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[freeman, James.] Remarks on the American Universal Geography. 8vo. Boston, 1793.

The Character of the Rev. John Eliot, D. D., who died February

14, 1813. 8vo. Boston, 1813.

Freeman, Mylo. A Word in Season to all True Lovers of their Liberty and their Country, etc. 8vo. Boston, 1748.

Freeman, Nathaniel. A Charge to the Grand Jury, at the Court of General Sessions of the Peace, holden at Barnstable, March Term, 1802. Boston, 1802.

Freeman, Peyton Randolph. Oration at Portsmouth, N. H., July 4, 1810. 8vo. Portsmouth, 1810.

A Resutation of sundry Aspersions in the " Vindication " of the

present Trustees of Dartmouth College, on the Memory of their Predecessors. 8vo., pp. 32. Portsmouth, 1816.

Freeman, Samuel. The Massachusetts Justice; being a Collection of the Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, relative to the Power and Duty of Justices of the Peace, etc. Second edition., 8vo. Boston, 1802.

Extracts from the Journals kept by the Rev. Thomas Smith, late

Pastor of the First Church of Christ in Falmouth, etc., from 1720 to 1788. With an Appendix, etc. i2mo. Portland, 1821.

Freeman's Address to the North Americans; proving that their present Embarrassments are owing to their Federal Union, their Sovereign States, their Constitution, and their Statesmen; and containing some Propositions for Relief. 8vo.

Freemasonry: its Pretensions Expofed, in Extracts of its Standard Authors, etc. 8vo. N. Y., 1828.

A Collection of Letters on, in Chronological Order. 8vo.

Boston, 1849.

Freemasons' Constitution of the General Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the Northern States of America. 8vo., pp. 19. Albany, 1799. Freemasons' Maga2ine (The), and General Miscellany. Vol. I. 8vo.

Phil., 1811.

Free Parliaments; or, a Vindication of the Parliamentary Constitution of England, etc. 8vo., pp. 78. Lond., 1783.

Free School Society of New York. Account of. 8vo., pp. 70.

N. Y., 1814.

Nineteenth Annual Report of the Trustees of the. With an

Appendix. 8vo., pp. 68.- N. Y., 1824. Report of a Committee of the Trustees of the, on the Distribution

of the Common School Fund. 8vo., pp. 16. N. Y., 1825.

Report of the Committee on the State of the. 8vo., pp. 8.

Free Soil Convention at Buffalo, 1848. Dyer's Phonographic Report

of Proceedings at. 8vo. Buffalo, 1848.

Free Thoughts on the Proceedings of the Continental Congress held at

Philadelphia, September 5, 1774. By a Farmer. 8vo.

N. Y., 1774.

Free Trade and Finance. A Second Essay on, humbly offered to the Consideration of the Public. By a Citi2en of Philadelphia. 8vo., pp. 20. Phil., 1779.

Free Trade and Finance. A Seventh Essay on. By a Citi2en of Philadelphia. 8vo. 'Phil., 1785.

A Seventh Essay on Free Trade and Finance. By a Citi2en of

Philadelphia. 1795.

Freke, John. Prices of the several Stocks, etc.; with the Course of Exchange, from March 26, 1714, to March 25, 1715. 8vo.


Frelinghuysen, Frederick. Oration on the Death of General Washington, New Brunswick, 22d February, 1800. 8vo., pp. 23.

New Brunswick, 1800.

Frelinghuysen, Theodore. An Address delivered before the Newark Bible Society, June, 1818, being its Fourth Anniversary Meeting, etc. 8vo., pp. 16. Newark, 1818.

An Address delivered before the Philoclean and Peithessophian

Societies, of Rutgers College. 8vo., pp. 24.

New Brunswick, N. J., 1831.

Fremont, John Charles. Report on an Exploration of the Country lying between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains, on the Kansas and Great Platte Rivers. 8vo. Washington, 1843.

Report of the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains in

the year 1842, and to Oregon and North California in the years 1843-44. 8vo. [28th Congress, 2d Session, Ex. Doc. 166.]

Washington, 1845.

Proceedings of the Court Martial in the trial of. 8vo.

Washington, 1848.

— Geographical Memoir upon Upper California, in Illustration of

his Map of Oregon and Upper California. [Senate Doc. 30th

Congress, 1st Session, No. 148.] French, B. B. "The Changes of Earth." A Poem, delivered before

the Capitol Hill Institute in the City of Washington. 8vo. French, Benjamin F. See Louisiana Historical Collections. French, George. Answer to a Scurrilous Libel; occasioned by his

History of Colonel Parke's Administration as Governor of the

Leeward Islands, etc. 8vo. Lond., 1719.

French, Jonathan. Discourse against Extortion, from E2ckiel xxii. 12,

Andover, January 1, 1777. 8vo., pp. 38. Boston, 1777. Sermon at the Ordination of Rev. Abiel Abbot, Haverhill,

June 3, 1795. 8vo., pp. 36. Haverhill, 1795.

Massachusetts Election Sermon, May 25, 1796. 8vo.

Boston, 1796.

Sermon at the Ordination of Rev. Jonathan French, Jr., North

Hampton, November 18, 1801. 8vo., pp. 32.

Portsmouth, 1802.

Discourse at an Evening Lecture, 31st July, 1805, aster the

Session of an Ecclesiastical Council convened respecting the Separation of Timothy Alden, Jr., from his Pastoral Relation to the South Church in Portsmouth. With Notes. 8vo., pp. 15.

Portsmouth, 1805.

French, Jonathan. Thanksgiving Discourse, delivered at Andover. December 1, 1803. 8vo. Newburyport, 1807.

Fast Sermon, delivered on the 20th of August, 1812, Northampton, New Hampshire. 8vo., pp. 28. Exeter.

New Hampshire Election Sermon, June 6, 1822. 8vo. Concord.

Sermon at the Installation of the Rev. Isaac Briggs, Boxford, September 28, 1808. 8vo., pp. 20. Haverhill, 1809.

— Sermon on the Rev. Federal Burt, Pastor of Congregational Church in Durham, New Hampshire, who died February 9, 1828. 8vo. Portsmouth, 1828.

French Affairs. Various Communications from the President to Congress relating to. 8vo. 1794

French Army In Egypt. Copies of Original Letters from. Part Third. i2mo., pp. 75. Rep. Boston.

French Claims. View of the Claims of American Citi2ens, which were (reserved against the French Republic by the Convention of 30th September, 1800, and which were asterwards) assumed by the United States- in the Louisiana Convention of 30th of April, 1803. By a Citi2en of Baltimore. 8vo. Baltimore, 1829.

French Constitution. The Principles of the, etc. With a Dialogue on the Principles of Government. By Sir William Jones. 8vo.

Lond., 1792.

French. Correspondence and accompanying Papers between the Secretary of State and the Minister Plenipotentiary of the, etc. 8vo.


French Influence. History of, in the United States; to which is added an Expofition of a Congressional Caucus. 8vo. Phil., 1812.

French Republic. Constitution of the, offered to the French People by the National Convention, and ratified by the People, in Primary Assemblies met. Translated from the French. 12mo.

Phil., 1795.

A Plan of Constitution for the French Republic. French and

English. i2mo. Boston, 1795. Constitution of the, etc. i2mo. Phil., 1795.

— Authentic Translation of a Note from a Minister of the, to the Secretary of State of the United States, etc. 8vo., pp. 38.

N. Y., 1796.

An Examination of the Conduct of the Executive of the United

States towards the; likewise an Analysis of the Explanatory Article of the British Treaty, in a series of Letters. By a Citi2en of Pennsylvania. 8vo. Phil., 1797.

—— Instructions to the Envoys Extraordinary and Ministers Plenipotentiary from the United States of America to the, their Letters of Credence, and Full Powers, and the Dispatches received from them relative to their Mission. 8vo. Phil., 1798.

—— Message from the President of the United States accompanying sundry Papers relating to the Affairs of the United States with the. [Doc. House Rep., 18th January, 1799.] 8vo.

French Republic. Message from the President of the United States accompanying a Report of the Secretary of State, containing Observations on some of the Documents, communicated on the 18 th January. [Doc. House of Rep.] 8vo.

French Revolution. New Era of the; or, Observations upon the Constitution proposed in the Convention on the 23d June, 1799. 8vo., pp. 28. Lond., 1795.

An Impartial Review of the Causes and Principles of the French

Revolution. By an American. 8vo. Boston, 1798.

French Settlements in North America. Account of the, etc. By a Gentleman. With an Appendix, giving an Account of Quebee, by P. Charlevoix. 8vo. Boston, 1746.

French War. Memoirs of the Principal Transactions of the Last War between the English and French in North America, from 1744 to the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle. Containing in particular an Account of the Importance of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, etc. 8vo., pp. 102. Lond., 1757.

A Memorial containing a Summary View of Facts with their authorities. In Answer to the Observations sent by the English Ministry to the Courts of Europe. Translated from the French. 8vo. N.Y., 1757.

Considerations on the, etc. By a British Merchant. 8vo.

Lond., 1794.

Freneau, Philip. Poems; written between the years 1768 and 1794.

8vo. Monmouth, N. J., 1795.

Freville, M. De. Histoire des Nouvelles Decouvertes saites dans le

Mer du Sud en 1767, '68, '69, et '70. Tomes 2. 8vo.

Paris, 1774.

Les Droits de la Grande-Bretagnc etablis contre les pretentions des

Americains. Pour Servir de Reponse a la Declaration du Congres General. Ouvrage traduit de l'Anglois, sur la Seconde Edition. 8vo. [See Dalrymple, Sir John.] A la Haye, 1776.

Freycinet, Louis. Voyage de Decouvertes aux terres Australes, etc., Navigation et Geographic . 4W. Paris, 1815.

Voyage de Decouvertes, etc., Historique. Tome II. Redige

en Partie, par feu F. Peron. 4to. Paris, 1816.

Freylinghausen, D. Gotlieb Anastasius, und D. Johann Ludewig Schul2e. Neuere Geschichte der Evangelischen Missions-Anstalten 2u Belehrung der Heiden in Ostindien, etc. 4W. [Six numbers (28, 37, 38, 44, 47, 54) of Periodical Missionary Accounts, published at Halle, in Saxony; containing Letters of the Missionaries in the East Indies and elsewhere, relative to their Voyages, Travels, Labors, etc. Some contain Accounts from the United States, relating chiefly to the History of Germans. The Letters are written by Clergymen of Pennsylvania, New York, etc., presenting a View of the State of Religion, Literature, and Society in General, Biographical Memoirs of Eminent Lutheran Divines in the United States, etc.] Halle, 1784-99.

Freylinchausen, John Anastasius. An Abstract of the Whole Doctrine . . . With Observations . . . 4t0. Lond., 1804,

Fre2ier, (M.) Relation du Voyage de la Mer du Sud aux cotes du Chily et du Perou sait pendant les annees 17i2, '13, et '14, etc. 4W. Paris, 1716.

A Voyage to the South Sea, and along the Coasts of Chili and

Peru, etc. 4W. Lond., 1717.

Friend, J. Emmenologia. i6mo. Lond., 1729.

The History of Physick, from the time of Galen to the beginning

of the 16th Century, chiefly with regard to Practice. i2mo.

Lond., 1744.

Friendly Address to all Reasonable Americans; on the Subject of our Political Consusions, etc. 8vo. N. Y., 1774.

The Other Side of the Question; or, a Defence of the Liberties

of North America, in Answer to a Late ... By a Citi2en. 8vo.

N. Y.,1774

— Strictures on a Pamphlet, entitled . . . addressed to the People

of America. 8vo. Phil., 1774.

Same. Another edition. 1775.

The General Attacked by a Subaltern; or, the Strictures on . . .

Examined, and a Resutation of its Principles Attempted. 8vo.

[See Cooper, Lee, Barry.] Rep. N. Y., [1774].

Friends. A Summary of the History, Doctrine and Discipline of.

Written at the Desire of the Meeting for Sufferings, in London.

i2mo., pp. 28. N. Y., 1805. A Serious Expostulation with the Society of, in Pennsylvania and

parts adjacent, etc. By Pacificus. 8vo., pp. 16. Phil., 1808. An Epistle and Testimony from the Yearly Meeting of, held in

New York, by adjournment, from the 26th of the Fifth month to

the 2d of the Sixth month, inclusive. N. Y., 1828. Declaration of the Yearly Meeting of, held in Philadelphia, etc.

8vo., pp. 32. N. Y., 1828. Epistle and Testimony from the Yearly Meeting of, in New

York, etc. 8vo., pp. 24. N. Y., 1828.

Pamphlets relating to the Controversy among. 8vo. N.Y., 1838.

Frie2e, Jacob. A Concise History of the Efforts to obtain Extension

of Suffrage in Rhode Island, from the year 1811 to 1842. Second

edition. i2mo. Providence, 1842.

Frilinghuisen, Theodorus Jacobus. Klagtc van eenige leeden der

Nederduytse Hervormde Kerk woonende op Raretans, etc., in de

Provincie van Nieu Jersey, etc. 4to. Nicu York, 1725.

Frink, Samuel. Thanksgiving Sermon, Shrewsbury, October 7, 1762,

occasioned by the Reduction of the Havannah. 8vo., pp. 40.

Boston, 1763.

Frink, Thomas. Sermon at the Ordination of Mr. John Willard, Stafford, March 23, 1757. 8vo. Boston, 1757.

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