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Many weeks had passed without her

bestowing the least notice on me;

and you will readily believe I did not throw away a single thought on her, while I was so much more pleasingly

engaged I was, at last, disagreeably

surprized with an order to attend her.

I obeyed and soon found that the

Paphian Queen had not suffered her to be so much at ease during this absence, as might have been wished for both our sakes.

Most probably she Phoedra

in Euripides summoned all the pride

of the woman. and the dignity of

the Priestess to repel the invading

passion which harassed her repose

but finding Fate more obstinate than

Reason she had recourse like that

unhappy Princess. to delusive arguments to pacify conscience, and inspire the heroic determination of yielding to destiny.

She resolved to see me;....and satisfied that no indirect overtures would

awaken my raptures she bade adieu

to reserve.. .and, in so many plain words, told me she loved, and expected to have her passion returned.

This confession was accompanied

by the most alluring gestures her

Voluptuous attitude removed all difficulty and invited the most exalted


I cannot even now avoid

blushing at the recollection of this shameful moment Love was profaned human nature degraded!

It was not possible for the Priestess to be more mortified at this scene than

I was I endeavoured to spare her

confusion, and soften the harsh negative I gave her unbridled wishes;......

but the mildness of my accents were little calculated to appease her chagrin her anger raged like a merciless

tempest Her tears Were occasionally

interrupted by the most pathetic exclamations......! was so weak as to be

affected by her undissembled sorrows, and weep over her distress; till, finding every effort useless I did, what

I ought to have done at first I fled.

At usual...I met my beloved Psyche, to whom I imparted all that

happened she feelingly joined her

regrets to mine and we pitied that

boisterous passion which had so little resemblance with the peaceful serenity of durs. '• »

We now began to apprehend that

this.fury would..... sooner or later,

burst out again and fall on both our

devoted heads.

To evade discovery we consented... though interrupt the

pure delights we partook in each other, by discontinuing our nightly visits for a time.

This was the first bitter drop we had ever tasted in the delicious cup

which Cupid held to our lips and

from which we had been accustomed to sip ineffable delight.

We took leave with aching hearts

something foreboding hung about

us we were both infected by the

fatal presage we embraced parted

returned again....renewed the fond

farewell and had scarcely power to

retire, when the majestic sun arose, and beckoned us away.

I continued my visits to the grove..... the solitary contemplation of my former happiness.......found relief

for my oppressed heart.

One night I threw myself at the feet of the statue where I had first

seen my beloved Psyche reclining

and overcome by a sudden stupor.....

I lay a considerable time insensible, and motionless. .; ~

When I came to myself again I disT covered a wreath of new-blown flowers

. pendant from the arm of the

Nymph and hanging over me., I

sprang up impatient to unravel the

mystery........and perceived ,a billet .enclosed among the flowers.

"I can no longer resist, my beloved

"Agathon I must see you to-mor

"row night, and at this very spot

so dear to memory Be at ease

", about the Priestess she is ignorant

"of our attachment I do not ask

"you if the hours will appear tedious, "because my own heart tells me, every "moment is an eternity which sepa"rates you from

"Your faithful Psyche."

Grief instantly changed to rapture .....I was wild at this unlooked-for joy AMMtrl .wound the garland round me in

fantastic forms kissed it hugged

it Nay fondled it, till methought I

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