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90 Oxfordshire Buckingham and Berkshire.

member of the Society of Friends.-In Prichard-street, Mr.T.Probart.—In Parkstreet, 91, Mrs. M. Deard.—In Redcliff. street, Mrs. Mary Ball.—In Portlandsquare, William Watson. At Monmouth, Mr. James Whitley, deservedly respected. At Tewkesbury, 80, Mrs. Lovegrove. At Clifton, Eliza, daughter of the late Rev. James Edwards, vicar of Fairford. At Cirencester, 68, Joseph Colem, esq. formerly chief of York Factory, Hudson's Bay. Å; Minchinhampton, 63, Mr. Abraham Calwell, justly respected. At Newent, 42, Mr. John Careless, deservedly regretted. At Thornbury, Miss Mary Gastrell. At Hill-house, Newnham, John Nash, esq. highly respected.—At Didmarton, 64, Mr. Haynes, regretted.—At Hartpury, Mrs. Hooper, much esteemed.—At Adnett, 20, Miss Alice Boughton. Ox FOR 1) SH 1 R E. Three candidates, the old members, Mr. Wright and Mr. Lockhart, and Gen. St. John, on the Marlborough interest, —started for the city. Much activity was used by all parties; but Mr. Lockhart suddenly declined. The numbers stood— Wright . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 530 St. John - - - - - - - - - - - 389 Lockhart . . . . . - - - - - - 353 A late Oxford Herald gives the following intelligence:—“Mr. E., Aunatt, of Ensham, who rents a farm of the Duke of Marlborough, made known his intentions of voting for Mr. Lockhart to Mr. P. Paine, a clerk in the office of the duke at Woodstock, who accosted him in the town hall as he was going up to vote, and who endeavoured to dissuade him from doing so. Mr. Arnatt, however, voted for Mr. Lockhart, and soon after received the following motice:— “Mr. E. Armatt, Take notice, that you quit and deliver up the possession of all those lands and hereditaments which you occupy as tenant to me, situate at Ensham or elsewhere, in the county of Oxford, at Christmas next, or other end of the current year, for which you hold the san) e. M A R Leo Roug H.” Dated this 22d day of June, 1818.” D. Crisp lately accouplished an unparalleled undertaking, in walking to and from Oxford and London for seventeen successive days, being sixty-one miles each day. Married.] Mr. Joseph Ham, to Miss Chauney, both of Oxford. Died.] At Oxford, 64. Mr. Thomas Galloway.—51, Mrs. Elizabeth Lindsey. –38, Mrs. Anne Bennett, lamented.— Mr. Isaac Jackson. At Banbury, soddenly, Mr. Goldsby. At Henley, 63, Mrs. Charlotte Innes, of Paradise-house,

[Aug. 12 At Little Melton, at an advanced age, Mrs. Hedges, deservedly regretted. BUCKING ham AND BERKSHIRE, For Aylesbury, the late members, Lord Nugent and Mr. Charles Compton Cavendish, and a new candidate, Mr. Rickford, were put in nomination. Lord Nugent was unanimously received; but Mr. Cavendish as disapproved : Mr. Cavendish gave up the contest. The close of the poli WaS— Nugent. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 854 Rickford . . . . . . . . . . . . 573 Cavendish. - - - - - - - - - - - 420 We subjoin the pledge of Lord Nugent for his parliamentary conduct:—“With regard to the great subject which has so long and so fully engaged the public attention,--I mean reform of Parliament, —I will not trespass on your time by entering at any length into my views: but I must say explicitly, that never, so long as I have being, will I cease to protest against the doctrine, whenever I shall hear it advanced, that a reform of Parliament can be begun with usefulness, or even with safety, elsewhere than in Parliament itself. So long as reason shews us, and history and experience confirm, that, in maintaining the privileges, the ascendancy, and respect, due to Parliament, we alone can look for protection, equally against the undue power of the crown, and against the no less disgusting, and fearful tyranny of a misguided populace, —so long we must leave reform, like every other legislative deliberation, to the free agency of Parliament, I am one of those who are far from thinking the House of Commons in all respects a perfect representation of the people. I think that a certain reform is not only desirable, but absolutely necessary : but I should probably stop far short in the reform of the lengths to which many might be disposed, in their speculations, to proceed. I am eagerly disposed to assist in every proposition, the effect of which would be te abate the power of the crown, and the undue influence of individuals at elections; to render the House of Commons what it should be, a full and fair representation of the different classes of the people of this country to be freely, and in effect, elected by the classes which it represents. I do not wish to see the right of voting extended to a lower descriptiou of persons, in point of property, than those who now enjoy it; for I think that would only extend the undue influence of the crown, and give a wider and surer range to the powers of individual corruption.” Married.] William de Croix, esq. of Windsor, to Mary, daughter of the late Nathaniel Green,esq. consul at Nice.—Mr. John Tyrrel, of Abingdon, to Miss Elizabeth Cook, of Beeden.—The Rev. W. B. Wroth, of Edlesborough, to Miss Anna Barker, Barker, of North Church. — William Mount, esq. of Wasing-place, to Miss Charlotte Talbot, of Guiting. Died.] At Windsor, 68, Lieut. Col. Sir William Osborne Hamilton, many years governor of Heligoland. \ At Abingdom, 67, Mrs. Pickman. At West Hanney, Mr. Henry Dunsdon. HERT FORD AND BEI) FORD SHIRE. Married.] J. M. Carter, esq. of Hertford, to Miss Sarah Price, of Great Munden.--And Edward Lewis, of Pigott'shill, to Miss Eleanor Price.—The Rev. R. G. Baker, of Bayford. Bury, to Miss Emma Franks, of Beech-hill. — John Cowell, esq. to Miss Mary Grove, of Baldock. Died J At Baldock, 20, Miss Ann Simpson.—In his 65th year, the Rev. David Jenks, rector of Aldbury.—At Shepford, Mrs. Gage, deservedly regretted.—At Barley, 48, Mr. John Burrowes. Captain William Ince, third son of Jas. Piggott Ince, esq. of Ramsgate. To deplore the loss of a relative or friend is a task which few have escaped, but the regret which such an infliction entails receives a severe aggravation when the blow falls unexpectedly, and the tenderest ties, to which every circumstance had promised permanence, are in a moment destroyed. Captain Ince belonged to the 38th regiment, a corps, whoso services it would be superfluous to name, were it not to tell how far he had participated in its career; and the friend, who now details that participation, ventures to do so from a conviction that the progress of merit, however humble its rank, is seldom passed over with impatience or perused with indifference. In 1808 Captain Ince accompanied the regiment to Portugal, and was immediately engaged in the battle of Roleia. After serving through the campaign under Sir John Moore, which terminated with the battle of Corunna, he returned to England, and very shortly afterwards accompanied his regiment on the ill-fated expedition to Walcheren, where his constitution was impaired by the lamentable pestilence of the country, in a manner from which he never entirely recovered. Having been subsequently sent to Cork, the 38th, in 1812, was again ordered to embark for the Peninsula, and, advancing by rapid marches, immediately on its landing, joined the Duke of Wellington's army on the night before the memorable battle of Salamanca, in which Captain Ince was wounded. At Villa Moreal, on the retreat from Burgos, at the pass of Osmar, and in the battle of Vittoria, he was also engaged with his detachment. The conduct of the 38th regiment in the two sanguinary assaults, which terminated the siege of St.Sebastian, it is well known, was of the most gallant description; Captain Ince, participating


1818.] Hertford and Bedfordshire—Northamptonshire, &c.

91 in it throughout, was one of the officers who entered the breach when the fortress was captured, and was immediately afterwards promoted to a company. Having subsequently joined the column under Sir John Hope, (afterwards Lord Niddry, and now Lord Hopetown,) Captain Ince was engaged at the crossing of the Bidassoa ; the three actions of the 9th, 10th, and 11th of December, 1813; and, finally, at the siege of Bayonne, on the raising of which at the peace, he returned with his regiment to England; and, in 1316, imarried the only daughter of Wilam Whittington, esq. of Broadwater, near Stevenage, Herts.; his death, which was awfully sndden, was occasioned by an effusion of blood on the brain, while at the residence of his father-in-law ; his widow survives, with one child, and the expectation of shortly giving birth to a second. In Captain Ince were united many of the best qualities of a soldier, a gentleman, a friend, and a companion: the esteem which such qualitics create among the ordinary connexions of society, he enjoyed; and by them, deservediy is his memory respected. In the closer relations of life, his death has inflicted a shock which will long be remembered, and a loss which, in many respects, can never be repaired. No RTH A M PTO NS #1 in E. Lord Compton and Sir Edward Kerrison have been returned for Northampton, after the severest contest ever known there. The numbers at the close wereCompton , - . . . . . . . . . • 815 Kerrison . . . . . . . . . . . . 666 Robinson . . . . . . . . . . . . 639 The polling lasted thirteen days. Married.] The "ev. T. Aston, of Creaton, to Miss Harriett Goode, of Upper-terrace, Islington.—The Rev. W. W. Dickins, of Wollastom-house, to Miss Knatchbull, daughter of Sir Edward K. bart.— Mr. Gee, of Arthingworth, to Miss Mary Higgins, of Whiston. Died.] At Northampton, 55, the Rev. John Watts, rector of Collingtree, and vicar of Pattershall. At Pete borough, Mrs. Mary Whitwell. At Ringstead, 78, Leonard Burton, esq. —At Welford, 67, Mr. F. Wood, highly respected. CAMBR II) G E AND HUNTINGI) () NSIf I R. E. The contest ented at Cambrid e in favour of Generals Finch and \}anners, who polled 76, and \fr. Adeane 56. The generals were obliged to beat their retreat through an obscure street,_-lossed, booted, and pelted by the populace, who followed them to their inn, and then demolished the windows, &c. An opposition to the ministerial candidates sprung up in Capt. Wells, for the county of Huntingdom. After Lord F Montague and Mr. W. H. Fellowes wers nonlinated, Mr. Hammond, of FenstanP. 2 toa ton, expressed himself indignant at the enslaved state of the county, which was fast becoming the patrimony of one or two noble families; and proposed Capt. Wells, in order that the independent yeomanry might be afforded an opportunity of expressing their disapprobation of the measures of the ministry. This being duly scconded, the sheriff declared the shew of hands to be in favor of Capt. Wells and Lord F. Montague: Mr. Fellowes demanded a poll. The following is the state cn the close :Miontague. . . . . . . . . . . . 978 Fellowes • - - - - - - - - - - - 837 Wells . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 466 Married.] Mr. John Johnson, to Miss Elizabeth Edwards.-Mr. Tring, to Miss Bays: all of Cambridge.—Mr. J. , 13. Grêmont, of Cambridge, to Miss Neal, of Brandon.—M. Quillett, of Melbourn, to Miss Beale, of Meldreth.-Mr. W. Shelverton, jun. of Bulwell, to Miss Mary Hailock, of Ely.—Mr. Headley, to Miss Forster, both of Whittle-ea. Died.] At Cambridge, 20, Mr. Thomas Nottidge, of Christ's College, occasioned by a fall from his gig.—60, Mr. Charles Murton, of Santon 1) ownham. At Huntingdon, at an advanced age, Mrs. Hoeck. At Clare-hall Lodge, Mary, wife of T. Barratt, esq. of Leicester.—At Pedley, 80, Mrs. Robinson. NORFOil K. The contest for the representation of Norwich has terminated in the election of Wm. Smith, esq. and R. H. Guilley, esq. opposed by the Hon. Edward Harbord. At the close of the poll Mir. Coke came forward, and said, that he was glad to observe the alteration which had taken lace in the sentinents of the people. r. Sheriff Burrows declared the final numbers to beSmith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2089 Gurney . . . . . . . . . . . . 2032 Hai bord. . . . . . . . . . . 1475 Married.] Mr. Thomas Starling, to Miss Coleman.—-Mr. Munday, to Miss Browne : all of Norwich.-Mr. John Anzell, of Norwich, to Miss Mary Cruso, of Lynn.Mr. Bailey Bird, of N rwich, to Miss F. Fuller, of Scoulton.--Mir. William Dye, jun. to Miss Matilda, Nicholls, both of Yarmouth. — Mr. William Warner, of North Walsham, to Miss Amin Freeman, of Swanton Morley.— Mr. E. Reynolds, of Hethersett, to Miss Barnes, of Cringleford.—The Rev. H. R. Bowles, of Felby, to Miss Marshall, of Ormesby. Died.] At Norwich, in St. Gregory's, 92, Mrs. Ann Smith —78, Mrs. Mary Page.—62, Mrs. Lucy Linam.—74, Mrs. Frances Wall.—Mrs. Mary Mansfield.— 81, Mir. Richard Beatniffe, many years an eminent bookseller of this city. At Yarmouth, 68, Capt. Robert Carter.

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[July 1, –48, Mr. William Cheltleburgh.-84, Mrs. E. Purman.—34, Mrs. D. Dennis.-54, Mr. L. Baker.—48, Mrs. M. Simpson. At Lynn, 58, Mrs. Mary Dellingham.— Mr. Mitchell. At Gorleston, 85, Capt. J. Miles.—At Gaywood, Mrs. Long.—At Scarning, 59, Mrs. Mary Du Val Aufrere.—At East Dereham, 55, Mrs. Charlotte Bendy.—At Lakenham, 34, Mr. John Mackie. SUFFOLK. At a meeting of the freeholders of Suffolk, lately held at Stowmarket, Sir Wm. Rowley, bart. and T. S. Gooch, esq. were put in nomination, and re-elected members for the county. An advertisement appeared in a late London paper, signed by six freemen of Ipswich, on behalf of 200 others, stating their determination to support two independent gentlemen who might offer themselves as candidates for the representation of that borough. In consequence, H. Baring, esq. of the firm of Sir F. Baring and Co. arrived at that place; and immediately addressed the electors, soliciting their votes in behalf of himself and Capt. Sir Wm. Bolton, R.N. This unexpected opposition to Messrs. Crickett and Newton led to one of the severest contests between the blues and yellows ever remembered at Ipswich. On a shew of hands there appeared a small majority in favour of Messrs. Crickitt and Newton, when a poll was called for by Mr. Baring, (whose colleague had not arrived,) which immediately commenced, and was carried on with great spirit by both parties. At the final close, on the sixth day, the mum. bers appeared as follows:– Crickitt . . . . . . . . . . . . 428 Newton . . . . . . . . . . . . 422 Baring • * * * * * * * - - - - - - 389 Bolton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 362 Mr. Baring intimated his determination to petition against the election of Messrs. Crickitt and Newton, on the ground of the returning officer having closed the poll without the concurrence of all the candidates, before the time allowed by Act of Parliament had expired. Married.] Mr. Bacon, to Miss Ralph.Mr. Benjamin Tadd, to Mrs. Womack.Mr. John Christee, jun. to Miss S. D. Hewitt: all of Ipswich.-At Ipswich, Mr. George Wynn, of Dennington, to Miss Mary Hunt, of Botesdale.— Mr. John Culham, to Miss Aldhouse, both of Woodbridge. Died.] At Bury, Mrs. Sarjeant.—47, Mr. Southgate.—52, Mr. Edward Clodd. At Ipswich, in Upper Brooke-street, Mrs. Anne Baker, deservedly, lamented.— Suddenly, Mr. Elliston, of Cornhill.—Mr. Sawyer, of Greenwich farm. At Bungay, 74, Mrs. Elizabeth Benhote, authoress of Bungay Castle, &c. At Ludbury, 87, Mr. John Abbott, 3 senior

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senior common-council-man of that borough.-Mrs. Golding. At Eye, suddenly, 58, Thomas Wayth, esq. alderman and town clerk of that borough. At Woodbridge, Mrs. Susan Gooch. At Hopton, 22, justly regretted, Mrs. Mary Anne Salter.—At Hadleigh, 35, Mr. George Hart. ESSEX, Three gentlemen,_Mr. Wildman, Mr. P. Wright, and Mr. D. W. Harvey, offered themselves for Colchester. The former gentleman ministerial, the two latter of opposition politics: the contest, however, seemed to be between Messrs. Wright and Harvey. After each had addressed the electors, the latter in a speech of very considerable ability, a poll was proceeded in ; but Mr. Wright shortly afterwards gave up the contest. Total at the close of the poll:— Wildman . . . . . . . . . . . . 612 Harvey . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 503 Wright . . . . . . . . . . . • * ~ 160 Married.] Peter Kendall, esq. to Miss Jemima Elizabeth Russell, of Waltham

stow.—Mr. Quin, of Malden, to Miss

Tyrrell, of Rayleigh. — Mr. William Fieicher, jun. of Bocking, to Miss Mary Studd, of Whitton.—The Rev. Charles Wood, rector of Tendring, to Miss Ann St. John, of West Court, Finchampstead. -At Stanway, B. A. H. Maskell, esq. to Miss Ann Good.--Thomas Eastwood, esq. of Stock-house, to Miss Catherine Taylor of Lythem. Died.] At Colchester, 80, Mr. Thomas Marshall. At Harwich, 65, Mr. John Fison, generally respected. At Billericay, Mr. John Burningham. At Saffrom Walden, Mr. Thomas Pettit. At Chigwell, 45, Mr. Thomas John Hopkins. At Boreham, Mr. Henry Belcher, At Elmdon, 73, Mr. Chapman.—At Leyton, 22, Miss Elizabeth Solly. At West Hanningfield, Mr. Richard Parnell. RENT. A very strenuous canvas was commenced for this county, by Sir Edward Knatchbull, bart., Sir W. Geary, bart., the two late members, and P. W. Honeywood, esq. The polling continued with unabated vigour, until Sir W. Geary resigned; when the numbers were— Knatchbull. . . . . . . . . . 3417 Honeywood . . . . . . . . .2997 Geary . . . . . . . . . . . . . - 934 S.R. Lushington, esq. and Lord Clifton, have come in for Canterbury; after a smart contest with Mr. Baker. At the close of the poll the mumbers were— Lushington . . . . . . . . . . 990 Clifton . . • * * * * 861 Baker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 654

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93 Married.] Mr. Turmain, to Miss Eliz. Gilham, both of Canterbury.—Major J. Wright, of the Marines, to Miss Coltham, of Canterbury.— Mr. Worsfold, to Miss Kelvington.—Nicholas Steriker, esq. to Mrs. Pokkis; all of Dover.—Mr.J. Lester, jun. to Miss S. Steele, both of Rochester. --John Hague, esq. of Folkestone, to Miss Beeker, of Dover.—Mr. S. Bayley, of Folkestone, to Miss S. Tucker, of Hythe, —Mr. R. G. Foord, to Miss E. Oswald Anderson, both of Margatc.— Mr. James Beale, to Miss Sarah Smith, both of Sheerness.-Mr. William Long, of Knowlton, to Miss Sarah Heritage, of Goodnestone. –Mr. Stephen Cork, to Miss Mary Cork, both of Chatham. Died.] At Canterbury, 74, Mrs. Sarah Drayson. — At an advanced age, Mrs. Le Geyt, widow of Robert Le G. esq. At Rochester, Sarah, wife of Robert Clement Sconce, esq.--72, Mrs. Elizabeth Harvey.—82, Mrs. S. Keyser. At Chatham, in Hamond-place, Mrs. J. Godfrey.—In the New Road, Mrs. Clift. At Maidstone, 44, Mr. Abbey, of York. At Ramsgate, at an advanced age, Mrs. Keeble. SUSS Ex. Mr. Sugden, barrister, offered himself for this county in opposition to Sir Godfrey Webster. Three candidates commenced an active canvas.—Sir Godfrey Webster, Mr. Walter Burrel, and Mr.

Sugden. The first day's poll was an

nounced to be—
Webster . . . . . . . . . . . . 267
Burrel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 171

Sugden . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 122

Mr. Sugden then declined.

Married.] The Rev. Edward Peyton, te Mrs. Wheeler, both of Lindfield.

Died.] At Chichester, 83, Mr. Joseph Fowler,

At Brighton, Catherine, widow of the Rev. Stileman Bostock.

The Rev. William Salmon, vicar of Wadhurst.


Married.] At Southampton, Colonel Wilson, to Miss Saunders, Above Bar.— Mr. Goater, of Winchester, to Miss Savage, of Stratford.— Mr. W. Frederick Barr, of St. Faith's, Winchester, to Mrs. Elizabeth Penny, of Bishop's Waltham.— Mr. John Nathaniel Atkins, to Miss Olivia Farmer, of Lower Brooke-street, Winchester.—Capt. Robert Smith, R.N. of Kingston Cross, to Miss Eliza Seeds, of Portsea.—Capt. Potter, late of the 28th regiment, to Miss Harries, of Gosport, —Mr. John Stead, of Gosport, to Miss Paul, of Brockhurst.—William Mount, esq., M.P. for Yarmonth, Isle of Wight, to Miss Talbot, of Guiting.

Died.] At Southampton, D. Wavouser, esq.-78, Mrs. E. Jones.

Af At Winchester, in the High-street, Mrs. North.--61, Mr. John Thorn.—Mr. Thos. Todd.— Mrs. Dalby. At Porchester, 90, Mrs. Elizabeth Russell. At Lymington, 46, Major Wingfield, late of the 36th regiment of foot, deservedly regretted. At West Cowes, 30, C. C. Addesley, esq. of Coleshill, Warwickshire. WILTSH i r E. From the length of time since the canvassing for this county commenced, from the excess of party spirit with which it had been carried on, and from the great conflicting interests opposed to each other, it may be ranked among the most violent contests in the kingdom. Bradford, Trowbridge, Westbury, and almost every town in the county, have presented scenes of tumult and confusion. The following statement of the poll is another proof that the number of plumpers is no testimony either of popular favour or of superior strength ; such votes arise fiequently out of adventitious circumstances;

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and, as in the present instance, often proceed in an inverse ratio of the total ma

Methuen. Wellesley. Benett.
Plumpers . . . 185 412 445
Gencial votes 2637 1597 1127
Total . . 2822 2009 1572

R. Gordon, esq of Kemble-house, and J. Pitt, esq. have been returned for Cricklade, to the exclusion of the other candidate, Mr. Calley. At the close of the poll the members were Pitt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 715 Gordon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 602 Calley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 505 This contest was carried on with the greatest activity. Married.] Mr. Robert Bailey, of Calne, to Miss D. Hampton, of Cheverell.— Mr. Hervey, of Crewkerne, to Miss Elizabeth Viney, of Langport.—Mr. Woodman, to Miss Sarah Oatly, both of Melksham.— Mr. Benjamin Collett, to Miss Rebecca Townsend, both of Corsham.— Mr. G. Mitchell, of Corsham, to Miss Henrietta Pickering, of Box-Mills, Mr. Joseph Banks, jun. to Miss Mary Ann Wilkins, both of Easton.— Mr. J. Brown, to Miss Tucker, both of Warminster. Died.] At Trowbridge, 61, Sarah, wife of the Rev. John Cooper, deservedly lamented. — At Langford, 67, William Edwards, esq. SOM ER SETs HIRE, The contest for this county, which was earried on with great spirit by each party, terminated by Sir T. Lethbridge declining the contest. The following was the state •f the poll:— Dickinson . . . . . . . . . . 2830 , Langton . . . . . . . . . . . . 2435 Lethbridge . . . . . . . . . . 2024

[Aug. 1,

A. Baring, esq. and Sir W. Burroughs are returned for Taunton, after a smart contest; but the friends of Henry Powell Collins, esq. conceiving that gentleman to have had the largest number of legal votes, have resolved to present a petition to Parliament, without any expence to Mr. Collins, against the return of Sir W. Burroughs.

Baring . . . . . . . . . • * * * * 441 Burroughs . . . . . . . . . . .304 Collins • . . . . . . . . . . . . . .299

The late contest for the borough of Bridgwater has afforded a striking instance of what may be dome by enlightening the people on the subject of their rights, and by acting upon and adhering to truly constitutional and honourable principles. Mr. Mogg RIDGE, by frequent, emergetic, and truly constitutional, appeals to the understandings of the people, succeeded in exciting and maintaining such enthusiastic attachment to himself, and to the cause of constitutional freedom, that, but for the repetition of the foul practices which cansed the late Lord Melcombe (himself not umpractised in the baneful arts of corruption,) to exclaim against “the venal wretches of Bridgwater,” Mr. Moggridge, and probably his friend and fellow-candidate Mr. Parkins, must have been returned, notwithstanding, from circumstances beyond their controul, the old members had several days the start of them in their canvass. As it was, Mr. M. polled 164 votes, and had six in reserve, whilst Lord Powlett's representative (pol. ling not only his very last man, but several doubtful votes,) could muster only 185. Married.] Mr. Denson, of Camdenplace, to Mrs. Old, of York-street.— Mr. R. Tarrant, to Miss Vagg.—Mr. W. Cave, of Walcot-street, to Miss Eliza Coombs of South-parade: all of Bath.-Mr. Robt. Falkner, of Bath, to Miss Lucy Alexander, of Manningford. —Lieut. W. Richards, R.N. to Miss Lucie Cook, of Walcot. terrace. — Mr. Phipps, of Margaret'sbuildings, Bath, to Miss Fast, of Lacock. —Mr. George Wiltshire, of Bath, to Miss Paul, of Winchester.—Capt. Kenney, of the 73d regiment, to Miss Lucy Gibbes, of Keynsham.—Joseph Fisher, esq. of Cleve, to Miss L. Sparrow, of Bourton.Mr. George Atkins, of Heigh Grove, to Miss Mary Miles, of High Littleton.—Mr. Samuel Close, of Sheptom-Mallet, to Miss Ann Senly, of Castle Cary. Died.] At Bath, 24, Edward Maine, esq.--In Brook-street, 74, Mr. Daniel Powney. — In Westgate-buildings, Mr. Charles Davis.-24, Mr. Charles Moore, deservedly lamented.—On Walcot-terrace, Col. James Plumer, of the East-India Company's Bengal service,—60, Mr. M. Pitman. - In St. James’-square, Mrs. Nevile, wife of C. N. esq.—In New Bondstreet, 73, Mr. George Smith.-In Lansdown Crescent, Mrs. Watson, wife of the Rev.

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