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Saint Mary's Falls Ship CANAL OFFICE,

Dec. 1st, 1864. To His Excellency Austin BLAIR,

Governor of the State of Michigan : As Superintendent of the Saint Mary's Falls Ship Canal, I have the honor to submit this, my annual report for the year 1864, showing the amount of money received from all sources, the amount deposited with the State Treasurer, to be placed to the credit of the canal fund, the amount expended for all purposes, and the whole number of vessels, the number and ton. nage of each class of vessels, the number of tons of iron, cop. per, flour, &c., that have passed through the Canal this season, and a reference to such other matters and things as are directly connected with and growing out of the management, protection and permanency of the Canal.

You will see by reference to table “ A," showing the receipts, expenses, amount deposited, &c., for every year since the Canal was opened, that the receipts for tolls this year have been thirty-four thousand two hundred and eighty-seven dollars and thirty-one cents. That the increase this year over last is three thousand seven hundred and twelve dollars and eighty-seven cents; that there has been deposited with the State Treasurer this year fourteen thousand six hundred and forty-four dollars; that there has been expended upon the buildings and Canal grounds, including the amount expended for timber for piers, dredging, snubbing posts, and repairing mitre sills with the aid of a diver, eleven thousand one hundred and ninety-nine dollars and forty-nine cents; that the ordinary expenses of the

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