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In Five PARTS.

1. Words, both common and proper, II. A large and useful Table of

from one to fax: Syllables: The le- Words, that are the same in
veral sorts of Monofyllables in the Sound, but different in Significa-
common Words being distinguish tion; very necessary to prevent

I by Tables, into Words of trdo, the writing one Word for another
thréc, and four Letters, 6 g with of ihe fame Sound.
fix Short Lessons at the End of 111; A: livort, but comprehensive

Table, not exceeding the or- Grammar of the English Tougue,
der of Syllables in the foregoing delivered in the molt familiar and
Tables. The several sorts of instruktive Method of Question
Polysyllables also, heing ranged in and Anfwer; necessary for allsuch
proper Tables, have their Sylla. Persons as have the Advantage
bles divided, and Directions pla- " only of an English Education.
sed at the Head of each Table for IV. An useful Colle&tion of Sen-
the. Accent, to prevent false Pro- tences in Profe:and Verle, Divine,
nunciation ; together with the Moral; and Historical ; together
foregoing Tables, placed at the aduen”d with proper Sculptures,
End of each Tablog as far as tol for the better Improvement of
Words of four Syllables, for the the Young Beginner. A:d
'casier and more speedy Way of V. Forms of Prayer for Childreng,

eaching Children to Read. on several Occalions,
The Whole, being recommended by several Clergymen-and
eminent Schoolmasters,

the most useful Performance
for the Instruction of Youth, is designed for the Use of
SCHOOLS in Great Britain and Ireland.

The Thirteenth Edition.

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AUTHOR of the
SCHOOLMASTERS ASSISTANT ; and Schoolmafter in Wappin.

Printed and Sold by HENRY-KE-N-T, at the Printing Ofice

in Finth-Lane, near the Royal Exchange: M.DCCylionil

Just Published (Price is, 6 d.)

TH-E Schoolmasters Aflitant:


Compendium of ARITHMETIC,

Practical and Theogetical.


In Four PARTS.

CONTAINING, 1. Arithmetic in Whole Numbers, 1 III. Decimals, in which, among

wherein all the common Rules, other Things, are considered the having each of them a sufficient Extraction of Roots ; Interest, Number of Questions, with their. both Simple and Compound ; Answers, are methodically and Annuities ; Rebate, and Equation briefly handled.

of Payments. H. Vulgar Fractions, wherein fé- | IVA large Collection of Questions,

yeral Things, not commonly met with their Answers, serving to with, are there distinctly treated exerci the foregoing Rules ; of, and laid down in the most together with a few others, both plain and easy Manner."

pleasant and diverting.

Being delivered in the most familiar Way of Question and

Answer, is recommended by several eminent Mathematicians,
Accomptants and Schoolmasters, as neceffary to be' ufed in Schools
by all Teachers, who would have their Scholars, thoroughly
understand, and make a quick Progress in ARITHMETIC.

To which is 'prefixt,
An E's $ À Y on the Education of YOUTH, humbly offer'd

to the Confideration of PARE N T S.

The fifth Edition.

AUTOR. Of this
New Guide to the English Tongues and Schoolmaster in Wappin.
All Things, which from the very firft Original Being of Things, bave

been framed and made, do appear to be framed by the Reason of
Number ; for this was ebe principal Example or Pattern in the Mind
of the CREATOR.

Anitius Boetiuso Tbou [O LORD] baj ordered all Things in Measure, Number, and Weight.

Wisdom xi. 20. Printed and Sold by Henry KENT, at the Printing Office in

Finck Lane, near the Royal Exchange.

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