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I found this book to be very inspiring for my Faith. Mr. Taylor via his research for the writing of this book, brought to life how parallel the Waldensian beliefs in what the Bible says, is super close to what I have found the Bible to teach when read in a literal understanding of it's writings.
It was very encouraging to know by the grace of God that the Early Church and Believers in Christ of those early year believed the same thing I find my self believing.
I would encourage anyone who wishes to learn what some of the earliest Christians, not under the rule of the Catholic Church at that time believed in and how close it is to what is to the basic beliefs of Bible believing Christians of today. We are called names by the rest of the "so called Christians" that surround us today which have joined in the world wide apostasy spreading throughout Christianity today. These same apostates make fun and ridicule Bible believing people that cling to the Word of God as it is found in the pages of the Bible.
Refresh your spirit and increase your faith in learning what our believing forefathers died for through this book. If you stick with reading it the old English and method of printing will grow on you and will become easier to read as you stay with it. God Bless you as you read. Milán

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