (J.) Ancient Armour and Weapons in Europe, 3

vol., plates and cuts, 1860, 8vo. (410) Roche, £ 1 6s. 3191 Heywood (J.). Epigrammes, etc., black letter, woodcut portrait, imperfect, 1587, 4to. (523)

Kershaw, £1. 3192 Heywood (T.) Fayre Maid of the Exchange, hf. mor., 1625, 4to. (524)

Pearson, £3 18s. 3193 Heywood (T.) Life of Merlin with his Prophecies, front., 1641, 4to. (525)

Pearson, £,1 3s. 3194 Heywood (T.) Silver Age, mor. ex., gt. edge, by F. Bedford, 1613, 4t0. (100)

Kershaw, £6. 3195 Hickeringill (E.) Jamaica Viewed, with all the Ports, Har

bours, and their several Soundings, Towns, and Settlements, together with the nature of its climate, with several other observations and reflections on the Island, map, mor. ex., gt. edge, by Bedford, 1661, 12mo. (122)

Soames. £2 8s. 3196 Hogarth (W.) Works from the Original Plates restored by

Heath, with additions of many subjects not before collected, portrait and engravings, hf. mor., t. e. g., n. d., fol. (156)

Lawler, £6 125. 6d. 3197 Holbein (Hans). Imagines Mortis, woodcuts, mor., gt, edge,

by Padeloup, Lugduni, 1547, 8vo. (415) Fontaine, 26 165,

3198 Holbein. Icones Historiarum Veteris Testamenti, brilliant

impressions of the woodcuts, in the original vel. cover,

Lugduni, Frellon, 1547, 8vo. (416) Warton, £10 125. 6d. 3199 Holbein Society. Alciat's Emblems, 1871-Fountains of

Alciat, 1870— Theatre of Women, 1872– Fall of Man, 1876
-Grimaldi's Oration, 1871 - Four Evangelists, 1873—
Mirrour of Maiestie, 1870—Ars Moriendi, 1881, illustra-
tions, 8 vol., 4to. (1263)

Salisbury, £i is. 3200 Hooke (W.) New Englands Sence of Old Englands and

Irelands Sorrowes, a Sermon Preached upon a Day of
General Humiliation in the Churches of New England,

mor. ex., gt. edge, by Bedford, 1645, 4to. (134) Ridge, £6. 3201 Horatius. Opera Æneis Tabuli sincidit, J. Pine, 2 vol., ist or

Post Est ed., engraved throughout and ornamented with

vignettes, mor., gt. edge, 1733-37, 8vo. (421) Bull, £6 55. 3202 Houbraken and Vertue. Heads of Illustrious Persons, with

Lives and Characters by Thos. Birch, original impressions
of the plates, cf. gt., 1747, fol. (70)

Warton, £6. 3203 Hunt (Leigh). Jar of Honey from Mount Hybla, illustra

tions by R. Doyle, ist ed., in original bds., gt. edge, 1848,
8vo. (1062)

Walford, £ 1 6s. 3204 Hunt (Leigh). Men, Women, and Books, 2 vol., original cl., 1847, 8vo. (1063)

Edwards, £ 1 18s. 3205 Hunt (Leigh). The Old Court Suburb, or Memorials of Kensington, 2 vol., original cl., 1855, 8vo. (1064)

Roche, £1 ios. 3206 Illustrated London News, from May, 1842, to May, 1887, a

complete set in 90 vol., bd. in gt. cl. (the last 2 vol. in
numbers), 1842-1887, fol. (642)

Bull, £10 155. 3207 Inglis (H. D.) Rambles in the Footsteps of Don Quixote, etchings by G. Cruikshank, original cl., 1837, 8vo. (1066)

Robson, £2 ios. 3208 Johnson (C.) History of the Pyrates, 2 vol., plates, cf. ex., 1726, 8vo. (428)

Spencer, £2 7s. 6d. 3209 Justini Historia, ist ed., 4 ll. in the beginning and last l. in

laid, mor., gt. edge, by Derome, Venetiis, N. Jenson, 1470,
fol. (873)

Denman, £ 5 25. 6d. 3210 Keith (G.) Presbyterian and Independent Churches in New

England, with a Call and Warning from the Lord to the
People of Boston and New England to Repent, cf. ex., gt.
edge, 1691, 8vo. (120)

Stevens, £4 155. 3211 Knight (H. Gally). Saracenic and Norman Remains in

Sicily, 30 plates, hf. mor., 1840, fol. (877) Salisbury, £ I IIS. 3212 Knight (H. Gally). Ecclesiastical Architecture of Italy, 2

vol., 8ì plates and illuminated titles, hf. mor., 1843, fol.

Quaritch, Ł2 8s. 3213 Knox (J.) Answer to a great Nomber of Blasphemous

Cavillations of an Anabaptist and Adversarie to God's
Eternal Predestination, portrait added, mor. (Geneva), John
Crespin, 1560, 8vo. (436)

Pearson, 16 6s. 3214 Lamb (C.) Adventures of Ulysses, ist ed., front. and vignette title, uncut, in the original bds., 1808. 8vo. (1089)

Pearson, £335.

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