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Galloway, Joseph. The Examination of, before the House of Commons, in a Committee on the American Papers. With Explanatory Notes. 8vo. Lond., 1779.

Letters to a Nobleman, on the Conduct of the War in the Middle

Colonies. i2mo. Lond., 1779.

Gallup, Joseph A. Sketches of Epidemic Diseases in the State of Vermont, from its First Settlement to the year 1815. To which is added, a Treatise on Pulmonary Consumption. 8vo.

Boston, 1815.

Galt, John. Life and Studies of Benjamin West, prior to his Arrival

in England. 8vo. Phil., 1816.

Gamble, J. An Essay on the Different Modes of Communication by

Signals, etc. 4t0. Lond., 1797.

Game Laws. Letter to Richard Whitworth, Esq., M. P. for Stafford,

etc. 8vo., pp. 29. Lond., 1772.

Gammell, William. Address delivered before the R. I. Historical

Society . . . November 20, 1844. 8vo. Providence, 1844. Ganilh, Charles. An Inquiry into the various Systems of Political

Economy, their Advantages and Disadvantages, etc. Translated

from the French, by D. Boileau. 8vo. N. Y., 18i2.

Gannett, E2ra S. Election Sermon, delivered January 5, 1842. 8vo.,

pp. 46. Boston, 1842. A Discourse delivered at the Funeral of Rev. William B. O.

Peabody, in Springfield, June 1, 1847. 8vo., pp. 34.

Springsield, 1847.

A Good Old Age: a Sermon occasioned by the Death of Hon.

John Davis, LL. D., and preached in Federal Street Meeting
House, in Boston, January 24, 1847. 8vo., pp. 42.

Boston, 1847.

Our Help is in God: a Discourse delivered in the Federal Street

Meeting House, in Boston, on February 24, 1850. 8vo., pp. 19.

Boston, 1850.

Thanksgiving for the Union. A Discourse held in the Federal

Street Meeting House in Boston, on Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 1850. 8vo., pp. 22. Boston, 1850.

The Faithsul Man. A Sermon preached in the Federal Street

Meeting House, May 2d, 1852, aster the Death of Thomas Tarbell. 8vo., pp. 16. Boston, 1852.

— Sermon preached at the Funeral Obsequies of Hon. Charles Paine . . . etc. 8vo., pp. 60. Northfield, 1853.

Garcia, Fr. Gregorio. Origen de los Indio's de el Nuevo Mundo, e Indias Occidentales, etc. Folio. Madrid, 1729.

Garcilasso De La Vega (el Ynca). La Florida del Inca, Historia del Adelantado Hernando de Soto, Governador, y Capitan-General del Reino de la Florida; y de otros heroicos Caballeros, Espanoles e Indios. Folio. Madrid, 1723.

The Royal Commentaries of Peru. In two Parts. Translated

by Sir Paul Rycaut, Kt. Folio. Lond., 1688.

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Garcilasso De La Vega (el Ynca). Historia General del Peru, trata el descubrimiento de el y como lo ganaron los Espanoles . . . etc. Segunda Impresion. Folio. Madrid, 1722.

Primera Parte de los Comentarios Reales que tratan del origen

de los Incas, etc. Segunda Impresion. Folio. Madrid, 1723.

Garden, Alexander. Aneedotes of the Revolutionary War in America. With Sketches of Character of Persons, the Moit Distinguished, in the Southern States for Civil and Military Services. 8vo.

Charleston, 1822.

Same. Second Series. i2mo. Charleston, 1828.

Eulogy on General Charles Cotesworth Pinckncy, delivered November 1, 1825. 8vo. Charleston, 1825.

Gardenier, Barent (Editor). The Examiner: containing Political Essays on the Most Important Events of the Time, Public Laws and Official Documents. Vols. L II. [Also, Nos. 1, 2, of Vol. ILL] 8vo. N.Y., 1813-14.

The New York Reporter for July and August, 1820. 8vo.

N. Y., 1820.

Speech in the House of Representatives of the United States on .

Foreign Relations, while under consideration of Mr. Campbell's
Resolutions, December, 1808. 8vo.

Gardiner, John. Speech on the Theatre; with a plate of the Ancient Greek Theatre, and an Explanation of the fame. Also, an Address to the Public. 8vo., pp. 159. Boston, 1792.

Gardiner, John S. J. Address before the Massachusetts Charitable Fire Society, May 28, 1803. 8vo., pp. 21. Boston, 1803.

Sermon before the Humane Society of Massachusetts, June 14,

1803. 8vo., pp. 43. Boston, 1803. Sermon on the Death of the Right Rev. Samuel Parker, D. D.,

Bishop of Massachusetts, Trinity Church, Boston, December 9,

1804. 8vo., pp. 16. Boston, 1804. . Fast Day Sermon, at Trinity Church, Boston, April 7, 1808. 8vo., pp. 23. Boston, 18o8.

Thanksgiving Sermon, at Trinity Church, Boston, December 1,

1808. 8vo., pp. 23. Boston, 1808. Sermon before the Members of the Boston Female Asylum, Sep

22, 1809. 8vo., pp. 23. Boston, 1809. Sermon preached at Trinity Church, April 6, 1810, being the

day of Public Fast. 8vo. Boston, 181 o.

—— Sermon before the Prayer Book and Religious Tract Association,

Boston, January 1, 1816. i2mo., pp. 24. Boston, 1816.

Gardiner, Richard. Account of the Expedition to the West Indies

against Martinico, Guadelupe, and other the Leeward Islands, etc.

8vo., pp. 75. Second edition. Lond., 1760.

Gardiner, Walter Clarke. Letter to the Corporation of Trinity

Church, accompanied with Documents relative to the Episcopal

Church, at Hudson. 8vo., pp. 33. 1802. Gardner, Augustus Kinsley. The French Metropolis: Paris, as Seen during the Spare Hours of a Medical Student. Second edition. Revised, and Illustrated by 20 fine Steel engravings. 8vo.

N.Y., 1850.

Gardner, Augustus Kinsley. A History of the Art of Midwifery. A Lecture delivered at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, November l1, 1851, introductory to a Course of Private Instruction on Operative Midwifery . . . 8vo., pp. 32. N. Y., 1852.

—— Treatise on Uterine Hæmorrhage in all its Forms . . . etc. 8vo., pp. 30. N. Y., 1855.

Gardner, Charles K. A Dictionary of all Osficers who have been Commissioned, or have been Appointed and Served, in the Army of the United States, since the Inauguration of their First President, in 1789, to the 1st of January, 1853. i2mo.

N.Y., 1853.

Gardner, Daniel. A Treatise on Political Economy as applied to Peace and War, and their Effects upon National Profperity. 8vo., pp. 13. Troy, 1833.

Gardner, Thomas. Historical Memoirs of the Life of. 12mo., pp. 84. [Title gone.] N.Y., 1805.

Garland, Hugh A. An Oration in Celebration of the 2d Declaration of Independence; or, the Independent Treasury Bill, pronounced in Castle Garden, July 27, 1840. 8vo.

The Life of John Randolph, of Roanoke. z vols. 8vo.

N.Y., 1850.

Garnett, James W. An Address on the subject of Literary Associations to Promote Education. 8vo. Richmond, Va., 1835. Garrettson, Freeborn. His Experience and Travels. i6mo.

Phil., 1791.

Garrison, William Lloyd. Lectures of George Thompson, etc., With a History of his Connection with the Anti-Slavery Cause in England. i2mo. Boston, 1836.

Gass, Patrick. A Journal of the Voyages and Travels of a Corps of Discovery, etc., under Captains Lewis and Clarke, in 1804-06. i2mo. Pittsburgh, 1807.

Gassendus, Petrus. Tychonis Brahei Equitis Dani, Astronorum Coryphaei Vita, etc. 4W. Hagae-Comitum, 1654.

Gaston, William. Speech in the House of Representatives of the United States, February, 1814, on the Loan Bill. 8vo.

Georgetown, 1814.

— Address delivered before the Philanthropic and Dialectic Societies at Chapel Hill, June 20, 1832. 8vo., pp. 16.

Raleigh, 1832.

Gatchel, Samuel. Signs of the Times; or, Some Expositions and Remarks . . . [Dark Day, 19th May, 1780.] 8vo., pp. 16.

Danvers, 1781.

Gault, William. Boston Gas Light Company, versus, containing the Arguments of Counsel and the Charge of the Judge. 12mo.

Boston, 1848.

Gay, Ebene2er. Sermon at the Ordination of Jonathan Mayhew, at Boston, June 17, 1747. 8vo. Boston, 1747.

. Sermon at the Instalment of the Rev. Grindal Rawson, Yarmouth, December 10, 1755. Second edition, with Notes. 8vo.

Dover, 1793.

— Dudleian Lecture, Harvard College, May 9, 1759. 8vo., pp. 34. [With the Character of Paul Dudley, from the Boston NewsLetter, February 7, 1751, pp. 4.] Boston, 1759.

Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. Bunker Gay, Hinsdale,

August 17, 1763. 8vo. Boston, 1763. Two Funeral Sermons, delivered in Boston, July 27, 1766.

(Jonathan Mayhew.) 8vo. Boston, 1766.

Gay, Ebene2er. Oration on the Death of General Washington, Suf

ficld, 22d February, 1800. 8vo., pp. 16. Suffield, 1800.

Gayarre, Charles. Insluence of the Mechanic Arts on the Human

Race. Two Lectures. i2mo. N.Y., 1854. History of Louisiana. The French Domination. Vols. I. II.

8vo. N. Y., 1854.

Same. The Spanish Domination. 8vo. N. Y., 1854.

Ga2ette De Leyde. 3 vols. 4to. 1788-97. Gedde, Dr. Address to the Public on the Publication of the First New

Volume of his New Translation of the Bible. 4to., pp. 25.

Lond., 1792.

Geddes, Michael. The Council of Trent no Free Assembly, etc. 8vo. Lond., 1697.

— Miscellaneous Tracts, etc. [relating to Spain, Portugal and the Pope.] 4 vols. 8vo. Lond., 1702-15.

Gee, Joshua. Funeral Sermon, 13th February, 1728 (Cotton Mather).

8vo. Boston, 1728. Letter to the Rev. Mr. Nathaniel Eels, Moderator of the late

Convention, etc. Second edition. 8vo., pp. 17.

Boston, 1743.

Gee, Joshua. The Trade and Navigation of Great Britain Considered, etc. Third edition. 8vo. Lond., 1731.

Same, etc. Fourth edition. 8vo. Lond., 1738.

Gellert, C. E. Metallurgic Chymistry, being a System of Mineralogy in General, and of all the Arts arising from this Science. 8vo.

Lond., 1776.

Gelli, Giovanni Battista. The Circe of . . . consisting of Ten Dialogues. Done out of Italian by Thomas Brown. 8vo.

Lond., 1702.

G[elone], M. F. D. Manuel-Guide des Voyageurs aux Etats-Unis de l'Amerique du Nord, etc. i2mo. Paris, 1818.

Gelston v. Codwise. Case of. In the Court for the Trial of Impeachments and Corrections of Errors. 8vo. N. Y., 1811.

Genera Crustaceorum et Infectorum secundum ordinem naturalem in samilias disposita, iconibus exemplisque plurimis explicate. 4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1806.

Genera Plant Arum eorumquc Characteres Naturales . . . Caroli Linnæi, Equitis, etc. 8vo. Holmiæ, 1754.

General Armstrong, of New York. A Collection of Sundry Publications and Documents, in relation to the Attack of British Ships upon the Private Armed Brig ... at the Island of Fayal, in September, 1814. 8vo- N. Y., 1853.

General History Of Sieges And Battles. By Sea and Land. 1 2mo.


General Repository And Review, The. Vols. I.-IV. 8vo.

Cambridge, Mass., 1812-13.

General Theological Seminary Documents. 8vo.

Genesee Country, in the State of New York. Description of the Settlement of, in a scries of Letters from a Gentleman to his Friend. [Maps of the Middle States of North America, of Ontario and Steuben Counties, and a View of Port Oswego]. 8vo., pp. 63. N. Y., 1799.

Genesis. A Dissertation on the Three First Chapters of . . . 8vo. [Imperfect.]

Genet, Citi2en. The Correspondence between, and the Officers of the Federal Government; to which are presixed the Instructions from the Constituted Authorities of France to said Minister. 4t0., pp. 9. Phil., 1793.

Instructions to, from the Executive Council and the Minister of

Marine. 4to., pp. 9.

Genin, Sylvester. Selections from the Works of, in Poetry, Prose, and Historical Design. With a Biographical Sketch. 8vo.

N. Y., 1855.

Genoude, M. Eugene. Les Petits Prophetes, traduction nouvelle. 8vo.

Paris, 1820.

Gentil, (M. Le). Voyage dans les Mers de l'lnde, sait par ordre du Roi, a l'occasion du Passage du Venus fur le Disque du Soleil, le 6 Juin, 1761, et le 3 du meme mois, 1769. 2 vols. 4to.

Paris, 1779—81.

Gentleman, Robert. A Master's Advice to his Scholar on his First Admission into his Family. 8vo. Shrewsbury, 1776.

A Discourse upon the Nature and Design of the Lord's Supper,

with the Advantages which may reasonably be expected from a Regular and Serious Attendance upon it. 8vo. Shrewsbury, 1786.

Gentoos. Code of Gen too Laws; or, Ordinations of the Pundits, from a Persian Translation, made from the Original, written in the Shanscrit Language. Plates. 4t0. [Translated by Nathaniel Brasscy Halhed.] Lond., 1776.

Geografia General, para el uso de la Juventud de Vene2uela. 4 vols. 8vo. Caraccas, 1833.

Geographical (A), Historical, and Political Description of the Empire of Germany, Holland, the Netherlands, Swit2erland, Prussia, Italy, Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia; with a Ga2etteer of Reference to the Principal Places in those Countries. Compiled and Translated

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