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tion is whether we should do it or not. We all know what the custom is. Now, is it the opinion of those voting that this custom is expedient and should be continued, or is it not! There is no use of dodging it.

L. B. HARRIS: I am not opposed to trotting horses at our county fairs. I think if we want a running line, that should be outside of the fair. I would like to vote to have trotting for premiums-reasonable premiums; but to put it all in one, and include the racing, I will have to vote against it.

W. B. MCCLUNG: Under the rules of English horsemen, and under the rules of Scotch and Irish horsemen, the test of the thoroughbred horse as to his durability and power, is made by his ability to run. The test is made by his running a mile, two miles, three miles, and as high as four miles in a heat. Now, it is necessary to cultivate this thing under the rules laid down by horsemen, and I hope the object they aim at will not be defeated by any action here.

A MEMBER: I would like to know whether the resolution refers to running horses or trotting horses.

THE PRESIDENT: I understand it to cover the general feature of racing and running at county fairs, which would include both. It defines itself very well by including racing at county fairs.

The vote being taken, the resolution was lost.

MR. JAMISON offered the following:

Resolved, That this Convention extends a vote of thanks to the members of the Serate for the use of the Senate Chamber for holding this Convention.

The resolution was adopted.

MR. W. B. MCCLUNG offered the following:

Resolved, That it is the sense of this Convention that speed in horses should be encouraged by county agricultural societies, and that premiums should be offered therefor.

The resolution was adopted.

A vote of thanks was, on motion, tendered to the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate, for services rendered during the session of the Convention. The Convention then adjonrned at 10:20 P.M.


The State Board of Agricultural has made the following railroad arrangements for the benefit of visitors and exhibiters at the ensuing State Fair :


Held at Columbus, September 9 to 18.


Several special freight trains will be run from the Union Depot to the Fair Grounds by the Scioto Valley Railroad Company, carrying exhibition freights, such as live stock, machinery, etc., etc., free of charge to the exhibitors, provided said freights are returned without change of ownership. Notice will hereafter be given of the number of these special freight trains, and the hours at which they will leave the Union Depot. A special certificate will be required from the Secretary of the Fair by the Railroad Company before refunding these freights.


All the railways terminating in or passing through Columbus will carry visitors at excursion or otherwise reduced rates of fare; and trains will run regularly from the Union Depot to the Fair Grounds.


The following roads will carry freights free to exhibiters, under the following regulations, viz.:

First. The exhibiter to pay full rates of freight from the point of shipment to Colum. bus, taking a shipping bill and receipt from the railway company for the same.

Second. To have said articles of freight regularly entered upon the exhibition books of the State Fair, and returned over the same road over which they were originally shipped, without change of ownership, certified by the Secretary of the Fair. The articles will then be returned free, and upon the return of the articles to the original point of shipment, the shipipng bill, receipt, and certificate from the Secretary to be placed in the hands of the local freight agent, who will attend to having the amount originally paid by the exhibiter refunded to him.

Columbus & Toledo Railroad.

Columbus & Hocking Valley Railroad.

Columbus, Springfield & Cincinnati Railroad.

Cincinnati, Sandusky & Cleveland Railroad.

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.

Scioto Valley Railroad.

Pan-Handle Road, branches and lines in Ohio, that is to say:
From any point on the Cincinnati and Muskingum Valley Road.


between Pittsburg and Columbus.


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Logansport and Columbus.

Indianapolis and Columbus.

From any point on the Little Miami Road.


between Richmond (via Dayton) and Columbus. Cleveland, Mt. Vernon and Columbus.


The C. C. C. & I. Railway, or "Bee Line," will return freights free which have not changed ownership, but not refund any of the amount originally paid. This applies to the roads

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Any person may enter as many different articles for exhibition as he or she may own in any of the departments, free of charge, except in speed classes and sweepstakes. No exhibiters' tickets will be issued.

The com.nitteemen are requested to report themselves to the treasurer at the entrance gate, and he will direct them to the member in charge of the department in which they are to serve, in order that they may be furnished with an appropriate insignia.


One person to all parts of the ground, fifty cents.
Horses and vehicles, free of charge.
Children under ten years old, half price.



There will be no exhibition for premiums in the horse or cattle rings on Monday, September 9.

Tuesday, September 10.-At 1 o'clock P.M., Jacks and Mules, Book 14; at 2 P.M., General Purpose Horses, Book 3.

Wednesday, September 11.-At 10 o'clock A.M., Draft Horses, Book 4; at 11 A.M., Matched Horses, Book 7; at 1 P.M., Geldings and Mares for Light Harness, Book 5; at 2 P.M., Trotting Matched Roadsters and Trotting Horses, Mares, and Geldings, 4 years old, Book 10; Runners, Book 9.

Thursday, September 12.-At 10 o'clock A.M., Thoroughbreds, Book 1; at 11 A.M., Roadsters, Book 2; at 1 P.M., Saddle Horses, Book 6; at 2 P.M., Trotting Stallions and Trotting Mares or Geldings, Book 8.

Friday, September 13.-At 10 o'clock A.M., Draft Sweepstakes, Book 13; at 11 A.M., Thoroughbred and Roadster Sweepstakes, Book 12; at 1 o'clock P.M., Grand Parade in front of the grand stand in the horse-ring, of all the premium animals; at 2 P.M., Trotters and Pacers, Book 11.


Tuesday, September 10.-At 1 o'clock P.M., Devons, Book 16; at 3 P.M., Herefords, Book 17.

Wednesday, September 11.-At 10 o'clock A.M., Alderneys or Jerseys, Book 18; at 11

A.M., Ayrshires, Book 19; at 12 M., Dairy Stock, Book 21; at 1 P.M., Oxen and Steers, Book 22; at 14 P.M., Fat Cattle, Book 22; at 2 P.M., Shorthorn Bulls, Book 15.

Thursday, September 12.-At 10 o'clock A.M., Shorthorn Cows, Book 15; at 1 P.M., Breeder's Herd, Book 23; at 2 P.M., Sweepstake Devons, Book 25; at 4 P.M., Sweepstake Ayrshires, Book 26; at 5 P.M., Sweepstake Alderneys and Jerseys, Book 27.

Friday, September 13.-At 10 o'clock A.M., Sweepstake Herd, Book 24; at 1 o'clock P.M., Grand Parade, in front of grand stand in the horse-ring, of all the premium animals. See Books 25 and 26.


Tuesday, September 10.—At 1 o'clock P.M., Southdown and Fat Sheep, Book 30. Wednesday, September 11.-At 10 o'clock A.M., and 1 P.M., Merinos, Book 28. Thursday, September 12.-at 10 o'clock A.M., Long Wools, Book 29; at 2 P.M., Sweepstakes on Fine Wools, Book 31.

Friday, September 13.-At 1 o'clock P.M., Sweepstakes on Long Wools, Book 32.


Tuesday, September 10.-At 1 o'clock P.M, White Breeds, Book 34.

Wednesday, September 11.-At 10 o'clock A.M., Poland China, Book 35; at 2 P.M., Berkshires, Book 33.

Thursday, September 12.—At 10 o'clock A.M., Essex, Book 36; at 1 P.M., Sweepstakes, Book 37.


Thursday, September 12.-At 10 o'clock A.M., Book 38.


Wednesday, September 11-At 10 o'clock A.M., Plows, Drills, and Cultivators, Books 45 and 46.

Thursday, September 12.-At 10 o'clock A.M., Hay and Harvesting Machines, Book 42, and Agricultural Machines, First Division, Book 43; at 12 M., Agricultural Machines, Second Division, Book 44; at 1 o'clock P.M., Machinery, Engines, etc., Book 40; at 3 P.M., Shop Machinery, Book 41.


Wednesday, September 11.-At 10 o'clock A.M., Worked Metals, Book 48; at 1 P.M., Stoves, Castings, etc., Book 49.

Thursday, September 12.—At 10 o'clock A.M., Household Implements, etc., Book 51; at 11 A.M., Glass, Crockery, etc., Book 52, and Chemicals and Minerals, Book 53; at 1 P.M., Vehicles, Book 50.


Wednesday, September 11.-At 10 o'clock A.M., Household Fabrics, Book 55; at 10 A.M., Crochet and other Ornamental Work, Book 58; at 11 A.M., Needlework, etc., Book 56; at 1 P.M., Braiding and Embroidery, Book 57; at 1 P.M., Cabinet Ware, Book 59; at 2 P.M., Leather Manufactures, Book 64, and Stationer's Ware, Book 61.

Thursday, September 12.—At 10 A.M., Factory Goods, Book 60; at 2 P.M., Boots, Shoes, etc., Book 63; at 2 P M., Merchants' and Dealers' Class, Book 62.


Wednesday, September 11.—At 10 o'clock A.M., Flour, Grain, etc., Book 68; at 1 P.M., Cheese, Book 69, and Sweepstake on Cheese, Book 70; at 2 P.M., Butter, Bread, etc., Book 71.

Thursday, September 12.-At 10 A.M., Honey, Pickles, and Preserves, Book 72, and Potatoes, Book 73; at 11 A. M., Vegetables, Book 74.


Wednesday, September 11.-At 10 AM, Summer and Fall Apples, Book 76, and Peaches, Quinces, and Plums, Book 79; at 11 A.M., Winter Apples, Book 77, and Pears, Book 80; at 1 P.M., Plate Apples, Book 78.

Thursday, September 12-At 10 o'clock A.M., County Fruits, Book 81; at 2 P.M., Grapes, Book 82.


Wednesday, September 11.-At 10 o'clock A.M., Cut Flowers, Amateur List, Book 86; at 2 P.M., Cut Flowers, Professional List, Book 85.

Thursday, September 12.-At 10 o'clock A.M., Plants and Flowers, Professional List, Book 85; at 1 o'clock P.M., Amateur List, Book 86.


Wednesday, September 11.-At 2 o'clock P.M., Philosophical Instruments, etc., Book 89. Thursday, September 12.-At 10 o'clock A.M., Paintings and Drawings, Book 87; at 1 P.M., Sculpture, etc., Book 88.

Friday, September 13.—At 10 o'clock A.M., Musical Instruments, Book 90.


I. Entries must specify the owner's name, and the name, age, sex, and description of the animal offered; age of horses to date from the first of January of the year foaled.

II. No animal to be entered in the name of any other than the bona fide owner. Matched horses must be owned by an individual exhibiter, or a business firm. Should any be otherwise entered, they will forfeit to the Society any premium awarded by the Judges.

III. An animal entered for exhibition in one class can not compete for a premium in any other, except in Trotters and Sweepstakes, and-in Rule IV.

IV. A single animal may be exhibited as one of a pair or herd.

V. Each horse shall be exhibited to the satisfaction of the Awarding Committee. VI. Exhibiters are required to have their articles entered on the books at the Secretary's office before they are placed within the enclosure. On the entry of the articles, duplicate cards will be furnished, with the number and class as entered at the office, one of which is to be placed on the article to be exhibited, and the other will be retained by the exhibiter until the close of the Fair, and, on presentation to the Superintendent in charge of the department, will be an order for the articles corresponding in number.

VII. Exhibiters must see to the delivery of their articles upon the grounds, and to the Superintendent of the appropriate department; and the Society can not in any case make provision for their transportation, or be subjected to any expense therefor, either for their delivery at or return from the grounds; but all expenses connected there with must be provided for by the exhibiter.

VIII. Persons exhibiting thoroughbred animals will be required to furnish a pedigree of the animals to be exhibited, to the Secretary, at the time of making the entry, and a duplicate to the member of the Board in charge when the animals are exhibited to the Committee. For the convenience of exhibiters, reference may be made to the number in the Herd or Stud Book, instead of giving the full written pedigree.

IX. Evidence will be required that animals exhibited as Breeders are not barren, and

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