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Rev. T.W. —In King-street, Queen-square, Mrs. Cleaver, greatly esteemed. At Frome, Mr. G. M*Taggart; and his daughter, Miss Elizabeth M*T.—88, Mr. Frederick Kniggre. DORSETS HIRE, The Johnstone and town interests have triumphed in the contest for Weymouth, in the election of Messrs. Wallace, Ure, Buxton, and Williams. Final poll — Williams . . . . . . 293 Murray . . . ... 118 Ruxton . . . . . . 205 Warre . . . . . . . . 106 Wallace . . . . . . 204 || Webb . . . . . . . . 163 Ure . . . . . . . . . . 197 Married.] Mr. William Whitewood, of Poole, to Miss Ann Penton.—Mr. Wm. Weston, of Bridport, to Miss Jane Heptonstall, of Leeds. DeWONSHIRE, The independent spirit of the county of Devon has triumphed over all the efforts of a ministerial coalition, to rivet on the freeholders the chains by which they had so long been galled and degraded. Sir T. Ackland declined the contest on the sixth day of the poll, when the numbers stood:— Ebrington - - - . . . . --- 4090 Bastard . . . . . . . . . . . . 3820 Ackland . . 3304 This was as arduous a struggle as any county ever witnessed. The election for Exeter was carried on with the same spirit which animated the sounty; but, at the final close of the poll, we deeply regret that the numbers were:— Courtenay . . . . . . . . . . . . 730 Newman . . . . . . . . . . . . 635 - Northmore . . . . . . . . . . .293 The gentleman, at the foot of the list, is one of the first scholars and most upright characters of the day. Married.] Mr. John Ellis, to Miss Eliza Thorn, both of Exeter.—H.ient. James Coward, of the field train department, to Miss Sarah Snelling, of Exeter.—Mr. H. Hooper, of Exeter, to Miss S. Wilcocks, of Heavitree.—The Rev. J. Denham, to Miss Lucy Dunsterville, of Gascoyneplace, Plymouth.-The Rev. J. Templer, jun. of Stover, to Miss Elizabeth Sunter, of Ashburton.—The Rev. Mr. Stevens, to Miss Elizabeth Stapleton, of Bideford. Died.] At Exeter, 88, Mr. J. Eastlake, sincerely lamented. + In Southernhayplace, Joseph Powell, esq., generally esteemed.—69, Mrs. Elizabeth Osborne, justly regretted.—68, Mr. Thomas Salter, much respected.—44, Mr. William Wiley. –80, Mrs. Chorlock. At Dawlish, 33, Mr. Wm. Browne, jun. At Plymouth, 67, Giles Welsford, esq. —In George-street, Lieut. Crossman, R.N. At Exmouth, 54, Mr. John Gifford, respected.— Mrs. Cooke. At Pinney, John Edge, esq.-At Stonehouse, Mrs. Burdon, wife of Capt. B. of the royal navy.—At Alphington, Mus, Mamilton, wife of James H, esq.

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Married.] G. D. John, esq. to Miss
Catherine Pascoe, of Penzance. — Mr.
John Mitchell, to Miss Hannah Shepherd;
both of Redruth.-Mr. Richard Rowe, to
Miss Maria Evans, both of St. Agnes.
Died.]. At Truro,76, Mr. Wm. Robarts,
deservedly respected.
At Penrym, 35, Mrs. Edgcombe, wife
of James E. jun, esq.
At Mevagissey, Mrs. Dennis, wife of
John D. esq. of Alverton.

C. Morgan, esq. has been returned for
Married.] The Rev. William Lloyd, of
Glasbury, to Miss C. Lord, sister to Sir
J. Owen, bart.—William Symmons, esq.
of Buckholt, to Mrs. Hames, of Henllys.
—J. G. Green, esq. of Kellorough-castle,
Glamorganshire, to Miss Charlotte Eliz.
Albert, of London. — Philip Buckley
Edwards, of Hendre, Denbighshire, to
Miss Mary. Anne Yeend, of I’dgbaston.
Died.] At Swansea, 24, Augusta,
daughter of Harland Ainsworth, esq.
At Cardigan, 47, Mr. John Mathias.
At Carmarthen, William, son of John
Williams, esq.-22, Miss Hebberd.
At Tenby, Mrs. Felix, wife of Dr. F.
of Bristol.
At Llanrwst, Mrs. Martha Titley,
universally respected.
At Llanfihangel Generglynn, Mr. John
Jones, licensed master of the grammar-
school there, generally esteemed.—At
Landough-castle, Glamorganshire, 68, J.
Price, esq., deservedly regretted.
The little independance of choice which
has been left in Scotland was successfully
cxerted in two or three instances; as
appears by the following returns:—
County of Edinburgh.
Clerk . . . . 79
Dalrymple . . . . . . . . . . . . 49
Hamilton . . . . . . . . . . . . 56
Cochrane • • 45
This election produced more enthusiasm,
and excited more personal interest, in
favour of the popular candidate, than any
contest in Scotland since the Union.
County of Ross.
Mr. Mackenzie, of Applecross, was
returned by a majority of six.
Married.] William Ogilvie, jum. esq. of
Chesters, Roxburgshire, to Miss Alexina
Falcomer, of Woodcot-park. — Roderick
Macneil, esq. of Barra, Invernesshire, to
Miss Isabella Caroline Brownlow, of
Lurgan, county of Armagh.-Sir George
Sitwell, bart. to Susan, daughter of
Crawfurd Tait, esq. of Harviestown.
Died.] At Edinburgh, F. Napier, esq.
At Leith, Mr. Alexander Neilson Lamb.
At Cortachy, the Countess of Airly.

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96 Ireland—Death Abroad.

iret,ANT). The elections in this country have been eonducted with a degree of animosity corresponding with the injuries inflicted by one party on the other. The numbers at the close of the several great contests stood as under:— County of Dublin. Hamilton . . . . . . . . . . . . 783 Talbot . . . . . . . . • . . . . . 724 White . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 330 Dublin University. Plunkett. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Croker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 County of Armagh. Brownlow . . . . . . . . . , 1807 Richardson • Caulfield . . . . . . . . . . . . 1281 Cork. Hutchinson . . . . . . . . . . 1112 Colthurst . . . . . . . . . . 738 Longfield . . . . . . . . . . 712 Drogheda, Ogle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 201 Wallace . . . . . . . . . . . . 191 County of Galway. J. Daly . . . . . . . . . . . . 4880 J. B. Daly . . . . . . . . . . 2637 Martin . . . . . . . . . . . . 2609 Town of Galway. Plake . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 486 Prendergast. • . . . . . . . . .261 County of Leitrim. Fatouche . . . . . . . . . . .2375 White . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1471 Clements . . . . . . . . . . 1460 This was one of the most severe contests in either kingdom. County of Limerick. Fitzgibbon . . . . . . . . . . 2476 Quin . . . . . . . . . .” - - - - 1729

O'Grady . . . . . . . . . . . . 1450

City of Limerick. Vereker . . . . . . . . . . . . 601 Rice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 305 County of Tipperary. Cahir . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5331 Mathew . . . . . . . . . . . . 4273 Prittie. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3709 Barton - . . . . . . . . . . . 589 County of Weaford. Carew . . . . . . . . . . . . . • 3335 Colclough . . . . . . . . . . 31.90 Stopford. . . . . . . . . . . . 3133 Valentia . . . . . . . . . . . . 2968 One of the most remarkable incidents was the resentment of the Dublin popu. lace against the equivocating Gratton, for his inflammatory speech in 1815, exciting the combined despots to disregard the independence of France. He narrowly escaped being torn in pieces; and was saved, only by the generous eloquence of Mr. Charles Phillips. Married.] The Rev. Frederick Bealty, of Dublin, to Miss Ann Bailee, of Wren. tham.—Col. Hawker, of the 25th light dragoons, to Miss Anna Maria Harrison, of Cork. Died.] At Springfield, near Charleville, Cork, Lord Muskerry, governor and Custos Rotulorum of Limerick county. At Dublin, 75, Joseph Atkinson, esq. treasurer of the ordnance under the admimistration of the Earl of Moira; the friend of Moore, Qwenson, Curran, Phillips, and the rest of the galaxy of Irish genius; and himself a respectable poet. DEATH A Bito A D. At Millidgeville, North America, in March last, Joshua Toulmin, second son of Judge Toulmin, and grandson of the late Rev. Dr. Toulmin : a young man of most promising disposition and talents.

TO READERS AND CORRESPONDENTS. Our SUPPLEMENTARY NUMBER, published this day, possesses. unusual interest. The books from which our extracts are made consist of Phillips's Recollections gf Curran–Sass's Journey to Rome and Naples–Morier s second Journey through Persia—Hall's Travels in Canada and the United States—and Ensor on


The Finance Report is not yet in course of delivery, to enable us to state the last year's eaponditure correctly. In some copies of our last, the deficiency of revenue below the expenditure was, by an error of the press, printed 28 instead of 18 millions.

The copies signed C. S. were correct.

Some Correspondents, who have adopted the statements of empirical writers in a

certain Review, have addressed us on the subject of the late hot weather, ascribing the undue heat to the undue, melting of the Polar ice, forgetting that proofs are wanted of the fact, and that the melting of ice abstracts heat from surrounding bodies instead of increasing it. Even the venerable President of the Royal Society is quoted in support of these silly doctrines. The great heat of the Summer, at any rate, proves our assertion, that no change of solar seat has taken place on our globe; although this formed o "... part of the statement of the meteorological iseacres who write in the Review in question. * are not aware of the co alluded to by G. of Dudley. We are of course anxious, as fast as possible, to meet the wishes of every Correspondent. Our review of new Music did not come to hand in time for the present Number.

We invite further Communications in regard to Parochial Lending Libraries—ts'

Steam-heating—to Gas-lighting—and other useful practical subjects. The Pil. grimage to Woolstrope, and some other deferred articles, if possible, in our next.

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4, Red Lion Passage, Fleet Street; Orders are also received at No. 25, Parliament Street.

Embellished with Ten Portraits, price it, 7s.


of the EIGHTEENTH CENTURY ; consisting of Authentie Memoirs, and Ori.
ginal Letters, of Eminent Persons; and intended as a SEQUEL to the LITERARY
[In this Volume, among other interesting articles, are given Memoirs of Nicholas
Hardinge, Esq. and his Son, the late Mr. Justice Hardinge, with their Portraits by
Ramsay and N. Dance;— Memoirs of the truly heroic Captain George Nicholas
Hardinge; and of John Townley, Esq. with an elegant Engraving of his Bust—&c. &c.]
The First and Second Volumes of this Work, embellished with Fourteen Por.

traits, may also be had, price 21. 14s.


The EIGHTH and NINTH VOLUMES (with a separate Index) of the Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century ; comprising Biographical Memoirs of WILLIAM BOWYER, Printer, F. S. A. and a considerable number of eminent Writers and ingenious Artists. By JOHN NICHOLS, F. S. A. Price 31. 9s. in bds. These Volumes (which contain more than 1800 closely printed Pages, and are embellished with Seventeen Portraits, and Three other Plates) form also a proper Supplement to the QUARTO Edition of Bowyer's Life, in which no part of them is comprised. Vol. IX, and the Index may be had separately, price 21, 2s. o “Where such a mass of instructive, useful, and entertaining communications on literary characters and subjects can elsewhere be found, it would not be easy to determine. There is scarcely a personage in the last Century, eminent for learning and talents, there is hardly a Work which has excited the curiosity and attention of Scholars, of whose Author and contents some information may not here be obtained.”—British Critic. *** Gentlemen who have not completed their Sets of this Work, (now becoming rare) are respectfully requested to do so without delay. CLIV PORTRAITS, &c. illustrative of the “LiterARY ANEcDotes,” price 41.4s.

Handsomely printed in Octavo, price 14s. in boards, embellished with a Portrait of the Author, by MEYER, from a Painting by RAMsAY,


To which is now first added (from the Author's Original MS.) an Historical Enquiry and Essay upon the Administration of Government in England during the King's Minority ; which was written soon after the Death of Frederick Prince of Wales, and cannot fail to be highly interesting at the present important Period.

By NICHOLAS HARDINGE, Esq. M. A. Fellow of King’s College, &c. &c.

Collected and revised by GEoRGE HARDINGE, M.A. F.R.S. and F.S.A.

***The Latin, Poems of Mr. Nicholas Hardinge (which have been justly characterized as Classical, and worthy of the Augustan Age) were never before printed for sale ; and the present Impression is limited to 250 Copies.


Citizen of London; with the Lives and Characters of more than a Thousand Contemporary Divines, and other Persons of Literary Eminence. To which are added, Dunton's Conversation in Ireland ; Selections from his other genuine Works; and a faithful Portrait of the Author. 2 vols. 8vo. price 25s.

“This is a most curious Work, abounding in Literary History of an interesting nature.”—Noble's Granger.

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Regal, Noble, Gentilitial, and Miscellaneous: Including Authentic Anecdotes of the Royal Household, and the Manners and Customs of the Court, at an early period of the English History. By SAMUEL PEGGE, Eso. F. S A. Author of the “Curialia,” and of “Anecdotes of the English Language.” Embellished with a beautiful original Portrait of Rev. Dr. PEGGE. 8vo, price 12s.


chiefly regarding the Local Dialect of London and its Environs; whence it will appear that the Natives of the Metropolis, and its Vicinities, have not corrupted the Language of their Ancestors. By SAMUEL PEGGE, Esq. F.S.A. Second Edition, enlarged and corrected. To which is added, A SUPPLEMENT to the PROVINCIAL GLOSSARY of FRANCIS GROSE, Esq. 8vo. Price 12s. boards. *** The Provincial Glossary may be had separate, Price 3s. “The generality of readers must be pleased by the union of so much curious information, with such jocularity of humour. On the whole we have never seen a book of philological amusement put together in so original a style, or containing more unexpected, yet apposite remarks, and authorities from a variety of books.” British Critic, 1808. “The Work before us is highly valuable and instructive, as unfolding to us, from obsolete and forgotten archives, an ample store of new and entertaining matter; and does great credit to the learning and indefatigable industry of the Author, who is equally entitled to admiration as an Antiquary, an Historian, and a Polemic.”—New Annual Review 1802. “Whether the fashionable world will take the hints here given by the late ingenious Mr. Pegge, to correct their expressions, and to guard against the perversion of grammar, we cannot pretend to say ; but of this we are confident, that, if they read this Essay, they will be amused by the playfulness of his verbal criticisms, and by the various anecdotes with which he has enlivened his pages.” Monthly Review, July 1805.

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VATIONS on various Authors and Subjects. (Compiled by the late very Learned and Reverend Dr. PEGGE.) With a copious Index. Second Edition, 8vo, price 12s. “Whether as an Antiquary, a classical, poetical, and historical Critick, a Biographer, or Enquirer into the Beauties and Niceties of Grammar and Languages, we find every where that Dr. PEGGE's remarks are not only striking and useful, but original; and in this last respect we have little besitation in preferring the Anonymiana to the greater part of the Works of this description which have been lately published either at home or abroad. There is scarcely a taste, among the various divisions of human liking, that will not find something appropriate and gratifying. It would be impossible to withhold, in these times of levity, just praise from a Work that so ably combines “light reading' with “serious thinking’.”—Gent. Mog. 1809.

Handsomely printed in One Volume, 4to, price Three Guineas boards, or large Paper, 51.5s. (illustrated with numerous Plates of Ecclesiastical Costume, including XL Subjects drawn by J. CARTER, F. S.A.) a new and much enlarged Edition of

BRITISH MONACHISM; or, Manners and Customs of the Monks and Nuns of England. To which are added, J. Peregrinatorium Religiosum, or Manners and Customs of antjent Pilgrims.-11. Consuetudinal of Anchorets and Hermits.-III. Account of the Continentes, or Women who had made Vows of Chastity.—IV. Four Select Poems, in various Styles. By THOMAS DUDLEY FOSBROOKE, M. A. F. S. A. Author of the History of Gloucestershire, &c. A considerable Portion of this Work having been re-written, with the view of introducing large and important accessions from the antient Chroniclers, and especially from Du CANGE (a Work as recondite as MS. to all but our first Antiquaries); the present Edition, enlivened by Reflections suited to History, is adapted, not to the Antiquary only, but to the general Reader, as interest, curiosity, and entertainment, have been studiously consulted. The First Edition of this Work was most favourably noticed by all the Reviews. “Mr. Fosbrooke has given to the publick, chiefly from MS authorities, a comprehensive view of the character and manners of Monastic Life; and has brought together many facts, which serve to cast a light on the history of human nature. The manners of the period which furnished his materials were so entirely different from those of the present times, that the relation of them is highly gratifying and instructive.—This Work contains much curious and original information.” - - - British Critic 1802. *** See this Work reviewed in the Gentleman's Magazine for January, February, and March; and also in the British Critic for February 1818. Also, in 4to, price 8s. COSTUMES ef the several MONASTIC ORDERS. In Twenty-one Plates, selected from Steevens's Monasticon.

- "

BOOKS published by NICHOLS, SON, and BENTLEY. 3

In Octavo, price 7s. A Second Edition of the

With Additions, and a Continuation of the said History, to some extent.
To which are added, some Scenes in, and Anecdotes of Windsor Forest. By the
same Author. Embellished with a Frontispiece, exhibiting a Group of Deer-
Hunters in their antient Costume.

A Synoptical Catalogue of BRITISH BIRDS;

intended to identify the Species mentioned by different Names in several Catalogues already extant; forming a Book of Reference to observations on British Ornithology. By THOMAS FORSTER, F. L. S. Corresp. Memb. Acad. Nat. Sciences at Philadelphia, &c., 8vo, price 4s. boards.

In Quarto, price 41.4s. (or on Large Paper, 6l. 6s.) Volume III. of


with Biographical ANEcdotes. By JOHN NICHOLS, F. S. A. and the late GEORGE STEEVENS, F.R.S. & F.S.A. Containing CLAVIS HOGARTHIANA, and other Illustrative Essays; with FIFTY additional PLATES. 1. A very few Copies of the Work complete, in Three Volumes, with early Impressions of the Plates, price 14t. ; or on large Paper, with Proof Plates, price 261. 2. Clavis Hogarthiana ; or, Illustrations of Hogarth, from passages in Authors he never read, and could not understand. The Second Edition.—These “ Illustrations” form a Part of the Third Volume of Hogarth's Works; but are likewise printed, for separate distribution, in 8vo, embellished with a Portrait, price 4s. *...* The Works of the inimitable Hogarth have not only been sought for with avidity in his native country, but have been admired by every civilized nation in the World. Since his death various Editions of his Works have, from time to time, been offered to the Publick. But, without attempting to depreciate any of the former Editions, it is presumed that the present Work will, from its elegance and cheapness, stand unrivalled.—It is highly proper, however, to add, that these Three Volumes contain Two HUNDRED AND TEN PLATEs, a great many of which are not to be found in any other Collection of Hogarth's Works.

CRITICAL CONJECTURES and OBSERVATIONS on the NEW TESTAMENT, collected from various Authors, as well in regard to Words as Pointing; with the Reasons on which both are founded. By WILLIAM Bów YER. F.s, A.; Bishop Barrington, Mr. MARKEANs, Professor Schultz, Professor Michaelis, Dr. OWEN, Dr. Wol DE, Dr. Goss ET, and Mr. STEPHEN WEsto N. A Series of Conjectures from MichaeLIs, and a Specimen of Notes on the Old Testament, by Mr. WEston, are added in an Appendix. The Fourth Edition, in one large 4to Volume, embellished with a fine Portrait of Mr. Bowyer, drawn and engraved by the elder BASIRE, Price 2!. 12s. 6d. “This Work cannot but be acceptable to every Critical Reader of the New Testament, as it is the best collection of conjectural emendations and remarks which has yet appeared.”—Critical Review.

1. Neatly printed, Price 2s. 6d.

THE UNBELIEF of ST. THOMAS the APOSTLE, laid open for the Comfort of all that desire to believe; which armeth_us against Despair in the Hour of Death. By NICHOLAS BOWNDE, D.D. First printed in 1608. 2. Also, by the same Author, price 3s.


that are afflicted in Mind, or Body, or otherwise; which armeth us against Impatience under any Cross:

THE PREDESTINED THIEF; or, a Dialogue be

tween a CALv1NIsT1c PREACHER and a Tri EF condemned to the Gallows: -in which is represented, in a Copy, drawn as it were from the Life, the Influence of Calvinistic Principles in the way of the Sinner's Repentance and Amendment of Life. With an Application to the recent Case of Robert Kendall, who was executed at Northampton for robbing the Leeds Mail, August 13, 1813. Translated from the Latin of Abp. SANCROFT, by the Rev. R. B. NICKOLLS, LL.D. Dean of Middleham. Handsomely printed in Post 8vo, Price 3s."

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