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Lansing, December 1st, 1864. To the Legislature of the State of Michigan:

In compliance with the provisions of the law establishing the State Land Office, I have the honor to submit my report of the official proceedings of this office, for the fiscal year ending November 30th, 1861.

Schedules bereto annexed, exhibit the sales of the public lands; the amount received for land sold; the amount received to the credit of the several funds; the amount of swamp land applied to the construction of State roads and ditches; the amount licensed to actual settlers; the amount selected to apply on roads when completed, and a statement showing the amount of swamp lands granted to the State, and how it has been disposed of thus far.


The State has sold, during the past fiscal year, 24,770.93 acres of Primary School lands, for the aggregate sum of $107,171 99, against 15,528.27, in the year 1863, for $61,594 43.

The receipts for principal have been $176,706 04, against $102,304 24, in 1863.

The receipts for interest and penalty, have been $60,806 53, against $64,959 87, for previous year.

Of University lands, 368.35 acres have been sold for $4,420 20, against 213.80 acres in 1863, for $2,565 60.

The receipts to this fund, on account of principal, are $32,934 02, against $28,445 54, in 1863.

The receipts for interest and penalty, are $15,298 08.

Of the Normal School lands, the State has sold 200 acres for $800, against 80 acres for $320, in the year 1863.

The receipts for principal, interest and penalty, have been $8,025 81.

Of Salt Spring lavds, the State has sold 240 acres for $960.
The receipts from this class of lands, are $5,226 70.
Of Asylum lands, the State has sold 193.03 acres, for $772 12.
The receipts from this class of lands, are $6,897 62.

Of Internal Improvement lands, we have sold 942.15 acres, for $1,177 69.

Of Asset lapds, the State has sold 240 acres, for $500.

Of State Building lands, the State has sold 209.75 acres, for $1,678.

The lands belonging to the several classes above enumerated, except the Primary School, are nearly all sold; but few now remain to be disposed of.


The quantity of this class of lands sold for cash, amounts to 26,087.28 acres, for $33,804 49, against 25,224.85, in 1863, for the sum of $31,534 51.

The quantities applied to the construction of roads and ditches, during the past year, amounts to 110,147.72 acres, of the value of $137,684 64, against 80,832.52 acres, in 1863, of the value of $101,040 66.

The amount licensed to actual settlers, has been only 10,224.08 acres, about half the quantity licensed in the pre

vious year.

This may undoubtedly be attributable, in part, to the fact that a large amount of this class of lands most desirable and accessible for settlements, have been selected and reserved from market, to apply on road contracts, when the work shall be completed. The amount selected to apply on road and ditch contracts, during the years 1863-4, when the work shall be completed, is 426,517.68 acres.

It is believed that a liberal policy in granting and selling lands to actual settlers, and appropriations for the opening of important lines of intercommunication, have been productive of much good, in attracting to our State large numbers of industrious and enterprising emigrants.

Total Sales for Fiscal Year. Of Primary School Lands,

24,770.93 University Lands,....

368.35 Normal School Lands,.

200.00 Asylum Lands,

193.03 Salt Spring Lands,....

240.00 Internal Improvement Lands,

942.15 State Building Lands,...

209.75 Asset Lards,....

240.00 Swamp Lands, (Casb,).

26,087.28 (Roads)

110,147.72 (Licensed,)


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Swamp Lands selected and reserved, to apply on

Road Contracts,..


Total Receipts for Fiscal Year. On account of Primary School Lands, (Principal,) $176,706 64

(Interest,). 59,022 24 (Penalty,).

1,784 29 1 University,

(Principal,) 32,934 02

(Interest,). 15,038 31 an

(Penalty,). 259 77 " Normal School (Principal) 5,464 85

(Interest,). 2,437 56

(Penalty,). 123 40 Asylum

(Principal) 4,706 71 (Interest,).

2,062 10 (Penalty,). 128 75



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On account of State Building Lands, (Principal,)


· Salt Spring


• Internal Imp’nt (Principal)
" Asset


(Penalty,). • Taxes & Charges

$1,371 58

979 17

22 31 3,812 23 1,318 22

96 25 1,177 69

500 00 182,415 79 8,420 09

360 08 3,331 36

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$504,474 01

12,780 10

Value of lands licensed,....

Aggregate receipts and value of licensed


$517,254 11

The amount of swamp lánds now selected on

road contracts, and reserved from market, is..




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An'al Sales and Rec'pts, 1861, 15,721.06 acres, for $ 72,533 84 1862, 46,468.25

213,182 77 1863, 146,760.04

427,661 19 1864, 173,626.59

517,254 11 There has been about 8,000 acres of land confirmed to actual settlers, since the 15th of May, under the provisions of Act 229, laws of 1859, and patents have been issued to ibe actual settlers.

The Act, however, does not make any provision for the forfeiture of the land for a non-compliance of the conditions of settlement and occupancy.

Some legislation is needed by which the land licensed, but unsettled upon, shall be forfeited to the State, and placed in market.

This could probably be effected by advertisement and sale,

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