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Graham. Mr. Graham was the popular candidate. " The cause of independence has obtained a victory at Boroughbridge. The Duke of Newcastle has been accustomed to consider this as his close borough , but his Grace's candidate was thrown, and M. Lawson and G. Mundy, esqrs. were returned by the electors. The Lumatic Asylum for the West Riding, erected near Wakefield, which has cost upwards of 40,000l. is now opened, and ready for the reception of 150 patients. Married.] Mr. William Cooper, jun., of York, to Miss Gray, of Hull.— Mr. WilFiam Briggs, to Miss Sarah Rust.—Mr. Samuel Mann, to Miss Sarah Fell.–Mr. S. Mason, to Miss M. Burnett; all of Hull. — Mr. Parker, of Hull, to Miss Watson, of Heighton.—Mr. John Fearn, jun. of Hull, to Miss Elizabeth Williamson, of Welton. — Mr. Sutcliff Nelson, to Miss Mary Ann ButterworthMr. Thomas Fletcher, to Mrs. Huggon : —Mr. Charles Fearne, to Miss Sophia Bury: all of Leeds. – Mr. Thomas Mitcheli, of Halifax, to Mrs. Thorburn, of Wakefield. — Mr. Jolin Lightfoot, of Halifax, to Miss Mary ièrooke, of Great Gomersall.—Mr. Heap, to Miss Brice, both of Wakefield.—Mir. Berry, of Huddersfield, to Miss Widdop, of Nethertom.—Mr. James Metcalfe, of Bradford, to Miss Ann Hi!!, of York.-Mr. I rancis Hogg, to Miss Ketson, both of Birstall.— The Rev. G. Winter, curate of Cleckheaton, to Miss Rebecca Goodyear, of Wakefield.—The Rev. Thomas Hutton, of Pocklington, to Miss Laird, of Pudsey.— Mr. William Carlill, of Brantingham, to Miss Elizabeth Fetter, of Hull.—Mr. William Dearden, of Malton, to Miss Thyrza Woodhouse, of Nottingham.–Mr. John Petty, of Beeston, to Miss Elizabeth Hurst, of Leeds. –T. U. Shillito, esq. of Beall, to Miss Myra Boyes, of Eastburne. —Mr. Matthew Brown, of Horbury, to Mrs. Sharpe, of Holm Wood.—Mir. Joseph Batley, of Holin Firth, to Miss Hannah Armitage, of Honley.—Mr. John Audsley, of Horton, to Miss Mary Heron, of Sowerby. * Died.] At York, 71, Mr. James Benson, a common-councilman for Miomk Ward. —At Hull, 21, Mr. John Pinder.-35, Mrs. Elizabeth Pettingeli.-Im Dock-street, 87, Mr. John Consitt, greatly respected.— Capt. Mott, R.N.—In Sykes-street, 70, Mrs. Mary Brummett.—in Daggellame, 90, Mr. William Belgrave.—78, Mir. James Wheat.—James Wilson, esq.-66, Mr. William Sissom, sen. justly regretted.—79, Mrs. Coates.—69, Mr. John Cook. In Sculcoates, 65, Mrs. Mary Bolton, much lamented. At Leeds, Mrs. W. Cowell.—42, Mrs. +annah Walker.-Mrs. W. Johnson.-67,


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Mr. Thomas Hodgson.-21, Mrs. Elizabeth Radcliffe.—60, Mr. John Nixon, merchant, deservedly regretted. At Halifax, Mr. Robert Welsh.-Mr. Thomas Gregory. At Huddersfield, 23, Mr. Joseph Brooks, much respected. At Scarborough, 88, Mr. Philip Beverley.—At Knaresborough, 74, Mr. William Young, much respected. At Wakefield, 63, Mr. Mitchell, deservedly respected. At Pontefract, 28, Miss Maria Perfect, highly esteemed. At Beverley, at an advanced age, Mrs. Sterne, widow of Richard S. esq.—Mr. George Lambert.—47, Mrs. Mary Sunman, deservedly regretted.—At Alford, 60, Mr. William Darkins.—At Beverleypark, 80, Mrs. W. Wallis.-At North Cave, 45, the Rev. John Petch, vicar, deservedly respected.—At Paley-green, near Settle, 70, William Preston, esq.—At Bramley, 39, Mr. Isaac Newton.—At Rawdon, 96, Mr. John Lane.—At Barnsley, Mrs. Cockshaw.—At Clifton, 26, Mrs. Mary Walker.—At Knottingby, at an advanced age, Mr. William Sharp, much respected. At Portobello, near Sheffield, 62, Mr.


Joseph Youle, teacher of the mathematics. Mr. M. was a self-taught mathe

matician, and his attainments in many branches of science would have honoured the most exalted station in the literary world.


Hardly inferior to any for public fervor was the contest for Liverpool; but, owing to the management of the committees of Mr. Canning and Gen. Gascoyne,—by coalescing and splitting votes, these were returned; yet, from the state of the poll, which we subjoin, it will be seem that Lord Sefton's friends polled considerably more men than eitlier of the other candidates:— 1207 freemen polled at Lord Sefton's bar: of these 49 split to Canning, and 2 to Gas- Seft. coyne, thus: - - - - - - - - - 1207 869 freemen polled at Mr. Canning's bar: of these 642 split to Gascoyne, and 64 to Sefton, thus . . 800 freemen polled at Gen. Gascoyne's bar: of these 736 split to Canning, and 9 to Sefton, thus ..

Can, Gage. 49 2

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9 736 900 Total -- - - - - 1280 1654. 1444 Thus Liverpool, with all its good intelligence, has been unable to emancipate itself, and has been obliged to submit again to be represented by the most machiavelian or servile politicians in the House

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John Whitehead, of Manchester, to Miss Sarah Pott, of Stockport.—John Harrison, esq. of Chorley, to Miss Sandford, of Manchester. — Mr. C. Bury, merchant, of Manchester, to Miss Mary Pauldin, of Over Peover. — Mr. John Parry, to Miss Hannah Mason, of St. James's-street.— Mr. G. Johnson, to Miss E. Taylor.—Mr. Highfield, to Miss Wedgwood. — Mr. Thomas Park, to Miss Wilson.— Mr. John Yates, of Brownlow-street, to Miss Elizabeth Atkins. – Mr. Thomas Bunnell, to Miss Mary Ball: all of Liverpool.—Mr. Hugh Cumming, of Liverpool, to Miss Pearson, of Atherton.--Mr. Joseph Stubbs, of Warrington, to Miss Crosbie, of CherdMey.—Mr. J. Hanby, of Blackburn, to Mrs. Elizabeth Jackson, of St. Helen's. Died.] At Lancaster, Mr. Richard Johnson, counity treasurer. At Manchester, 40, Mr. John Hutton, of Hunt's Bank. At Liverpool, in Bold-street, 77, James White, esq. formerly of Jamaica.—In Pittstreet, 36, Mr. Cuthbeit Cardwell.——Mr. 'Thomas Jones, piastër of the Dry Dock.. John Williams, – 40, Mrs. Mary rter, Old Dock —55, Isaac Burgess, esq. of the Customs.-70, Mrs. Isabella Perry. -At Preston, Mrs. Winstanley, wife of John W. esq. - At Uiverston, Mrs. Cranke. At Higher Ardwick, 57, Mrs. Stockwell, § respected. — At Ashton in the illows, 85, William Birchall, one of the #. of Friends. - At Rose-hili, near anchestér, 52, Adam Murray, esq.-At Rosé-hill, Íittle Wooston, 76, Thomas awsófi, esq.-At Cheetwood, 44, Mrs. Alice Seddén —At Newnham, 67, Mr. John Nash. . . . . . . . . " ' "

*** -- - - --

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Four candidates started for Chester,the young Lord Belgrave, with General Grosvenor, his relative; and, opposed to these, Sir John Grey Egerton, the late member, and a Mr. Williams. Never was local party-spirit carried higher. The long-standing interest of the Grosvenor family seemed to be the point of popular attack: but the two former prevaised; and the numbers at the close of the poll were— Belgrave . . . . . . . . . . . . 813 Grosvenor . . . . . . . . . . 737 Egerton . . . . . . . . . . . . 606 Williams . . . . . . . . . . . . 523 As Lord Grosvenor acts a noble part in Parliament, the friends of liberty were much divided. Married.] William Field, esq. to Miss Ann Eltoft.—Mr. Franks, to Miss Sarah Dale: all of Chester.—The Rev. J. Har: rison, of Chester, to Mrs. Mitchell, of Stockport.-Mr. George Bramwell, of Stockport, to Miss Jane M'Lellan, of Mansfield.—Mr. G. Wade, of Nantwich, to Miss Beckett, of Middlewich.-Mr. Fryer, of Witton-street, Northwich, to Mrs. Taylor.—Mr. Pearson, of Altrincham, to Miss Andrews, of Myrtle-grove, Northen. —Mr. Hatton, of Aston, to Miss Green, of Beech-hill, Northwich. Died.] At Chester, 80, Mrs. Lloyd.—. Mr. J. Jackson.—77, Catherine Maria, widow of the late Rev. Dr. Cotton, Dean of Chester, and aunt to Lord Combermere. -85, John Dyson, esq., senior alderman, deservedly regretted.—In Abbey-square, Mrs. Rowlands. At Knutsford, Mrs. Vennett, wife of the Rev.–V.—72, Mrs. Allanson. At Sandbach, 41, Mr. Francis Swindell, universally respected. At Godley, 68, Mr. William Turner, universally respected.—At Ollerton, Jo. siah Potts, , esq. — At Flooker's-brook, Thomas Beckwith, esq. PER BY SHIR E.

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Birch and Lord Rancliffe were returned for Nottingham. At the close of the poll the numbers were— Birch ... . . . . . . . . . . . 2228 Rancliffe . . . . . . . . . . 1863 Smith ... . . . . . . . . . . . 1840 A scrutiny was demanded by the latter candidate, but refused. On Tuesday, April 28, as someboys were amusing themselves with digging in the rock at the back of Standard-hill, they made a small opening therein, which they found to be the original entrance into a room, or cave, hewn in the solid rock. its dimensions are about eight feet by nine, with a rock bench or settle rumming round, the roof supported by a neatly wrought column of the same material, on which and the sides are several rude drawings, dates, initials, crosses, croslets fitched, and other devices, the dates 1570, 1637, 1639, 1640. A rude oaken image, about five feet in length, was dug out of the sand on one side the entrance, and on each side is a narrow loop-hole. Married.] Mr. Lee, to Miss Mary Salmon, of Stoney-street.—Mr. Nathan Sulley, to Miss Ann Richards.-Mr. James Marston, to Miss E. Forster, of Parliament-street: all of Nottingham.—Mr. J. Chamberlain, to Miss Burgess; both of Newark.-Mr. M'Lellam, to Mrs. Croft, both of Mansfield.—Capt. Milnerman, R.N. of Mansfield Woodhouse, to Miss Shephard, of Mansfield. — Mr. Joseph Jarvis, of Whaley, to Miss Bunting, of Langwith,-Mr. Joseph Fox, of Pleasley, to Miss Marshall, of Teversall. Died.] At Nottingham, 76, Mrs. Hardwick, widow of James H. esq.-In Parkrow, Mr. Cozens.—in Long-row, 48, Mr. John Firth.-In Parliament-street, 45, Mr. Joseph Vick. At Newark, 62, Mrs. Elizabeth Armstrong.—Mrs. Crampern.-Mr. Skinner.— At Beeston, 63, Mrs. Elizabeth Barker, deservedly regretted.—At Tuxford, Mr. Statley.—At Truswell, 21, Mr. John Hall. —At New Retford, 64, Mr. Robert Brown, highly esteemed.—At Calverton, '82, Mr. George Foster.—At South Leverton, Mrs. Holmes, widow of the Rev. John H.-At East Retford, Mrs. Jame Wilson.


There were three candidates for this county,+the Hon. M. Pelham, Sir Robert Heron, and Mr. Chaplin. After three days' sharp conflict, Sir Robert was obliged to decline; when the numbers ;" Pelham . . . . . . . . . . . . 3693 Chaplin , 3069 Heron. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2653 The Hon. P. R. D. Burrell and Mr. W. A. : Madocks have been again returned for the borough of Boston, after an ardu4.

Lincolnshire—Leicester and Rutland. 87

ous struggle. At the close, the numbers. Were13urrell e s - - - - - - - - - - - - 299 Madocks . . . . . . . . Ellis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 270 A slight shock of an earthquake was experienced at Comingby, on the 6th of last February, which lasted some seconds. A noise like the subterraneous firing of cannon was heard at the time, and the windows of the houses in the town were much shaken. At the same time, a similar phenomenon was experienced at the east end of Holderness, where the moise strongly resembled that of horses running away with a waggon; and it is said that the drivers of several teams drew up to the road side, to make way for what they supposed the cause of the sound. A gentleman, who, with his servant and labourer, were in the neighbourhood of Trentfall, about fifty miles from Comingby, also heard the noise. It lasted about two minutes; and at first consisted of moises exactly resembling gun shots at equal distances of about a second, each loud and distinct: afterwards it fell away to a kind of grumbling, which gradually ceased. The noise appeared to shift in a direction from east towards the south. Married.] Mr. T. Burbidge, to Miss M. Smith, both of Grantham.—Mr. Evans, of Kirkhallam, to Miss Charlotte Doubleday, of Nottingham. Died.] Of an apoplectic fit, 45, the Rev. Field Flowers, rector of Partney. At Croxton vicarage, 73, Mrs. N. Pryme. LEICESTER AND RUTLAND. It is forty-three years since the county of Leicester was contested. Mr.W. L. Keck, (says the Nottingham Review,) the supporter of the spy system, and the eulogist of Oliver, was obliged to retire from the contest. Lord Robert Manners was next put in nomination, with some faint hissing; then Mr. Babington, with great applause; and lastly, Mr. Charles March Phillips, of Garendon Park, was nominated with great applause: this last gentleman declared himself the friend of freedom, and unconnected with faction or ministers. A poll commenced ; which, at the first day's close, stood, Mammers . . . . . . . . . . . . 391 Phillips. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 307. Babington . . . . . . . . . 257 When Mr. Babington declined. For Leicester, the two bankers, T. Panes, and J. Mansfield, esqrs. were choseii. Married.] Mr. E. D. Bardwell, to Miss Mary Ann Dawson, of Belgrave-gate.-Mr. Wale, to Miss Howes.—Mr. William Harley, to Miss Ann Thacker : all of Leicester.—Mr. Edward Hunt, jun. of Leicester, to Miss A. Mitchell, of Wake. field,—Mr. William Seddon, of Leicester, to

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to Miss Boulton, of Islington, near Birmingham.—William Daniel Watson, esq. of Market Bosworth, to Miss Elizabeth Kendall, of Budbrooke.—Mr. Edward Wilford, to Miss Maria Mason, both of Melton Mowbray. — Mr. Sheppard, of Narborough, to Miss Warner, of Burbage. Died.] At Leicester, in Granby-street, Mrs. W. Wale. — Mr. John Hewitt Cartwright, greatly respected. At Leamington, after dining at the hotel, 55, Mr. Matthew Reid, an eminent manufacturer of Leicester. At Loughborough, Mis. Allsopp.–29, Mrs. Hepworth. At Uppingham, 75, Mr. Thomas Mould. —At Barrow-on-Soar, 88, Miss Chamberlaim.–At Seaton, Mr. Kilbourn, generally respected. STAFFORD Shi Re. Three candidates, Mr. Benyon, Gen. Macauley, and Mr. Homfray,+contested the borough of Stafford. At the close of the poll the numbers were, Benyon. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 340 Homfray . . . . . . . . . . . . .254 Macaulay . . . . . . . . . . . . 150 Tanworth election was carried by Sir Robert Peel, and his second son, William Peel, esq. in opposition to Lord Charles Townshend. The place was a scene of uproar and confusion ; much damage was done, and several houses destroyed. Married.] Mr. Samuel France, to Miss Mary Griffin, of Walsall.—Dolphin, Edwards, esq. of Withington, to Miss Anne Salt, of Daw End.—Mr. Plumb, of Daw End, to Mrs. Woodward, of Rushall.— Mr. T. A. Proud, of Betston, to Miss Taylor, of Darlaston. Mr. Lanrence Haywood, to Miss Mary Ann Johnstone, both of Newton.—Mr. Henry Mascall, of Shelton, to Miss Kenwrick, of Castle Bromwich. Died.] At Wolverhampton, in Berrystreet, Mr. J. Hewitt.—Mrs. Elizabeth Wilcox, much lamented. At Walsall, 49, Mirs. Ann Chavasse, deservedly regretted,—In the High-street, Mrs. Rooker.—Mr. Payton, respected. At Penkridge, Mrs. Bennett. At Dunston, Mrs. Mary Critchley.—At Tudbury, 82, Mr. Francis Greasley, highly respected. WAR WICKSHIRE. Mr. Butterworth lost his election at Coventry: the final numbers being— Moore. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1180 Ellice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1000 Butterworth . . . . . . . . 624 Leamington Spa, as a place of summer resort, is now becoming as fashionable in its society as convenient in its situation. It is rising, on every side, with the rapidity of an American settlement; and it bids fair to vie in size with its ancient neighbour, and to dispute the palm of fashion with the most favoured resorts of Hygëia. Its


[Aug. 1, waters are in the highest repute for their medicinal virtues; and, enjoying the pe. culiar advantage of being in the centre of the kingdom, they are more easily accessible to invalids of various counties. One of its unique features is the gallery of Mr. Bisser, an establishment as elegant as useful, combining pleasing specimens of the great masters of painting, with a snpply of the daily papers, and the most inter. esting productions of contemporary literattire. We are, however, concerned to observe, that Mr. Bisset has determined to enjoy the autumn of his active life in retirement, and that he announces this popular establishment for sale. Twenty-six colliers have lately been committed to Warwick gaol, besides forty who are in Wolverhampton gaol, all charged with absenting themselves from their masters’ employment, at Tipton, and refusing to work for the wages they had previously agreed for. Married.] Mr. Richard Tubberner, to Miss Coswell. — Mr. Hearn, to Miss Woolfield.—Mr. S. Stapenell, to Mrs. S. Griffin.— Mr. Thomas Heath, to Miss Sarah Chislett: all of Birmingham.—Mr. W. B. Dadley, of Birmingham, to Miss Mary Anslow, of Brewood.—Mr. Stevens, of Birmingham, to Miss Ann Deggles, of Liverpool.-Mr. John Crowley, of Birmingham, to Miss Maria Jeffreys, of . Hockley.--Mr. W. Selkirk, of Birmingham, to Miss Wood, of Walsall.—The Rev. B. Howell, of Ashted, to Miss Hazard, of Castle Bromwich.—Ralph Sheldon, esq. of Weston-house, to Miss Sarah Broom, of Great Titchfield-street, London. Died.]. At Birmingham, in Bordesley. street, Mrs. Gold,—39, Mr. John James, respected.—In Grcat Hampton-street, 78, Mr. Thomas Southall.—In Aston-street, 41, Mrs. Johnson.—In Moland-street, 69, Mrs. Hannah Jones.-In Aston road, 21, Mr. Zadock Gregory.—In Bath-street, Mr. Robert Hodges. At Castle Bromwich, 53, Mr. Abraham Thornton, father of the man whose name was latchy before the public in regard to the horrible murder of Mary Ashford. At Coleshill-heath, Mr. Richard War. wick, justly respected.—At Sheldon-hall, 79, Mrs. Chilwell.—At Bordesley, 45, Mrs. Elizabeth Allen. — At Holloughton-hall, Mr. William Marston.—At Foleshill, 53, Mrs. Warner, late of Coventry. Sri Ropshi i R.E. Married.]. Mr. Williams, of Shrewsbury, to Miss Mary Price, of the Strand, London.—Mr. John White, of Shrewsbury, to Miss Ann Buckmall, of Ludlow. —Mr. R. Parsons, of Market Drayton, to Miss Ann Henrietta Blakeway, of Norton. —Mr. Bentley, to Miss Jane Barlow, both of Newport.—Mr. Phillips, of Ludlow, to Miss Maria Matthews, of To: - Mir—Mr. J. Windsor, of Ellesmere, to Miss Vaugham, of Stanwardine.—Mr. Watson, to Miss James, both of Ellesmere.—Mr. Robert Betton, of Booley, to Mrs. Benmet, of Edgbolton. Died.] At Shrewsbury, 55, Mr. Eggleston, deservedly regretted.— In Castlestreet, Mrs. Denston.—In the Crescent, J. Lyon, esq. barrister.—In Quarry-buildings, 64, Mr. Cooke, sen. At Wellington, Mr. Thomas Lawley, suddenly. At Clee Downton, 64, Mr. John Thomas. —At Ford, 44, Mrs. Catharine Dathan, much respected.— At Street Grange, Lilleshall, 55, Mrs. Dawes.—At Minsterley, Mrs. Elizabeth Hopkins.—At Wollerton, Mr. Dicken.—At Stapleton, Miss Ann Allen.—At Wollaston, Mr. Richard Smith, justly respected. — At Lydbury North, Mrs. Blayney. At Booley, 76, Mr. Joseph Betton. WORCESTERSHIRE. The retirement of Sir William Duff Gordon from the contest terminated the election for Worcester in favor of Lord Deerhurst and Col. Davies. At the close of the poll the numbers were— Deerhurst . . . . . . . . . . 1422 Davies • . . . . . . . . . . . 1024 Gordon . . . . . . . . . . . . 874 A roller pump, on an improved principle, has recently been erected near Worcester, for raising water from the Severn into the basin of the canal, where it throws up at least 900 gallons per minute. It works by a rotatory motion, without bucket or rod, and produces a constant stream. It is entirely made of metal. Married.] Samuel Stone Briscoe, esq. of Summer-hill, Stourbridge, to Miss Richards, of Dudley. —Mr. John Tolley, of Hadley-house, Ombersley, to Miss Charlotte Godfrey, of Heathy Mills, Kidderminster. Died.] At Stourbridge, Mr. Jeavons. At Worcester, in High-street, 26, Mr. Joseph Pitt.—Mrs. Palmer, one of the Society of Friends. At Brittle-lane, near Stourbridge, 35, Mr. Samuel Smith, deservedly regretted. At Mounsley-hall, 79, Mr. Thomas Wakeman.

1818.] Worcestershire–Herefordshire—Gloucestershire, &c.


The contest for this county was the

greatest ever known : the candidates,— Col. Cornewall, Col. Cotterell, and Mr. Price,—were each strenuously supported; but, on the fifth day, Col. Cornewall declined. The numbers at the close were—

Cotterell. . . . . . . . . . . . 2175

1Price . . . . . • * * * * * * * * 1949

Cornewall . . . . . . . . . . 1775 The contest for Hereford concluded on MonTHLY MAG, No. $15.

89 the retirement of Mr. Scudamore. The close of the poll stood— Cocks • - - - - - - - - - - - 451 Symonds • * * * * - - - - - - - 554 Scudamore . . . . . . . . . . .293 Hereford had not experienced a contest since 1784. Married.] Mr. Morris, of Hereford, to Miss Morris, of Batchley.— Mr. J. E. Gough, of Hereford, to Miss Mary Ann Nash, of Newnham.—R. Lovett, esq. of Huntingdom-park, Kington, to Miss Mary Hankins. Died.] At Stretton Court, 79, Mr. Skyrme. At Hereford, Mr. Kettle. G Lou CESTER AND Mo NMoUTH, The election for the city of Gloucester terminated, after a most spirited contest, in favour of Col. Webbe aud Mr. Cooper. At the close of the poll the numbers were—a. Webbe. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 892 Cooper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 886 Berkeley . . . . . . . . . . . . 838 The contest for Pristol is believed to be unparalleled in the history of elections, for spirit, vigour, and resolution. Mr. E. Protheroe and Col. Hugh Bai'iie both withdrew ; but were again nominated. The close of the poll on the fifth day produced the following numbers:– Davis . . .3377. Protheroe . . . . . . . . . . 2259 Baillie. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1684 A meeting of Bristol freemen, resident in London, was lately held at the Sussex hotel, Bouverie street; Mr. Gast in the chair: when it was resolved to petition against the late election, on the ground that the poll was closed at the end of the fifth day, “without notice having been publicly given to the out-voters, who were desirous of voting at the said election.” Married.] Mr. John Taylor, to Miss James.—Mr. William Major, jun, to Miss Amelia Grainger, of St. James' Back.-Mr. Earl, to Miss E. Evans: all of Bristol. —John Wait, esq. of Kingsdown parade, Bristol, to Miss Fryer, of St. Mary's. square, Gloucester.—At Clifton, John Gray, esq. of Rock-house, to Miss Harriet Brice.—Mr. De Jersey, to Miss Walcam, of Bristol.—The Rev. J. J. Goodenough, D.D. of Bristol, to Miss Eliza Newman, of Thornbury-park.-Mr. Charles Smith, jun. of Westbury, to Miss Elizabeth Lucas, of Bristol.—William Lambert, esq. of Chalford, to Miss Mary Partridge, of Stroud. —Mr. Edward J. Black well, to Miss Mary Ann Jackson, both of Uley. — Strike Davois, esq. to Miss Lyoen, both of Logwell.—At Elmore, Mr. Daniel Vick, to Miss Mary Roane, of Putloe.-Mr. John Butt, of Whaddon, to Miss Sarah Copner, of Standish. Died.] At Gloucester, Mrs. Trimnett, , At Bristol, Mrs. Lloyd, a highly respected N member

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