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zeal, and devotion to celestial objects .....and my contempt for all that was terrestrial. He encouraged me to persevere, and to resign myself to the influence of the immortal powers...... and gave me hopes of being admitted to his cordial patronage. He then disappeared.....and so invisibly.....I could not perceive it. My mind was full of this phenomenon....and so strongly prepossessed....I should have believed equally in thc divinity of the vision, even had it been less ably sustained. When I told Theogiton of this theophany........ he wished me joy....... and compared me with heroes of old who had been so favored by the Deities..... till they attained the rank of Demigods, with the attendant distinction of their priests....altars....and sacrifices. He recounted such particular anecdotes as he thought best calculated to increase my folly....instructed me how to conduct myself if Apollo should appear a second time before me.....and particularly enforced the system of passive obedience.

In fact, he studied so artfully to close

my eyes, that his very caution would

have unmasked the deception to a less

bigotted ideot than myself...nor should I ever have doubted this religious hy

pocrite, had not accident completely

detected his specious fraud. To be concise....... after a variety of disgraceful impositions, I my infinite surprise....that Apollo was no other than Theogiton. * * * Instead of being confused at this discovery.......he instantly changed his tone.....assured me he had devised this apparent artifice purposely, to wean my infatuated mind from the indulgence of its darling propensity, which he thought he could not do so well as

by flattering its enthusiasm for a while, that the folly might be more evident when openly exposed. He added........ that all the idle tales circulated about the Gods were merely so many inventions of artful men to hoodwink weak women, and credulous youth.....and continued to support his scandalously profligate apostacy till I could endure him no longer. My retorts were keen.....spirited...... and severe......... and I left him.......... determined that all connection should cease between us. On the following day he pursued his usual functions with hypocritical devotion...nor did the stedfast rebuke of my reproving eyes shake his effrontery • * * * * he, on the contrary accosted me with his wonted affability......... and affected a perfect unconsciousness of what had passed the night before. I was quite astonished.........I knew

not how to believe there could be persons the excesses of vice - - - - - - - could assume the garb of virtue with all the composure and serenity of aspect, which I supposed the unerring attributes of innocence. But I was soon released from my doubts and disquietudes........ The impostor quitted the temple of Delphos one night, without leaving a trace behind him......nor could any.......but myself......account for his sudden disappearance. These circumstances gave a new cast to my reflections........ Still my favorite passion preserved its empire - - - - - - - but I confined my ideas to my own solitary bosom, and made the Gods alone the witness of my feelings. I still labored to improve my sen

timents on the model of the Orphean

philosophy..........Every new idea that unfolded itself in my mind, was acknowledged by my heart; and I thus passed a few happy years in an enviable calm, which I never reflect upon without a mixture of regret and pleasure. I did not then know......and was blessed in the ignorance.....that the unavoidable embarrassments attendant on the instability of human affairs, op- pose a continued indulgence of serenity and peace.....the sole prerogatives of heavenly beings. At length I approached manhood, and began to spite of all the pleasing fancies I had formerly Sofondly nursed.......that my heart was sensible of a painful void I could not supply by any new ideas. As Nature now expanded all its beauties to the day, I began to view them with different eyes......My heart was enchanted with the rich display

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