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(Vol. I. p. 3.)
Commonly known in Spain by the name Don Jose MARIA BLANCO Y CRESPO;* the original of which, with the respective Coats of Arms, signed by
William Hawkins, Ulster King at Arms, on the 24th July 1720, is in the possession of my Brother FERDINAND WHITE (or BLANCO) at Seville.

(1) Richardus White,
Maria Fitz-Gerald,

Johannes Nangle,

.. Christiana Cusiack.
de Richardstown, in Comitatu
Filia Comitis Kildariæ.

Baro de Navan.t
Lugensi, Armiger.

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Carolus white, ad avunculum Patricium Nangle iturus, in expedi

tione obiit.

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(1) Stirps qua hic Richardus White descenditur, a Lotharingia in Angliam
appulit una cum Gulielmo Conquestore, et postea in Hiberniam migravit cum
Richardo, Comite Strigul (vulgo vocato Strongbow) Anno Dom. 1170, annoque
Regni Hen. II. 150. Ab illo tempore ibi mansit, et inde diversæ inclytæ familiæ
ejusdem nominis oriuntur.

(2) Hic Edwardus transmigravit a Richardstown ad Dublinum ubi necnon
(non tantum ?) habitavit sed plurimas domus ædificavit et magnas opes et ho-
nores in illa civitate sibi comparavit.

(3) Hic Thomas jam juvenis (adhuc juvenis ?) a civitate Dublini ad Civitatem
Manapiæ vel Waterfordiæ transmigravit tempore Oliveri Cromwell.


Ulster Rex Armorum totius Hiberniæ.

4 Concerning the Barons of Navan, I have found this Note, page 29, Vol. I. of
Lady Morgan's "The O'Briens and O'Flahertys" :-"Of the title of barons
(not lords) there are several families that yet remain in this kingdom. Many are
extinct, and some are advanced to higher degrees of honour. Of old, we had in
this country (Westmeath), the Baron of Moynshell (Tuitt). The family remains
in good reputation and port, although the title be almost obsolete. The Baron of
Rathconrah (Owen) — the family now reduced to one poor brogue-maker, the
chief of a few mean cottiers. In the county of Meath, the Baron of Navan
(Nangle,) the Baron of Galtrim, (Hussey); in the county of Kilkenny, the
Baron of Burnchurch (Fitzgerald); in Munster, the Baron of Loughmoe (Pur.
cell), and several other families in this kingdom. This honour is hereditary in
the several families, though the style (I know not by what neglect) be almost
worn out everywhere."-Survey.

I This William White, my grandfather, inherited the fortune of his uncle,
Philip Nangle, who had established a mercantile house at Seville ; an establish-
ment carried on ever since by my grandfather, the said W. White, my father,
William White, H. B. Majesty's Vice-Consul at Seville, and my brother, Ferdi-
nand White, under the firms White and Plunket, Cahill and White, Cahill, White
and Beck. My grandfather married Anne Morrough.

This Mrs. Archdekin was living not many years ago. I believe she had be-
come a Protestant at the time of her marriage.

J. B. W.

* Crespo y Neve was my mother's name; according to Spanish custom it was sometimes added to my name, sometimes omitted.

Copy of an Original Document now in my Brother's pos


Omnibus Christi fidelibus ad quos præsentes literæ pervenerint, nos infrascripti de Clero Catholico Rom. Civitatis Waterfordiæ in regno Hiberniæ, salutem in Domino.—Cum pium sit ac honestum veritati testimonium perhibere, ne error aut deceptio præjudicii ipsam opprimat; cumque Dominus Gullielmus White, Hispali in Hispania degens, testimonium a nobis de fide et genere authenticum postulasset, Nos igitur postulato tam justo libenter annuendo, tenore præsentium, fidem facimus ac testamur prædictum D. Guillielmum White, ex legitimo matrimonio natum, filium esse D. Thomæ White, ex antiquissima domo Whitorum de Leixlip et Dæ. Mariæ Nangle, necnon baptizatum juxta ri. tum S. R. Ecclesiæ per Revm. Dm. Joannem Fobyn, pastorem Ecclesiæ parochialis SSmæ. Trinitatis, 22° Augusti A.D. 1689, adstante patrino D. Martino Walsh, de hac civitate, et matrinâ Da. Anna Nangle, de eâdem civitate. Insuper testamur prædictum D. Guillielmum White, necnon parentes ejus ac majores, tam ex parte paterna quam materna (quoad scire unquam potuimus) ab omni hæresis, infidelitatis, infamiæ aut impuri sanguinis notâ semper immunes, tenaces orthodoxæ fidei alumnos extitisse; quinimmo propter constantem fidei Catholicæ Romanæ professionem bonorum jacturam, ærumnasque plurimas fuisse perpessos. In quorum fidem manu nostrâ subscripsimus Waterfordiæ die duodecima mensis Octobris millesimo septingentesimo decimo tertio. 1713 stylo veteri = Joannes Higgins, Rector Eccl. Sti. Olai, Waterfordiensis = Paulus Bellew, Rector Eccl. SSmæ. Trinitatis, Waterfordiensis = Joannes Kenedy, Pastor Ecclæ. Kilbarriensis = Edmundus Everard, Rector Eccl. Sti. Patritii, Waterfordiensis.




The Semanario Patriotico.
(Vol. I. p. 145–51.)

Seville, 30th of May, 1809. My Lord, A light indisposition which I have suffered these past days, and of which I am not entirely recover'd, has prevented me from the pleasure of writing to you, and giving you my gratefull thanks for the observations upon the method of joining the cause of Ferdinand to that of Liberty. Would to God that such a party should exist in favour of that unhappy monarch, which could be gained for the benefit of their object, and for the good of our country : That I easily conceive could be done. But let me observe, my Lord, that the part of the Spanish people which has cordially espoused the cause of Ferdinand are no ennemys to the reformation of our constitution; the lovers of Liberty are engaged with such adversarys as will never be gained by this kind of stratagem, and can be only conquered by force.

The kind reception that the generallity of our people has given to our Semanario, the joy with which they listen to

[* In order not to destroy the signs of a gradual acquisition of his masterly knowledge and use of our language, the most perfect perhaps ever attained by a foreigner, these Letters, the earliest of his English MSS., are printed without even an orthographical correction.]

the claims for a reformation, and the eagerness with which they read the impugnations of a certain kind of prejudices, are more than sufficient proof of the happy dispositions they entertain in favour of the real improvements of our nation. But we will never give the change to that party which, under the name of Ferdinand's rights, direct their exertions to the only point of perpetuating their power and all our evils. You know well how the general expectation was turned to the promise of a constitution : you now see how cruelly we have been deceived; for so must be say'd after the ambiguous decree of our Junta. What can we expect from the deputees of the Cortes that by no means will be the true representatives of the nation, and according to the old corrupted style, will be taken amongst our Grandees, our Marquises, our Bishops, and our Regidores, without the lest knowledge of the people? And how do you think the Cortes will be prepared by a Commitee, where none but the greatest enemys of our rights will sit, Mr. Jo. vellanos excepted ? What a feeble barrier to the attempts of such a party! The man who prevented the publication of our friend's manifesto, the man who can never agree in the opinion of the original sovereignty of the People! Excuse, my Lord, the strong feelings of my heart. I pay the greatest respect to the knowledge and virtues of this honourable man, but I cannot trust to him alone the defence of our Liberty.

Such is, to my sight, the disagreable situation of business, that all my hopes are turning into despondency. Perhaps, not been accustomed to deal in public affairs, I am too sensible both to wishes and fears. But may not an unhappy end confirm my suspicions !

I have not yet written to Mr. Cobbet: I have the letter

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