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New Jersey. The Acts of the General Assembly of the Province of New Jersey, from the time of the Surrender of the Government in the Second Year of the Reign of Queen Anne to this present time, being the Twenty-fifth Year of the Reign of King George the Second. Collected and published by Order os the General Assembly of the said Province. With proper Tables; and an Alphabetical Index, containing all the Principal Matters in the body of the book. By Samuel Nevill, Esq., Second Justice of the Supreme Court of Judicature of the said Province. Folio. William Bradford. 1752.

Same, from the year 1753, etc., to the year 1761. With an

Appendix, containing the Acts of Parliament relating to His
Majesty's Forces and the Articles of War. Volume the Second.
Folio. James Parker. Woodbridge in N. J., 1761.

Acts of the General Assembly of the Province of New Jersey,

from the Surrender of the Government to Queen Anne, on the 17th day of April, in the year of our Lord 1702, to the 14th day of January, 1776. To which is annexed, the Ordinance for regulating and establishing the Fees of the Court of Chancery of the said Province. With three Alphabetical Tables and an Index. Compiled and published under the appointment of the General Assembly, and compared with the original Acts. By Samuel Allinson. Folio. Isaac Collins. Burlington, 1776.

Votes and Proceedings of the General Assembly of the Province

[Colony] of New Jersey. [From the 3d Session of the 21 st Assembly (Sept. 26, 1770) to the 2d Sitting of the 4th Session of the 22d Assembly inclusive (Dec. 6, 1775). Bound in one volume.] Folio. Burlington, 177o-75.

Journals of the Proceedings of the Legislative Council of the

State of New Jersey, etc. [From the 1st Session (Aug. 27, 1776)
to the 2d Sitting of the 8th Session inclusive (Sept. 2, 1784).
With Minutes and Proceedings of the Joint Meetings with the
Assembly, etc.] Folio. Trenton, 1777-84.

Votes and Proceedings of the General Assembly of the State of New

Jersey. [Fromthe 5th Session (Oct. 24, 1780) to the 1stSittingof the 9th, inclusive, Dec. 24, 1784.] Folio. Trenton, 1780-84.

Acts of the General Aflembly of the State of New Jersey.

[From the 1 st Assembly to the 11 th Assembly inclusive.] 2 vols., folio. Trenton, 1777-87.

Acts of the Council and General Assembly of the State of New

Jersey, from the Establishment of the present Government and Declaration of Independence to the End of the 1st Sitting of the 8th Session on the 24th Day of December, 1783; with the Constitution presixed. To which is annexed an Appendix, containing the Articles of Consederation of the United States, etc. With two Alphabetical Tables and an Index. Compiled under the appointment of the Legislature. By Peter Wilson, A. M. Folio. Isaac Collins. Trenton, 1784.

New Jersey. Same. Another Copy. [This copy disfers slightly in the title, which reads, "Acts of the General Assembly," etc., instead of as above.]

Propofals for Traffick and Commerce, or Foreign Trade in, in

answer to that upbraiding question, Why should not We have Trade, as all other the Plantations. Collected from the papers of A. and B., D. N., A. P., F. and G. H. W., and others. And humbly presented to the General Assembly. By Amicus Patriæ. Where Trade Flourisheth, Wealth and Learning Incrcaseth. 410., pp. 24. 1718.

A Bill in the Chancery of New Jersey, at the suit of John,

Earl of Stair, and others, Proprietors of the Eastern Division of, again ft Benjamin Bpnd, and some other persons of Eli2abeth Town, distinguished by the name of the Clinker Lot Right Men. With three large Maps. To which is added, the Publications of the Council of Proprietors of East New Jersey, and Mr. Nevill's Speeches to the General Assembly, concerning the Riots committed in New Jersey, and the Pretences of the Rioters, and their Seducers. Folio. N. Y., 1747.

An Answer to a Bill in Chancery, etc. To which is added

Nothing either of the publications of the Council of Proprietors of East New Jersey, or of the Pretences of the Rioters and their Seducers; except so sar as the Persons meant by Rioters, pretend Title against the Parties to the above answer; but a great deal of the controversy, though much less of the History and Constitution of New Jersey, than the said Bill. Folio. N.Y., 1752.

The Bill of Complaint in the Chancery of, brought by Thomas

Clarke, and others, against James Alexander, Esq., and others, commonly called the Proprietors of East New Jersey, etc. Folio.

N.Y., 1760.

Colonial Documents. Report of the Special Committee of

the Assembly, on the subject of our Colonial Documents in England. 8vo. Trenton, 1846.

Provincial Congress. Extract from the Journal of Proceedings of the Provincial Congress of the, held at Trenton, in May, June, and August, 1775. 8vo. Woodbury, 1835.

Address to the Federal Republicans of the State of, recommending the choice of Aaron Ogden, and others, for Representatives in the Seventh Congress, United States. 8vo., pp. 16.

Trenton, 1800.

Banks. Act for establishing six State Banks in the, passed at

Trenton, January 28th, 1812. 8vo., pp. 14.

Morristown, February, 1812. Convention. Proceedings and Address of the Second Convention of Delegates, at Trenton, 4th July, 1814, to the people of New Jersey. 8vo.

Journal of the Votes and Proceedings of the Convention of,

begun at Burlington, iothjune, 1776, and thence continued by adjournment at Trenton and New Brunswick, to the 21st of August following, etc. 8vo. [Rep.] Trenton, 1831.

New Jersey Courts Of Law. An Act to regulate the practice of the. 8vo., pp. 16.

Laws. Laws of the State of, Revised and published under the

authority of the Legislature. By William Patterson. 4to.

Newark, 1800.

Eastern Boundary. Report of the Commissioners on the Controversy with the State of New York respecting the Eastern Boundary of the State of. 8vo., pp. 67. Trenton, 1807.

Prison. Statisties of the, from 1799 to 1845, inclusive, etc.

8vo. Trenton, 1846.

Bible Society. First Report of the Managers, etc., at their

Annual Meeting, Princeton, October 2d, 1810. 8vo., pp. 24.

Trenton, 1810.

Grand Lodge. General Regulations for the Government of the.

pp. 24 1790.

Historical Society. Constitution and By-Laws. With the

Circular of the Executive Committee. 8vo. 1845.

Collections. Vols. I-V. 8vo. 1846-58.

Proceedings. Vols. I-VIII. 8vo. 1845-58

The Maga2ine, And Monthly Advertiser (December, 1786,

January, February, 1787.) 8vo., pp. 72-144.

New Brunswick, N. J.

Medical Societies. Rules and Regulations of the.

New Brunswick, 1809.

Navigation Company. Act of Incorporation of the. 8vo.

Trenton, 1804.

The Soho Company. Incorporated 27th November, 1801, by

the Assembly of. 8vo., pp. 15. N. Y., i8o2.

Newman, William. Sermon to the Members of the Bristol Education Society, at their Annual Meeting in Broadmead, August 5th, 1812. 8vo., pp. 34. Lond., 1812

New Orleans, Legislative Council. Acts of the 1st Session, 1805. 2d Session, 1806. l st and 2d Sessions, 1806-7. 8vo.

New Orleans. Faithsul Picture of the Political Situation of, at the close of the last and beginning of the present year, 1807. 8vo.

Boston, 1808.

Report of the Sanitary Commission of, on the Epidemic Yellow

Fever of 1853. 8vo. New Orleans, 1854. See Norman, B. M.

Newport (Rhode Island). Sketches of, and its Vicinity, with Notices respecting the History, Settlement and Geography of Rhode Island. i2mo. N. Y., 1842.

New Review; or, Monthly Analysis of General Literature. Vols. I—III. 8vo. Lond., 1813-14.

New Rochelle. A Guide to, and Vicinity. 8vo. N. Y., 1842.

Newte, Thomas. Profpects and Observations on a Tour in England and Scotland . . . 4to. Lond., 1791.

New Testament. Psalms and Catechism. Dutch Edition. Small 8vo. Amsterdam, 1746.

Notes upon Mistranslations, etc. umo. Boston, 1804.

In an Improved Version, upon the Basis of Archbishop Newcome's New Translation; with a Corrected Text and Notes Critical and Explanatory. 8vo. [Rep.] Boston, 1809.

Newton, Sir Isaac. Universal Arithmetics; or, a Treatise of Arithmetical Composition and Resolution. Translated by Mr. Ralphson and Revised by Mr. Cunn. 2d Edition. 8vo. Lond., 1728.

The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended. 4to., large

paper. Lond., 1728.

Same. New Edition; with a Letter from the Lord Bishop of

Rochester, etc. 4to. Lond., 1770.

Newton, Richard. University Education; or, an Explication and Amendment of the Statute, which prohibits the admission of Scholars going from one Society to another without leave of their respective Governors, or Chancellor, etc. 8vo. Lond., 1726.

Rules and Statutes for the Government of Hertford College in

the University of Oxford, etc. 8vo. Lond., 1747.

Newton, Samuel. Sermon at Witham, in Essex, October 25, 1809. 8vo., pp. 23. Witham and Maldon, 1809.

Newton, Thomas. Sermon before the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gofpel in Foreign Parts, February 17, 1769. 8vo., pp. 29. 62. Lond., 1769.

New York Laws, Etc.

The Laws of Her Majesties Colony of New York, as they

were Enacted by the Governour, Council, and General Assembly, for the time being, in divers Sessions, the first of which began April the 9th, A. D. 1691. To which is added, His Excellency's Speeches and Messages to the General Assembly, and a Journal of the Votes and Addresses of the House during the Administrations of the Right Honourable the Lord Cornbury, Lord Lovelace, and the Honourable Coll. Richard Ingoldestiy, Esq., Governors of said Colony, to the i2th of November, 1709. Folio. William Bradford. N.Y., 1710.

The Laws of His Majesties Colony of, as they were Enacted by

the Governour, Council and General Assembly (for the time being), in divers Sessions, the first of which began April 9th, 1691. Folio. William Bradford. N. Y., 1719.

Same. Another copy, imperfect. [This has prefixed a general

title, dated 1713. Gov. Hunter's Ordinance of 1710, regulating and establishing Fees (20 pp.), and one of 1715, altering the times of sitting of the Supreme Court, are also added. Several of the Acts have the MS. certificate of H. Wiseman, D. Sec'y.]

Acts of Assembly, passed in the Province of New York, from

1691to1718. Folio. John Baskett. Lond., 1719.

New York. Acts of Assembly, passed in the Province of, from 1691 to 1725. Examined and compared with the originals in the Secretary's Osfice. [Various Ordinances are added.] Folio. William Bradford. N. Y., 1726.

—— Same. Another copy, with the addition of the Acts- from 1726 to 1735 inclusive. Folio. William Bradford. N. Y., 1726-35.

Laws of, from the year 1691 to 1751, inclusive. Published according to an Act of the General Assembly. [Edited by William Livingston and William Smith, jr.] Folio, sine large paper. James Parker. N. Y., 1752.

Same, from the 11th November, 1752, to 22d May, 1762.

The 2d vol., with a Table common to both vols. Folio. William Weyman. N. Y., 1762.

Laws of, from the year 1691 to 1773, inclusive. Published

according to an Act of the General Assembly. [Edited by Peter Van Schaack.] Folio, 2 vols., fine large paper. Hugh Gaine. N. Y., 1774

Same. 2 vols. in one.

Vol. III. Acts of Assembly, 1774-75, being the 29th Assembly, 6th Sessions, and 30th Assembly, 7th Sessions. Folio. Hugh

- Laws of the State . . . commencing with the first Session of the Senate and Assembly, aster the Declaration of Independency, and the Organi2ation of the New Government of the State, Anno 1777. Sessions 1-19, inclusive. Folio, 19 vols.

[The Constitution of New York, Phil., 1777, and the Ordinance establishing the Government, Fishkill, 1777, are prefixed, and the Constitution of the United States, as reported in Convention, 1787, is appended to one of the volumes.]

Same. Sessions 20-81, inclusive. 8vo. N. Y. and Albany.

Private Laws passed at the 31st, 32d and 33d Sessions (1808-10).

3 vols., 8vo.

Laws os the State of, comprising the Constitution, and the Acts

of the Legislature since the Revolution, from the 1st to the i2th Sessions, inclusive. Published according to Act of 15 th April, 1786. [Edited by Samuel Jones and Richard Varick.] 2 vols.

Same. Vol. III., containing Session Laws, 13th to 18th, inclusive. Folio. N. Y., 1790-95. [The Laws of the 13 th Session were printed with title as volume three, to accompany Jones and Varick.] Bills in the Legislature of New York, from 1798 to 1801, inclusive. Folio, 352 pp.

[Collected, with MS. Index, by De Witt Clinton.]

Laws of the State . . . Greenleas's Edition. Vols. I. II .

(1792). Vol. III. (1797). 3 vols., 8vo. N.Y., 1792-97. Same. Second Edition. Vol. I. (1798), by Greenleas. Vols.

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