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PRIESTLEY, JOSEPH. Observations on the Increase of Infidelity. 8vo., Pp. xvi. 1o1.

Lond., 1796. Observations on his Emigration, and on the several Addresses to him, on his arrival at New York. 8vo., pp. 64. Phil., 1796.

Letters to Mr. Volney, on his Ruins, and Letter to the Author. 8vo., pp. 28.

Phil., 1797 Copies of Original Letters recently written by Persons in Paris to .. : 8vo., pp. 21.

Phil., 1798. Letters to the Inhabitants of Northumberland and its Neighborhood. 8vo.

Northumberland, 1799. Same. Second Edition, with Additions. 8vo. Phil., 1801. General History of the Christian Church, from the Fall of the Western Empire to the present time. 4 vols., 8vo. 1802-3. Same. Second Edition. 2 vols., 8vo. Northumberland, 1803-4. Description of a System of Biography. 8vo. Phil., 1803. Description of a set of Charts of Biography, etc. 8vo. Charts, oblong 4to.

Phil., 1804 Memoirs of the Year 1795, written by himself, with Continuation to the time of his deccafe by his Son, and Observations on his Writings, by Thomas Cooper and William Christie. 2 vols., 8vo.

Northumberland, 1806. Prime, BENJAMIN Young. Columbia's Glory; or, British Pride Humbled, etc. 8vo.

N. Y., 1791. PRIME, NATHANIEL S. A History of Long Isand, from its First

Settlement by Europeans to the year 1845. With special reference to its Ecclesiastical Concerns. Izmo.

N. Y., 1845 Prime, Samuel IRENÆUS. An Address delivered at the Opening of

the Hall of the Newark Library Association, zift February, 1848. 8vo.

Newark, 1848. Prince Edward Island. The True Guide to ... in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, North America. 12mo.

Liverpool, 1808. A Short Account of ... etc. 8vo.

Lond., 1839. PRINCE, John. Sermon on the Death of the Rev. Thomas Barnard,

D.D., preached at Salem, Mass., October 16th, 1814. 8vo. Prince, Thomas. Sermon delivered at his own Ordination, in Boston, ist October, 1718, etc. 8vo., pp. 76.

Boston, 1718. Two Sermons, occafioned by the Earthquake of October, 1727. With a Preface and Appendix. Second Edition. 8vo., PP. 48.

Boston, 1727 Sermon upon the Death of King George I. and Accession of King George II. 8vo., pp. 27.

Boston, 1727. Funeral Sermon (Cotton Mather). 8vo.

Boston, 1728. Massachusetts Election Sermon, May 27th, 1730. 8vo. Bofton. On the Hon. Daniel Oliver, Esq., delivered at Boston, July 27th,

1732. With a Poem by Mr. Byles. 8vo. - A Chronological History of New England in the form of An

nals. Vol. I. II. (Nos. 1, 2, 3, pp. 96). 8vo. Boston, 1736-[54]. Same. 8vo. (Reprint.]

Boston, 1826. PRINCE, THOMAS. Thanksgiving Sermon for the Victory at Culloden, at the South Church in Boston, August 14th, 1746. 4to.

Boston, 1746. The Salvations of God in 1746. A Thanksgiving Sermon, at the South Church in Boston, November 27, 1746. 4to., pp. 35.

Boston, 1746. Thanksgiving Sermon for the Reduction of Cape Breton, at the South Church in Boston, July 18th, 1745. Second Edition. 4to., PP. 35.

Boston, 1747 Sermon occasioned by the Death of Frederick, Prince of Wales. 8vo., pp. 34.

Boston, 1751. Funeral Sermon, delivered in Boston, 1755 (Hannah Fayerweather). 8vo.

Boston, 1755. PRINCE OF WALES. Letter to the ... concerning his Moral and Political Conduct. By Crito. 8vo.

N. Y., 1807. PRINCE, William R. (aided by WILLIAM PRINCE). A Treatise on

the Vine; embracing its History from the Earliest Ages to the present day, etc. 8vo.

N. Y., 1830. The Pomological Manual; or, a Treatise on Fruits, etc. Second Edition. 8vo.

N. Y., 1832. PRINCE's Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrub

bery and Plants, cultivated and for sale at the Linnæan Botanic

Garden and Nurseries, L. I. 33d Edition. 8vo. N. Y., 1844. PRIOR, MATTHEW. History of his own Time, compiled from his

Original MSS. 8vo. PRIOR, THOMAS. Narrative of the Success of Tar Water in Curing Diftempers, etc. 8vo. (Rep.]

Boston, 1749. PRIOR, WILLIAM. Popery not Christianity. Sermon at Little St. Helens, August 1, 1750. 8vo., pp. 44.

Lond., 1750. Sermon at St. Thomas, January 1, 1754, for the Benefit of the Charity School in Gravel Lane, Southwark. 8vo., pp. 36.

Lond., 1754. PRISON DISCIPLINE SOCIETY. Reports, 1826–33. 8vo. Boston, 1827. Same, 1826–44. 8vo.

Boston, 1826-44. PRISONERS OF WAR." Report of the Committee of the House of Commons, etc. 8vo.

Lond., 1798. PRIVATEERING. A Proposed Memorial to the Congress of the United States. 8vo.

1819. PRIVATE JUDGMENT. The Difficulties and Discouragements which at

tend the Study of the Scriptures in the way of, in a Letter to a Young Clergyman, etc. By a Presbyter of the Church of Eng. land. 8vo., pp. 40.

Lond., 1735. PROBY, W. C. Modern Philosophy and Barbarism; or, a Comparison

between the Theory of Godwin and the Practice of Lycurgus. 8vo.



1769. PROEF-STEEN Van den Trou-Ringh. 4 vols. in 1. With Engravings. 18mo.


Lond., 1740.

PROGRESS OF DULNESS. Part I.; or, the Rare Adventures of Tom
Brainless, etc. I 2mo.

1772. PROMPTER, The; or, a Commentary on Common Sayings and Sub- By jects, etc. Izmo., pp. 56.

Newark, 1793. Her PROSPECT of the most famous Parts of the World ... Oblong 4to.

Lond., 1646.
PROTESTANT DISSENTERS. An Address to, of all Denominations, on

the approaching Election of Members of Parliament, with respect
to the State of Public Affairs in general and of American Affairs
in particular. 8vo. [Rep.]

Boston, 1775.
EPISCOPAL CHURCH. Journals of the Conventions. 8vo.
Proceedings of the, in the State of New York, held in the City
of New York, June 2zd, 1785. 8vo.

N. Y., 1787
An Address to the Members of the, in the United States of
America. Izmo., pp. 12.

N. Y., 1792.
Journal of Proceedings, in Convention, September, 1795. 8vo.,
pp. 44.

Phil., 1795.
See Episcopal Church.

EPISCOPAL HISTORICAL Society. Report of the Executive Com-
mittee of the, etc. 8vo.

Trenton, 1850.
Collections. Vols. I. II., 8vo.

N. Y., 1851-53.
EPISCOPAL LIBRARY SOCIETY, Extracts from the Minutes, 1816.
Izmo., pp. 12.


N. Y., 1817.
EPISCOPAL Society of Young Men, for the Distribution of Re-
ligious Tracts, Constitution and various Tracts. 8vo.

SCHOOLS IN IRELAND. An Abstract of His Majesty's Royal
Charter, for Erecting and Promoting English Protestant Schools in

Ireland. 4to., pp. 21.
PROTESTANTS. The Essential Rights and Liberties of. A Seasonable

Plea for the Liberty of Conscience and the Right of Private Judge,

ment in Matters of Religion, etc. 400., pp. 66. Boston, 1744.. PROUD, ROBERT. The History of Pennsylvania, in North America,

from 1681 till after 1742. With an Introduction, etc. 2 vols.,

Phil., 1797-8.
PROUDFIT, ALEXANDER. Sermon delivered before the Northern Mis-

sionary Society, in the State of New York, in Troy, February 8,
1798. 8vo.

Albany, 1798.
Providence AssocIATION of Mechanics and Manufacturers, Charter

etc., of the. 8vo., pp. 40.

Providence, 1798.
ATHENÆUM. Eighth Annual Report of the Directors

, 25th

September, 1843. 8vo.

Providence, 1843.
Tenth Annual Report, ad September, 1845. 8vo.

Providence, 1845.
PRUDHOMME. L. Revolutions des Paris. Dediees a la Nation, etc,
Tomes 17. 8vo.

A Paris, 1789-93.

PRUSSIA. Refcript of His Majesty the King of, to Mr. D'Andrie, his

Minister at the British Court, to declare his motives for Supplying the Emperor with Auxiliaries. 8vo., pp. 31. Lond., 1744.

The History of, particularly during the Reign of the late King Frederick William, etc. 8vo.

Lond., 1756. PRYNNE, ARTHUR. The Full and True Hiftory of the Conquest of

Mexico, by Cortez. By Captain Bernal Diaz del Castillo, one

of the Conquerors. Translated by Prynne. 8vo. Albany. PRYNNE, WILLIAM. First Part of a Historical Collection of the An

cient Parliaments of England, from 673 to 1216.

The History of King John, King Henry III, and the most illustrious King Edward I., wherein the Ancient Sovereign Dominions of the Kings of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, is asserted, etc. Folio.

Lond., 1670. Collection of Tracts, from 1628 to 1649. 4to.

Lond. PSALMANA AZAR, GEORGE Historical and Geographical Description of Formosa, etc. 8vo.

Lond., 1704 Psalms. The Psalms of David, with the Ten Commandments, Creed,

Lord's Prayer, etc., in Metre. Also the Catechism, Confession of Faith, Liturgy, etc. Translated from the Dutch for the use of Reformed Protestant Dutch Churches of the City of New York. 12mo.

N. Y., 1767. The Book of Psalms, in raised letters for the use of the Blind, executed for the American Bible Society, under the Direction of

S. G. Howe, at the Institution for the Blind. 4to. Boston, 1842. PSALMEN, Her-Boek. 18mo.

Amsterdam, 1779. PseAumes de DAVID. Mis en vers Francois, etc. Nouvelle Edition. 4to.

Amsterdam, 1729. PUBLIC AFFAIRS. Cool Thoughts on the Present Situation of our in a Letter to a Friend in the Country. 8vo., pp. 20.

Phil., 1764. PUBLIC CHARACTERS of 1798-99 to 1809–10. 10 vols., 8vo. Lond. PUBLIC CHARACTERS; or, Cotemporary Biography. American Edition. 8vo.

Baltimore, 1803. PUBLIC Credit. House Doc., No. 10, October 18, 1814. Letter

from the Chairman of the Committee of Ways and Means, etc.

8vo. PUBLIC Debts. Some Considerations relating to the Payment of the, etc. 4to.

Lond., 1717 PUBLIC JOURNALS. Spirit of the; or, Beauties of the American Newspapers for 1805. I 2mo.

Baltimore, 1806. Public Prayer. A Treatise in Two Parts. 12mo., pp. 156.

Lond., 1766. PUBLIC RECORDS. The Report of the Lords' Committee, appointed

by the House of Lords to View and Consider the Publick Records, etc. 16mo.

Lond., 1719. PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Plan for the Establishment of, and the Diffusion of

Knowledge in Pennsylvania, etc. 12mo., pp. 36. Phil., 1786.

PUBLICOLA. A Sketch of the Times and Prevailing Opinions, from

1800 to 1810. Third Edition. 8vo., pp. 152. Lond. (1810.]

Letter to Albert Gallatin, Esq., on the Doctrine of Gold and Silver, and the Evils of the Present Banking System in Effect and Tendency. 8vo.

N. Y., 1815. PUBLIUs. Remarks on the Currency of the United States, and the

Present State and Future Prospects of the Country, 1840. Also,
Additional Remarks on the Currency of the United States

. 8vo.

N. Y., 1841. The Crisis, and the Remedy. 8vo.

N. Y., 1842.

. Letter to the Members of the Pennsylvania Legislature on the subject of the State Debt. 8vo.

Phil., 1844 PUFFENDORF, SAMUEL. The Complete History of Sweden, from its origin to this time. 8vo.

Lond., 1702. An Introduction to the History of the Principal Kingdoms and States of Europe. Translated from the High Dutch. Ninth Edition. 8vo.

Lond., 1728. Puffer, Reuben. Massachusetts Election Sermon, May 25th, 1803. 8vo.

Boston. Dudleian Lecture, Harvard College, May 11th, 1808. 8vo., pp. 24.

Cambridge, 1808. Convention Sermon, Boston, May 30th, 1811. 8vo., pp. 20.

Boston, 1811. PUGH, JOHN. A Treatise on the Science of Muscular Action. 4to. Plates.

Lond., 1794 Puglia, James PH. The Federal Politician. 8vo. Phil., 1795 Pullein, Samuel. The Culture of Silk; or, an Essay on its Rational Practice and Improvement. 8vo.

Lond., 1758. Pulpit Orator. 12mo.

Boston, 1804PULTENEY, WILLIAM. Thoughts on the Present State of Affairs with

America, and the Means of Conciliation. Fourth Edition. 8v0., ''p. 102.

Lond., 1778. Considerations on the Present State of Public Affairs, and the Means of Raising the Necessary Supplies. Second Edition. 8vo.

Lond., 1779. PURCHAS, SAMUEL.

Purchas his Pilgrimes. ' In Five Bookes ... Pilgrimages. 5 vols. Folio.

Lond., 1625-26. PURPLE, William D. The Influence of Dress in the Production of

Diseases in Females ; read before the Chenango County Medical
Society, June, 1847. 8vo.

Albany, 1847 Pursuits of LITERATURE. A Satyrical Poem in Four Dialogues, with

Notes, etc. 8vo. PURVIANCE, Robert. A Narrative of Events which occurred in Balt.

Town during the Revolutionary War. 8vo. Baltimore, 1849. PUTNAM, Aaron. Sermon at the Ordination of the Rey. Joseph

Sumner, Shrewsbury, June 23d, 1762. 8vo. Boston, 1763. PUTNAM, David. Report of the Committee on the Removal from

Office of Brigadier-General David Putnam. 8vo.

Phil., 1800.

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