Kisses: Being a Poetical Translation of the Basia of Joannes Secundus Nicolaius

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T. Davies, 1778 - 276 pages

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Page 104 - These violent delights have violent ends, And in their triumph die; like fire and powder, Which, as they kiss, consume...
Page 77 - And on my bosom raptured lie. Venting the gently-whisper'd sigh; A sigh that kindles warm desires, And kindly fans life's drooping fires; Soft as the zephyr's breezy wing, And balmy as the breath of spring: While you, sweet nymph! with am'rous play, In kisses suck my breath away; My breath with wasting warmth replete, Parch'd by my breast's contagious heat; Till, breathing soft, you pour again Returning life through every vein; Thus soothe to rest my passion's rage, Love's burning fever thus assuage:...
Page 225 - Seals of love, but feal'd in vain. Hide, oh, hide thofe hills of fnow, Which thy frozen bofom bears, On whofe tops the pinks that grow Are of thofe that April wears : But firft fet my poor heart free, Bound in thofe icy chains by thee.
Page 224 - TAKE, oh take thofe lips away, That fo fweetly were forfworn ; And thofe eyes, the break of day, Lights that do miflead the morn : But my kifles bring again, Seals of love, but feal'd in vain.
Page 162 - LOve in her Sunny Eyes does basking play ; Love walks the pleasant Mazes of her Hair ; Love does on both her Lips for ever stray ; And sows and reaps a thousand kisses there.
Page 75 - ... my shoulders soft decline Your beauties more than half divine; With wand'ring looks that o'er me rove, And fire the melting soul with love: While you, Neaera, fondly join Your little pouting lips with mine; And frolic bite your am'rous swain Complaining soft if bit again; And sweetly-murm'ring pour along The trembling accents of your tongue, Your tongue, now here now there that strays, Now here now there delighted plays; That now my humid kisses sips, Now wanton darts between my lips; And on...
Page 235 - Then, that soft scent which from the violet flows, She mixt with spoils of many a vernal rose ; Each gentle blandishment in love we find, Each graceful winning gesture next she join'd ; And all those joys that in her zone abound, Made up the kiss, and the rich labour crown'd...
Page 59 - ... fruits spontaneously. The whole company of the blessed would rise to give us welcome, and would set us on grassy seats in the foremost place among the Homeric choir ; nor would any of the mistresses of Jove be reluctant to yield precedence to thee, nor even Helen, the daughter of Jove. As round some neighb'ring elm the vine Its am'rous tendrils loves to twine ; As round the oak, in many a maze, The ivy flings its gadding sprays ; Couldst thou...
Page 229 - WHEN beauteous Lesbia fires my melting soul (She who the torch and bow from Cupid stole) By many a smile, by many an ardent kiss, And with her teeth imprints the tell-tale bliss ; Through all my frame the madding transport glows, Through every vein the tide of rapture flows. As many stars as o'er heaven's concave shine, Or clusters as adorn the fruitful vine ; So many blandishments, voluptuous joys, T' inflame my breast, the wily maid employs.
Page 97 - ... know, lovely one, could never for any injury swell with so much wrath but that bleeding and stammering it would ever descant upon those eyes, those lips, and those wanton teeth that hurt it. Oh arrogant power of beauty ! AH ! what ungovern'd rage, declare, Neaera, too capricious fair ! What unrevenged, unguarded wrong, Could urge thee thus to wound my tongue ? Perhaps you deem th...

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