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Concentrated Fluid Extract of Bark.

This elegant Preparation merits most particularly the attention of those whe are in the habit of using the Bakk, as it not only contains the virtues of that excellent Medicine in a state of perfect purity and intense concentration, but removes at once ail the inconveniences arising from the indigestible and nauseating woody mass of the Powder, and the inflammatory ardent spirit of the Tincture. A dose of any required strength can now be prepared with facility and precision.

It blends immediately either with Water, or Claret, Red Port, &c. It offers also peculiar advantages on the score of economy, as one tea-spoonful is fully equal to a table spoonful and a half of the usual Tinctures. A trial will substantiate these facts.

Prepared and sold by John Towers, Professional Chemist, Warner Street, near Hatton Garden; and may be had at all the Medicine Warehouses, price #1s, and 4s. 6d. per Bottle. - *...* Observe the name, “John Towers,” in his own hand, on a Pink Label.

Just published, in 4to, price los.

- - o - - Facts authentic in Science and Religion, - Designed to illustrate a new Translation of the Bible. By the Rev. WILLIAM COWHERD. Published by Messrs. Clarke and Co. Manchester, and sold by Mr. John Souter, 7.3; St. Paul's Church Yard, London. (See Prospectus in oor Magazine for June last.)

o * -> * : - - r- SMITH'S Preservative Tooth Powder. This Preparation is entirely vegetable, and possesses no perficious ingre. dient whatever. By removing all tartareo is substances from the Teeth, it restores them (however much discoloured by neglect) to a beautiful Ivory appearance, at the same time PRESERVING THE ENAMEL, which is of such infinite importance. It strengthens the Gums, imparts to the Breath the sweetest fragrance; and, by a constant use, wiłł preserve the Teeth firm and entire to the latest period. The tiigi of a single Box will prove its superior value over every other Dentifice ever offered to the Public. Sold in Boxes at as 9d, each, by Barry and Son, Bristol, (without whose Signature on the Stamp it cannot be Gentine ;) sold also by Butler and Sons, and E. Edwards, St. Paul's; Evans and Son, Long Lane; Barclay and Sons, Fleet Market; Godfrey †. Windus, 61, Bishopsgate Street; and J. Sanger, 158, Oxford Street,

ondon. -

Food. LENDING LIBRARIES, -- This day is published, price 3d. A CATALOGUE OF BOOKS ...Which have been adopted by several Parochial Lending Libraries in the

West of England. Selected, and their Prices annexed, by J. Souter, No. 23, St. Paul's Church Yard.

MADAM: o SAEL ON I HE FR ENCH REVOLUTION, - This day is published, in 3 vols. 8vo, pricers. 16s. - -- - - z - Considerations sur les principaux événemens de la - o -- - - - - Révolution Françoise. Ouvrage posthume de Mad: la Baronne de Staei, publié par M. le Duc de Broglie, et M. le Baron de Stael. - London: Printed for Bałowin, Cradock, and Joy, Paternoster-row. By whom also is published, in 3 vols. 8vo, price il, 16s.

A Translotion of the above work, executed Hader the immoate superin. tendance of the Editors. B

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