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— Letter to the Rev. Mr. John Wefley, in Answer to his Sermon, entituled Free Grace. 8vo., pp. 31. Lond., 1741.

Vindication and Confirmation of the Remarkable Work of God

in New England. 8vo., pp. 32. [Rep.] Lond., 1742.

Letter from a Gentleman in Scotland to his Friend in New England, gontaining an Aceount of the Reception and Conduct of, in Scotland. 8vo., pp. 1$. Boston, 1743.

—— Four Letters by Jonah Smith, of Charlestown, taken from the London Weekly History of the Progress of the Gofpel, in reserence to. 8vo. [Impersect.] Edinburgh, 1743.

The Testimony of the President, etc., of Harvard College, in

Cambridge, against the Rev. George Whitefield, and his Conduct. 8vo. • Boston, 1744.

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Weymouth, 15th January, 1745, with the Opinion of Neh. Walter, of Roxbury, and Advice of N. Stone of Harwich. i2mo., pp. 15. Boston, 1745.

Reasons of the Western Association, why they Disapprove of

. . . 'Preaching in the New England Church. i2mo., pp. 8.

Boston, 1745.

The Declaration of the New Haven Association concerning his

Conduct, etc. 8vo., pp. 8. Boston, 1745.

A Letter to . . . publicly calling upon him to vindicate his

conduct, or consess his faults. Third Edition. 8vo., pp. 8.

Boston, 1745.

Letter to the Rev. the President and Prosessors, Tutors and

Hebrew Instructor, of Harvard College, in Cambridge, in Answer to a Testimony published by them against the Rev. Mr. George Whitefield, and his Conduct. 4to. Boston, 1745.

An Elegiac Poem, Sacred to the Memory of the Rev. George

Whitefield, who died September 30, 1770, at Newburypoit. 4t0.

Boston, 1770.

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Boston, 1854.

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Boston, 1739.

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Supernaturalism of New England. i2mo. N. Y., 1847.

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Hallowell, 1800.

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1 Sermon occasioned by the Death of John Barnard, delivered 29th January, 1770. 8vo., pp. 31. Salem.

Whitworth, Sir Charles. Seq Davenant.

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pp. 31. Boston, 1757.

— The Doctrine of Reprobation briefly Considered, etc. 8vo., pp. 48. Boston, 1763.

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—— and John Chipman. Remarks on some Points of Doctrine, etc., Propagated by the Rev. Mr. William Baleh, etc. 4to.

Massachusetts Election Sermon, May, 1733. 8vo.

Boston, 1733.

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Discourse on Fast Day, May 9th, 1798. 8vo., pp. 27.

Wrentham, 1798.

—— Discourse on the Importance of being prepared for Judgment, preached in Attleborough, February 3d, 1805. 8vo., pp. 24.


— Discourse before the Society for the Encouragement of Agriculture, 12d February, 1805. 8vo., pp. i2. Providence.

Discourse in Attleborough, at the Interment of the Hon. Elisha

May. 8vo., pp. 20. Providence, 1812.

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[ ] The North Briton. Vol. I. Folio. Lond., 1769.

Works of . . . formerly published under the title of the North

Briton. 3 vols., i2mo. Lond.

[wilkins, Isaac] Free Thoughts on the Proceedings of the Continental Congress, held at Philadelphia, 5th September, 1774, etc. By a Farmer. 8vo. 1774.

—— The Congress Canvassed; or, an Examination into the Conduct of the Delegates, at their Grand Convention, in Philadelphia, September 1st, 1774, etc. By A. W. Farmer. 8vo. 1774.

—— A View of the Controversy between Great Britain and her Colonies ... in a Letter to the Author of a Full Vindieation, etc. By A. W. Farmer. 8vo. N. Y., 1774.

—— Sermon before the Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of New York, Albany, October 5th, 1803. 8vo., pp. 36. N. Y., 1804.

Wilkins, John. An Essay towards a Real Character and a Philosophical Language. Fol. Lond., 1668.

— Discovery of a New World; or, a Discourse tending to prove that it is probable there may be another Habitable World in the Moon, etc. In Two Parts. Fifth Edition. 8vo. Lond., 1684.

Wilkins, John. Memorial against, Commandant in the Illinois Country, with a Collection of Pieces, translated from the French, or copied from originals in English, containing the most interesting sacts which happened in the Illinois Country, from the beginning of 1768 to 17th September, 1770. In French and English. 8vo.

Wilkinson, C. A Tour through Asia Minor and the Greek Islands, etc. i2mo. Lond., 1806.

Wilkinson, Eli2a. Letters of, during the Invasion and Possession of Charleston (S. C.), by the British in the Revolutionary War; arranged from the original MSS., by Caroline Gilman. i2mo.

N. Y., 1839.

Wilkinson, James. Memoirs of my own Times. 3 vols., 8vo. (with 4to. vol. of Diagrams and Plans). Phil., 1816.

Wilkinson, J. B. The Annals of Binghamton and of the Country Connected with it, from the Earliest Settlement. 12mo.

Binghamton, 1840.

Wilkinson, T. Visitation Sermon, May 30th, 1805 (on Calvinism).

8vo. Harborough, 1805.

Wilks, John. An Apology for the Missionary Society. 8vo.,pp. 61.

Lond., 1799.

Willard, Emma. History of the United States, or Republic of America, etc. 8vo. N. Y., 1828.

—— Answer to Marcius Willson's Reply, or Second Appeal to the Public. 8vo. 'N. Y., 1847.

Reply to Mrs. Willard's Appeal. 8vo. N. Y., 1847.

Willard, Joseph. Funeral Sermon, delivered May 13th, 1790 (Timothy Hillard). 8vo. Boston, 1790.

Discourse before the Ancient and Honorable Society of Free and

Accepted Masons, June 24th, 5808. 8vo., pp. 20.

Morristown, 1 808.

Address in Latin; with a Discourse in English, by Prosessor

David Tappan, on the Death of General Washington, etc., Cambridge, Feb. 21, 1800. 8vo., pp. 44. [Charlestown], 1800.

Willard, Joseph. An Address in commemoration of the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Incorporation of Lancaster, Mass. With an Appendix. 8vo. Boston, 1853.

Willard Memoir; or, Life and Times of Major Simon Willard,

etc. 8vo. Boston, 1858.

Willard, Samuel. Ne Sutor ultra Crepidam; or, Brief Animadversions upon the New England Anabaptist's late Fallacious Narrative, etc. 4W. Boston, 1681.

— Walking with God, the Great Duty and Privilege of True Christians. In Two Sermons, in the year 1700. i2mo., pp. 56.

Boston, 1701.

—— The Fountain Opened, etc. Sermon from Zech. viii. 1, on the National Conversion of the Jews. Second Edition. 12mo.

Boston, 1722.

Willard, Sidney. Memories of Youth and Manhood. 2 vols., i6mo. Cambridge, 1855.

Willard, Simon, Jr. The Columbian Union. i2mo. Hudson, 1814.

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