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Massachusetts, State.

—— Constitution—Continued:

Report of a Constitution or Form of Government for the Commonwealth of, as agreed on by the Committee to be laid before the Convention. 8vo., pp. 15. Boston, 1779.

— Constitution or Frame of Government, agreed upon by the Delegates of the People of the State of, in Convention, 1779-80. 8vo., pp. 53. Boston, 1780.

Address of the Convention for Framing a New Constitution of

Government for the State of, to their Constituents. 8vo., pp. 18.

Boston, 1780.

Amendment of the Constitution of, propofed by the Convention

of Delegates, Boston, November, 1820. With their Address to the People of this Commonwealth.. 8vo. Boston, 1821.

Elections. Report of the Case of the Belehertown Election,

with the Documents and Minutes of the Arguments in the Case. 8vo. Boston, 1811.

House Of Representatives. Reports of Contested Elections in

the. 8vo. Dedham, 1814.

Historical Society. Collections. First series, 10 vols., 1792

1809. Second series, 10 vols, 1814-23. Third series, 10 vols., 1825-49. Fourth series, Vols. I.—III., 1852-56. 33 vols. 8vo.

Boston and Cambridge, 1792-1856.

Act of Incorporation, By-Laws, Catalogue of Members, and Circular Letter of the, etc. 8vo. Boston, 1813.

Legislative Addresses. Address before the Legislature to the

People of the. 8vo. 1809.

Address to the People of Massachusetts (Legislative) on the

Declaration of War. 8vo. 18i2.

Legislative Documents. Debates, Resolutions, and other Proceedings . . . 9th January, 1788, to 7th February, 1788 (on the Federal Constitution). 8vo. Boston, 1788.

Same. To which are added the Amendments which have been

made therein. l2mo. Boston, 1808.

Report and Resolutions of the Committee of the Legislature on

Foreign Relations. [1809.]

Public Documents of the Legislature of, relative to the War, etc.

8vo. Boston, 1813.

Documents respecting the Legislature of, passed February 15th,


Documents printed by order of the Senate of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 8vo. 1845. Legislative Documents, Reports, Abstracts, etc., for 1845-46.

— Legislative Documents. Senate, Nos. 1—143. House ofReprescntatives, No. 1-219, for the year 1848.

Documents relating to the Boundary Line and Disputed Territory between Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 8vo., pp. 64.

Fall River, 1847. Massachusetts, State.

Legislative Documents—Continued:

Documents published by the Secretary of State, 1848.

Legislature. The Patriotick Proceedings of the Legislature of

Massachusetts, during their Session from January 26th, to March 4th, 1809. 8vo. Boston, 1809.

Proceedings of the Legislature of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in Session at Boston, in the year 1810. 8vo.

Library. Catalogue of the Library of the General Court,

printed in 1846.

Massachusetts Agricultural Repository And Journal (the). Vol.

III. 8vo. Boston, 1815. Massachusetts Charitable Fire Society. Constitution. 8vo.,pp. 15. Sec Minot, Adams, Gardiner.

Massachusetts College Of Physicians. A Letter addressed to a Republican Member of the House of Representatives on a Petition for a New "College of Physicians." 8vo. Boston, 18i2.

Massachusetts Congregational Charitable Society. The Act of Incorporation, Regulations, and Members of the. With a bries Sketch of its Origin, Progress, and Purposes. 8vo., pp. 20. Boston, 1815.

Massachusetts General Hospital. Report of the Trustees of the, presented to the Corporation at their Annual Meeting, January 26th, 1848.

Massachusetts Maga2ine; or, Monthly Museum of Knowledge and Rational Entertainment, etc. Vols. I.—II.—III., for 1789, '90, '91, and VI.-VII.-VIII., for 1794, '95, '96. 8vo. Boston.

Massachusetts Medical Society. Medical Papers communicated to the, etc. 8vo., pp. i28. Boston, 1790.

Fellows of the, etc. 8vo. Boston, 1850.

Massachusetts Peace Society. Miscellaneous Reports and Documents. Various dates.

A Circular Letter from the, to the various Associations, etc., in

the United States. 8vo., pp. 16. Cambridge, 1816.

Massachusetts Register (the). For 1787, '95, '96, '98, 1802, '03, 'os, '06, '09, '15, '20-'24, '26-'34, '36-'38, '40, '4*-'47. 18mo. Boston.

Massachusetts Right-aim-school. The Right-Aim-School Appeal to the Members of the House of Representatives, for 1835-6.

Massachusetts Sabbath-school Union. First Annual Report, June 1, 1826. 8vo., pp. 40. Boston, 1826.

Massachusetts Western Railroad Corporation. Report of the Engineers of the, made to the 1836. Springfield, 1838.

Boston And Providence Railroad. Report of the Board of

Directors to the Stockholders of the Boston and Providence Railroad Company, etc. Boston, 1832.

Report of the Grantees of the Boston and Providence Railroad

Company and Lowell Railroad Corporation, with the Report of the Engineer.

Massachusettensis; or, a Scries of Letters, etc. By a Person of Honor upon the Spot. 8vo., pp. 118. Rep., Lond., 1776. [By Daniel Leonard. See Life and Works of John Adams, IV. 10.]

Massachusettensis. Strictures and Observations upon the Three Executive Departments of the Government of the United States. 8vo. 1792.

Master's Advice to his Scholar, on his First Admission into- his Family, by R. Gentleman. i2mo., pp. 32. Shrewsbury, 1776.

Matchett, R. J. Baltimore Director, for 1853-4 • • • etc- 4to

Boston, 1853.

Same, for 1855-6 . . . etc. 8vo. Baltimore.

Mathematical Correspondence, Vol. I. i2mo. N.Y., 1804.

Mather, Cotton. Magnalia Christi Americana; or, The Ecclesiastical History of New England, from its first planting in the year 1620, unto the year of our Lord 1698. In Seven Books. Folio, large paper. Lond., 1702.

Meat out of the Eater; or, Funeral Discourses, occasioned by

the Death of several Relatives. 8vo. Boston, 1703.

Nunc Dimittis, etc. Funeral Sermon for Mr. John Higginson,

Salem. 8vo., pp. 42. Boston, 1709.

A Dissertation concerning the Future Conversion of the Jewish

Nation, etc. 4to. Lond., 1709.

[ -] Theopolis Americana. An Essay on the Golden Street of the

Holy City, before the General Assembly of Massachusetts, 1709. i2mo. Boston, 1710.

Nuncia Bona, e Terra Longinqua. A Brief Account of some

Good and Great Things a Doing for the Kingdom of God in
Europe. i2mo. Boston, 1715.

[ ] Psalterium AmericamJm. The Book of Psalms, in a Translation exactly conformed unto the original; but all in blank verse, etc. i2mo. Boston, 1718.

[ -] The Right Way to Shake off a Viper, etc. With a Presace of

Dr. Increase Mather. Second edition. i2mo. Boston, 1720.

[ 1 An Essay upon a Case, too commonly calling for Consideration, What shall Good Men do, when they are Evil Spoken of? etc. With a Presace of Increase Mather. i2mo.

Boston, 1720.

Accomplished Singer, with an Attestation from Dr. Increase

Mather. i2mo., pp. 24. Boston, 1721.

[ ] Sermon in the time of the Storm, Boston, February 24th,

1722-3. i2mo., pp. 18. Boston, 1723.

Memoirs of Remarkables in the Life and the Death of the evermemorable Dr. Increase Mather. i2mo. Boston, 1724.

Nehemiah; or, the Great Consolation of God: Sermon. 4to.


Family Religion Excited and Assisted. Indian and English.


Mather, Cotton. Essays to do Good; addressed to all Christians, whether in public or private capacities. New edition, improved by George Burder. 12mo. Boston, 1808.

Mather, Increase. Diatriba de Signo Filii Hominis et de Secundo Messiæ Adventu . . . etc. i6mo. Amstelodami, 1682.

KOMHtorPA+iA; or, a Discourse concerning Comets, wherein

the Nature of Bla2ing Stars is enquired into, etc. Small 8vo.

Boston, 1683.

Funeral Sermon (John Bailey). 8vo. Boston, 1698.

Cœlestinus. A Conversation in Heaven, Quickened and Assisted,

with Discoveries of Things in the Heavenly World, etc. 12mo.

Boston, 1723.

Mather, Moses. The Visible Church, in Covenant with God, etc.

8vo., pp. 60. N. Y., 1759.

Mather, Richard. Journal, Life, and Death of. [Collections of the

Dorchester Antiquarian and Historical Society.] i2mo.

Boston, 1850.

Mather, Samuel. Essay on the Good Impressions produced by Earthquakes, etc. 8vo., pp. 53. Boston, 1727.

Life of the very Rev. and Learned Cotton Mather. 12mo.

Boston, 1729.

Sermon on occasion of the Death of Prince Frederick Lewis, before Licut.-Governor Phips and Council, May 22, 1751. 8vo., pp. 31. Boston, 1751.

A Dissertation concerning the Most Venerable Name of Jehovah.

8vo., pp. 101. Boston, 1760.

Convention Sermon, Boston, May 27, 1762. 8vo., pp. 31.

Boston, 1762.

The Lord's Prayer; or, a New Attempt to Recover the Right

Version and Genuine Meaning of that Prayer. i2mo., pp. 66.

Boston, 1766.

[ ] Attempt to Show that America was Known to the Ancients.

With an Appendix concerning the American Colonies, etc. 8vo., pp. 35. Boston, 1773.

[mathews, Cornelius.] Behemoth: a Legend of the Mound-Builders. i2mo. N. Y., 1839.

The True Aims of Life. An Address delivered before the

Alumni of the New York University. 18mo. N. Y., 1839.

A Speech on Inter-National Copyright, delivered ... at the

City Hotel, New York, February 19th, 1842.

Big Abel and the Little Manhattan. i6mo. N. Y., 1845.

Matter Of Fact For The Multitude. By a True Patriot. Second edition. 8vo., pp. 38. Lond., 1798.

Maty, Henry. A New Review; with Literary Curiosities and Literary Intelligence. Vols. I.—VIII. 8vo. Lond., 1782-85.

Mauduit, Israel. The Case of the Dissenting Ministers. Fourth edition. 8vo. Boston, 1773.

A Short View of the History of the New England Colonies, with respect to their Charters and Constitution. Fourth edition.

8vo. Lond., 1776.

[mauduit, Israel.] Remarks upon General Howe's Account of his

Proceedings on Long Island in the Extraordinary Ga2ette os

October 10, 1776. 8vo., pp. 54. Lond., 1778.

Mauger, Claude. Les Dialogues Francois et Flamends . . . etc.

De Franche en Nederduytsche Sampenspraken . . . etc. i6mo.

[Imperfect] Utrecht, 1786.

Maule, J. Fait Sermon, in the Chapel of the Royal Hofpital for

Seamen, at Greenwich, February 28, 1794. i2mo., pp. 19.

Lond., j 794.

Maundrell, Henry. A Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem, at Easter, A.b. 1697. Also, a Journal from Grand Cairo to Mount Sinai, and back again, etc. 8vo. Lond., 1810.

Maupertuis, (M. De.) The Figure of the Earth, determined from Observations made by order of the French King, at the Polar Circle, etc. From the French. 8vo. Lond., 1738.

Maurelle, Francisco Antonio. Journal of a Voyage in 1775, to Explore the Coast of America, Northward of California, by the Second Pilot of the Fleet, in the King's Schooner called the Sonora, and commanded by Don Juan Francisco de la Bodega. [Translated by Hon. Daines Barrington.] 4to. [Lond., 1781.]

Maurice, Thomas. Indian Antiquities; or, Dissertations, etc., relative to Hindostan. 5 vols. 8vo. Lond., 1794.

Mauroy, M. Du Commerce des Peuples de l'Afrique Septentrionale dans l'Antiquite, le Moyen age et les Temps Modernes Compare au Commerce des Arabes de nos jours, ouvrage saissant suit a la "Question d'Alger en 1844." Second edition. 8vo. Paris, 1845.

Maury, Jean Sifrein, (l'abbe). Principes d'Eloquence pour La Chairc et La Barrcau. Nouv. Ed. 8vo. Paris, 1804.

Maury, M. F. Astronomical Observations, made during the year 1845, at the National Observatory, Washington, under the direction of. Vol. I. Published under the authority of the Secretary of the Navy. 4to. Washington.

Paper on the Gulf Stream and Currents of the Sea. Read before the National Institute, at its Annual Meeting, April 2d, 1844. 8vo., pp. 16.

Wind and Current Chart of the North Atlantic. Washington.

Sheets Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Explanations and Sailing Directions to accompany the Wind

and Current Charts. . . . 6th Edition. 4W. Phil., 1854.

Form of Abstract Log, for the Use of American Navigators.

Mavor, William. Thanksgiving Sermon, December 19th, 1797. 8vo., pp. 25. Oxford, 1798.

Mawe, John. Descriptive Catalogue of Minerals. 8vo. Lond., 1816.

Travels in the Gold and Diamond Districts of Bra2il; describing the Methods of Working the Mines, etc. Plates. 8vo.

Lond., 1825.

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