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Shening the Nature and Necessily of a

Sacramental Preparation de Printed for E dmwd Parker at the Bible & Cronin in Lombard feet near Stockmarket.


Shewing the Nature and Necessity


Sacramental Preparation,

In order to our Worthy Receiving the Holy Communion.

WHERE IN Those Fears and Scruples about Eating and Drinking Unworthily, and of incurring our own Damnation thereby, are prov'd groundless and unwarrantable

Unto which are added, PRAYERS and MEDITATIONS, Preparative to a Sacramental Preparation, according to what the Church of England

requires from her Communicants. 2 will wapo my Hands in Innocency, O Lord, and so wil I go to shine Altar, Pfal. 26. V.6. The 'E 1 GHTH EDITION.

Z ONDON: Printed for Edmund Parker, at the Bible and Crown siin tombord Street, near Stocks-Market: 1717.

This Book is Bound up with the Commons * Pragers of several Sorés : And to be had at the

Place abovefaidas.

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HE usual Reafon which

Men allign for their not coming so often to the Holy T

Sacrament as they would do, is their
Fear of Eating and Drinking unwor-

thily, and confequently, of incurring their own Damnation thereby; The Design then of this bart Discourse is, to fhém what that Sacramental Preparation is, which is absolutely necessary to qualifie. Men for 4. wortby Participation of the Lord's Supper, that so Men may come without the least Fear of Eating and Drinking Damnation to tbeemselves; For which Purpose, I conceive no Rule, na. Instruction more safe, eafie andinftrudive than that of our Church Catechism, which I have endeavoured to explain

and to accommodate for the use and Benefit of the meaneft Capacity."

The concluding Part of this:Discourse contains Prayers and Meditations preparative to a Sacramental Preparation, and tho--they be few in Number, yet I hope they fully answer all those several Parts of Communicant's Duty, according to that Rule and Standard which our Church has fixed for our

the Hely Altar, By the Addition of those Psalms and proper Lessons annex’d to each particular

, Prayer and Meditation, the Communicant may enlarge bis Devotions to what Degree or Length be pleafeth; ebra' wbichMethod you bave as much Matter

for actual Preparation in this little Book, as in any other Discon le of this Nature bbatsoever,



TO THE jis

egia é 41 dve LEthoseBlessings which wenow enjoy and hope

hereafter to receive А from Almighty God are

purchased for us, and

must be obtained thro es the Mefits

the Mefits and Interter sion of the Holy JESUS, who has institus ted and ordained Holy Mysterjés, as Pledges of his Love, and for a continual Remein'o brance of his Death and Paffion; to our great and endless Comfort, Luke 22. 19. i Cor. 11, 24. Balthen we muftrentember thatthefe Benefits and Bleflings (which

the Son of God has purchased for us) are ! no where promised, but upon Condition

thaç we our selves are first duly qualified for them. The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper is a solemn Racification of our Bapriftial Covenant, wherein God for his Part hach faithfully promised Pardon and

Remiffion of Sins to all true Penitents, and we for our Parts are therein solemnly bound to be faithful and obedient unto him. 2 Tim. 2. 19. Before then we can promise to our selves any Benefit or Advantage from the Participation of this solemn Rite and Cover : nant between God and us, we must endeavour (whatin us lies) to poffess our Souls with all those Divine Qualifications which this Sacrament of the Lord's Supper requires, to render us worthy Partakers , thereof.

And what those are is the Design of this Discourse; wherein I fhallendeavour to shew what that Preparation of Heart and Mind is, which must dispose us for a worthy Participation of the Blessed Sacrament: And herein I hope to remove all those Fears and Scruples, which arise in our Minds, about eating and drinking unworthily, and of incurring our own Damnation thereby,as groundless and unwarrantable; and to do this I shall take occasion to explain that part of our CHURCH.CA I ECHISM, designedly intended for our Instruction, with relation to this Duty of a Sacramental Preparation, viz.

Q. What is required of them who come to the Lord's Supper?

A. To examine themselves whether they reel pent them truly of their former Sins; stedfast


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