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Garrick, David, Dr. Johnson's opi-
nion of his talents for light
gay poetry, i. 45.

his profession depreciated by
Dr. Johnson, i. 284.
anecdote of, ii. 13.

lines on his portrait, ii. 176.
his lines written at Streatham,
ii. 294.

Garrick, George, i. 294.
Garrick, Mrs., i. 303.

Gas lights introduced into London,
ii. 281.

Gay, John, Mrs. Piozzi's remarks
on, ii. 151.

George III., caricature on, ii. 92.
anecdote of, ii. 101.

Gibbon, Edmund, remarks on his
style, ii. 279.

Gifford, W., origin of his "Baviad

and Mæviad," i. 271.

his lines on Mrs. Piozzi, i. 327.
his attack on Mrs. Piozzi's
"British Synonymy," i. 337.
Gisborne's "Natural Theology," i


[blocks in formation]

Halsey, Edmund, uncle of the elder
Thrale, Mrs. Thrale's note re-
specting his rise, i. 9.
Hamilton, Archdeacon, ii. 104.
Hamilton, Lady Archibald, ii.


Hamilton, Single-speech, supposed
author of "Letters of Junius," ii.

Handwriting of Mrs. Piozzi, i. 42.
Harrington, Dr., ii. 316, 318.
his death, ii. 321.

Harris, James, Esq., author of
'Hermes," i. 57; ii. 29, 31.


Hart, Polly, ii. 441.
Hawkins, Sir John, his account of
the correspondence between
Dr. Johnson and Mrs. Piozzi

on her marriage, i. 249.
his "Life of Dr. Johnson," i.
298, 299.

Head, Mr., ii. 81.

Hell-fire Club, incident at the, ii.
111, note.

"Herald, The Morning," verses in
the, quoted, i. 58.

Hinchliffe, Dr., bishop of Peter-
borough, and Sophy Streat-
field, i. 114.

as a reader of verse, i. 125.
Hogarth, William, his portrait of
Mrs. Thrale, in the " 'Lady's
Last Stake," i. 44; ii. 28,

his impromptu addressed to
Mr. Tighe, ii. 308.
Holland, Sir Henry, Bart., i. 373.
Horsdale, James, ii. 156.
Huggins, W. (the translator of
Ariosto), and Baretti, i. 98.

Ireland forgeries, the, ii. 228, 230,


Jackson, Humphrey, his connection
with Mr. Thrale, ii. 25.

Jackson, ii. 54. Wi]. I.1211
Jebb, Sir R., i. 135.

anecdote of, ii. 187.

Johnson, Dr. Samuel, his literary
eminence, i. 3.

his letter to Mrs. Thrale re-

[blocks in formation]

Johnson, Dr. Samuel, his Latin ode
to Mrs. Thrale translated by
Mr. Milnes, i. 37.
his verses
on Mrs. Thrale's
thirty-fifth birthday, i. 38.
his gloomy apprehensions of
death, i. 42.

his dislike at being painted
with his defects, i. 43.

his conversations at Streatham
Park, i. 45, 47.

his interview with Lord March-
mont, i. 46.

his epigram on Mary Aston, i.


his remarks on Demosthenes
and the Athenians, i. 51.
his opinion of, and respect for,
Mrs. Thrale, i. 53, 57.
his translations from Boethius,
i. 55.

and tale of the "Fountains," i.

his introduction to Miss Bur-
ney, i. 62.

his account of the children of
Mr. Langton, i. 64.

his story of Bet Flint, i. 66.
his remarks on his own polite-
ness, i. 68, note.

the moralist and the hatter of
Southwark, i. 71.

Mr. Thrale's intention of bring-
ing Johnson into Parliament,
i. 71.
assistance afforded by Johnson
to Mr. Thrale in his difficul-
ties, i. 72.

portrait of Johnson by Doughty,
i. 74.

his attention to domestic econo-
i. 75.
and to propriety in dress, i.


his answer to Sir John Lade,
i. 78.

his fondness for town life, i.

his opinion of hunting, i.


his delight in carriage travel-
ling, i. 80.

drawback on his gratifications,
i. 81.

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Knight, Cornelia, ii. 223.

her" Autobiography" quoted,

i. 335.

Lade, Lady, ii. 23.

Johnson's remarks on, i. 78.
her conversation with Johnson
about her son, i. 78.
Lade, Sir John, account of, i. 78.
Johnson's answer to, i. 78.
Dr. Johnson's verses addressed
to, i. 340.

caricature of, ii. 371.
Lamoignon, President, his lines, ii.

Langton, Bennet, Esq., Johnson's

remark on, i. 48.

and on his children, i. 64.
story of, ii. 370.

Lee, the poet, his reading of verse,

i. 125.

[blocks in formation]

Lysons, Rev. Samuel, letters from
Mrs. Piozzi to, ii. 218.
his collection of scraps, ii.

his death, ii. 441.

Lysons family, notice of the, ii. 217.
Lyttelton, George Lord, cause of
Dr. Johnson's dislike for, i.
88, 143.

verses on his portrait, ii. 172.
the Lyttelton Ghost Story, ii.

remarks on Johnson's Life of,
ii. 16.
Lyttelton, Lady, ii. 100.

[blocks in formation]

his remarks on Croker's Bos
well's "Johnson," i. 39.

and on Madame D'Arblay's
"Memoirs and 66
i. 184.


his summary of Mrs. Piozzi's
imputed ill-treatment of Dr.
Johnson, i. 262.

his account of Mrs. Piozzi's
second marriage, and of Dr.
Johnson's banishment from Streat-
ham, i. 262.

Malherbe, anecdote of, ii. 157.
Mallet, Mr. and Mrs., ii. 160.
Maltzan, Count, ii. 100.
Mann, Sir Horace, at Florence, i.

Manners of 1782, i. 59.
Mant, his verses, ii. 449.
Manucci, Count, ii. 68.
March, Lord, i. 59.
Marchmont, Lord, Johnson's inter-
view with, i. 46.

Marie Antoinette, Queen, note on
her first confinement, ii. 89.
Marlborough, Duke of, at Bath, ii.


Marriage, Dr. Johnson's remarks on,
i. 78.

Marriage, Selden's remarks on, ii. 80.
McEvoy, Miss, ii. 389,

[blocks in formation]

Omai, the Sandwich Islander, i. 317.
O'Neill, Miss, i. 357; ii. 402, 404.
compared with Mrs. Siddons,

ii. 403.
Otway's hag, ii. 127.

Paap, Simon, the dwarf, ii. 382.
Pacchierotti, the nger, i. 165.
Parini, the Abbate, his impromptu

on Mongolfier's balloon, ii. 297.
Paris, English in, in 1816, ii. 336.
Parker, Dr., his complimentary

verses to Mrs. Thrale, ii. 87.
Parr, Dr., his correspondence with
Mrs. Piozzi, i. 305.
Parry, Dr. C., ii. 418.

Parry, Sir E., ii. 418, 440, 460.
Parsons, Mr., his verses to Venus,
ii. 60.

and to Mrs. Piozzi, ii. 61.
Parsons, Nancy, and the Duke of
Grafton, i. 59.

Pasquin and Cardinal Zanetti, ii.

Pearce, Zachary, anecdote of, i. 210.
Pelham, Mr., ii. 121.

Garrick's lines on, ii. 121.
Pennington, Mrs., i. 363; ii. 463,

464, note.

her letter to Miss Willoughby,
quoted, i. 362.

Penrice, Sir Henry, ii. 16.
Penzance, Mrs. Piozzi at, ii. 462.
Pepys, Mr., i. 186.

Johnson's rudeness to, i. 186.
Pepys, Sir Lucas, i. 188, note, 273.
Pepys, Sir William, i. 128, 304.

his remarks on Mrs. Thrale's
second marriage, i. 252.
his impromptu, ii. 312.
Perkins, Mr., i. 135, 165, 188, note,


Mrs. Thrale's letters to, re-
ferred to, i. 70.

and the print of Dr. Johnson,
i. 75.

Persians, the, in London, in 1818,
ii. 415.

Pindar, Peter, his enumeration of
Dr. Johnson's favourite
dishes, quoted, i. 15.

his satire on Boswell and Mrs.
Piozzi, quoted, i. 287.
Piozzi, Mrs., her moral character, i. 4.

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