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4 BOOKS published by NICHOLS, SON, and BENTLEY.

THE LITERARY LIFE and SELECT WORKS of BENJAMIN STILLINGFLEET, Fsq. several of which have never before been published. By the Rev. WILLIAM COXE, M.A. F.R.S. F.S.A. }... with Portraits of B. Stillingfleet, R. Price, W. Windham, and R. A. Neville, Esquires; and with 17 Plates of Grasses, engraved by Sowerby. Three Vols. 8vo. Price 2l. 2s. or Royal Paper, with the Botanical Plates coloured, Price 3!. 3s.

“The “Literary Life of Mr. Stillingfleet' forms the First Volume; and, to men curious in Literary History, must form a very interesting memorial. Wolumes II. and III. contain his Poetry and Miscellaneous Tracts in Natural History, enriched with the Additional Observations of Professor Martyn. The value of these original and o curious Extracts cannot fail to be appreciated by every person conversant with the subject. Mr. Stillingfleet's Remarks on Agricultural Writers are particularly valuable. His Works will now attain the rank in every Library to which they are so justly entitled."—Gent. Mag. 1811.

*** At the desire of several Persons, Mr. Archdeacon Coxe's “Life of Stillingfleet” is sold separately from the “Works,” embellished with four original Portraits, Price 14s. boards.

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from the earliest Period down to the Sixteenth Century; consisting of XL Subjects, selected from Sculptures. Paintings, and Brasses, remaining in this Kingdom. By JOHN CARTER, F.S.A. Extracted from the New Edition of Fosbrooke's “ British Monachism.” In Royal Octavo, price 10s. 6d. boards. *, *, A Biographical Memoir of its ingenious Author is prefixed to this curious Work, ouly a very few Copies of which are printed for separate sale.


Political, and Ecclesiastical, to and from WILLIAM NICOLSON, U. D. successively Bishop of Carlisle and of Derry, and Archbishop of Cashel; including the Correspondence of several eminent Persons, from 1683 to 1726, inclusive. With Literary and Historical Anecdotes. By JOHN NICHOLS, F.S.A. Two Volumes, 8vo. Price 16s.

“It is but justice to observe, that to all who are desirous of penetrating into the minute History of Literature, and the Characters of Literary Men, the present Publication must prove highly gratifying and satisfactory.”

- Gent. Mag. 1809.

THE EPISTOLARY CORRESPONDENCE of Sir RICHARD STEEI.E.To which are prefixed, Fragments of Three Plays: Two of them undoubtedly Steele's, the Third supposed to be Addison's. With Literary and Historical Anecdotes, by JOHN §§oo. F.S.A. Two Volumes 8vo, with a Portrait. Price 16s.

“The most apparently trifling of these unpremeditated Effusions have a direct tendency to illustrate some *. of the Writer's temper and habits, and to bring us nearer to the real character of a man whom we can no longer contemplate in real life. The present Edition appears with a great many attractive recommendations. Besides many additional Letters, we are now presented with three Dramatic Fragments, which cannot fail to engage the attention of the admirers of Steele and Addison.”—Gent. Mag. 1809.

THE LIFE and ORIGINAL CORRESPONDENCE of Sir GEORGE RADCLIFFE, Knt. LL.D. the Friend of the Earl of Straf. ford. ... By THOMAS DUNHAM, WHITAKER, LL.D. F.S. A. Vicar of Whalley. With two Fac-Simile Plates. Demy 4to, Price 1.l. 1s. ; Royal Paper, 11.11s 6d.

DE MOTU PER BRITANNIAM CIVICO, Annis MDCCXLV et MDCCXLVI, Liber unicus. Auctore T. D. WHITAKER, LL.D. F.S.A. 12mo, Price 6s. “This elegant and classical History of the Rebellion of 1745 will be received by Scholars as an acceptable present from a Scholar and an Antiquary. The language is pure and elegant, and the reflections of the Author are profound.” Gent. Mag. 1809.


- a - p . . County #igtorieg. HUTCHINS’S HISTORY OF DORSETSHIRE. ... " THE Third and Fourth Volumes of the New and much Improved Edition of HUTCHINSS HISTORY, of DORSETSHIRE. With copious Additions, by the late Richard Gough, Esq. and J. B. Nichols, F. S. A. F. L. S. Price 16. 16s.; or on Large Paper, 21 l. *...* These Volumes (either of which may be had separately) are embellished with CXII Plates, (besides numerous Vignettes), and contain the Description of the Hundreds of Cogdean, Cranbourne, Knowlton, Loosebarrow, Sex nny Handley, Upwinbourne, and Winbourne St. Giles; and the Liberties of Stour. minster Marshall, and Gillingham, and the whole of Sherbourne Division. Also, the Natural History, by Dr. Pulteney; the Domesday for the County, and other Prolegomena; an ample Appendix of Additions and Corrections, and General Indexes to the whole Work. *** The Possessors of the FIRST EDITI on of HUTch INs's “DORSETSHIRE,” in Two Volumes, may have the Third and Fourth Volumes of the Secon D EDITION, bound uniform with their Sets; and the new Plates that occur in the first Two Volumes of the New Edition (LXVIII in number) introduced into their proper places in the First Edition.—for 16l., 16s, exclusive of the charge for Binding.—A liberal price will be given for Vol. II. of the Second EDITION, 1803. - Qf the following separate Articles only Fifty Copies are printed. 1. VITRUVIUS DORSETTIENSIS; or, Thirty-Six Views of the more principal Seats of the Nobility and Gentry in the County of Dorset, beautifully engraved by eminent Artists, and printed on the best Plate Paper, 41.4s. 2. The BEAUTIES of joo, or Twenty Views of some of the more principal Seats of the Nobility and Gentry of Dorsetshire. None of which were in the First Edition of Hutchins's “History.” 21, 12s. 6d. 3. HISTORY OF SHER BORNE TOWN, with XII Plates, 11.10s. 4. HISTORY OF MILTON ABBEY, with II Plates, 10s. 6d. 5. DR. PULTENEY's CATALOGUE of the BIRDs, Shells, and PLANts of Dorsets HIRE, with XXIII Plates, 2l. 2s. 6. DORSETSHIRE DOMESDAY, with Translation and Dissertation, 15s. 7. MEMOIR OF MR.HUTCHINS, by Mr. BINGHAM, Portrait, 4to.7s.6d.

NICHOLS’S HISTORY OF LEICESTERSHIRE. The Three last Portions of the HISTORY of LEICESTERSHIRE, containing the Hundreds of GUTHLAxton and SPARKENHor; with the History of the Town of Leicester; a large Appendix, and ample Indexes to the whole Work. These Volumes are embellished with CCLV Plates. Price'17l. 17s. ; or on Large Paper, 26l. 5s. -Each Volume, as far as relates to the Hundred it describes, is a complete and independent Work, and may be had separately.

MANNING and BRAY'S HISTORY of SURREY. In three vols. illustrated with C. additional Prints, price 21 l. One Hundred VIEWS and Édoor. Afts to illustrate the History of Surrey, rice 4!. 4s. p CLUTTERBUCKS, HISTORY and ANTIQUITIES of the COUNTY of HERTFORD. Vol. I. Twenty fine Plates, Price Sl. 8s. Large Paper, 15l. 15s. —z—— SURTEES'S HISTORY and ANTIQUITIES of DURHAM. Vol. I. 6l. 6s. Large Paper, 10l. 10s. Twenty fine Plates, chiefly from Drawings by Mr. BLORE. e-SHAW's HISTORY of STAFFORDSHIRE. In two Vols. Folio. Large Paper, price 12l. 12s. RMEROD'S HISTORY of CHESHIRE. Six Parts, (as far as published). Price 151. 15s. - - POLWHELE'S HISTORY of CORNWALL. In Seven Parts, forming two good-sized Quarto Volumes. Price 8l. 8s.

POLWHELE'S HISTORY of DEVONSHIRE. Forming one large Folio

Volume. Price 71.7s.


GREGSON'S FRAGMENTs for LANCASHIRE, fol. with beautiful 2ngravings in Wood. Price, 61. 6s. – A few Proof Impressions of the Engravings in Wood may be had, separate, on india paper, Hounted, 41.4s.

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Handsomely printed in Royal Quarto, embellished with XLVI Plates (XX of which are not in the preceding Editions) the Third Edition, very considerably enlarged, price 6l. 6s. in boards, of

The HISTORY of the original PARISH of WHALLEY
and the HONOR of CLITHEROE, in the Counties of LANCASTER and YORK.
To which is subjoined, An Account of the PARISH of CARTMELL. -
By THOMAS DUNHAM WHITAKER, LL. D. F. S. A. Vicar of Whalley.
A few Copies are printed in Folio, hot-pressed, with choice Impressions of the
Plates, price 12l. 12s. -
*, * Many Mistakes which had been discovered in the former Editions have
been rectified, many facts which were then hypothetically stated, have been re-
duced to certainty, and an ample fund of original matter has been introduced.
Also, by the same Author,
- In Quarto, embellished with Plates, price 5l. 5s. in boards ;
or in Folio, with Duplicate Impressions of the Plates, Coloured, price 151. 15s.

The HISTORY and ANTIQUITIES of the Deanely
of CRAVEN, in the County of York.

Second Edit. with many Additions, Map, Views of Gentlemen's Seats, Antiquities, &c.

HISTORY and ANTIQUITIES of HAWSTED, in the County of SUFFOLK. By the Rev. Sir JOHN CULLUM, BART. Second Edition.

*** Of this #. which is embellished with beautiful Portraits of the Author, and his Ancestor Sir T. Cullum, and IX other Plates, no more than 200 Copies are printed, on Royal Paper, Price 21, 2s.; and 30 on Imperial, Price 4l. 4s.

HISTORY and ANTIQUITIES of KIDDINGTON, co. Oxford. B the Rev. T. WARTON, B. D. F. S. A. The Third Edition.

*...* Of this Edition, which is embellished with a View of the Church and two remarkable Fonts, by J. C. Buckler, only 200 Copies are printed, on Royal Paper, Price 14s. ; and 30 on Imperial, Price il. 1 1s. 6d.

HISTORY of the MANOR and MANOR-HOUSE, of SOUTH WINFIELD, in DERBYSHIRE. By THOMAS BLORE, Esq. of the society of the Middle Temple, and F. S. A. Author of “The History of Rutland.”

*...* The Second EDITION ; of which only FIFTY Copies are printed in 4to. embellished with Five Plates and Two Engraved Genealogical Tables, Price 15s.

SECOND APPENDIX to HISTORY of CROYLAND. By RICHARD GOUGH, Esq. illustrated by Ten Folio Plates of the History of St. Guthlac. The Bibliotheca Topographica Britannica, having become particularly valuable, and many of the Copies wanting the above Tract, [from p. 205 to 298 of Vol. III.] it has been thought fit to re-print it, confining the Impression to Tw ENTY-NIvE CoPIEs. Price 2l. 2s. To this Re-publication is prefixed a beautiful View of the West Front of CRoy LAND ABBEY, drawn by J. CARTER, F. S. A. and engraved by BASIre. +4t A Single Copy of the “Bibliotheca o: Britannica,” with the Continuation complete, may be had, Twelve large Volumes 4to. Price 100l.

THE HISTORY of BOLSOVER and PEAK CASTLES, DERbyshire. By Dr. PEGGE. With seven Plates, from Drawings by Major H. Rooke, 4to. Price 10s. 6d.

LICHFIELD HOUSE, in Los Do N. By Dr. PEGGE. 4to. Price 7s.6d.

LONDON;” with directions for placing them. Price 4.4s. -
*** A List of these Plates may be seen in “Mr. Upcott's Account of En-
glish Topography,” Vol. I. p. 893.
LX ADDITIONAL Illustrative VIEWS and PORTRAITS, with direc-
tions for placing them. . Price 21, 2s.
*** A List of these Plates may be seen at the Publisher's.
XXX of the Principal CHURCHES in the Metropolis, being those parti-
cularly described by Pennant, Price I l. 1s. - -
X | S M APs us the ex v i \l WAR 1)s, &c. Price 1 || 1 , ,

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BOOKS published by NICHOLS, SON, and BENTLEY, 7

. This day is re-published, with Additions and Corrections, in royal 8vo. embellished

with XIV beautiful Plates, (three of which are new),


With an Appendix of Original Records. By JAMES PARK.
A very few Large Paper Copies remain on Sale, in Quarto, Price 31. 3s.
*** The ADDITIONs may be had separately, Price 4s.

ExCURSIONS in the Counties of KENT, GLOU


1802, 1803, and 1805; consisting of Descriptive Sketches of the most interesting Places, and Buildings, particularly the Cathedrals of CANTERBURY, Glouces. TER, HEREFORD, and BRISTOL : with delineations of Character in different Ranks of Life. By J. P. MALCOLM, F. S. A. The Second Edition, illustrated by XXII highly-finished Plates, drawn and engraved by the Author. Handsomely o in royal 8vo. Price 11.7s. bds. “This Work will be found altogether very entertaining in itself, and very

creditable to Mr. Malcolm's taste as an artist. The perusal has afforded us much satisfaction.”—British Critic.

In Eight volumes 8vo, price 51, in boards,


Consisting of, Vol. I. His LIFE, written by himself; Journey to Londox, 2d edition.—Vol. II. HIsto Ry of BIRMINGHAM.—Vol. III. Courts of RFQUESTs, and DISSERTATION on Juries and HUNDRED Court.—Vol. IV. BATTLE of Bosworth FIELD, 2d edition, with Additions by Nichols.—

Vol. V. History of DERby. Description of BLAckpool.—Vol. VI. HisToRY of the Roman WALL-Vol. VII. REMARKs on North WALes,

Tour to SCARBORou GH, with A SURVEY of York.-Vol. VIII. TRIP to
Of the following Works by Mr. HUTtoN, New Editions have lately been published :


Comprising a Description of the most interesting Objects of Curiosity to a Visitor of the Metropolis. By WILLIAM HUTTON, F. A. S. S. Second Edition. 8vo. 5s.


from the remote Ages of Antiquity to the year 1791 ; describing its Situation, Air, Soil, Water, Streets, Buildings, and Government. With the illustrious Families who have inherited its Honours. Also, the Ecclesiastical History, Trade, Amusements, Remarkable Occurrences, and Eminent Men, with the adjacent Seats of the Gentry. By W. HUTTON, F. A. S.S. The Second Edition, with Additions, illustrated with XIX Plates, 8vo, price 12s. “Mr. Hutton's account of Derby cannot fail of conveying information to the Reader, while his digressions and incidental remarks will frequently amuse him.”— New Annual Register, 1791.

3. A TOUR to SCARBOROUGH in 1803;

including a particular Survey of the CITY OF YORK. By W. HUTTON, F.A.S.S. The Second Edition, with a View of York Cathedral by CARTER. 8vo, Price 6s. “This Work manifests traits of good sense, strokes of good humour, evidences of a tolerant spirit, and proofs of a decidedly virtuous turn of mind, which secure to

the Writer the esteem of every good Reader.”—Monthly Review, 1806,
*Mr. Hutton shews an intimate knowledge of his own country, and its annals.
In this Work he gives an entertaining description of York and its antiquities.”—
British Critie, 1804.

4. A DESCRIPTION of BLACKPOOL, in Lancashire,

frequented for Sea-Bathing. By W. HUTTON, F.A.S.S. The 3d Edition, 8vo, pr. 3s.

5. REMARKS, Moral, Practical, and Facetious, on various interesting Subjects. By W. HUTTON, Esq. 12mo, price 3s. “A small volume of practical observations and apophthegms, selected from the Works of the late William Hutton of Birmingham, merits general circulation, as every sentence is the result of that long experience which is the only guide to wisdom.”—Monthly Magazine, Jan. 1818. - - - - - 6. REMARKS on NORTH WALES, with Plates, 7s.6d. 7. COURTS of REQUESTs, particularly that of Birmingham, described, 8s.

2, DJSSERTATION on JURIES, and Hundred Court, 1s 6d,

8 BOOKS published by NICHOLS, SON, and BENTLEY.

An Account of Pythagoras' School in Cambridge, as in Mr. Grose's Antiuities of England and Wales, and other Notices. To which is added, Something Supplementary, containing an Account of Merton College, Oxford.

Folio, with Nine Plates, price Il. 1s. boards.
*...* This curious Work was compiled by the Rev. JOSEPH KILNER, M.A.

of Merton College, Oxford, but never regularly published; and is now very rare.

Descriptions and Explanations of the Remains of some Roman Antiquities
dug up in the §§ Bath in 1799. , With an Engraving from Drawings made
on the spot. By Governor POWNALL, 4to. price 4s.

ROYAL TRIBES of WALES. - By PHILIP YORKE, Esq. of Erthig. With XII beautiful Portraits, engraved by bond, 4to. price ll. 1s. boards. |

HISTORY and ANTIQUITIES of HINCKLEY, and of WITHERLEY, co. LeicestER; with a Large Extract of the Manduessedum, Romanorum; being the History of MANCETER, (including the Hamlets of HARTs. HILL, Old BURY, and ATHERSTONE ;) and also of the adjacent Parish of ANs 1.ey, co. WARwick; by the late BENJAMIN BARTLETT, Esq. F. S. A. Embel

lished with XXXIX. Folio Plates.
*...* Of this Edition only Fifty Copies are printed, in Folio, Price 2l. 2s.

GOUGH'S DESCRIPTION of the BEAUCHAMP CHAPEL at War- + wick; and of the Monuments of the Earls of Warwick. With Seven beautiful Plates, drawn by Carter, and engraved by Basire. Proof Impressions, 10s. 6d.

Views of Buildings at York, 4to. price 31. 3s.

JOURNAL of a VOYAGE to MADRAS and CHINA in 1811 and 1812; returning by the Cape of Good Hope and St. Helena; in the H.C. S. The t. James Pendergrass. By JAMES WATHEN. With XXIV

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This day is re-published, in 8vo, price 3s. boards,

ADMINISTERING the HOLY COMMUNION, according to the Liturgy of King
Edward VI. called the Book of CoMMoN PRAYER, and Administration of the Sacra-
ments and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, after the Use of the Church
of England. First printed by Edward Whitchurch, 1549.

In the Press, and early in the ensuing season will be published, handsomely printed
in Three Volumes Octavo,


HARDINGE, Esq. M. A. F. R. S. F. S. A. Senior Justice of the Counties of Gla-
morgan, Brecon, and Radnor; comprising several of his admirable Charges at the
Grand Assizes; his Sermons by a Layman ; his memorable Oration on Mr. Fox's
India Bill; and some others ef his luminous Speeches; Extracts from his Corre-
spondence in “The Anti Jacobin and “The Courier;” and amongst many others
of his original Compositions in Prose and Verse, a Vindication of Lady Wortley
Montague; Remarks on the Correspondence of Mr. Walpole and Madame Du
Deffand; a Critique on Madame De Stael; Critical Observations on Shakspeare,
Cowley, Milton, and Waller, and the Greek and Roman Classics. Revised for the
Press, by JOHN NICHOLS, F. S. A. to whom many of the Articles were presented
for publication by the worthy and learned Author not long before his lanented death.

Printed by Nichols, Son, and Bentley, Red Lion Passage, Fleet Street, London.

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