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Roche, Edward. Funeral Oration on the Death of General Wash

ington, before the Society of Cincinnati of the State of Delaware, 22d February, 1800. 8vo.

Wilmington, 1800. TROCHE, MICHAEL DE LA.] New Memoirs of Literature, containing

an Account of New Books, Printed both at Home and Abroad, etc. Vols. I-IV. 8vo.

Lond., 1725–26. [ROCHEFORT, CÆSAR DE.] Histoire Naturelle et Morale des Iles Antilles de l'Amerique, etc., avec un Vocabulaire Caraibe. 4to.

Rotterdam, 1658. Natuurlyke en Zedelyke Historie van d’Eylanden de voorEylanden van Amerika, etc., vertaalt in Nederduytsch door H. Dullaart. 4to.

Rotterdam, 1662. - The History of the Caribby Islands, etc. With a Caribbian Vocabulary. Rendered into English by John Davies of Kidwelly. Folio.

Lond., 1666. - See Du Tertre. ROCHEFOUCAULD-LIANCOURT. Voyage dans les Etats-Unis d'Amerique, fait en 1795, 1796 et 1797. Tomes 8. 8vo.

Paris, An. vii. (1799.) · Travels through the United States of North America, the Country of the Iroquois, and Upper Canada, in the years 1795, '96, and '97. 2 vols., 4to.

Lond., 1799. ROCHEJAQUELEIN. Memoires de Madame La Marquise De La, ecrits

par elle meme. Quatrieme Edition : avec deux cartes et un portrait. 8vo.

A Paris, 1817. ROCKINGHAM (N. H.) Charitable Society, Second Report, April 21st, 1819. 8vo., pp. 29.

*Concord, 1819. Rodd, H. The Chandos Portrait of Shakspeare. 8vo. RODGERS, John. Thanksgiving Sermon, December 11th, 1783. 8vo., pp. 42.

N. Y., 1784. - Sermon at Princeton, May 6th, 1795, occasioned by the Death

of Rev. Jno. Witherspoon. 8vo., pp. 20. Ñ. Y., 1795. Rodgers, John R. B. Transactions of the Medical Society of the

State of New York, 1813, with the Anniversary Address of John
R. B. Rodgers. 8vo.

N. Y., 1813. RODMAN, B. A Voice from the Prison; being articles addressed to

the Editor of the New Bedford Mercury, and a Letter to S. B. Weston, Esq., and other Directors of the Duxbury Bank. To

which are added Leaves from a Journal. New Bedford, 1840. RODMAN, John. Oration before the Tammany Society, New York, July 5th, 1813. 8vo.

N. Y - The Commercial Code of France, with the Motives or Discourses of the Counsellors of State, delivered before the Legislative Body, illustrative of the Principles and provisions of the Code. Translated from the French. 8vo.

N. Y., 1814. RODRIGUEZ, Manuel. El Maranon y Amazonas Historia de los descubrimientos, entradas, y reduccion de Naciones. Folio.

Madrid, 1684.

Rockys in

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Rogers, Daniel. A Poem, on Liberty and Equality. 8vo.

Albany, 1804 - Report of the Trial of John Quay vs. the Eagle Fire Company of New York, December, 1816. 8vo., pp. 51.

N. Y., 1817. Rogers, Mrs. H. A. An Account of the Experience of, written by herself, etc. 12mo., pp. 54.

Lond. (1792.] Rogers, John. A Sermon preached before his Excellency the Gov

ernor, etc., of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay, in New England, on May 29th, 1706. 8vo.

Boston, 1706. Rogers, John, and NATHANIEL ROGERS. Two Funeral Sermons on

the Death of the Hon. John Appleton, Esq., of Ipswich. Svo., pp. 18 and 24. 8vo.

Boston, 1739. The Nature and Necessity of Spiritual Conversion, considered in a Sermon. 8vo., pp. 24.

Boston, 1757 ROGERS, NATHANIEL. Sermon at the Ordination of Rev. Jno. Tread

well, Lynn, March 2d, 1763. 8vo., pp. 41. Boston, 1763. - Discourse occasioned by the Death of Deacon Samuel Williams. 8vo., pp. 32.

Boston, 1763. Rogers, NATHANIEL P. An Address delivered before the Concord

Female Anti-Slavery Society, at its Annual Meeting, 25th of December, 1837; to which is added the Third Annual Report of said Society. 8vo..

Concord, N. H., 1838. Rogers, ROBERT. A Concise Account of North America, containing

a Description of the several British Colonies. 8vo. Lond., 1765. Same. 12mo.

Dublin, 1769. Journals of Major Robert Rogers, containing an Account of the several Excursions he made under the Generals who commanded upon the Continent of North America during the late War. 8vo.

Lond., 1765. ROGERS, THOMAS. Salutary Admonitions to the Dissenters, in a Letter to ... 8vo., pp. 42.

Lond., 1787. ROGERS, THOMAS J. New American Biographical Dictionary; or, Re

membrancer of the Departed Heroes and Statesmen of America, etc. 12mo.

Easton, Penn., 1813. Rogers, William. Sermon on the Death of Rev. Oliver Hart, Hope

well, N. J., April 24th, 1796. 8vo., pp. 39. Phil., 1796. Rogers, WOODES. A Cruising Voyage Round the World, first to the

South Sea, thence to the East Indies, and Homewards by the
Cape of Good Hope. Begun in 1708, and finished in 1711.
Second Edition. 8vo.

Lond., 1718. ROGGEVEEN, AREnt. Het Eerste Deel van het Brandende Veen. Ver

lichtende alle de Vaste Kusten ende Eylanden van geheel West Indien beginnende van Rio Amazones, en eyndigende Benoorde Terranova, Folio.

Amsterdam, 1675. Rohan, Henry, Duke of. Memoirs of his Adventures in France,

with Political Discourses, etc. Written by Himself. Translated from the French, 16mo.

Lond., 1660.

ROLAND, JEANNE-MARIE PHILIPON. Works, etc. With an Account

of her, by L. A. Champagneux. Translated from the French. 8vo.

Lond., 1800. ROLLOCK, ROBERT. In Epiftolam S. Pauli Apoftoli ad Ephefios, etc. 8vo.

Genevæ, 1606. Rolt, Richard. An Impartial Representation of the Conduct of the

several Powers of Europe engaged in the late General War, etc. 4 vols., 8vo. Plates.

Lond., 1749-50. Romaine, W. Funeral Sermon, delivered January 4, 1759 (James • Hervey). 8vo. (Rep.)

Boston, 1759. Sermon on the Death of Rey. Thomas Jones, etc. Ninth Edition. 8vo., pp. 35.

Lond., 1762. Jephthah's Vow Fulfilled, and his Daughter not Sacrificed. A Sermon before the University, at St. Mary's, in Oxford. Sixth Edition. 8vo., pp. 23.

Lond., 1772. - Discourse upon the Self-Existence of Jesus Christ. Seventh Edition. 8vo., pp. 36.

Lond., 1788. Roman Catholic.: Ordo Recitandi Divini Officii et Missæ Celebrandæ, pro Anno Domini M.Dcccxi., etc. 12mo.

Lond. ROMAN CATHOLICK Principles, in Reference to God and the King.

4to., pp. 8. Roman CATHOLICS. Two Dissertations, addressed to a friend, and

recommended to the Advocates for Extending the Power of the Roman Catholics in this Country. By a Clergyman. 12mo., pp. 139.

Lond., 1807. Roman HistorY. A New and Easy Method to Understand the, etc. Ninth Edition 12mo.

Lond., 1748. Romans. The Thirteenth Chapter to the, Vindicated from the

abusive senses put upon it. 8vo., pp. 22. Lond., 1710. ROMANS, BERNARD. A Concise Natural History of East and West

Florida. Maps and Plates. 2 vols., 8vo. N. Y., 1775.

Annals of the Troubles in the Netherlands. From the Accession of Charles V. 2 vols., 12mo.

Hartford, 1778–82. ROMAYNE, JAMES T. B. Oration at New York, on the Anniversary of the Sortie from Fort Erie. 8vo.

N. Y., 1816. Romayne, NICHOLAS. Address delivered at the Commencement of

the Lectures, in the College of Physicians and Surgeons in the City of New York. 8vo.

N. Y., 1808. ROME. The Temporal Government of the Pope's State. 8vo..

Lond., 1788 Romeyn, John B. Two Fast Day Sermons, Albany, September 8th, 1808. 8vo., pp. 80.

Albany, 1808. - Introductory Sermon, delivered in the New Presbyterian Church in Cedar Street, November 13th, 1808. 8vo., pp. 30.

N. Y., 1808. -- Sermon in New York, January 28th, 1810, for the Benefit of the New York Dispensary. 8vo., pp. 20.

N. Y., 1810. Romeyn, John B. Sermon at the Opening of the General Assembly

of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, May, 1811. 8vo., pp. 50.

N. Y., 1811. - Sermons. 2 vols., 8vo.

N. Y., 1816. Root, David. Bi-Centennial Sermon; or, the Two Hundredth An

niversary of the Foundation of the First Congregational Church in Dover, N. H., delivered on Thanksgiving Day, November 29th, 1838. 8vo.

1839. Root, ERASTUS. An Introduction to Arithmetic, for the Use of

Common Schools. Seventh Edition. 12mo. Norwich, 1814. Rosa, Don Diego; or, He of the Iron Arm. A Chronicle of Louisiana. 8vo.

. N. Y., 1838. Rosart, Jacques Francois. Epreuve de Caracteres, qui se gravent et fondent dans la nouvelle Fonderie de. 2me Edition. 8vo.

Bruxelles, 1768. Rosas, S. E., EL SR. Brigadier-General D. Juan Manuel de Rasgos

de la Vida Publica de, etc. Portrait. 8vo. Buenos Aires, 1842. Roscoe, Henry. Lives of Eminent British Lawyers. 16mo. Cab. Cyc.) .

Lond., 1830. Roscoe, WILLIAM. Strictures on Mr. Burke's two Letters, etc., on the

Proposals for Peace with the “Regicide Directory of France."
Part the First. 8vo., pp. 50.

Phil., 1797. Life and Pontificate of Leo. X. 4 vols., 8vo. Phil., 1805.

Considerations on the Causes, Objects and Consequences of the Present War, etc. 8vo. (Rep.]

Phil., 1808 - A Letter to, containing Strictures on his “Considerations, etc." 8vo., pp. 64. [Rep.)

N. Y., 1808. Rose, George. Brief Examination into the Increase of the Revenue,

Commerce, and Manufactures of Great Britain, from 1792 to 1799. Fifth Edition. 8vo.

Lond., 1799. - Observations respecting the Public Expenditure, and the Influ

ence of the Crown. Third Edition. Syo. Lond., 1810.

- Observations on Banks for Savings. Fourth Edition. Lond., 1817. Rose, Hugh. The Elements of Botany, containing the History of the Science, etc. 8vo.

Lond., 1775. [Rose, Mrs.] Remarks on a Poem, called “The Scourge of Fashion.” By a Lady; addressed to the Ladies of New York. 12mo.

N. Y., 1801. Rosinus, Joannes. Antiquitatum Romanarum Corpus absolutissimum, etc. 4to.

Genevæ, 1620. - Same. Editio Postrema. 4to. Trajecti ad Rhenum, 1701. Ross, ALEXANDER. The History of the World. The Second Part,

in Six Books; being a Continuation of the Famous History of Sir Walter Raleigh, Kt. Folio.

Lond., 1752. Ross, ARTHUR A. A Discourse, embracing the Civil and Religious

History of Rhode Island, delivered April 4th, A. D. 1838, at the close of ine Second Century from the First Settlement of the Iland. 12mo.

Providence, 1838.


Ross, James, and Gouv. Morris. Speeches in the Senate, United

States, in Support of Mr. Ross's Resolutions relative to the Free
Navigation of the River Misisippi, and our Right of Deposit

within the Spanish Territory. 8vo. New Haven, 1808. Ross, David. Notes on the Nobility. No. I. Sketch of the History

of the House of Russell. No. II. Sketch of the History of the House of Stanley, and of the House of Sefton. 12mo.

Lond., 1848. Ross, John. Sermon before the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, February 18th, 1785.

Lond., 1785. Ross, ROBERT. A Plain Address to the Quakers, Moravians, Separa

tists, Separate Baptists, Rogerenes and other Enthusiasts, on Imme

diate Impulses and Revelations, etc. 8vo. New Haven. Ross, WILLIAM. Lectures on Comparative Anatomy. Translated

from the French of G. Cuvier, by ... under the Inspection of James Macartney. In 2 vols., 8vo.

Lond., 1802. Rosso, Prof. Emm. Taranto. Il Gabinetto di storia Naturale, a di Archäologia ... 4to.

Catania, 1843-5. ROTHERAM, JOHN. An Essay on Faith, and its Connection with Good Works. · 8vo., pp. 126. [Rep.]

N. Y., 1767. - Answer to his Apology for the Athanafian Creed, in a Letter to a friend. 8vo., pp. 70.

Lond., 1773 Roulle, John. A Complete Treatise on the Mineral Waters of Virginia, etc. 8vo.

Phil., 1792. Rous, Francis. Archæologiæ Atticæ Libri Septem. With Addi

tions by Zachary Bogan. Seventh Edition. 4to. Oxford, 1671. Rous, THOMAS Bates. Observations on the Commutation Project. With a Supplement. 8vo., pp. 39.

Lond., 1786. Rousseau, J. J. Collection Complete des Euvres de J. J. Rousseau,

Citoyen de Geneve. Tomes 24. 12mo. Geneve, 1782. - Letters on the Elements of Botany, addressed to a Lady. Translated into English, by Thomas Martin. Eighth Edition. 8vo.

Lond., 1815. Rowan, STEPHEN N. Tribute to the Memory of Alexander McLeod,

D. D., March 10th, 1833. 8vo., pp. 37. . N. Y., 1833. ROWLAND, David S. Thanksgiving Sermon, occafioned by the Repeal

of the Stamp Act, Providence, June 4th, 1766. 8vo., pp. viii. 31.

Providence. Rowland, Daniel. Sermon at Llandewy, in Wales, Nov. ist, 1761. 12mo.

Carmarthen, 1763. ROWLAND, Mr. Sermon before the Convention of the Protestant

Episcopal Church, at New Brunswick, N. J., 7th July, 1785. 8vo., pp. 20.

N. Y., 1785. ROWLAND, WILLIAM F. New Hampshire Election Sermon, Exeter, June 2d, 1796. 8vo.

Exeter, 1796. - New Hampshire Election Sermon, Concord, June 8, 1809. 8vo.

Concord, 1809.

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