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So have I seen, in black and white
A prating thing, a Magpye hight,

Majestically stalk ;
A stately, worthless animal,
That plies the tongue, and wags the tail,

All flutter, pride, and talk.

[blocks in formation]

DHRYNE had talents for mankind, 1 Open she was, and unconfin'd,

Like some free port of trade : Merchants unloaded here their freight, And Agents from each foreign state,

Here first their entry made.

Her learning and good-breeding such,
Whether th' Italian or the Dutch,

Spaniards or French came to her :
To all obliging The'd appear :
'Twas Si Signior, 'twas raw Mynbeer,

'Twas S'il vous plaist, Monheur.



Obscure by birth, renown’d by crimes,
Still changing names, religions, climes,

At length The turns a Bride :
In di'monds, pearls, and rich brocades,
She shines the first of batter'd jades;

And futters in her pride.

So have I known those Insects fair
(Which curious Germans hold so rare) 20

Still vary shapes and dyes ;
Still gain new titles with new forms ;
First grubs obscene, then wriggling worms,

Then painted butterflies.


DR. S WIFT. The Happy Life of a COUNTRY


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D Arson, these things in thy possessing

I Are better than the Bishop's blessing. A Wife that makes conserves ; a Steed That carries double when there's need; October store, and best Virginia,

Tythe-Pig, and mortuary Guinea ;
• Gazettes fent gratis down, and frank’d,

For which thy Patron's weekly thank'd;
A large Concordance, bound long since ;
Sermons to Charles the First, when Prince; 10
A Chronicle of ancient standing;
A Chrysostom 'to smooth thy band in :
The Polyglott---three parts ---my text,
Howbeit, ---likewise---now to my next :
Lo here the Septuagint,--and Paul,
To sum the whole ---the close of all.,


He that has these, may pass his life,
Drink with the 'Squire, and kiss his wife ;
On Sundays preach, and eat his fill;
And fast on Fridays——if he will ;

Toast Church and Queen, explain the News,
Talk with Church-Wardens about Pews,
Pray heartily for some new Gift,
And shake his head at Doctor St.



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