THE BOOK OF REVELATION The Spiritual Exodus: Study Guide and Handbook for Spiritual Interpretation of the Hidden Mysteries and Symbolism Recorded In The Book of Revelation

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AuthorHouse, 2015 M01 9 - 138 pages
The church in the last days will not receive understanding of the consequences of worshiping the anti-Christ (the beast) or his image and of taking the mark of the beast. Many shall do so without hesitation thinking that they are "good Christians" conforming to the world for the sake of survival instead of trusting in Christ. The consequences of this ignorance will be disastrous in the last days. Jesus will use the seal, trumpet and vial judgments to cleanse and purify the compromising church and shall present the church to his father holy and blameless in the end.

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About the author (2015)

Sandra (Sandy) D. Brown-Jackson is a native of Kansas, who has had the opportunity to travel to many Countries and lived in many of the States of the USA.nbsp; She has touched many lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ as minister, evangelist, pastor and teacher. Endowed with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, she has provided for many, insights to the problems we are facing today in our nation and around the world. As she expounds on the revealed mysteries in the Word of God, answers are being provided for the day-to-day encounters individuals are facing in a simple and plain language that even a child could understand. She has been teaching the un-compromised gospel for over 25 years and has a ministry directed to individuals who are outside of a religious institution and are searching for the Lord God and His son, Jesus Christ.nbsp; She is the coordinator, instructor and speaker for many Christian group sessions, retreats and conferences. She is the author of several spiritual writings and booklets. She ministers to several hundred people nationwide through Church ministry, Home Bible Study programs, and Email, Internet and mail distribution services.

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