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La deuxieme serie, 10 volumes, se compofe de :—

Rapport sur les differentes classes de chess de la NouvelleEspagne, sur les lois, les mœurs des habitants, sur les impots etablis avant et depuis la conquete, etc., par Alon2o de Zurita, exauditeur a l'audience royale de Mexico. (Inedit.) i vol. in 8.

Histoire des Chichimeques, ou des anciens rois de Teseuco; par Don Fernando d'Alva Ixtlilxochitl, traduite sur le manuscrit espagnol. (Inedite.) 2 vols, in 8.

Histoire du Nicaragua, par Gon2alo Fernande2 de Oviedo y Valdes. (Inedite.) 1 vol. in 8.

Histoire du Perou, par Miguel Cavalo Balboa. (Inedite.) i vol. in 8.

Recueil (second) de pieces relative a la conquete du Mexique. (Inedit.) 1 vol. in 8.

Memoires Historiques sur l'ancien Perou, par le licencie Fernando Montcsinos. (Inedits.) i vol. in 8.

Histoire du Royaume de Quito, par Don Juan de Velasco natif de ce royaume. (Inedite.) 2 vols, in 8. Recueil de Pieces sur la Floride. 1 vol. in 8. Ternaux-compans, Henri. Notice sur la Colonie de la Nouvelle Suede. 8vo. . Paris, 184J.

Tertre, Jean Baptiste Du. Histoire Generale des Antilles, Habitees par les Francois. Tom. 4 (in 3), 4to. Paris, 1667.

Teschemacher, J. E. Address delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Boston Natural History Society, May 5th, 1841. 8vo.

Boston, 1841.

Tessier, M. A Complete Treatise on Merinos and other Sheep;

with Plates. 8vo. N. Y., 1811.

Testament, New, in Hindostanee. 8vo.

(Printed in Phonetic Characters). 8vo. Phil., 1848.

Hct Nieuwe. 18mo. Dordrecht.

Testimony to the Truth of Jesus Christ, and to our Solemn League

and Covenant, etc. 4to. Lond., 1648. and Advice of an Assembly of Pastors of Churches in New

England, at a meeting in Boston, July 7th, 1743, occasioned by

the late Happy Revival of Religion in many parts of the Land.

8vo., pp. 51. Boston. Texas. The Laws of Texas. 3 vols, in 1. 8vo. Houston, 1838-39. Same. Vols. I. II.

Proposed Treaty with—a gross Usurpation of Power, etc. 8vo.

Phil., 1844.

Thoughts on the propofed Annexation of Texas to the United

States. First published in the New York Evening Post, under the signature of "Veto." 8vo. N. Y., 1844.

See Austin Settlements.

Thacher, James. The American Dispensary. 8vo. Boston, 1810. A Military Journal during the American Revolutionary War, from 1775 to 1783. With an Appendix, containing Biographical Sketches of several General Ossicers. Second Edition. 8vo. Boston, 1827.

Thacher, James. American Medical Biography; with a History of Medical Science in the United States, etc. 2 vols. in i. 8vo. Boston, 1828.

History of the Town of Plymouth, from its sirst Settlement, ir

1620, to the Present Time. With a Concise History of the Aborigines of New England, etc. Second Edition. 12m0.

Boston, 1835.

[thacher, Oxenbridge.] The Sentiments of a British American.

8vo., pp. 16. Boston, 1764.

Thacher, Peter. Massachusetts Election Sermon, May 25th, 1726.

8vo. Boston, 1726.

Thacher, Peter. Sermon, September 13th, 1778, on the day of the

Death of Rev. Dr. Andrew Eliot. 8vo., pp. 40. Boston. Sermon, June 2, 1790, at the Ordination of Rev. William Fred.

Rowland. 8vo., pp. 44. Exeter, 1790.

—— Sermon on the Death of Governor John Hancock, October

20th, 1793. 8vo., pp. 30. Boston, 1793. — Artillery Election Sermon, June 3d, 1793. 8vo. Boston. Sermon in Boston, before the Massachusetts Congregational

Charitable Society, etc. 8vo., pp. 24. Boston, 1795. Funeral Sermon delivered in Boston, April 6th, 1798. (John

Clarke.) 8vo. Boston, 1798. Sermon at the Interment of his Excellency Increase Sumner,

Boston, June 12th, 1799. 8vo., pp. 18. Boston. —— Century Sermon, preached to the Church and Society in Brattle

Street, Boston, December 29th, 1799. 8vo., pp. 18.

Boston, 1800.

Sermon on George Washington, preached February 22d, 1800,

at Boston. 8vo. Boston. Oration delivered before the Inhabitants of the Town "of Boston,

on the 31st Anniversary of the Independence of the United

States of America. 8vo. Boston, 1807.

Thacher, Peter O. An Address pronounced on First Tuesday in

March, 1831, before the Members of the Bar of the County of

Suffolk, Mass. 8vo. Boston, 1831.

Thacher, Thomas. Funeral Sermon delivered at Milton, May,

1795. (Nathaniel Robbins.) 8vo. Boston, 1796. Discourse before the Humane Society of Massachusetts, June

10th, 1800. 8vo., pp. 31. Boston, 1800. Sermon at the Ordination of Rev. Jofeph Tuckerman, Chelsea,

November 4th, 1801. 8vo., pp. 40. Boston. Dudleian Lecture, Harvard College, May 8th, 1805. 8vo.,

pp. 26. Cambridge, 1805.

—— Discourse at Milton, September 9th, 1807, at the Dedication of

the Academy. 8vo., pp. 23. Dedham, 1807. Thacher, Thomas. Biographical Memoir of the Rev. Dr. West.

8vo., pp. 14. Boston, 1808.

Thacher, Thomas C. Thanksgiving Sermon at Lynn, November

20th, 1794. 8vo., pp. 24. Boston, 1794.

■ Sermon at Lynn, December 11th, 1795, at the Interment of

Eight Seamen. 8vo., pp. 22. Boston, 1795.

Thayer, Elisha. Family Memorial, in 2 Parts. 8vo.

Hingham, 183 5.

Thayer, M. Russell. Reciprocal Influences of the Physical and Intellectual World. An Oration delivered before the Zelosophie Society of the University of Pennsylvania, on its 13th Anniversary, October 29th, 1842. 8vo. Phil., 1842.

Thayer, Nathaniel. Sermon at the Installation of Rev. William Emerson, Boston, October 16th, 1799. 8vo., pp. 30.

Boston, 1799.

Theisme. A Discovery of . . . i6mo., pp. 94. Lond., 1698.

Theller, E. A. Canada in 1837-38; mowing, by Historical Facts, the Causes of the late attempted Revolution, and of its Failure, etc. 2 vols., i2mo. Phil., 1841.

Themmen, Wilhelmus. Nuttige Zaamen-Spraaken, van cenen Heilsoekenden Lecraar met syne Akker-Lieden. 8vo.

Groningen, 1727.

Theological School, Cambridge. Report of the Committee of the Association of the Members of the Federal Street Society, etc. 8vo., pp. 15. Cambridge, 1825.

Theorie Des Equivalents, ou principes sur la Nature, la Valeur, et le Pouvoir del argent—Memoire, etc. Premiere Partie. 8vo.

A Rotterdam, 1794.

Thermometrical Navigation; being a Series of Experiments and Observations tending to prove that by ascertaining the relative Heat of Sea Water from time to time, the Passage of a Ship through the Gulf Stream, and from Deep Water into Soundings, may be discovered in time to avoid danger, although [owing to tempestuous weather] it may be impossible to heave the lead or observe the heavenly bodies. 8vo. • Phil., 1799.

Thespian Maga2ine (the), and Literary Repository. Vols. I. II. ILI. 8vo. Lond., 1793-4.

Thevenot (M. De). Travels into the Levant. Newly done out of French. Folio. ^ Lond., 1687.

Thevet, Andre. Histoire des plus Illustres et Scavans Hommes, de leurs Siecles, etc. Portraits. 8vo. Tom. 8. Paris, 1670—1.

Thibaut, M. A. Nouveau Dictionnaire de Poche Francais-Allemand et Allemand-Francais. jme. Edition. Leipsie, 1838.

Thicxnesse, Philip. A Year's Journey through the Pais Bas, or Austrian Netherlands. Second Edition. 8vo. Lond., 1786.

A Year's Journey through France and Part of Spain. Third

Edition. 2 vols., 8vo. 1789.

Things As They Are. Third Edition. 8vo., pp. 1i2. Lond., 1758.

Thistle Society. Constitution of the, of the City of New York, i2mo., pp. 14. N. Y., 1806.

Thom, David. Sketch of the Lise and Character of the late Samuel M'Culloch, Esq., Liverpool. With an Appendix. Small 8vo., pp. 24. Liverpool, 1853.

Thomas, Antoine. Œuvres Completes. Tomes 7, 8vo. Paris, 1802.

Thomas, David. Travels through the Western Country in the Summer of 1816, etc. i2mo. Map. Auburn, 1819.

Thomas, Gabriel. An Historical and Geographical Account of the Province and County of Pennsylvania, etc. [Edited by Henry Austin Brady—sae-simile of that published in London, 1698— on large paper, of which but fix copies were printed.] Folio.

N. Y., 1848.

Thomas, Isaiah. The History of Printing in America; with a Biography of Printers, and an Account of Newspapers; to which is prefixed a Concise View of the Discovery and Progress of the Art in other parts of the World. 2 vols., 8vo.

Worcester, 1810.

. Communication from the President of the American Antiquarian Society to the Members, October 24th, 1814; together with the Laws of the Society, as revised. 8vo., pp. 27. Worcester, 1814.

Catalogue of American Edition of Books. 8vo.

Thomas, Robert. The Modern Practice of Physie, exhibiting the Character, Causes, Symptoms . . . Sixth American, from the Seventh London Edition. With an Appendix, by David Hofack, M.D., LL. D. 8vo. N. Y., 1822.

Thomas, T. Sermon occasioned by the Death of Rev. William Blake, April 7th, 1799; with Address and Prayer, by Joshua Toulmin, D. D., and Sketch and Poem, by F. Webb. 8vo.


Thomasi, Thomas. Vie de Cesar Borgia, appelle du depuis Le Due de Valentinois. i6mo. Monte Chiaro, 1671.

Thome, James A., and J. Horace Kimball. Emancipation in the West Indies, etc. i2mo. N. Y., 1839.

Thompson, Abraham S. Remarks relative to Auction Business, Duties, etc., and the New York and Albany Railroad to advance the Profperity of the City of New York, January 6th, 1841. 8vo. N. Y., 1841.

Thompson, Benjamin F. The History of Long Island; containing an Account of the Discovery and Settlement . . . 8vo.

N. Y., 1839.

Same. Second Edition. 2 vols., 8vo. N. Y., 1843.

Thompson, Charles. Travels through Turkey in Asia, the Holy Land, Arabia, Egypt, and other parts of the World, etc. 2 vols., i2mo. Lond., 1754.

[thompson, D. P.] The Green Mountain Boys: a Historical Tale of the Early Settlement of Vermont. By the Author of " May Martin." etc. 2 vols., i2mo. Montpelier, 1839.

Thompson, D. P. An Address before the Vermont Historical Society, 24th October, 1850. 8vo. Burlington, 1850.

Thompson, George. Slavery and Famine, Punishments for Sedition; or, an Account of the Miseries and Starvation of Botany Bay. With some Preliminary Remarks, by George Dyer. 8vo., pp. 48, 23. land., 1794.

Thompson, George. Reeeption of, in Great Britain. i2mo.

Boston, 1836.

Letters and Addresses during his Mission in the United States,

etc. i2mo. Boston, 1837. See Garrison.

Thompson, Otis. An Address delivered before the Bristol County Agricultural Society, on their First Anniversary, at Taunton, Oct. 30, 1822. 8vo. Taunton, 1822.

Thompson, Waddy. Recollections of Mexico. 8vo. N. Y., 1846.

Thompson, William. Memoirs of Munson and Lynn; with a Journal of their Exploring Tour; 8vo. N. Y., 1843.

Thompson, Zadock. History of Vermont, Natural, Physical and Statistical. 8vo. Burlington, 1842.

Thomson, Alexander. Letters of a Traveller, on the Various Countries of Europe, Asia and Africa, etc. 8vo. Lond., 1798.

Thomson (mrs.) A. T. Memoirs of the Lise of Sir Walter Raleigh; with some Account of the Period in which he lived. Portrait. i2mo. Phil., 1831.

[thomson, Charles.] An Inquiry into the Causes of the Alienation of the Delaware and Shawanese Indians from the British Interest, etc. With the Journal of Christian Frederic Post, among the Indians on the Ohio. Map. 8vo. Lond., 1759.

The Holy Bible; containing the Old and New Covenant, commonly called the Old and New Testament. Tranflated from the Greek. 4 vols., 8vo. Phil., 1808.

Thomson, James. Spring: a Poem. Second Edition. 8vo., pp. 57.

Lond., 1729.

The Seasons, English and French. Tome i. 8vo. Paris, 1802.

Thomson, John. An Enquiry concerning the Liberty and Licentiousness of the Press, and the Uncontroulable Nature of the Human Mind. 8vo. N. Y., 1801.

Thomson, John. The Letters of Curtius; to which is added a Speech delivered by him in August, 1795, on the British Treaty. 12mo.

Richmond, 1804.

Thomson, John. Address before the Franklin Association, Newark, N. J., 4th July, 1810. 8vo., pp. i2. Newark, 1810.

Thomson, John. Historical Sketch of the St. Andrew's Society of the State of New York . . . Centurial Oration before the Society on 1st December, 1856. i2mo. N. Y., 1856.

Thorburn, Grant. The Gentleman's and Gardener's Kalendar, for the Middle States of North America. i2mo. N. Y., 18i2.

Same, containing ample Directions for the Cultivation of the

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