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Rom. i. 21. Because that when they knew God, they

glorified Him not as God, neither were thankful, &c. DOCTRINE I. TT is a great Sin not to glorify GOD as GOD.

I. What is it to glorify GOD?
1. Negatively.
1. Not as if we made Him Glorioas, Exod.

XV. 11.
2. Nor as if we added any thing to His

2. But Positively.

1. To acknowledge His Glory, Psal. xix. 1;

2. To admire it.
- 3. To live up to it.

4. To speak of it.
II. What is it to glorify GOD as GOD?
1. To acknowledge Him to be GOD.
1. To be what he is in Himself.'
I. Qf Himself a Spirit. .
A 3

2. Infinite

2. Infinite and Incomprehensible. Sibi

foli tantus quantus notus, Minut.
3. Almighty, s. Matth. xix. 26. Mul-

ta non poteft Deus, Omnipotens eft;
& ideo Omnipotens, quia ifta non ,

potest. S. Aug.
4. All-wise, Psal. cxlvii. 5. Color: ii. 3.

True, ' Exod. xxxiv. 6.
6. Good, S. Luk. xviii. 19. Psal. cxlv.
7. Holy, 1 Sam. ii. 2. Psal. cxlv, 17.
8. Merciful, Exod. xxxiv. 6.
9. Just, Pfal. cxlv. 17.
10. Omnipresent, Pfal. cxxxix.
11. Eternal, Exod. iii. 14. i
12. One, Deut. vi. 4. Non numeró, fed u-

niverfitate, Ruffin. 708 710" 7'XW

708 siya nio). Maimonid. Three in Persons, i S. Joh. v. 7. * 'Αδιαίρες και αν η τεισίν υποςάσεσιν

jj is vias xoias Occ715, S. Athanas. S.Matth. iii. 17. Voce pater, Natus

corpore, Flamen ave. 2. To be what he is to us. '1. Our Maker, Gen. i. 1. Quapropter reo

Etisimè credimus omnia Deum fecise

de nihilo. S. Aug. Our Preserver, A&. vii. 28. lap outē

gás obv nužu ro évigyang to un dinoo

neats. 3. Our Governour, and the Disposer of

all Things, Pfal. lxxv. 6. S. Marth.

X. 29, 30. e Our Redeemer, Ifa. xlvii. 4. . 2. To fear Him as GOD. !. As an Heart-searching GOD, Psal.


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cxxxix. 2. 'O71 Fegyvasiañ dur qe me akse

Ta enisator, S. Chryfoft. .
pórov ta's ques Tesco canas Reges, eras'

τις εσομένες μοι πεsώρακας λογισμός,

Theodoret. 2. A Sin-revenging GOD, Exod. xxxiv.7. 3. A Sin-pardoning GOD, Psal. cxxx. 4.

Hof. iii. s.
3. Hope in Him as an (Psal.xxvii. 1. xlvi.1,2.)

1. All-wise, 2 Pet. ii. 9.
2. Almighty,
3. All-gracious,
4. All-faithful God. Promisa tua fint, a

quis falli timeat, cum promittit verio

tas? S. Aug.
4. Rejoice in Him, Phil. iv. 4.

1. As a reconciled GOD in Christ.

2. A Soul-fatisfying GOD in Himself. 3. Desire Him as GOD, Pfal. Ixxiii. 25. 1. As One, without Whom we cannot

but be miserable.. 2. As One, in whom we cannot but be

happy. 6. Love Him as GOD, Deut. vi. 5. 1. As the chiefest Good in Himself, S. Luk.

xviii. 19. . "
2. The Fountain of all Goodness in the

7. Worship Him as GOD.

1. Him alone, Isa. xlii. 8.

2. In Spirit and Truth, S. Joh.iv. 24.
8. Serve Him as GOD, S. Matth. v. 16.

S. Joh. xv. 8.
1. Him alone, Isa. xlii. 8.

2. In all Things, 1 Cor. x. 31.
9Serve Him as GOD, so as to do all ta
. His Glory, i Cor. x. 31.


1. Motives to it. Consider,

1. You are His, not your own, 1 Cor. vi. i 19, 20. . 2. You have nothing of your own, all is His,

. i Cor. iv. 3. 3. Whatsoever you do, it is by His Strength, .

S. Job. xvi. s. 4. GOĎ doth alí Things to His own Glory.

1, Creation, Prov. xvi. 4..
2. Providence, S. Joh. xi. 4. Exod. ix. 16.

3. Redemption, Ephef. i. 5,6.
5. Every time that we make not GOD's

Glory 'our ultimate End, we commit

Idolatry. For, 6. There is Nothing, besides GOD's Glory,

worthy to be the End of a rational Soul, because all Things else are below it,

1 S. Pet. iv. 11. Psal. Ixxiii. 26. Whatsoever does not some way tend to · the Glory of GOD, it is a Şin, Rom.

iii. 23. 2. Directions." 1. Often think of the Greatness and Glory

of GOD, Psal. xcv. 3. xcvj. 4, 10.

cxxxviii. 5. and cxlv. 3, 4, 5. 2. Whatsoever ye do, intend, in your doing

it, the Glory of GOD, Foß. vị. 19.

IS. Pet. iv. 16. Ja, viii. 13.
1. In your Natural," '
2. In Humane,

1. Thinking, Prov. iv. 23. fer. iv. 14:
2. Speaking, Coloff. iv. 6. Ephef. iv. 29.
Pfal. cxlv. 2.
3. Aaing, properly so called, 1 S. Pet.

ii. 12.
3. Spiritual Meditation, Psal. cxix 148.
Jon. ii. 7.

1. Praying,

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