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13 THALABA THE DESTROYER, a Metrical Romance, with copious Notes. By ROBERT SOUTHEY.

Elegantly printed in 2 vols. foolscap 8vo. Price 14s. in Boards.
LYRICAL BALLADS, with other Poems.

The Fourth Edition. In 2 vols. foolscap 8vo. Price 11s. .
THE WOODMAN'S TALE, after the Manner of
Spenser. By the Rev. HENRY BOYD, A. M.

Demy Svo. Price 10s. 6d. in Boards.
“ The lovers of poetry have not, for a considerable time, received so fine a pre-
sent as the various and comprehensive volume before us." Anti Juc. "The
whole forms a very agreeable collection of lyric poetry, and will add considerably
to Mr. Boyd's literary fame." Brit. Crit.

THE POEMS OF OSSIAN; containing the Poetical Works of James Macpherson, Esq. in Prose and Rhyme; with Notes and Illustrations. By MALCOLM LAING, Esq.

In 2 large vols. 8vo. Price 11. 10s. in Boards.
SCOTLAND, respecting the Authenticity of Ossian's Poems, drawn up


8vo. Price 12s. in Boards. THE WANDERER OF SWITZERLAND, and other Poems. By JAMES MONTGOMERY.

Third Edit. in 1 vol. foolscap 8vo. Price 5s, in Boards. “ Mr. Montgomery displays a rich and roinantic fancy, a tender heart, a co. pions and active command of imagery and language, and an irresistible influence over the feelings." Ecl. Rev. For a very high character of this vo. Iame, see Ann. Rev. 1805. “The general merit of these Poems is far from inconsiderable, most of them being characterised by a graceful ease of versifica. tion, and by the simple expression of genuine feeling. M. Rev.

POEMS. By James GRAHAME. In Two Volumes, Foolscap 8v0.-Vol. 1. Containing the Sabbath (5th Edition ;) Sabó bath Walks; the Rural Calendar; and smaller Poems.-Vol. II. Containing the Birds of Scotland ; and Mary Stuart, a dramatic Poem.


By JAMES GRAHAME. Author of " The Sabbath,” a Poem. In 1 vol. foolscap Svo. Price, 78. in Boards.

“ We need not add that the perusal of this volume has afforded us a very un. common degree of pleasure. The sensibility without any affectation, which the author on all occasions displays, cannot fail to interest every reader: he plainly feels every charm of nature he describes.” Lit. Journ.

THE POETICAL WORKS OF HECTOR MACNEILL, Esq. containing “ Scotland's Scaith: or the History of Will and Jean,” together with “ The Waes O' War, or the Upshot of Will and Jean," and a Variety of other Poems. The Second Edition. In 2 vols. foolscap 8yo, embellished with elegant Engravings, 12s. Boards.

The Third Edition, with a beautiful Frontispiece. Price 6s. in Boards.

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" These tales like Julia Beresford's Ballad, mentioned in the first story, are neither showy nor brilliant, but natural, simple, and interesting. They contain a great deal of moral instruction, and in general are worthy of the reputation which Mrs. opie has already deservedly acquired." Lit. Jour. “In the tales now before us we find much of the same merits as in ber beautiful story of Ade. line Mowbray; the same truth and delicacy of sentiment, the same graceful simplicity in the dialogue parts of the work; and the saine happy art of presenting ordinary feelings and occurrences in a manner that irresistibly commands our sympathy and affection." Ed. Rev. THE FATHER AND DAUGHTER. A Tale.

By Mrs. OPIE. The Fourth Edition, with a Frontispiece. Price 4s. 6d, in Boards. “ This Tale is replete with interest, and possesses pathus enough to affect the heart of the most callous of critical readers.” M. Rev. ADELINE MOWBRAY; or, the Mother and Daughter,

A Tale. By Mrs. OPIE. The Second Edition. In 3 vols. 12mo. 13s. 6d. in Boards. We opened with great pleasure a new novel, from the entertaiving pen of Mrs. Opie, a lady whose uncommon talents do honour to her sex and country.” Crit. Rev. “The second volume of this beautiful story is perhaps the most pathetic and the most natural in its pathes of any fictitious narrative in our language." Ed. Rer. THADDEUS OF WARSAW. A Novel.

By Miss PORTER. The Fifth Edition. In 4 vols. Price 145. in Boards. u Thaddeus is a work of genius, and has nothing to fear at the candid bar of taste: he has to receive the precious meed of sympathy from every reader of unsophisticated sentiment, and genuine feeling." Imp. Rev. “This work has more merit than can be ascribed to the crowd of productions of this class, and in. culcates virtuous and magnanimous sentiments.” M. Rev. “The morality of the piece is, as we naturally expected from a writer whose heart and mind are the seats of every virtue, wholly unobjectionable.” Anti Jac.

THE HUNGARIAN BROTHERS. By Miss ANNA MARIA PORTER. In 3 vols. 12mo. Price 13s. 6d. in Boards.

THE MYSTERIES OF UDOLPHO, a Romance ; interspersed with some pieces of Poetry. By ANN RADCLIFFE, Author of the Romance of the Forest. The Sixth Edition. In 4 vols. 12mo. Price 1l. 4s, in Boards.

THE ROMANCE OF THE FOREST; interspersed with some Pieces of Poetry. By ANN RADCLIFFE.

The Seventh Edition, in 3 vols. 12mo. Price 15s, in Boards. A SICILIAN ROMANCE. BY ANN RADCLIFFE. The Third Edition, in 2 vols. 12mo. Price 7s, in Boards


12mo. Price 3s. 6d. in Boards. MEMOIRS OF THE LIFE OF AGRIPPINA, Wife of Germanicus. By ELIZABETH HAMILTON.

In 3 vols. crown 8vo. Price 18s. in Boards. MEMOIRS OF MARMONTEL. Written by Himself. Containing his Literary and Political Life, and Auecdotes of the Prin


17 cipal Characters of the Eighteenth Century. A new Edition, corrected throughout. In 4 vols. 12mo. Price One Guinea in Boards.

" This is one of the most interesting productions which has issued from the French press since the revolution.” M. Rev. “ The narrative is so gay and airy, the tone of sentiment so mild and unassuming, and the living pictures with which the busiest part of the scene is crowded, so full of delicacy, truth, and vivacity, that it is iinpossible not to be charmed with the greater part of the performance.” Edin, Rev.

SPECIMENS OF EARLY ENGLISH METRICAL ROMANCES, chiefly written during the early Part of the Fourteenth Century. To which is prefixed, an Historical Introduction, intended to illustrate the Rise and Progress of Romantic Composition in France and England. By GEORGE ELLIS, Esq.

In 3 vols. crown 8vo. Price 1l. 7s. in Boards. WALTER KENNEDY. An American Tale. In 1 vol. 12mo. Price 4s. 6d. in Boards.

A SAILOR'S FRIENDSHIP AND A SOLDIER'S LOVE. A Novel. In 2 vols. 12mo. Price 8s. Boards. THE LAKE OF KILLARNEY. A Novel.


In 3 vols. 12mo. Price 13s. 6d. in Boards. THE DECAMERON, OR TEN DAYS ENTERTAINMENT OF BOCCACCIO. Translated from the Italian. To which are prefixed, Remarks on the Life and Writings of Boccaccio, and an Advertisement, by the Author of “ Old Nick," &c. &c. The Second Edition, corrected and improved. In 2 vols. 8vo. Price 16s. in Boards.- An Edition in 2 vols. royal 8vo. Price 11. 4s.

“ The information which the industry and taste of the present Editor has furnished concerning this celebrated collection of Tales is abundantly satisfactory; and the translation, as he had reformed it, is in all respects unexceptiona. ble.” Imp. Rev.

MADAM DE MAINTENON. Translated from the French of MADAM DE GENLIS. In 2 vols. 12mo. Price 8s. Bds.

ZOFLOYA, OR THE MOOR. A Romance of the Fifteenth Century. By CHARLOTTE DACRE. Better known as ROSA MATILDA. Author of the Nun of St. Omer, Hours of Solitude, &c. In 3 vols. 12mo. Price 12s. in Boards.

MORELAND MANOR; or, WHO IS THE HEIR ? A Novel. By Mrs. KENDALL. Author of Derwent Priory, Castle on the Rock,&c. &c, in 3 vols. 12mo. Price 12s. in Boards.

DONALD, a Novel, in three Vols. 12mo. Price 13. 61. in Boards. THEODORE; or, the ENTHUSIAST. A Novel.

In 4 vols. 12mo. Price 11. Is. in Boards.

20 PRINTED FOR LONGMAN, HURST, REES, AND ORME. Roman Father; 65. Point of Honour; 66. Barbarossa ; 67. Merchant of Venice ; 68. Wives as they Were; 69. King Lear; 70. Constant Couple; 71. School of Reform; 72. To marry or not to marry ; 73. King Henry VIII. ; 74. King Henry V.

LECTURES ON DIET AND REGIMEN; being a systematic Inquiry into the most rational Means of preserving Health, and prolonging Life; together with Physiological and Chemical Explanations, calculated chiefly for the Use of Families; in order to banish the prevailing Abuses and Prejudices in Medicine. In 1 large vol. Svo.

By A. F. M. WILLICH, M. D. The Third Edition, enlarged and improved. Price 9s. in Boards. * We have said enough to evince that the writer has fulfilled all his promises, and, on the whole, has given by far the fullest, most perfect, and comprebensive dietetic system which has yet appeared." Crit. Rev. "This work is not only a valuable accession to medical science, but must prove an inestimable accommodation both to families and individuals situated at a distance from regular advice." New Lond. Rev.

CONVERSATIONS ON CHEMISTRY. In which the Elements of that Science are familiarly explained and illustrated by Experiments. In 2 vols. 12mo. with plates by Lowry. 2d edit. Price 14s. in Boards.

“ We shall not scruple to claim the thanks of onr readers for thus pointing out to them the very best introduction to the science of Chemistry that the English language affords.” Ann. Rev. “The view which is taken of the subject em. braces the most interesting and important parts of the science; the leading doc. trines of Chemistry are explained in a mauner which is at the same time familiar and correct; the style is perspicuous; and the dialogue, on the whole, is natural and wennbarrassed.” M. Rev.

THE MEDICAL GUIDE, for the Use of Families and Young Practitioners in Medicine and Surgery. In Two Parts.


Svo. 4th edit. Price 10s. 6u. in Boards. Part I. The Family Dispensatory; or, complete Companion to the Family Medicine Chest, comprehending explicit Directions for the Use of such Medicines as are generally employed in Domestic or Private Practice; with a copious Appendix, consisting of the most approved and useful Prescriptions, &c. &c.- Part II. A new and complete System of Domestic Medicine : or, a Familiar Treatise on the Prevention, Distinction, Causes, and Cure of the Diseases incident to the Human Frame. The whole exhibiting a comprehensive View of the latest and most important Discoveries in Medicine and Pharmacy.

“ It is of importance that every man should be enabied to know something of the laws of life, the nature of diseases, and the most rational modes of cure. For this purpose, Dr. Reece's book is better adapted than any with which we are acquainted; it is more scientific and judicious than the Domestic Medicine of Buchian, which we have no doubt it will soon entirely snpersede. Considered in this light, Dr. Reece's Medical Guide is a most valuable performauce." Crit. Rev.

RURAL PHILOSOPHY; or Reflections on Knowledge, Virtue, and Happiness, chiefly in Reference to a Life of Retirement in the Country. Written on occasion of the late Dr. Zimmerman's Discourse on Solitude. By ELY BATES, Esq.

The Fourth Edition. In 1 vol. 8vo. Price 7s. in Boards, “ To those who are of a serious and religious turn of mind these reflections will prove a grateful and valuable acquisition. We recommend to them all atten.


MISCELLANEOUS, tive perusal of this well-written and truly commendable volume.” M. Rex. “ We recommend, without hesitation, the perusal of this bonk to every descrip. tion of readers, who will receive the best and most sagacious advice, delivered in the most pleasing manner.” Brit. Crit. “ The varions reflections which are interspersed through his work, are apposite, interesting, manly, and serious. They are calculated to awaken in the thoughtful breast, sentiments of piety towards God, and of beneficence towards man.” Imp. Rev. “We bave perused this excellent work, the result of mature deliberation, with much pleasure and benefit; and we recommend it to the serious attention of those of our readers especially whose inclination or whose forturies lead them to a country life." Ann. Rev.

THE COMPLETE WORKS, in Philosophy, Politics, and Morals, of Dr. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN; with Memoirs of his early Life. Written by HIMSELF. In 3 large vols. 8vo. with 16 Engravings, and a Portrait of the Author. Price 11. 16s. in Boards.

It is not very creditable to the liberal curiosity of the English public, that there should have been no complete edition of the Works of Dr. Franklin till the year 1806. The public is very much indebted to the editor of the present collection. It is presented in a cheap and unostentatious form, and seems to have been compiled with sufficient diligence, and arranged with considerable judgment. Dr. Franklin was the most rational perhaps of all philosophers.” Ed. Rev.

ESSAYS ON THE ANATOMY OF EXPRESSION IN PAINTING. By CHARLES BELL. Containing, 1. Of the uses of Anatomy to the Painter. Of the Study of the Antique, and of the Academy Figure. 2. Of the Skull. Of the Distinctions of Character in different Ages. Comparison of the Antique with Natural Character:--3 and 4. Of the Muscles of the Face, in Man, and Animals.-5. Of the Expression of Passion as illustrated by a Comparison of the Muscles of the Face in Man and Animals. Of the Muscles peculiar to Man, and their Effects in bestowing Human Expression.-6. Of the individual Passions. And of the Action of the Muscles expressive of these Passions.--7. General View of the Economy of the Human Body as it relates to Expression in Painting.

*** The Subjects are illustrated by Sketches of the Bones, and of the Forms of the Head. Of the Muscles. Of the Expression of the Face in the several Passions, &c. In 1 vol. 4to. with Engravings after Drawings by the Author. Price 21. 2s. in Boards.

" This we think is a very elegant and interesting publication. In the execution of his task Mr. Bell has not only given new proofs of his intimate acquaintance with his professional science, but has indicated a taste and a feeling for the excellence both of Sculpture and Painting; and entered at the saine time into all the difficulties and porplexities of the student, with a zeal and a sympathy wbich cannot fail to be very gratifying. The conception and execution of the sketches do great credit to the talents and taste of the author. They are for the most part extremely striking and expressive.” Ed. Rev. The production before iis we consider as valuable and highly respectable; its errors are errors of genius, Mr. Bell is particularly fitted for the task which he has ndertaken ; his fame. as an anatomist of the first rank, needs no celebration from us; his observation has been extensive, accurate, and scientific; and having combined the regni. sites of a classical taste, a philosophical view, and delicate perception of feel. ing, with a facility in the use of the pencil by no means common in an amateur, he has pursued his investigations with singular advantages, and at the same time rendered his work highly interesting, not merely to professional men but to general readers." Ecl. Rev. “ This work inust become an object of study to every one who is interested in the perfection of the art respecting which it treats. It cannot fail to give satifaction both to the professional man and the amateur, and we believe that few of either class will not feel themselves in. structed as well as gratified by its perusal." Mon. Rev.

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