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Voyages, and Adventures, with Voyage to the Moon and Dog-Star, 7th ed., enlarged, with 20 original engravings, 1793–Sequel to the Adventures of Baron Munchausen, with 20 copper plates, including the Baron's portrait, 1792, 2 vol., complete, cf. (467)

Bain, £,4 145. 1887 Museum (The), or the Literary and Historical Register, Nos.

I to 39, bd. in 3 vol., with titles and indexes complete, in cf. ex., gt. backs, sprinkled edges, by Bedford, uniform, 174647 (470)

Harvey, 23 7s. 1888 Mytton (J.) Memoirs, with Notices of his Hunting, Shooting,

Racing, and other extravagant Exploits, by Nimrod, with numerous coloured plates by Alken, ist ed., mor. ex., gt. edge, by Bedford, 1835—Another, the 3rd ed., with additions, coloured plates by Alken, etc., cl., gt. edge, 1851, 8vo. (471)

Robson, £7. 1889 Oldfield (Mrs. Anne). Memoirs of the Life, Amours, and Per

formances of that Eminent Actress, with other Dramatical Memoirs by W. Egerton, with portrait, 1731, cf., 8vo. (477)

Pearson, ki 12s. 1890 Patten (R.) History of the late Rebellion of 1715, with original papers, cf. ex., 1st ed., 1717, 8vo. (565)

Quaritch, £2 155. 1891 Peter Wilkins. Life and Adventures of Peter Wilkins, a

Cornish Man, relating his Shipwreck near the South Pole, his wonderful passage through a Subterranean Cavern into a kind of new World, his conveyance to the Country of Glums and Gawrys, or Men and Women that Fly, etc., by R. S. (R. Poltock), 2 vol., with 6 curious plates of flying men and women, ist ed., cf. gt., by Kalthoeber; from the Beckford library, 1751, 8vo. (483)

Bain, £9 55. 1892 Popular Pastimes. Picturesque Representations of the Cus

toms and Amusments of Great Britain in Ancient and Modern Times, with descriptions, 20 coloured plates, hf. cf., 1816, 8vo. (486)

Neale, {2 2s. 1893 Prayer. The Booke of Common Prayer and Administration

of the Sacraments and other parts of divine Service for the use of the Church of Scotland-- The Psalmes of King David, translated by King James, black letter, with woodcut initial letters, mor. gt., gt. edge, a few 11. slightly defective, Edinb., printed by Robert Young, printer to the King's most excel. lent Majestie, 1637 (503)

Pearson, £8 8s. 1894 Pretender. Narrative of the Wanderings of Prince Charles

Edward after the Battle of Culloden, until he put himself under the guidance of Flora Macdonald, 50 copies printed, presentation copy to Mr. W. C. Borlase, from the editor, W. Maskell, cf. ex., t. e. g., privately printed, 1873, 4to. (559)

Bain, £4 25. 6d. 1895 Pretender. (Maria Clementina Sobieski, Wife of the Elder),

Parentalia Mariæ Clementinæ Magn. Brit. Franc. et Hibern. Regin. Jusu Clementis XII Pont. Max., plates by J. P. Pannini, containing portrait of Maria Clementina, also view of her funeral procession and lying in state, also an extra plate of the “Monument" added, mor. ex., gt. edge, by Riviere, Roma, 1736, fol. (581)

Hartley, £ 5.

1896 Psalmanaazaar (G.) Description of Formosa, an Island

subject to the Emperor of Japan, with account of the Religion, Customs, Manners, etc., of the Inhabitants, etc.,

plates, mor. gt., gt. edge, 1704, 8vo. (591) Bain, £i 125. 1897 Psalmanazar (G.) Memoirs of **** commonly known by the

name of George Psalmanazar, a Reputed Native of Formosa, portrait, mor. gt., gt. edge, ist ed., 1764, 8vo. (592)

Ellis, £12. 1898 Rabelais (Francis). Works, treating of the Lives, Heroick

Deeds and Sayings of Gargantua and his son Pantagruel, with Life of the Author, translated by Sir Thomas Urchard, mor. ex., gt. edge, by Bedford, 1664, 8vo. (595)

Pearson, £8. 1899 Racine (J.) Theatre, 4 vol., with vignettes etched by Ernest

Hillemacher, and proof portrait, LARGE PAPER, 100 copies printed upon Dutch paper, mor. ex., tooled back, t. e. g., uncut, by Rivière, Paris, Jouaust, 1873, 8vo. (596)

Sotheran, £4 ios. 1900 Racing Calendar. Races Past, by the Messrs. Weatherby,

vol. Ixv to vol. cxiv inclusive, 50 vol., cf., as published, 183786, 8vo. (598)

Sampson, £6. 1901 Racing Calendar. Steeple Chases Past, by Messrs. Weatherby, 1866 to 1886 inclusive, 20 vol., hf. cf., 8vo. (599)

Pearson, £2 25. 1902 Rae (P.) History of the late Rebellion raised against H.M.

King George, by the friends of the Popish Pretender, cf. ex., gt. edge, ist ed., 4to. (572) Dumfries, 1718.

Harvey, £ 1 is. 1903 Reynardson (C.T. S. B.) Down the Road, Reminiscences of

a Gentleman Coachman, with 12 coloured plates, hf. cf., marbled edge, 1875, 8vo. (601)

Cunliffe, £1 7s. 1904 Riddell (J.) Tracts relative to Scotland, and Remarks upon

Scotch Peerage Law, and Additional Remarks on the Lennox or Rusky Representation, and Stewartiana, containing the case of Robert II and Elizabeth Mure, 4 vol., cl., 1833-43, 8vo. (604)

Bull, £1 4s. *1905 Ridinger (J. E.) Représentation et Description de toutes les

leçons de Chevaux de Manège, &c., 61 plates of horsemanship, text in French and German, 4to., Augsburg, 1760Dutch Caricature of Ridinger's Horsemanship, 12 plates, 2 vol., 4to. (354)

Bain, £ 5 25. 6d. 1906 Ross (Alex.) View of All Religions in the World from the

Creation, with a Discovery of all Heresies, engraved title and portrait by Lombart, cf. ex., gt. edge, by Rivière, 1653, 8vo. (605)

Ellis, £ 1 ios. 1907 Rowlandson. Ackermann (R.), The Microcosm of London,

or London in Miniature, 104 coloured plates, the Architecture by Pugin, the Manners and Customs by Rowlandson, in the original 26 parts, with letterpress description, complete, as issued, and forming 3 vol., Ackermann, 1811, 4to. (606)

Jackson, £ 17 ios. 1908 Rowlandson. Advice to Sportsmen, Rural or Metropolitan,

with Anecdotes of the most Renowned Shots, and Hints

on the Choice of Guns, Dogs, and Sporting Paraphernalia, etc., with 16 coloured plates by Rowlandson, cf. ex., t. e.g.,

uncut, by Rivière, 1809, 8vo. (607) Robson, £2 18s. 1909 Rowlandson. Annals of Sporting, by Caleb Quizem and

his Various Correspondents, numerous illustrations by Rowlandson after Bunbury, Woodward, etc., cf. ex., gt.

edge, by Rivière, Tegg, 1809, 8vo. (608) Pearson, £i 175. 1910 Rowlandson. Annals of Sporting, by Caleb Quizem and his

Various Correspondents, with coloured plates engraved by
Rowlandson after Woodward, etc., cf. ex., gt. edge, by
Rivière, 1809, 8vo. (609)

Robson, 44 45. 1911 Rowlandson. Burton (A.), The Adventures of Johnny New

come in the Navy, a Poem, with 16 coloured plates by

Rowlandson, ist ed., hf. cf., 1818, 8vo. (610) Slater, £2 125. 1912 Rowlandson. Combe (W.), Tour of Dr. Syntax in Search

of the Picturesque, 8th ed., with new plates-Second Tour in Search of Consolation, ist ed.—Third Tour in Search of a Wife, ist ed., 3 vol., with 80 coloured plates by Rowlandson, early impressions, vol. ii and iii being ist ed., bd. in cf. ex., t. e. g., uncut, by Rivière, 1819-20-21, 8vo. (611)

Harvey, £16. 1913 Rowlandson. English Dance of Death from the Designs of

Thomas Rowlandson, with Metrical Illustrations by the Author of “Dr. Syntax" (W. Combe), 2 vol., with 74 coloured plates by Rowlandson, all the original covers (24) and advertisements preserved, also a duplicate title to vol. i, with date 1814, mor. ex., t. e. g., gt. backs, tooled sides, uncut, by Rivière, 1814-15-16, 8vo. (612)

Pearson, £37 1os. 1914 Rowlandson. Essay on the Art of Ingeniously Tormenting,

with 5 coloured illustrations by Woodward, engraved by Rowlandson, cf. ex., t. e. g., uncut, by Rivière, 1808, 8vo. (613)

Jackson, £ 1 16s. 1915 Rowlandson. Fielding (Hy.), Adventures of Joseph

Andrews, with 8 plates by Rowlandson, bds., uncut, Edinb., 1805, 8vo. (614)

Stevens, £3. 1916 Rowlandson. Miseries of Human Life, designed and etched

by T. Rowlandson, 47 coloured plates, Ackermann, 1808, 4to. (615)

Jackson, £9 5s. 1917 Rowlandson. Surprising Adventures of the Renowned Baron

Munchausen, full-page engravings by Rowlandson, cf. ex., t. e. g., uncut, by Rivière, Tegg, 1811, 8vo. (616)

Stevens, £2 18s. 1918 Rowlandson. Poetical Sketches of Scarborough, illustrated

by 21 engravings of humorous subjects, coloured from original designs made by J. Green, and etched by T. Rowlandson, cf. ex., t. e. g., uncut, by Rivière, 1813, 8vo. (617)

Jackson, £5. 1919 Ruskin (J.) Examples of the Architecture of Venice, selected

and drawn to measurement from the edifices by J. Ruskin, 16 plates, India proofs, LARGE PAPER, subscriber's copy in the ports. as issued, 1851, fol. (618) Pearson, £54 125.

1920 Ruskin (J.) Seven Lamps of Architecture, with illustrations

drawn by the author, new ed., 14 plates, printed on hand

made paper by Whittingham, 1880, 8vo. (619) Roe, £ 1 6s. 1921 Schiller. Wilhelm Tell, ist ed., mor., gt. edge, by Rivière, Tübingen, 1804, 8vo. (622)

Pearson, £4. 1922 Scotland. Facsimiles of National Manuscripts of Scotland,

selected by Sir W. Gibson Craig, Bt., and photozincographed by command of H.M. Queen Victoria, by Col. Sir

Henry James, 3 vol., complete with 235 facsimile plates and letter-press descriptions, hf. mor. as issued, Southampton, 1867-71, fol. (623)

Brown, £5 155. 1923 Scott (Jas. Renat). Memorials of the Family of Scott of

Scot's Hall in the County of Kent, with Appendix of Illustrative Documents, illustrations, printed for private circulation and for subscribers only, cl., 1876, 4to. (628)

Bain, £ 1 75. 1924 (Scott (Sir Walter)). Memorials of the Haliburtons, front.,

30 copies printed for private circulation, bds., uncut, with autograph letters from Sir W. Scott, signed and dated Abbotsford, 26 August, addressed to James Maidment, Esq.,

with seal and address, 1824, 4to. (630) Bain, £5 25. 60. 1925 Scott (Sir W.) Auld Robin Gray, a Ballad by Lady Anne

Barnard, born Lady Anne Lindsay of Balcarras, edited by Sir Walter Scott, front., hf. rox., uncut, as issued, 1825, 8vo. (631)

Brown, £6 ios. 1926 Scoundrel's Dictionary, or Explanation of Cant Words used

by Thieves, House Breakers, Street Robbers, and Pick Pockets about Town, with their Flash Songs and a Glossary, cf. ex., uncut, by Bedford, 1754, 8vo. (633)

Sabin, £7 ios. 1927 Scrope (W.) Days and Nights of Salmon Fishing in the

Tweed, with Account of the Salmon, Anecdotes, etc., 13 lithographic plates and 9 vignettes, ist ed., original cl., uncut, 1843, 8vo. (635)

Bain, £12 155. 1928 Seymour's Sketches, consisting of 184 Humorous Plates, 5

vol. in 1, complete, original copy, mor. ex., gt. back, gt. edge, by Rivière (the impressions much superior to the later

issues), G. S. Tregear, n. d., 8vo. (637). Jackson, £13 1os. 1929 Seymour (R.) New Readings of Old Authors. Shakespeare,

designed and drawn on Stone by R. Seymour, 4 vol., 250 humorous plates, hf. mor. gt. edge, 1841, 8vo. (638)

Harvey, £16 ios. 1930 Sheppard (Jack). Narrative of all his Robberies, Escapes,

etc., with a Description of his Escape from Newgate and from the Condemn'd Hold, front. of his escape, cf. gt. ;

from the Beckford Library, 1724, 8vo. (641) Bain, £ius. 1931 Sketchley (W.) The Cocker, with front. representing a cock

fight, mor. ex., uncut, by Bedford, Burton-on-Trent, 1814, 8vo. (109)

Hewitt, £9 los. 1932 Smeeton (G.) Biographia Curiosa, or Memoirs of Remark

able Characters of the Reign of George the Third, with their portraits, collected from the most authentic sources, 48 portraits, cf. ex., gt. edge, hy Bedford, 1822, 8vo. (642)

Walford, £1 145.

1933 Smith (T. Assheton). Reminiscences, or Pursuits of an

English Country Gentleman ; 10 plates, hf. cf., marbled edge, ist ed., 1860 (643)

Walford, £1. 1934 Smollett (T.) Adventures of Roderick Random, 2 vol., ist

ed., 1748-Adventures of Peregrine Pickle, with Memoirs of a Lady of Quality, 4 vol., 1st ed., 1751-Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom, 2 vol., ist ed., uncut, 1753Adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves, 2 vol., ist ed., 1762 -History and Adventures of an Atom, 2 vol., ist ed., dated 1749 for 1769–Expedition of Humphrey Clinker, by the Author of Roderick Random, 3 vol., 1st ed., the first volume dated in error 1671 (vol. i, 1671 for 1771 ; vol. ii and iii, 1771)—History of a Woman of Quality, or the Adventures of Lady Frail

, by an Impartial Hand (attributed to Smollett), ist ed., 1751 ; together 16 vol., all ist eds., cf. ex., marbled edge, by Bedford, 8vo. (645)

Bain, £29 Ios. 1935 Soane (G.) Specimens of German Romance, selected and

translated from various authors, with plates by G. Cruik. shank, cf. ex., gt. edge, by Rivière, 1846, 8vo. (155)

Harvey, £3 155. 1936 Somervile (Wm.) The Chase, a Poem, printed in large

type by Bulmer, illustrated with woodcuts by Bewick, ex. illustrated copy, containing 75 plates upon Sporting subjects by J. Scott, after Burney, Sartorius, Howitt, Stothard, Cooper, Seymour, J. Ward, Chalon, etc., mor ex., paned sides, gt. edge, by Rivière, Bulmer, 1802, 4to. (648)

Sotheran, £32 ios. 1937 Sportsman's Cabinet. Correct Delineations of the various

Dogs used in the Sports of the Field and in general, etc., 28 portraits of Dogs engraved by J. Scott, proofs before letters, also woodcuts by Bewick, 2 vol., rus., gt. edge, emblematically tooled (binding broken), 1803, 4to. (651)

Cunliffe, £4 ios. 1938 (Sterne (L.)] Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gen

tleman, 9 vol., cf. ex., gt. edge, by Rivière, with Sterne's autograph in vol. v, vii, and ix, and plate by Hogarth, 1760-67, 8vo. (653)

Pearson, £15 5s. 1939 [Sterne (L.)] Sentimental Journey through France and

Italy by Mr. Yorick, 2 vol., ist ed., cf. ex., y. e., by Bedford, 1768, 8vo. (654)

Pearson, £.5. 1940 St. John (C.) Tour in Sutherlandshire, with Extracts from the

Field Book of a Sportsman and Naturalist, with woodcuts, 2 vol., cl., 1849, 8vo. (657)

Neish, £1 9s. 1941 Stud Book. The General Stud Book, containing Pedigrees

of Race Horses, from the earliest Accounts to the year 1876 inclusive, 13 vol., vol. 1 in cf., remainder in bds. as published, 1820-77, 8vo. (658)

Bull, £5 125. 6d. 1942 Sutherland Peerage. A Genealogical History of the Earldom

of Sutherland, from its Origin to 1630, by Sir Robert Gordon of Gordonstoun, with a Continuation to 1651, plates, bds., uncut, as issued, Edinb., 1813, fol. (659)

Brown, £2 18s.

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