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criticism prevails in Dr. Laurence's Refleosions on the Unitarian Werfton *, and they, who are most averse to his conclusions, will find it very difficult to repel his arguments. Much younger in the fields of controversy Mr. Rennell displays the qualities of one who is formed to be a herot. The more experienced divine may say to him with pleasure:

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always tend. Mr. Daubeny | takes up two or three important topics, and handles all, as usual, with ability.

The great and momentous subjećt of national education chiefly occupies the powerful sermon of Dr. Marsh T, preached at St. Paul's. The preacher there shows himself, what every intelligent patriot and Christian must be, a zealous friend to the instrućtion of the poor; but he contends, with more

force of argument than had till then been applied

to the subjećt, that national education ought to be founded on the national religion; and that it would be an absurdity to suffer our institutions to be at

variance with our laws. These arguments, co

operating with the already settled opinion of our

chief governors in Church and State, have given .

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tion f, on the nature and effects of herefies, and on the true charaćter of a Christian Church, is one of those that stand in the very first order of merit. We analysed it with proportionable care, and we trust that its value has thus been made known to multitudes, who had not the advantage of hearing it delivered. Other sermons have deserved commendation, as may be seen under their respective articles, but not sufficiently to come into competition with these; here therefore we shall close our present account,

Philosophy and MATHEMATIes. * *

After an interval, on many accounts to be lamented, we have resumed our reports on the Philosophical Transations of the Royal Society. That work, on which the eyes of Europe have been fixed so long, has produced very lately some of the most trilliant discoveries. The active spirit and unremitting attention of the President give vigour to the movements of the body; and every member is willing to exert his best efforts, where they are sure to meet with judicious favour and encouragement. May the Society long enjoy the same advantages! In the works of the late Bishop of Os

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their union, like otherwell afforted unions, is to the advantage of both. There is also some divinity;

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profound thought, and accurate judgment. The Ímāīl but elegant volume of Dr. Reeve on the Torpidity of Animalso gives a pleasing specimen of an union no less natural, that of medical and philosophical acuteness. In a very different region of philoreputation; and his ... Essays f, partly analyzed in our preceding volumet, and concluded

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in this Š, are well worthy of that reputation. They

are the work of an accurate and experienced metaphyfician, and announce further designs, to which many students will look forward with eager expećtation. Mr. Creswell, of Trinity College, Cambridge, has completed the union between pure mathematics and the Elements of Linear Perspečive s, begun by Mr. Brook Taylor. He is more neat and perspicuous in his theorems than his predecessor ; and has, in fact, produced a much better elementary work. For another work of a similar kind, applied, to the Theory and Pračice of Mechanics, we are indebted to Mr. Marrat, of Boston **, who, in five books, has given an excellent introdućtion to that study. In every science which admits of mathematical precision, it is of the utmost consequence to have introductions strićtly elementary; and we rejoice, of course, to see the number of these augmented.

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