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them to be read in Churches by the King Edward, unto this time, or Ministers, diligently and diftin&ly, hereaster shall be Confecrated or that they may be ur der standed of 0 dered accordirg to the same che Peopl.

Rites, we decree all such to be rightly, orderly, and lawfully

Consecrated and ordered. Of the Names of the Ho- XXXVII. Of the Civil Magistrates. milies.

"He Queens Majefty bath the

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pions, unto whom the chief Go. 2 Againa Peril of Idolarry. vernment of all Estates of this 3 Of Repairing and keeping Clean Realm, whether they be Ecclefi. of Churches.

astical or Civil, in all Causes doch 4 Of Good Works, firft of Fasting. appertain, and is not, nor ought Ś Against Gluttony and Drun- to be subje& to any Foreign Jakennels.

risdiction. 6 Againt Excess of Apparel. Where we attribute to the 7 Of Prayer.

Queens Majesty the chief GoŚ Of the Place and Time of Prayer. vernment, by which Titles we 9 Thar Common Prayers and Sao understand the minds of some

craments ought to be Minifred Nanderous Folks to be offended : in a known Tongue.

we give not to our Princes the 10 of the Reverent Eximation of Miniftring either of Gods Word, Gods Word.

or of the Sacraments, se which 11 Of Alms-doing.

thing the Injun&ions also lately sec 12-Of the Nativity of Chrif. forth by Elizabesh our Queen, do 13 of the Passion of Chrif. most plainly ieftifie: but chat only 14 Of the Resurrection of Christ. Prerogatire which we see to have is of the worthy Receiving of the been given always to all godly

Sacrament of the Body and Blood Princes in holy Scriç: ures by God of Christ.

himself, that is, that they should 16 Of the Gifts of the Holy Ghost. rule all Eftares and Degrees com17 For the Rogation Days.

mitted to their charge by God, 18 Of the State of Matrimony. whether they be Ecclesiastical or 19 Of Repentance.

Temporal, and reftrain with the 20 Against Idleness,

Civil Sword the Atubborn and evil 21 Against Rebellion.

Doers. XXXVI. of Confocrazion of Bilbops The Bishop of Rome hach no and Ministers.

Jurisdi&ion in this Realm of Eng. "He Book of Consecration of land.

The Laws of the Realm may and Ordering of Priests and Dea- punish Christian men with Death cons, lately set forth in the time for heinons and grievous Offences, of Edward che Sixth, and confirm It is lawful for Chriftian men, ed at the same time by Autho- at che Commandment of the Marity of Parliament, doch contain giftrate, te wear Weapons, and all things necessary to such Con- serve in the wars. secration and Ordering: neither XXXVIII. Of Chriftian mens Goods, hath it any thing that of it self is which are not common.

. And ГНе

Christians are not common, cared or Ordered according to as touching the Right, Title, and the Rives of that Book, since the Possession of the same, as certain Second year of the forenamed Anabaptists do fally boaft. Nor

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therefore whosoever are concede The Ritches and Goods of

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withAtanding, of The Rarification. match chings as he poffefies, libe Thriebesede

, is again approved rally to give alms to che Poor, ac. cording to his ability.

and allowed to be holden and Execu. XXXIX. Of a Christian Mans Oath. ted within the Realm, by the AlA s we con els that rain and sent and Consent of our Sovereign

rash Swearing is forb!dden Lady ELIZA BÉTH, by the Christian men by our Lord Je- Grace of God, of England, France, sus Chrift, and James his Apo- and Ireland, Queen, Defender of Ale: So we judge that Chriftian the Faith, &c. Which Articles were Religion doch not prohibit, but deliberately read, and confirmed athat a man may swear when the gain by the Subscription of the Hand Magiftrate requirech, in a cause of the Archbiskop and Biflops of the of Faich and Charity, so it be upper house, and by the Subscriptidone according to the Prophets on of the whole Clergy of the Nether céaching, in Justice, Judgment, House in their Convocation, in the and Truth.

Year of our Lord. 1571.


The TAB L E.


F Faith in the Trinity

Of Chrift the Son of God. Of his going down into Hel. 4

Of his Resurrection.
Of zhe Holy Ghoft.
of the Sufficiency of the Scrip

Of the Old Teftament. 8 Of the three Croods. 9 Of Original Şin. 1o Of Free-will. u Of Fuftification. 12 Of Good Works. 13 Of Works before Juftification. 14 Of Works of Supererogation, 15 Of Chrift alone without fin. 16 Of fin after Baptifm. 17 Of Predeftination and Elečtion. 18 Of obtaining Salvation by Cbrift. 19 Of the Church. 20 Of the Authority of the Church. 21 of the Authority of General


22 Of Purgatory. 23 Of Miniftring in the Congregou

rion. 24 Of Speaking in the Congregon 25 Of the Sacraments. 26 Of the Worthiness of Ministers, 27 Of Baptism. 28 Of the Lords Supper, 29 Of the Wicked, which sat 803

the Body of Christ. 30 Of both kinds. 31 Of Chrifts one Oblation. 31 Of she Marriage of Priests. 33 Of Excommunicate Parfons. 34 Of the Traditions of the Church, 35 of Homilies. 36 of Consecrarion of Ministerse 37 Of Civil Magiftrates. 38 Of Cbriftian mons Goods, 39 Of a Christian mans Oatha

The Rarification.



A TABLE of Kindred and Affinity, wherein whosoever

Related, are forbidden in Scripture, and our Lapps, to Mar, goy together.

A Man may not Marry his A Woman may not Marry her i Grandmother,

I Grandfather, 2 Grandfathers Wife,

2 Grandmothers Husband, 3 Wifes Grandmother,

3 Husbands Grandfather, 4 Fathers Sifter,

Fathers Brother, Ś Mothers Sifter,

Ś Mothers Brother, 6 Fathers Brothers Wife,

6 Fathers Sisters Husband, Mothers Brothers Wife, 7 Mothers Sisters Husband, Wifes Fachers Sifter,

8 Husbands Fathers Brother, 9 Wifes Morbers Sisters

9 Husbands Mothers Brotberg 10 Mother,

10 Father, 11 Step-mother,

11 Step-Father, 12 Wifes Mother,

12 Husbands Facher, 13 Daughter,

13 Son, 14 Wifes Daughter,

Husbands Son, 15 Sons Wife,

iš Daughters Husband, 16 Sifter,

16 Brother, 17 Wifes Sister,

17 Husbands Brother, 18 Brothers Wife,

18 Sisters Husband, 19 Sons Daughter,

19 Sons Son, 20 Daughters Daughter

20 Daughters Son, 21 Sons Sons Wifc,

21 Sons Daughters Husband, 22 Daughters Sons Wife,

22 Daughters DaughtersHusband 23 Wifes Sons Daughter,

23 Husbands Sons Son, 24 Wifes Daughters Daughter. 24 Husbands Daughters Song 25 Brothers Daughter,

25 Brothers Son, 26 Sisters Daughter,

26 Sifters Son, 27 Brothers Sons Wife,

27 Brothers Daughters Husband, 28 Sifters Sons Wife,

28 Sifters Daughters Husband, 29 Wifes Brothers Daugheer, 29 Husbands Brothers Son, 30 Wifes Sifters Daughter. 30 Husbands Sifters Son.


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