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Vol. I. Being one half the entire work, 4to. cloth bourds, 21. 12. 6..

dune up in Two Parts, cloth basis, IL 66. 64. eori. ** A Part is published on the first of every month, pride 1. 68.

each, to be completed in 30 parts, forming 2 rolsSra.

REVIEWS AND CRITICAL NOTICES * MR. PICKERING has just put forth a New Dictionary of the Englist Language, which, whether we regard its estrzending charme, che entraordinary labour and ability by which it is characteristi, decks far so rada I similar pablications. The work is to be oned in Iarty Partach Part te contain eighty 4to. pages, with three cousas Diand type each are: the meaning of each word is illustrated by a prender der

et for standard English writers than is to be found in my similzt wuk: 2d be reat' ing necessary for the supply of this immense body, st kare best the late years. A part of this Dictionary appeared, we fad, in the Enragedig Metro politana, and was spoken of by the Quarterly and other TET , 2 the present lexicographical achievement of the age. In its o dete for its , 15 odse from the sample before us, a work of unrivades atelity, or 20 mm). Old England.

« The compiler, who has already approved his ability for this work by what he has contributed of it to the Encyclopaedia Metrolitano, justy starter: that Dr. Johnson did not execute his own project, and thuat tiot desiderato 2 Dictionary to exhibit, first, the natural and primitive sinificatam f orte then give the consequential, and then the metapbocica meaning, and the one! luion's to be arranged according to the ages tibe attor is, at the distan nearly pinetv years, still more to be desiderated now, tha ia 1797, en the learned lexicographer made his proposition to Lord Chesterfeil. Mr. Ráciuardoor

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