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Page 11 - Holbein, in the Collection of His Majesty, for the Portraits of Illustrious Persons of the Court of Henry VIII, with Biographical Tracts.
Page 23 - Divi Britannici, being a Remark upon the Lives of all the Kings of this Isle, from the year of the world 2855, unto the year of grace 1660, fol.
Page 7 - An act to encourage and promote the establishment of free public libraries,
Page 10 - Memorial be spread upon the minutes of the Board, and that a copy thereof be transmitted to the family of Mr.
Page 23 - The general catalogue of books printed in England since the Dreadful fire of London 1666 to the End of Trinity. Term 1680. Together with the texts of single sermons, with the authors names: playes acted at both the theaters : and an abstract of the general bills of mortality since 1660.
Page 33 - The way to eminencie and perfection. A piece of serious Spanish wit originally in that language written, and in English by Sir John Skeffington.
Page 31 - Forreign Journals, From the / year Sixty Five, to This Time, / To which is Added, / A New Essay upon all sorts of Learning; / Wherein / The Uses of the Sciences / Is Distinctly Treated on./ By the Athenean Society./ Also, A Large Alphabetical Table, / Comprehending / The Contents of this Volume.
Page 35 - Parnassi Puerperium; or, SOME WELL-WISHES TO INGENUITY, in the TRANSLATION OF SIX HUNDRED OF OWEN'S EPIGRAMS ; MARTIAL DE SPECTACULIS ; or, of Rarities to be seen in Rome ; and the most Select in SIR THO. MORE ; to which is annext, A CENTURY OF HEROICK EPIGRAMS...
Page 31 - BARON (Robert). MIRZA, a Tragedie. Really acted in Persia, in the last Age. Illustrated with Historicall Annotations, the Author RB, Esq.
Page 37 - The Extravagant Shepherd, or the History of the Shepherd Lysis, an anti-Romance, written originally in French, and now made English. London, 1654.

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