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Art. I. 1. A Chronological History of the Voyages and Discoveries

in the South Sea or Pacific Ocean ; illustrated with
Charts and other Plates. By James Burney, Captain

in the Royal Navy.
2. An Account of the Natives of the Tonga Islands, in the

South Pacific Ocean, with an original Grammar and
Vocabulary of their language. Compiled and arranged
from the extensive Communications of Mr. William
Mariner, several years resident in those islands. By

John Martin, M.D.
3. Transactions of the Missionary Society
II. Dissertation prefixed to the Supplemental Volumes of

the Encyclopædia Britannica, exhibiting a General
View of the Progress of Metaphysical, Moral and
Political Philosophy in Europe, from the Revival of
Letters. By Dugald Stewart, F.R.S. &c.

39 III. The History of Java. By Thomas Stamford Raffles,

Esq. late Lieut.-Governor of that Island and its Depen-
dencies, F.R.S. and A.S. &c.

72 Note relative to the conduct of the Dutch

· 287 IV. Comic Dramas, in Three Acts. By Maria Edgeworth, Author of Tales of Fashionable Life, &c. &c.

96 V. 1. Statements respecting the East India College, with an

Appeal to Facts, in refutation of the Charges lately
brought against it in the Court of Proprietors. By the
Rev. 'T. R. Malthus, Professor of History and Political
Economy in the East India College, Hertfordshire, and

late Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge. 2. Minute of the Marquis Wellesley, relative to the College of Fort William, dated the 18th August, 1800 - 107

VI. The Round Table : a Collection of Essays on Litera

ture, Men and Manners. By William Hazlitt - - 154 VII. Travels in various Countries of Europe, Asia and Africa, by Edward Daniel Clarke, LL.D.

Part the Second Greece, Egypt and the Holy Land. Sections Second and Third." To which is added a Supplement, respecting the Author's Journey from Constantinople to Vienna, containing his Account of the Gold Mines of Transylvania and Hungary

160 VIII. Paris in 1815. A Poem •

- 218 IX. Voyage de Découvertes aux Terres Australes, exécuté

sur les Corvettes Le Géographe, Le Naturaliste, et la

Goëlette Le Casuarina, pendant les Années 1800—1804 229
X. The Tragic Drama.-The A poslate ; a Tragedy, in Five
Acts. By Richard Sheil, Esq.

248 XI. France. By Lady Morgan

- 260 New Publications



The GENERAL INDEX, announced in a former Number, is deferred till the Publication of the NINETEENTH VOLUME,--and it will form Nos. XXXIX. and XL.


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ART. I. Historical Account of Discoveries and Travels in

Africa. By the late John Leyden, M. D.; enlarged
and completed to the present time, with Illustra-
tions of its Geography and Natural History, as well
as of the Moral and Social Condition of its Inha-

bitants. By Hugh Murray, Esq. F. R. S. E. - 331 II. The Personality and Ofice of the Christian Com

forter asserted and explained, in a Course of Ser-
mons on John xvi. 7. preached before the Univer-
sity of Oxford in the year 1815, at the Lecture
founded by the late Rev. John Bampton, M. A.,
Canon of Salisbury. By Reginald Heber, M. A.,
Rector of Hodnet, Salop, and late Fellow of All
Souls College

338 III. 1. Geschichte Andreas Hofer.

2. Beiträge zur neucren Kriegsgeschichte von Fried-
rich Forster

347 IV. An Essay on the Principle of Population; or, a View

of its past and present Effects on Human Happi-
ness ; with an Inquiry into our prospect respecting
the future Removal or Mitigation of the Evils
which it occasions. By R. T. Malthus, A. M.,
late Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge, and
Professor of Political Economy in the East India
College, Hertfordshire -

- 369 V. 1. Narrative of a Survey for the purpose of disco

vering the Sources of the Ganges,
2. A Journey to Lake Manassawara in Undés, a Pro-

vince in Little Thibet. By William Moor

croft, Esq.
3. On the Height of the Himilaya Mountains. By
H. T. Colebrooke, Esq.

403 VJ. Les Théatres. Par un Amateur

- 441 VII. A Series of Discourses on the Christian Revelation.

By T. Chalmers, D. D., one of the Ministers of



Page VIII. 1. Journal of the Proceedings of the late Embassy to

China ; comprising a correct Narrative of the
Public Transactions of the Embassy, of the
Voyage to and from China, and of the Journey
from the Mouth of the Pei Ho to the Return to
Canton, &c. Ilustrated by Maps and Drawings.
By Henry Ellis, Third Commissioner of the

2. Narrative of a Voyage in His Majesty's late Ship

Alceste to the Yellow Sea, along the Coast of Corea
and through its numerous hitherto undiscovered
Islands to the Island of Lewchew, with an Account
of her Shipwreck in the Straits of Gaspar. By John
M.Leod, Surgeon of the Alceste

464 IX. Letters from the Cape of Good Hope, in Reply to

Mr. Warden; with Extracts from the Great Work
now compiling for publication under the inspection
of Napoleon

- 506 X. 1. Des Colonies et de l'Amérique. Par M. de Pradt.

2. Des trois derniers Bois d'Amérique. Par M. de

Pradt. Ancien Archevêque de Malines, &c. &c. 3. Outline of the Revolution in Spanish America. By a South American


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