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West Indies. A Geographical and Historical Description of the Principal Objects of the Present War in the . . . etc. Map. 8vo.

Lond., 1741.

The Present State of the . . . containing an accurate Description of what parts arc possessed by the several Powers in Europe, etc. Map. 4to. 1778.

West Indian Merchant (the). Being a series of Papers from the London Evening Post; with Corrections and Notes. 8vo., pp. 206. Lond., 1778.

Western Inland Lock Navigation Company. Report of the Directors to the Legislature, 16th February, 1798. 8vo. Albany.

Western Railroad Corporation. Proceedings of the . . . November 23d, 1837, including an Address to the People of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on the application for a Loan of the State Credit. 8vo. Boston, 1837.

Westminster Abbey. Historical Description of ... its Monuments and Curiosities, i2mo. Lond., 1793.

Westminster Association. Address of the Ministers to Heads of Families, on Family Religion, etc. 8vo., pp. 76.

Charlestown, 1801.

Westminster Review. Vols. I—II. Second Edition. 8vo.

Lond., 1824.

West Point Academy. Addresses in the Chapel of the United States

Military Academy, by Hon. Ashbell Smith, of Texas, and Col.

A. W. Doniphan, of Missouri, 16th June, 1848. 8vo. N. Y. West Point. Register of Ossicers and Graduates of the United States

Military Academy at, from 1801 to 1844. Published Oct., 1844.

8vo., pp. 36.

Weston, Jonathan D. History of Eastport and Vicinity. A Lecture before the Eastport Lyceum, April, 1834. 8vo. Boston, 1834.

Weston Libel Suit. The Liberty of the Press Vindicated, and Truth Triumphant! State vs. Ira Reny, for an alleged Libel on Cyrus Weston, the Nominal Complainant in the Prosecution, etc. Verdict—Not Guilty. 8vo.

Weston, William. Report of the Directors of the Western and Northern Inland Lock Navigation Company, in New York, to the Legislature; together with the Report of Mr. William Weston, Engineer. 8vo. N.Y., 1796.

Wetmore, Alphonso. Ga2etteer of the State of Missouri; with a Map of the State, etc. 8vo. St. Louis, 1837.

[wetmore, James.] A Letter from a Minister of the Church of England to one of his Dissenting Parishioners, etc. 12mo., pp. 28. N. Y.

A Vindication of the Prosessors of the Church of England in

Connecticut, etc. 8vo., pp. 45. Boston, 1747.

— The Englishman Directed in the Choice of his Religion; with a Presatory Address to the Gentlemen of America. 8vo., pp. 77.

Boston, 1748. [wetmore, Prosper M.I Lexington, with other Fugitive Poems. 8vo.

N.Y., 1830.

Wetmore, Robert G. Extensive Charity in a Small Compass; being

Miscellaneous Observations on Things, Past, Present and to Come.

12mo., pp. 56. Savannah, 1802.

[wharton, Charles H.] Plain Argument by way of Question

Answer, etc., for the Divinity of Christ, compiled from G. Sharp.

12mo., pp. 16.

Letter to the Roman Catholies of the City of Worcester, from

the late Chaplain of that Society. 8vo., pp. 40. Phil., 1784.

Sermon on the Relations of the Christian Ministry, Philadelphia,

October 2, 1785. 8vo., pp. 24. Phil., 1785.

Whatley, Robert. The Christian. A Sermon on the Words of King Agrippa to St. Paul, etc. 8vo., pp. 15. Hull, 1746.

Wheat, Thomas. Address to the Brethren of Hiram Lodge, No. 7, and Cumberland Lodge, No. 8, on the Anniversary of St. John the Baptist, delivered at Franklin. 8vo. Franklin, 1839.

Wheatley, Charles. Sermon before the Mayor, the Judges, etc., January 27th, 1722-3, Hilary Term, etc. 8vo. Lond., 1723.

Wheatlie, William. A Caveat for the Covetous; or, a Sermon preached at St. Paule's Crosse, upon the Fourth of December. i2mo. Lond., 1609.

Wheaton, Henry. Oration before the different Republican Societies, New York, July 4th, 1814. 8vo. N. Y., 1814.

Some Account of the Lise, Writings, and Speeches of William

Pinkney. 8vo. N. Y., 1826.

—— History of the Law of Nations in Europe and America, from the Earliest Times to the Treaty of Washington, 1842. 8vo.

N. Y., 1845.

— Elements of International Law. Sixth Edition ... By William Beach Lawrence. 8vo. Boston, 1855.

Wheeler, David Everett. The New York Harbor, and the Improvements necessary for its accommodation of Commerce, and the Removal of the Dangers at Hell Gate. A Paper read before the American Geographical and Statistical Society, May 15th,

Wheeler, Ephraim. Report of his Trial for a Rape on his Daughter.

Wheeler, Henry G. Biographical and Political History of Cor
Illustrated by Steel Portraits and Autographs. 2 vols., 8vo.

Wheeler, John. Eulogy on James Marsh, D. D., delivered at Burlington, Vermont, July 6th, 1842. 8vo.

Wheelock, Elea2ar. A Plain and Faithsul Narrative of the Original Design, Rise, Progress and Present State of the Indian Charity School, at Lebanon, Connecticut. 8vo., pp. 55. Boston, 1763.

— Continuation of the Narrative, etc., from November 27th, 1762 to September 3d, 1765. 8vo. Boston, 1765.

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Second Edition. 12mo.

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Wheelock, Elea2ar. Same, etc., from 1768, to the Incorporation of it with Dartmouth College, etc., 1771. 8vo. 1771.

Same, etc., from May 6th, 1771, to September 10th, 1772.

8vo. 1773.

Same, etc., from September 26th, 1772, to September 26th,

1773. 8vo. Hartford, 1773.

Same, etc., from September 26th, 1773,to February 20th, 1775.

8vo. Hartford, 1775.

Wheelock, John. An Essay on the Beauties and Excellencies of Painting, Music and Poetry, pronounced at the Anniversary Commencement at Dartmouth College, A. D. 1774. Ato. Hartford.

Eulogium on the Rev. John Smith, D. D., Prosessor of the

Learned Languages, at Dartmouth College. By the President. 8vo. Hanover, 1809.

Whelpley, Philip Melancthon. Sermon, 4th February, 1816, for the Benefit of a Society of Ladies, instituted for the Relief of Poor Widows and Small Children. 8vo., pp. 31.

N. Y., 1816.

Whelpley, Samuel. A Compend of History, from the Earliest Times. 2 vols. in 1. 8vo. N. Y., 1814.

Whig. True Picture of a Modern Whig, set forth in a Dialogue between Mr. Whiglove and Mr. Double. Second Edition. 8vo.

Lond., 1701.

Whig From The Start (A). An Appeal to the Whig National Convention, in Favor of the Nomination of Daniel Webster to the Presidency. 8vo. N. Y., 1848.

Whilo, J. E. A History of Ann Moore, with the evidence substantiating the sact of her Long Abstinence. 8vo. Savannah, 1812.

[whipple, Oliver.] Historic Progress of Civil and Rational Liberty and Order, Triumphant over Faction. A Poem. 8vo., pp. 54.

Portfmouth, 1802.

Whisperer (the). Containing the most spirited Papers and Interesting Particulars ever yet published, etc. 8vo. Lond., 1770.

Whistelo, Alexander. The Commissioners of the Alms House vs. Alexander Whistelo, a Black Man; being a remarkable Case of Bastardy. 8vo. N. Y., 1808.

Whiston, William. Historical Memoirs of the Lise of Dr. Samuel Clarke, etc. 8vo. Lond., 1730.

Whitaker, Charles Peter. A Modern French Grammar. Second Edition. Lond., 1817.

Whitaker, John. Mary Queen of Scots Vindicated. 3 vols., 8vo.

Lond., 1787.

Whitaker, Nathaniel. Funeral Sermon on the Death of Rev. George Whiteficld, Salem, October 17th, 1770. 8vo., pp. 38.


— An Antidote against Toryism; or, the Curse of Mero2. A Discourse on Judges v. 23. Dedicated to General Washington. 8vo., pp. 34. Newburyport, 1777.

Whitaker, Nathaniel. The Reward of Toryism. A Discourse on Judges v. 23, delivered at the Tabernacle in Salem, May, 1783. 8vo. Newburyport, 1783.

Whitbourne, Richard. A Discourse and Discovery of New-FoundLand, etc. 4to. Lond., 1622.

White, Campbell P. Report on Gold and Silver Coins, made to the House of Representatives in Congress, in 1834. 8vo.

Washington, 1834.

White, Daniel Appleton. Address to the Members of the Merrimack Humane Society, September 3, 1805. 8vo., pp. 44.

Newburyport, 1805.

Eulogy on Nathaniel Bowditch, delivered at Salem, May 24th,

1838. 8vo. Salem, 1838.

An Address delivered at the Consecration of the Harmony Grove

Cemetery, in Salem, June 14th, 1840. 8vo. Salem, 1840.

An Address delivered before the Alumni of Harvard University,

August 27th, 1844. 8vo. Cambridge, 1844.

White, George. Statisties of the State of Georgia, including an Account of its Natural, Civil, and Ecclesiastical History . . . 8vo.

Savannah, 1849.

Historical Collections of Georgia, containing the most Interesting Facts, Traditions, Biographical Sketches, Aneedotes, etc., relating to its History and Antiquities, from its First Settlement to the Present Time . . . 8vo. - N. Y., 1854.

White, George S. Memoir of Samuel Slater; with a History of the Rise and Progress of the Cotton Manusacture in England and America. 8vo. Phil., 1836.

White, John. Narrative of the Particulars which took place, on an Application of the Author to the Bishop of Norwich, to be admitted a Candidate for Holy Orders, etc. 8vo., pp. 83.

Lond., 1798.

White, Joseph. Sermon before the University of Oxford, July 4th, 1784, on the duty of Attempting the Propagation of the Gofpel, etc., in India. 8vo., pp. 62. Lond., 1785.

White, Joseph M. Circular Letter of ... to the People of Florida. 8vo. _ Washington, March 1st, 1835..

White, Joshua E. Letters on England, comprising Descriptive Scenes, etc. 2 vols., 8vo. Phil., 1816.

White, Samuel. Address on Insanity, before the New York State Medical Society. 8vo. Albany.

White, Thomas. An Apology for Rushworth's Dialogues, wherein the Exceptions of the Lords Falkland and Digby are Answered, etc. i6mo. Paris, 1654.

White, William. Sermon on the Reciprocal Influence of Civil Policy and Religious Duty, Philadelphia, Thanksgiving Day, 19th February, 1795. 8vo., pp. 36. Phil., 1795.

Sermon before the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church, at the Consecration of Bishop Moore, September 11th, 1801. 8vo., pp. 29. N. Y., 1801.

White, William. Sermon before the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, on the Consecration of the Right Rev. Bishop Parker of Massachusetts, September 14th, 1804. 8vo., pp. 19. N. Y., 1804.

Sermon at the Opening of a General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church, Baltimore, May 18th, 1808. 8vo., pp. 20.

N. Y., 1808.

— A Sermon on the Character, the Commission, and the Message of the Gofpel Ministry, delivered at the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church, at Baltimore, 18th May, 1808. 8vo. N.Y., 1808.

Sermon at the Consecration of St. James's Church, in the City

of Philadelphia, May 1, 1809. 8vo. Phil., 1810.

Sermon at the Opening of the Convention of the Protestant

Episcopal Church in the United States of America, etc., New
Haven, 22d May, 1811. 8vo., pp. 33. N. Y., 1811.

The Integrity of Christian Doctrine, etc., in a Sermon delivered

in New Haven, 22d May, 1811; to which is annexed a Concluding Address, delivered in New York, May 29th, 1811, at the Consecration of two Presbyters to the Episeopal Ossice. 8vo.

N. Y., 1811.

Address delivered before the Trustees, Faculty, and Students

of the General Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States. 8vo. N. Y., 1824.

White, William. An Essay on the Study and Pronuneiation of the Greek and Latin Languages. 8vo. Phil., 1824.

White, William. A History of Belsast [Maine]; with Introductory Remarks on Acadia. i2mo. Belsast, 1827.

, White's Three Letters. Dissenting Gentleman's Answer to, in j *S. which a Separation from the Establishment is Justified, and the Charge of Schism Resuted and Retorted, and the Church of England and the Church of Christ Compared, and found to be Constitutions of a different nature. Fifth Edition. i2mo., pp. i21. Boston, 1748.

Whit|comb, Samuel, Jr. An Address before the Workingmen's Society of Dedham, 7th September, 1831. 8vo. Dedham, 1831.

Two Lectures on the Advantages of a Republican Condition

of Society, for the Promotion of the Arts. 8vo. Boston, 1833.

Whitefield, George. Sermon preached in the Church of St. Mary Radcliffe, in Bristol. 8vo., pp. 28. Lond., 1737.

Six Letters to . . . from Alexander Garden, with the Answer

of ... to the first of these Letters. Second Edition. 8vo., pp. 54. Boston, 1740.

The Querists; or, Extracts from the Sermons and Journals of. . .

8vo., pp. 29. [Rep.] Boston, 1740.

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