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"to provide for him, and introduced "him to different situations wherein

"he might have prospered But the

"restless genius of Kerinthus soared "above the mechanical tracks of the "plodding world....and, after various

"adventures he lastly travelled

"over Chaldea and Media to the "sacred city of Balk, with a deter"mination to become a pupil in the "school of the great Zoroaster.

"Captivating all eyes and en

"slaving all hearts wherever I

*' appeared is it wonderful.......

"if, in the contemplation of my own

"power I insensibly forgot my

** poor brother Thus, ten years

« rolled on with me, in luxury, when . " he recalled himself to my memory "by proposing an undertaking which "teemed with much mutual advan"tage.

"He wrote me word, that he was

head of a band of Priests of Isis, who wandered from province to province, beguiling superstitious fanatics of their money, by pretended magical operations That

nothing was wanting to crown their power over the weak and ignorant tribes of Galatia and Pontus, but the mystery of an Oracle

That he wished me to assume

the garb and character of a priestess to such oracle; and added enough to convince me of the advantageous consequences which would follow such a step. "I was delighted with the novelty of this proposal; and being fatigued with the labors of a theatre, I readily consented;. and foresaw a thousand agreeable opportunities of employing my inventive genius One other inducement, indeed, impelled me to the act My expences were enormous, and my fame on the decline it was necessary to do something.

**- I now repaired to Smyrna, where my brother anxiously awaited my

arrival I was eager to pursue

the instructions he gave me; and

we commenced our operations

so successfully that our fondest

hopes were justified by the event.
"At first, this rambling kind of

life pleased me; but I found

so many adventures and difficulties mingled with the sweets, that I endeavored to persuade Kerinthus to assist me in turning our talents

to some pursuit more honorable

and more worthy our aspiring


"At this critical moment, chance *' made me acquainted with the beau"tiful Mamilia, and we were so

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"pleased with each other at first "sight, that we vowed an eternal "friendship.

"My brother was absent when "this intimacy commenced, of which "I informed -him by letter, and he "made no difficulty to leave me in "so promising a situation; particu"larly as he was then busily em"ployed in arranging that grand sys"tem he has since so successfully "pursued.

"He obtained my promise, how"ever, to keep up a regular corre"spondence with him, and to be de"voted to the furtherance of his plan, "whenever it should ripen, and my "assistance become necessary.

*' I believe, Proteus," and her

fascinating smile played roguishly

around her lip "I need not be par

"ticular in describing my connection "with the lady Mamilia I shall "therefore hasten to an event that "took place soon after you left the "Villa, which will unravel your mis"terious adventure witli the Stranger "at Smyrna.

"Kerinthus, by his letter, informed "me he had engaged in a sphere in "which he was calculated to appear "with advantage, and employ his

"talents with honor .Still he did

"not explicitly unbosom himself.....I "was left in the dark as to the "nature of his views though he

." constantly assured me the time "would come, when my co-opera"tion would be necessary to crown "his ambitious hopes.

"I remained long in this aukward "uncertainty, when a few days

■-" after your departure from Halicar

"nassus he made me an unex

"pected visit On this occasion, he

"unfolded to me the whole of his

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