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“That is not impossible".....he an

swered with composure......“Evil spi

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rits wander every where.”
“And do you fear them?”
“Certainly not.....Their evil inten-
tions always operate to the good of
well disposed persons.”
It was too dark to look him in the

face, or I should certainly have studied his countenance as he uttered these last words.

“ It would be pleasing enough." I

continued “ if this same wandering

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spirit.....meaning to lead us to some
quagmire.....or some frightful pre-
cipice......should unconsciously con-
duct us to a Snug retreat, where we
might enjoy a good supper and a
comfortable bed ”
“You are a bit of a Prophet, mas-
ter!” he replied”..“Yonder...I think
I can distinguish a light....Look......
WOL. II. C -

“ between those trees....Do you not “ see it?” “It is merely” said I, “some va“ pour, or jack o'lantern......unless it “should be the moon beginning to “ rise.” He made no reply...The moon soon rose above the trees, and we with pleasure saw the forest open before us..... We now came to another and wider path....... My guide rubbed his hands with joy, saying, “Now, Sir, I am per“fectly satisfied we shall fare com“ fortably for the night, as I know “ this track as well I know my own “ name.” We went on merily......and in less than a quarter of an hour we were on the borders of a fine cultivated plain, and discovered here and there a cottage among the trees. “Ah, ha!” cried my guide, “Who “ is right now "

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“ The question, my honest friend, “ is,.....will they admit us to shelter " “Never fear,” replied my companion. “ This small estate belongs “ to a particular friend of mine, an “ honest good fellow; who delights “ in the exercise of hospitality. Come, “ Sir, be of good cheer, he will give “ us lodging, I warrant you.” Although we were rather tired.... this pleasing discovery gave us new strength; and we posted down the hill at a tolerable good pace......When we came to the bottom, we found ourselves in an avenue of tall chesnut trees, leading to a large plain building, which I imagined to be the residence of the person to whom this estate belonged. - * * As we approached the mansion, our ears were saluted with vocal harmony from the united voices of several male and female singers...The stillness of the night assisted the effect of its melody, and the whole was charming..... I immediately fancied I was among that order of beings, who, the Stranger assured me,.....could alone prepare me for the service of the Lord. - - - - - My guide, however, betrayed no symptoms of surprize, and I at once suspected our arrival not to be the sport of chance, but a concerted plan to bring me there.

We listened till the singing ended, when,....... my guide giving three separate taps at the outward gate....a voice from within enquired, “Who “ is there,....and what do you want '' .

My companion made some reply in Syriac;.....and then added in Greek - - - - - that he was attended by two strangers bound for Pitane, whom he had mistaking his road through the forest;.......and intreated shelter for the night.

- Immediately the gate was opened. and a tall man, of about fifty, advan

ced...... taking each of us by the hand bid us welcome. A fine little of his sons......lighted us

.......and we proceeded to a small hall where five or six lively youths of the family exerted themselves to display the hospitality of their father. An equal number of girls, from the ages of thirteen to twenty, next presented themselves with utensils for washing our feet........ Their dress and

manners were simple......but so inte

resting was the native innocence..... complaisance......... and virgin timidity of these lovely girls.........I think they differed from all the females I had ever seen.......... They placed the water before us.....laid towels, &c. on the table, and retired, without having once raised their eyes from the employment they were engaged in. - --- C 3

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